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    Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu vs. Thai Kick-Boxing Competition

    From Tianya (1 & 2): November 24, Beijing Time, the Chinese Kung Fu [功夫, gong fu] vs. Professional Thai Kick-boxing Competition Organizing Committee issued a public announcement: The 2009 Chinese Kung Fu vs. Professional Thai Kick-boxing Competition will be held in 2009 December at Foshan in Guangdong. The competition will use Chinese wushu rules as […]

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    A Very Touching Deaf Violinist Commercial From Thailand

    This video from Thailand has been spreading on Kaixin001 (a popular Chinese social network): Comments from Youku: gongfan2008: As a big man, I have to honestly say that I was really moved. I was not moved by the story, but rather completely moved by the commercial. You cannot see any business intent whatsoever, because the […]