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  • Chinese Soldiers Buried In Snow To Train Cold Resistance

    From Tiexue: Boosting soldiers’ cold resistance: A Liaoning border regiment’s soldiers are “buried alive”!! Comments from Tiexue: heron55555: Training is good, but definitely don’t hurt your health! jiao25239394: If they train more normally, there will be less injuries during war! Support! 中华一儿郎: This is how the determination/will-power of iron-blooded soldiers is developed!!! 光明乌瑟尔: Good soldiers […]

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  • Nanjing Students Line Up In Winter To Study In Library

    From Mop: I am also [a student] of Nanjing Normal University… Seeing this journal entry on Xiaonei, I had deep feelings… Although the temperatures during the winters in the south are not as low as in the north…those who have been to Nanjing before can definitely understand that kind of wet cold…so this kind of […]

  • Unseen 2009 China News In Photographs

    Below are 62 “unseen” news photographs from 2009 and their original captions, translated into English, that were originally featured on NetEase, one of China’s most popular portal websites. We’ve also included links to related chinaSMACK posts from published during the past year. Thank you for your support. We wish everyone a happy new year and […]

  • Funny Snowmen & Snow Sculptures From Northern China

    Winter is here and there is snow in many places of China, for example Beijing! Here is a funny post on Mop titled “Heavy snows can stop the city but it can’t stop the fun, the North China snowman collection”: Some comments on Mop: mg草拟哥哥: Fucking damn all this talented?! Chinese people aren’t bullshitting [are […]

  • Japanese Girls Wearing Miniskirts & Hot Pants In Winter

    From Sina: In comparison with other famous Ice and Snow Festivals, Japan’s Hokkaido Sapporo Ice and Snow Festival in recent years have made various country’s tourists tremble with its “scenery”, that would be the crazy beauty-loving Hokkaido hot girls in the midst of the magnificent ice sculptures. They not only seek the height of fashion […]