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  • Streaking University Student Protests Electricity Cutoff

    From XCar: Zhejiang Gongshang University Streaking Incident Photos 2009 November 5, around 9 at night, a streaking incident occurred within the Zhejiang Gongshang University campus. A male was seen getting off a car, stripped to the waiste, not wearing pants, with only the important parts covered by a piece of cloth. This student probably ran […]

  • Driver Violently Arrested & Fined For Helping Stranger

    s 黑车 (hei che, black taxi) or 开黑车 (kai hei che, operating a black taxi) is a private citizen that using their private car to make money by giving rides to strangers. Some Chinese will do this to make some extra cash. This is illegal because only licensed taxi drivers and taxis can do this. […]

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  • Leftover Men & Leftover Women Rating Surveys

    From Baidu Baike: “Leftover Men” refers to the currently relatively trendy over 30-years-old still single male comrades. From Baidu Baike: Leftover women: A group of highly educated, high income, older-aged young women [28-35-years old] who cannot obtain their ideal fates [marriages]. “Leftover women” is a new name for those those older young women, who can […]

  • Japanese Anchorman Ages Quickly Over 3 Years

    Pictures of a Japanese news anchorman suddenly aging very quickly within 3 years amuse many Chinese netizens. Many offer different reasons for what happened. Comments from KDS: 肉皮汤 referee26: NHK‘s most famous anchorman. The first time I saw him I knew he was a drug addict. latte加糖 sujielei: Too horny…that is what led to this… […]

  • Longchang Apartments: Shanghai’s Real “Pig Cage Stronghold”

    From Sina: The “Pig Cage Stronghold” in “Kung Fu Hustle” is a building that surrounds a courtyard. In this small little courtyard, people do everything, and many generations live together. This here is Shanghai’s real “Pig Cage Stronghold”– Longchang Apartments on 362 Longchang Road. It is very characteristic! Life in the “Pig Cage Stronghold” remained […]