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  • Snail Houses: Poor Chinese Coping With High Housing Prices

    From Mop: The bitter lives of “snail house” men and women from various places [Note from Fauna: 蜗居, wōjū, wo1ju1 is a little difficult to translate and is used as both a noun and verb in the original Chinese post. It has been translated as “snail house” by terroir here but the basic meaning is […]

  • Miss Puff’s Goldfish Bowl: Commercial or Existentialist Art?

    A popular video currently being watched on the internet in China right now is the animated “Miss Puff’s Goldfish Bowl”, a philosophical art video made by a collective called “The Bright Eleven” and sponsored by Chevrolet. It tells the story of the eponymous Miss Puff, a modern-day Beijinger who admits to searching for true love, […]

  • Chinese Man Seeks Afterworld Wife For Dying Older Brother

    From NetEase: Because of me and my second brother, because of our family, to this day my eldest brother still hasn’t gotten married. How can I let my brother leave [pass away] like this? As the younger brother he that worried him the most, that he doted upon the most, I can’t let him enter […]

  • Dongguan Double Cleaver Underwear Man

    From Tianya: 2010 January 26, Dongguan, Li Enwang holding two knives standing in the middle of the road, the road closed/sealed, passerbys looking on from afar. That afternoon, Li Enwang took two pig slaughtering cleavers from an open market, drank a can of Red Bull, and made a call to notify reporters. Then, Double Cleaver […]

  • Water Brain: Monsters, Runny Noses, & Paper Airplanes

    Comments from KDS: I watched the domestic film “Water Brain” and cried, it is 100 times better than McDull Amongst Japanese cartoons, the one I like the most is Hayao Miyazaki… Recently I saw this domestic short film “Water Brain”…and suddenly discovered that it is favorably comparable to Miyazaki…I did not know our highest level […]

  • Gaokao University Entrance Exam Stress Relief In China

    From NetEase: It is almost time for the “gaokao” [university entrance exam] and yesterday morning and the third years [final year of high school in China] at our school had a pledge ceremony. Afterward, the third year students began to throw their exam papers, their books. At first people tore them into pieces, later they […]

  • “Fei Zhu Liu” Girl Cuts Herself, Relative Posts Pictures

    From Mop My wife’s family’s child is a FZL, plays suicide, and plays with jumping off buildings, truly worries people to death. It seems that some of the LZ‘s original posts and pictures were deleted or “harmonized”. The picture on the left is supposed to be the girl. The general story is that this girl’s […]

  • Japanese Anchorman Ages Quickly Over 3 Years

    Pictures of a Japanese news anchorman suddenly aging very quickly within 3 years amuse many Chinese netizens. Many offer different reasons for what happened. Comments from KDS: 肉皮汤 referee26: NHK‘s most famous anchorman. The first time I saw him I knew he was a drug addict. latte加糖 sujielei: Too horny…that is what led to this… […]