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  • Post-90s generation kids abuse a mentally handicapped boy in China.


    Post-90s Generation Abuse Mentally Handicapped Boy

    From Tiexue & Sina: A bunch of shameless post-90s generation abuse a mentally handicapped youth Comments from Tiexue: gf2434258: Can only blame them for being too young! Simply ignorant, I’m guessing. Many years later when they grow up and become adults, maybe they will feel guilty for the foolish and immature things they did! forevere: […]

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    China Netizens Discuss Scary Thai Cigarette Warning Labels

    From Mop: Cigarette pack looks horrifying in Thailand, in order to persuade people not to smoke, Thai government and other associated government bodies have ordered to include the partial pictures of smokers who were suffering from smoking-related disease onto cigarette packs. Most countries in Europe and Hong Kong special administration region require cigarette packs to […]

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    Shanzhai Mobile Phone Resembles Cigarette Pack

    From Tiexue: Hehe, a friend from Shenzhen came back from a business trip, took out a packet of cigarettes, and held it before me. I habitually reached out to get a cigarette, but discovered that I could not pull out a cigarette,  that the cigarette box was also not the right color, and why was […]

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    2-Year-Old Child Smokes & Curses In Sichuan

    From Sohu: 2-year-old child who can’t even eat candy knows how to smoke skillfully and curse shocks people. The user that made the post says, this video was recorded by a friend while he was eating barbecued fish; it was him that put it on the web. The child’s parents sell fish at a food […]

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    Netizen Satire Defends Nanjing Commissioner Zhou

    Zhou Jiugeng, the Commissioner of the Nanjing Housing Administration Bureau that was, has been a hot topic on the Chinese BBS discussion forums recently. Many netizens noticed in pictures of him that he smokes very expensive cigarettes and wears very expensive watches that a government official should not be able to afford on their salary. […]