Taikang Infant Dies, Family Blames Doctor

Taikang Infant Dies, Family Blames Doctor

Taikang Infant Dies, Family Blames Doctor
In front of the people’s hospital in Taikang county Zhoukou a doctor and a nurse were pressured to take turns holding the dead body of a young child. On the night of the 26th the infant had burst out in high temperatures, so his family immediately brought him to the hospital. Before noon on the 27th medical personnel gave the infant an injection. 10 Minutes after giving him the shot the infant appeared abnormal, and the invalid rescue lead to his death. The infant’s family believe that the doctor should be in charge of their child’s death. Netizens responded that the doctor isn’t all that great either, she won’t learn her lesson until she’s beaten.

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  • same thing happened onto me too.
    that young nurse tried many times on my head, i was crying to death. my father was so angry, tried to beat her several times, my mom dragged him back.

    • David

      I don’t understand. what did the nurse do to your head?

      • same reason as this dead baby!
        babies are too small, they can not find the vas, so normally they do it on head.
        i nearly died, my parents borrowed 40 rmb that time, that year 40 rmb was a big amount, maybe around 4000 by current rate.
        my father got paid well those yrs, he got around 120 per month, even higher than county mayor.
        when i was a kid, we went to drink coffee, my father already had bike and tv and camera.

        • David

          Well, I am glad you are alive. Was this in the 1990’s?

  • Zappa Frank

    not rational… understandable for parents, but to go so far…

  • Foreign Devil

    why not just sue them for malpractice? I think that is why people outside China don’t usually beat or attack doctors.. they take them to court instead.