Taiwan’s “Face Down on the Streets Girls”

A Taiwanese girl lies face down, head first down a flight of steps in Taiwan.

A girl in Taiwan photographs herself lying flat, face down, down some steps.

On Mop:

Taiwan’s “Face Down on the Streets Girls” becomes more famous than the Tokyo Floating Girl, many pictures…

The once popular Tokyo Floating girl has quite a lot of people competing to copy her dancing/fluttering in the air skill, but everyone ultimately gets a little tired of looking at her, so change the location and take a look at Chinese Taiwan’s “Face Down on the Streets Girls”.

A Taiwanese girl lies face down flat across two poles in Taiwan.

A young Taiwanese girl lies face down on a concrete pillar.

A girl in Taiwan lies head down off a park bench.

In Taiwan, a girl lies flat on the ground outside a small cafe restaurant.

A young girl in Taiwan lies face down over some steps.

A Taiwanese girl lies face down, head first down a flight of steps in Taiwan.

A young woman in Taiwan lies rigid over the corner of a subway station bench.

A girl in Taiwan lies stiff over a pair of garbage cans.

A Taiwanese girl lies stiff and straight face down on a pillar.

A Taiwanese girl lies flat on her face on the counter of a butchery stand in Taiwan.

A young girl lies rigidly face down on a bench in Taiwan.

A girl in Taiwan lies face down over some mail boxes.

Taiwanese girl lies face down and straight over a counter in a food market.

A Taiwanese girl lies straight and face down over the seat of a motor scooter.

These photographs are of two young girls in Taiwan, “Jinyu” (25-years-old) in Taipei and “Karren” (28-years-old) in Taichung, who love photography.

仆街 (puk kai in Hokkien dialect and pu jie in Mandarin) means to lie face down on the street, but it can also describe someone who suddenly died on the street and whose body has not been taken away.

UPDATE: Several chinaSMACK readers have informed me that this activity is called “planking” and that there are also other names like “the lying down game” or “facedowns“.

“Tokyo Floating Girl” refers to Natsumi Hayashi (pictured below, more at her blog).

Tokyo Floating Girl Natsumi Hayashi, with photographer.

Comments from Mop:


Not bad.


These days, anything is art.


Doing this is going to flatten your chest into absolutely nothing…


Representative of the mentally retarded.


Why did this become popular/famous?

The technique/skill involved? Where is it?


Looks like a fake person, like a rubber doll, Lanzhou shaobing.


Not bad not bad. [Her] ability to control her body is very good! [Her] sense of balance is strong!


Two words in my mouth that I must say: Mental disorder.


God-like technique/skill… [I] bow down [in awe].

PS: Some of the positions/poses are quite difficult…I tried and couldn’t do them.


[People] sure go to all lengths in order to become famous.


Had there not been an explanation, I would’ve thought it was someone who took their blow-up doll out.


What’s the point of this? [Her] brain must’ve rusted.

What do you think?

A Taiwanese girl lies face down over a table in an empty food market.

Girls in Taiwan and Japan. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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