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  • Leftover Men & Leftover Women Rating Surveys

    From Baidu Baike: “Leftover Men” refers to the currently relatively trendy over 30-years-old still single male comrades. From Baidu Baike: Leftover women: A group of highly educated, high income, older-aged young women [28-35-years old] who cannot obtain their ideal fates [marriages]. “Leftover women” is a new name for those those older young women, who can […]

  • Chinese People’s Secrets: Part 12

    More translated secrets of Chinese people… From Tianya, “Share your heart’s darkest secrets…do you have the courage?”: 小新家的小黑: In comparison… my secret is not at all interesting… but I still feel compelled to share it… When I was small… I once very seriously put a fart in a bubblegum container [a round container with a […]

  • Chinese People’s Secrets: Part 7

    More translated secrets of Chinese people… From Tianya, “Share your heart’s darkest secrets…do you have the courage?”: 阴暗的秘密: In front of everyone, I pretend to be very simple. I even let my best friends think I am so simple that I am completely ignorant. In reality, I am not simple at all in my heart. […]

  • Women Are To Be Played, Not To Be Loved

    From China’s largest forum, Tianya: “When writing this essay, I considered several titles. For example, “Women are suited for playing, not suited for loving”, and others. However, none of them matched my meaning and, including the current title, none are ideal. Writing this essay, I know I will be reviled but I still want to […]

  • Pretty 1985 Shanghai Girl Wants Double-Eyelid Man

    A member of Shanghai’s Liba BBS forum named “queenie_melody” recently posted: 1985 girl first time looking for man online (picture attached) (if dishonest or just want to play, please do not come in) Born 1985 on New Year’s Day~166cm, 44kg, body is considered pretty good~, education: vocational college. Right now at a video game company […]

  • 100,000 Condoms For The 2008 Beijing Olympics

    From Tianya: Olympic Village 100,000 Condoms is For Who to Use? If it were not for the “announcement notice,” I would not have thought this “Beijing Olympics AIDS Publicity Campaign” was a big deal. But through the notice, I understood, the real purpose of the Beijing Olympics AIDS Publicity Campaign is to “place 100,000 high-quality […]

  • Pretty Shanghai Girl Seeking Husband for Marriage

    I have said before that KDS Forum is a popular BBS for mostly Shanghai guys. KDS means “kuan dai shan” (宽带山) or “broadband mountain” in English.  Since KDS is a “mountain,” people on KDS give the guys the nickname, “tu fei”  (土匪), meaning “bandits” because In Chinese history, there were a lot of “bandits” or […]