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  • Hong Kong Girl Shows Off C Cup Breasts To Ex-Boyfriend

    This video of a Hong Kong girl showing off her new C cup breasts became popular recently. In the video, she is taunting her ex-boyfriend who had dumped her. On YouTube: I do not understand Cantonese so here is a translation from The Dark Side: Ng ga ching, you cheap bastard! Before you got me, […]

  • Chinese Internet Memes & Dirty Words On Google Translate

    Chinese netizens may have discovered a new Romanization system all thanks to the real-time speech feature in Google Translate. While the text-to-speech feature only dictates in English, Chinese netizens on China’s popular Tianya discussion forum (1 & 2) have apparently discovered ways to make the female voice, aptly named “Google Girl”, recite Chinese by entering […]

  • Sister Feng Wanted For Valentine’s Day By BMW Driver

    Three months ago, we reported about a young woman named Miss Luo: “Ugly Girl Seeks Marriage, Distributes Leaflets w/ High Demands“. She had become an internet celebrity on the Chinese internet. Since that time, she has become known as “Sister Feng” and remained famous after the media interviewed her. Now, she may have found a […]

  • Bobby Gaga: ‘Poker Face’ (Chinese New Year Version)

    Well…Chinese New Year is almost here, and what better to celebrate than with wealth, fame and glamour. In this Malaysian boy’s cover of Lady Gaga’s hit song “Poker Face“, we can already get a sense of what Chinese New Year is all about – money, money, and more money. I mean, how can you not […]

  • Chinese Soldiers Buried In Snow To Train Cold Resistance

    From Tiexue: Boosting soldiers’ cold resistance: A Liaoning border regiment’s soldiers are “buried alive”!! Comments from Tiexue: heron55555: Training is good, but definitely don’t hurt your health! jiao25239394: If they train more normally, there will be less injuries during war! Support! 中华一儿郎: This is how the determination/will-power of iron-blooded soldiers is developed!!! 光明乌瑟尔: Good soldiers […]

  • National People’s Congress: More Toilet Stalls For Women

    From Mop and Netease: Chongqing National People’s Congress deputy suggests adjusting ratio of male-female public restroom stalls We see it all too often in restaurants, cinemas and shopping centers: Men always have all the time in the world to use the bathroom, while women line up, anxiously waiting for their counterparts. According to Zhang Huayi, […]

  • Dongguan Double Cleaver Underwear Man

    From Tianya: 2010 January 26, Dongguan, Li Enwang holding two knives standing in the middle of the road, the road closed/sealed, passerbys looking on from afar. That afternoon, Li Enwang took two pig slaughtering cleavers from an open market, drank a can of Red Bull, and made a call to notify reporters. Then, Double Cleaver […]

  • Niubi: American Book Teaches Chinese Crude Language

    From Mop (1 and 2): See how Americans learn Chinese!! Shocking Niubi!: The Real Chinese You Were Never Taught in School. Sure enough, even the front cover is amazing…shocking…. These images of the book have appeared on many Chinese BBS forum as well as the popular Kaixin001 social network. Comments from Mop: wangyupengzl: This post […]

  • Railway Official’s Comparison With Germany Called Bullshit

    From Mop: Sorry, Ministry of Railway spokesperson, the Berlin to Frankfurt high-speed rail is only 29 euros High-level national leaders these days like to draw comparisons with foreign countries, thus making those dissenting voices in the populace shut up and stop questioning their glorious achievements. Just now, I saw another big shot. This is the […]

  • Single Girl In Shanghai Envies Fat Married Girl In Taiwan

    From KDS: After seeing the photos a schoolmate forwarded to me, I am stunned Who can tell me why she can be married off…yet I am still single? Responses on KDS: 肉肉喵呜: The necklace around her neck is indeed a bit bright. closeto [the original poster]: There’s more there’s more… 西伯利亚: They do seem to […]

  • C Langage Gate: Tsinghua Girl Sells Body For Homework

    From Sichuan Online: Internet post reveals Tsinghua girl seduced older schoolmate for “C language homework” January 10th, on the Tsinghua [Qinghua] University Shui Mu BBS, the post “A Tsinghua girl slept with someone for a C language program” posted by netizen “puppyxy” has stirred up waves of anger from all directions. The post claims that […]

  • Shanghai Man Lands On Lover, Survives Suicide Jump

    From NetEase: Unable to endure public disgrace, middle-aged man clutches his “nubile lover” and attempts suicide At 4pm in the afternoon of January 3rd, in a residential area near Changning road in Shanghai a 50-year-old man jumped from the sixth floor, landing on a bed of flowers below, and was knocked unconscious. This reporter made […]