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  • North Korean 2010 World Cup Team Inspires Chinese Netizens

    From Tianya: Zheng Dashi’s face covered in tears has made us think/remember very much, very much. Beijing time June 16 early morning, 2010 South Africa World Cup Group G first round second match, world champions Brazil against new Asian powerhouse North Korea, the first time these two teams have met on the World Cup pitch. […]

  • Beijing Girl Will Pay For Man To Watch World Cup With Her

    From Mop: Sister is offering 1000 kuai per day for a man to watch the World Cup together. If you’re a real man, then you can apply for the position. A girl named KK is looking for a high-quality man to accompany her to the World Cup for a “one month period of happiness”. She […]

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  • 2010 Shanghai World Expo Guide Day 2

    2010 World Expo Expo 3-Day Walk-Through: Day Two

    The following is the third part of a 2010 Shanghai World Expo guide originally written in Chinese for Chinese visitors from around the country by a Chinese World Expo worker. The walk-through aims to help visitors enjoy the entire World Fair over three days. Since it has become very popular on the internet for many […]