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  • Calisthenics By Creative Chinese Students

    This video has been viewed almost 500,000 times with over 4,500 comments: Video on Youku. Comments from Mop: Perfect! One look and you can tell it is a mental retard who was let out by the mental hospital. Why was this kid not sent to the sports team?… Truly regrettable. Chinese kung fu and gymnastics […]

  • Japanese Invaders? Shameless Promotion?

    From NetEase: Look at this group of people, putting aside national dignity in order to gain attention from people. November 4th after 11am, near the public security bureau on Construction Road at Weihui city in Henan, a donkey meat store hired 4 men, dressed up as “devils” [Japanese soldiers who invaded China in World War […]

  • Students Run 120-240km For China’s 60th Anniversary

    From Sina: The “Nationwide Hundreds of  Millions of Students Sunshine Physical Education Winter Long-Distance Running Program” will officially start on October 26th. Within the half year from October 26 until April 30, students throughout the entire country must commit to daily long-distance running. Primary school students in the fifth to sixth grades will run 1000 […]

  • Peasant Girl: My Life Is Miserable Because I Am Poor

    On September 6, a poster named 我是农家女(“I Am A Peasant Girl”) posted on Sina: “Late 70s Peasant Girl’s hopeless survival, would rather be a mistress than marry a poor person.” I know that after seeing this topic, you will all scold me, but may those who have the energy to scold me please carefully finish […]

  • Post-90s Kids Do Not Take Military Training Seriously

    Playing with a cell phone. From Tianya: “Post-90’s New Student Military Training” September 12th at Hubei University of Economics in Wuhan 4000 new students participated in the induction ceremony involving military training. These post-90’s generation kids displayed their fastidious nature by putting on sun lotion, playing with their cell phone, and wearing painted nails…the myriad […]

  • China Football Players’ 30 Minute Sex in Hotel Controversy

    China’s national men’s football team consistently disappoints Chinese football fans. Throughout the 2008 Olympics, many fans suffered through the team’s terrible performance and embarrassing behavior. During one match, a Chinese football player kicked a Belgium player in the crotch. At this point, almost all Chinese people hate them. Last month, rumors appeared that several members […]