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    Steel Pole Sister: Nanjing Subway Line 2’s Pole Dancing Girl

    From QQ and NetEase: Within one week, two pole-dancing shows on the Nanjing subway Nanjing Subway Line 2 has been operation for only a little over a week, and already there has been 2 pole dancing performances. The first time was on the afternoon of June 1, where one woman wearing red, suddenly grabbed the […]

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    Ethnic Chinese In America Increasingly Entering Porn Industry

    From NetEase: Increase of ethnic Chinese in America entering the pornography film industry Summary: American media recently reported that in the past, it was rare for Chinese-Americans to enter the adult film industry, but now there are more and more. The past few years, there have even been cases of male and female actors [of […]

  • Girl with cleavage at Beijing Auto Show.


    Beijing Auto Show: Post-90s Generation Girl Buys Rolls Royce

    From Mop: Post-90s mysterious beauty buys Rolls Royce. So niu. April 24, at the Rolls Royce exhibition booth at the Beijing Auto Show was an exceptionally eye-catching post-90s generation beauty. It is said that she is the future owner of this Rolls Royce. Another forums’ netizens revealed that at the same Rolls Royce exhibition booth, […]

  • A girl pole dancing with a migrant worker's metal pole.


    Strange: Chinese Girls Pole-Dancing In Public

    From ifeng: Pretty girl “hijacks” a porter and pole-dances on the street Solitude will make a person depressed, loneliness will make a person emotional. As a passing bystander lingering amongst the bustling sea of people, brother has enjoyed the hurried life of steel pipe porter by himself. Comments from ifeng: 击水成剑: All I can say […]

  • Kong Yansong and Kong Yaozhu, long-legged Chinese beauties, with graffiti background.


    Long-Legged Beauty Kong Yansong Not So Hot In Real Life

    Over one year ago, we had reported about a girl named Kong Yansong becoming very popular on the Chinese internet because of her long legs. That post was titled “Long-Legged Beauty Kong Yansong, Can Legs Be Too Long?” For review, here are some of her pictures, as well as the other “long-legged beauty” Kong Yaozhu: […]

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    Taiwanese Policeman Beats Up Betel Nut Beauty

    From Mop: Sweat! Taiwan police violently take down betel nut beauty Yesterday, a Taipei Police officer encountered a betel nut salesgirl wearing lingerie and soliciting customers. The police officer warned her that she was too scantily dressed. When the beauty ignored him, the officer became enraged. The sturdy, 80kg officer grabbed the 40 kg beauty […]

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    Beautiful Girls…Or Amazing Asian Pretty Boys?

    From Mop: All of the beautiful girls in the above photographs are actually men. Comments from Mop: 贫僧当时就硬了: I admit I am hard~~ い水珠儿い: I have to say I am a little envious of them. Tell me, how are they so pretty? Sigh, yet still men! s2215959: I can’t go on anymore…if I keep looking […]

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    Brother Inspiration: Fat Taiwan Boy With Pretty Girlfriend

    Recently spreading on many Chinese BBS forums like Mop, KDS, PCPop… Included on some posts: Hi everyone, I am 励志哥 [li zhi ge, “Brother Inspiration” or “Brother Encouragement”], and if you are still complaining that you have bad luck and can’t find a good girl, take a look at me. If you are still complaining […]

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    Nosebleed Gate & Nosebleed Brother

    From Mop: This year’s 2009 Internet Investment and Trade Fair was indeed different from usual. What more, what was inconceivable was that the girls were actually unafraid of the cold, still wearing the least possible. Honestly speaking, appreciating half-naked girls in the winter is definitely more stimulating that in the summer. In winter, we are […]

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    Chinese ‘FHM’ (男人装) Magazine Controversial But Popular

    FHM, originally published as For Him Magazine, is an international monthly men’s lifestyle magazine. The magazine is printed on high quality glossy paper and the photography is of high technical quality. The Chinese edition of FHM has been published since May 2004 by Trends Magazines in Beijing. The magazine is named 男人装 [nan2 ren2 zhuang1] […]

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    Train Attendant Selection Process or Beauty Contest?

    From Sina: Beauty contest or selection of train attendants? Posted below are several pictures of the selection of attendants for high-speed trains, and the criteria for selecting attendants for high-speed trains is: 20-years old and younger, 1.65m and taller, 50kg and lighter, dignified appearance, high personal character…don’t you think this is a beauty contest? 20-years-old […]

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    ChinaJoy 2009 Pregnant Gate

    Last year, there was the 2008 ChinaJoy Knee Gate. This year… From Mop: CJ [ChinaJoy] Dirty Man Discovered: What’s wrong with filming for a moment? Just filming for a moment won’t make you pregnant! Here are some more pictures of these girls on KDS: Photos of Pregnant Gate’s Main Characters Truly quite pretty! This is […]