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  • Tianjin Football Club Looks At Boys’ Penises To Find Talent

    From Sohu, ifeng, & NetEase: Chinese men’s football talent selection standard sparks hot debate, choosing good new talent requires examining their genitals What do you look at when selecting good football players? There are probably many answers, such as looking at height, looking at their legs, looking at their 100 meter times, etc. But if […]

  • Caged Cats To Be Slaughtered For Meat Found In Tianjin

    From Mop: Urgent Help!!! 2009 November 23, nearly one thousand kitties will soon face the misfortune of being slaughtered Just on Xiangyang Road in Nankai District of Tianjin City, just past the old business school, there is a place that will make people furious: Shui Yun Jian KTV. There, are nearly one thousand kitties waiting […]

  • Complaints About Restrooms By Returnee Annoys Netizens

    From Sina: Taking Care Of Baby Awkwardness: China’s Restrooms, Definitely Chinese Characteristics Bringing my daughter back to the country, I wanted to see all my relatives and good friends, and dining with guests was unavoidable. That one day, I was invited to Tang Song Fu [a restaurant] to eat, a rather impressive restaurant, said to […]

  • Retired Tianjin Teacher Rescues Stray & Abandoned Pets

    From Mop: Tianjin retired teacher Yang Xiaoyun began rescuing stray cats and dogs over 10 years ago. Presently, she has adopted over 400 stray cats and dogs, having sold her own house, and relying on a rented space. With more and more stray cats and dogs, Yang Xiaoyun has already begun feeling inadequate, overwhelmed. I […]

  • Silly & Funny Chinese Dance Performances

    Dance performances are common for many big events or parties at Chinese company and school events. Here are some popular videos of funny performances that have been watched many times by Chinese netizens, including one by PricewaterhouseCoopers. It is less serious than many of the bad news on BBS forums. Tianjin Hebei Post Office: Video […]