Taiwan’s “Face Down on the Streets Girls”

A Taiwanese girl lies face down, head first down a flight of steps in Taiwan.

A girl in Taiwan photographs herself lying flat, face down, down some steps.

On Mop:

Taiwan’s “Face Down on the Streets Girls” becomes more famous than the Tokyo Floating Girl, many pictures…

The once popular Tokyo Floating girl has quite a lot of people competing to copy her dancing/fluttering in the air skill, but everyone ultimately gets a little tired of looking at her, so change the location and take a look at Chinese Taiwan’s “Face Down on the Streets Girls”.

A Taiwanese girl lies face down flat across two poles in Taiwan.

A young Taiwanese girl lies face down on a concrete pillar.

A girl in Taiwan lies head down off a park bench.

In Taiwan, a girl lies flat on the ground outside a small cafe restaurant.

A young girl in Taiwan lies face down over some steps.

A Taiwanese girl lies face down, head first down a flight of steps in Taiwan.

A young woman in Taiwan lies rigid over the corner of a subway station bench.

A girl in Taiwan lies stiff over a pair of garbage cans.

A Taiwanese girl lies stiff and straight face down on a pillar.

A Taiwanese girl lies flat on her face on the counter of a butchery stand in Taiwan.

A young girl lies rigidly face down on a bench in Taiwan.

A girl in Taiwan lies face down over some mail boxes.

Taiwanese girl lies face down and straight over a counter in a food market.

A Taiwanese girl lies straight and face down over the seat of a motor scooter.

These photographs are of two young girls in Taiwan, “Jinyu” (25-years-old) in Taipei and “Karren” (28-years-old) in Taichung, who love photography.

仆街 (puk kai in Hokkien dialect and pu jie in Mandarin) means to lie face down on the street, but it can also describe someone who suddenly died on the street and whose body has not been taken away.

UPDATE: Several chinaSMACK readers have informed me that this activity is called “planking” and that there are also other names like “the lying down game” or “facedowns“.

“Tokyo Floating Girl” refers to Natsumi Hayashi (pictured below, more at her blog).

Tokyo Floating Girl Natsumi Hayashi, with photographer.

Comments from Mop:


Not bad.


These days, anything is art.


Doing this is going to flatten your chest into absolutely nothing…


Representative of the mentally retarded.


Why did this become popular/famous?

The technique/skill involved? Where is it?


Looks like a fake person, like a rubber doll, Lanzhou shaobing.


Not bad not bad. [Her] ability to control her body is very good! [Her] sense of balance is strong!


Two words in my mouth that I must say: Mental disorder.


God-like technique/skill… [I] bow down [in awe].

PS: Some of the positions/poses are quite difficult…I tried and couldn’t do them.


[People] sure go to all lengths in order to become famous.


Had there not been an explanation, I would’ve thought it was someone who took their blow-up doll out.


What’s the point of this? [Her] brain must’ve rusted.

What do you think?

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A Taiwanese girl lies face down over a table in an empty food market.

Girls in Taiwan and Japan. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • angryman

    Didn’t this start in England? Seen it elsewhere before.

    • monyxie

      yep sometimes i sleep like this

      • Da Zhu

        you must be Irish

  • heMan

    The modern chinese art of poke guy.

    Next month, there shall be the art of Diu Lay Lo Mo.

    • john digmeme

      Can’t wait for the art of chao chi bai to be showcased!

    • It is foretold that a coming cultural pestilence will sweep across the world, bringing misery and disenchantment to the commons.

      At that time and only at that time, a wizened old Taoist master will set free the masses with the ancient long-forgotten art of “Haam Ga Chan”; and then there was enlightenment.

  • 左震宇

    it’s aesthetic and they don’t get it.

    • Nathan

      I don’t get it either… perhaps your more evolved than me or maybe its just that ‘art’ is built on superiority complexes.

      • Alikese

        I feel superior to you and everyone else. Does that make me an artist?

      • Marsvin

        Some is and far be it from me to defend it, but to say “if I don’t get it isn’t art”, isn’t that equally arrogant?

    • Boris

      What utter fucking dog’s toss!

  • ali

    fucking great!

    and the girls look hot too! haha ;)

  • Irvin

    I don’t get it.

  • Sorry….. But why is this popular at all???

    It’s literally one of the most retarded things anyone can do to get attention outside of “2Girls1Cup”

    This is neither aesthetically pleasing, innovating or artistic in any sense…. It’s comparable to taking photos of people standing on their heads in different places… Any fool can do it.

    Song of the Article:

    “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”


    Drowning Pool

    PS. Love how they had to mention “chinese Taiwan”…… Subtlety is difficult to some I suppose. But hey still better than “chinese china”… At least for the population.

    • Just John

      Face down, Ass up
      – 2 Live crew

  • I don’t know why, but I like it. No meaning or artistic significance, anyone who tries to analyze this has no life. It’s just odd in an aesthetically pleasing way, and that’s ok.

    • Boris

      You’re obviously a man of taste. Fucking diabolical taste, but taste nonetheless. I’d give these fuckers one year hard labour, and compulsory daily attendance of five stipe kid’s serve the people seminars. I find it frightening that I live in a world with idiots who would do this, and secondly even bigger idiots who can appreciate it.

      • Sunshine

        Because everything you do in your life has possesses some profound purpose that will eventually benefit all of mankind right? Good for you.

        • Sunshine

          And by has possesses, of course I meant possesses.

        • Boris

          Not at all. I think if I examined all of my thoughts over the space of a day, more than 99% of them would turn out to be pointless. But I try not to go out of my way to inflict my stupidity on other people…

          • Golden Bollox

            …you just did.

          • Boris

            I assume you’re a planker?

      • Ease up on the hate-orade, bro. A little oddity never hurt anyone. Just shrug and move on.

        • Boris

          Mark -I’m sorry. I was rude. But this ISN’T odd. This just smacks of complete lack of imagination masquerading as innovation. I don’t think I’m being narrow-minded here. I can work with something (like a bit of Stockhausen) until it starts to make sense. I just don’t see anything here that could truly touch someone.

          • I agree, it’s vapid and total attention-whoring. But at least it’s slightly more interesting than someone doing a silly dance in McDonald’s or whatever people do to get 15 seconds of internet fame.

  • TomTuttleFromTacoma
  • Anonanon

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess…

  • Nereis

    Ah planking. The newest craze sweeping the world. Australia has just made it illegal thereby making it even cooler.

    • anon

      I’m interested in the Chinese term 仆街. As Fauna wrote, the characters itself definitely describe what they’re doing but I wonder if it wasn’t also based off the word “plank” or “planking”.

      Seems like these girls are getting some fame and perhaps some undue credit for possibly simply copying what they may have seen others doing elsewhere.


      Still rather amusing though.

      • MAC

        No, it wasn’t. I don’t know about Hokkien, but 仆街 is a long-standing Cantonese curse basically meaning “go to hell.”

        • Irvin

          Yup, I always thought it was cantonese too. Don’t know about the “planking” business though.

        • anon

          Yeah, I know about the word’s meaning in Cantonese but I was just wondering about the Hokkien version and whether or not it is being used as a sort of transliteration here that also works descriptively.

    • donscarletti

      To my knowledge, planking is permitted in Australia providing it does not occur on a police car or any other object that it is considered to be illegal to stand or sit on. He hasn’t even been convicted yet so it is too early to tell the official legal position.

  • Jax

    Movie of the article:

    “American History X”

    • King Tubby

      Jax How the fuck do you explain the Norton film reference?????

    • King Tubby

      Took awhile. Finally got the Norton reference but it doesn’t work.

      • Jax

        The curb stomp scene.

  • Da Zhu

    after living on the mainland for 6 years, the most interesting thing to me about these photos is the lack of garbage in the background

    • It’s the T to the P to the E baby, nothing like Taiwan, all the good parts of China without most of the bad, and a whole lot else besides.

  • Hmm, the photos look familiar to me… Where is 中国台湾? It looks more like 中華台北 to me…

    • 海棠果

      中国台湾is a province, and 中华台北 is the capital of 台湾。

    • Jumpy

      PRC, Taipei or ROC, Taipei

      Same same but not same :)

  • Well, maybe now instead of making “V” to camera Chinese will start planking :)

  • Song of the Article

    Cornflake Girl
    Tori Amos

    wumao now
    and always

  • Chris N.

    Modern Art = I can do that + but you didn’t

  • Alikese

    Eh, mildly interesting.

    I always wanted to go to Taiwan, but never really had a reason to. I imagined that it was a mix between South Korea and China, or kind of a more developer, smaller version of China.

    And Taiwanese cinema is awesome.

    • Yurp

      That’s actually a fair description of Taiwan.

      • anon

        I’d say more more a mix between China and Japan, similar to South Korea.

    • Jones

      Taiwan is a China without all the bullshit.

    • Golden Bollox

      Taiwan = sterilized, semi-modernized, reactionary Han inhabited province (awaiting-re-unification) slowly digging itself ever-deeper into historical cul-de-sac, having realized its useful idiot status as “America’s unsinkable battleship in the Asia Pacific”. Paranoid, self-loathing (after DPP humiliations) & desperately seeking face-saving compromise that would allow for sister-status alongside dynamic, 21st century mainland. Un-recognized as sovereign state by any other country, contractually-bound to US arms procurement for foreseeable future. High levels of unemployment, even higher levels of (west-coast) pollution – ‘free’ tabloid-press, toy-dogs & stinky-tofu. Enjoy.

      • Alikese

        Golden Bollox sent me his picture:


      • TheTravellingMan

        Calling Taiwan “sterilized” in comparison to mainland where every media organization is government controlled is a massive big throbbing erect fallacy. China is simply one of the most sterile and monotonous places on earth. Every 2nd tier city is an exact clone of each other its not even funny anymore. If it wasnt for the KTV girls having different accents I simply wouldnt know where i was..

  • Peye

    Department store dummies that is all.

  • Jones

    Welcome to 2009, Taiwan.

    • Anonanon

      There was a Japanese blog site 10 years ago where people submitted photos of them not planking, but lying on their side in photos.

      So this is nothing new.

  • Curren$y

    She had plenty of practice from doing that in my bed. She plays dead while I drill her.

  • eattot

    she needs to buy very good bra.

  • k

    Art? That is not art, that is a girl wearing skanky outfits up her butt and laying flat on the ground….any girl anywhere could do that…..but most girls, who are sane, choose not to strike the “rape me” pose in the middle of the street…..weird and creepy.

  • Foreign Devil

    Where is this “CHinese Taiwan”? I’ve only ever visited Taiwan’s Taiwan.

    • George
    • CHNinUSA

      Taiwan is part of China, Republic of China. The first democracy in Asia, Not a country named Taiwan exists on the planet.

      • Rooboy

        dont they march as two different teams in the olympics ?

      • Lee

        No Zhajiang mian exists on this planet. There is only Chinese Spaghetti Bolognese. Anyone who believes in Zhajiang mian is a self-deluding fool!!!

    • 6161

      Nah, you got it backwards. Or well, the Chinese do.

      中国台湾 is just Taiwan, China, not “Chinese Taiwan.”

  • diverdude

    in chinar a stray dog come along and pee on u if u lay street too long…

    reminds of ex in bed…

  • Rod

    Ha ha. Great stuff. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense to me, but if someone can figure out how to make money laying in the street, why not? I mean, I’m not going to pretend my life is more noble, or more meaningful than theirs just because I have a boring old job.

    Sure, lying face down in the street is weird, but hey, I did crazy things just for being different or to get attention in my younger day. Used to have dreadlocks in American Suburbia. Wow, did that get some attention.

  • Alexander

    Too much free time, is she begging for attention or what…… Go find a man with a big banana and get stuffed!

  • HolyBanana

    Female consumes Viagra…

  • Lily

    LMAO! I love it! I won’t be surprised if I see in NYC anytime soon.

  • young boy 23yo

    25 and 28-year-old women are consider as young girls? 13-year-old is a young girl, 16 to 20-year-old are teens, 21-year-old is a young woman, 25-year-old is could be just a woman and 28-year-old would definitely be a woman.

  • this is old
  • Cool Matt

    I think i remember seeing a picture of some girl going up an escalator like this. Feet and head on the handrails. Not sure if it was these girls though…

  • Toujour

    For some reason I like the photos. I surprised most persons are so negative. They kind of visual arresting while at the same time it looks like it fits — kind of — in the urban scene.

  • Anon

    Who’s got more ties to the nation with the Zionist lobby or involved in 3 wars at the moment? By the next decade though reconciliation would have ended the who has more bs thing. If you go by cultural value though, guess who wins hands down? One preserved for a period of decades, the other embodies probably as long as nations exist on this planet. So think again.

  • dude

    And the point of this is?

  • Mercator
  • Jay

    Ok this is a great article


    Taiwan was NOT a part of the People’s Republic of China. NEVER has been. NEVER will. It is a part of the Republic of China established in 1911 in Mainland China until the Communist scums took over with help from the Russians where the capital shifted to Taipei. Taiwan and the surrounding isles have NEVER come under COMMUNIST jurisdiction and always have been under Nationalist Chinese control. Under Cairo Agreement in 1945, Taiwan went under Nationalist Chinese control and never under Communist control. Taiwan is Nationalist China, a democratic, more progressive, modernized, less fcked up and Capitalist version of Communist Mainland China. Taiwan remains INDEPENDENT of MAINLAND CHINESE CONTROL. FACE IT.

    The WORLD call Taiwan as either Taiwan, Taiwan R.O.C or simply the Republic of China. Only you Mainland Chinese Communist fcks refer to it as ‘Chinese Taiwan’.

    Why not call Australia ‘British Australia’? Or Sri lanka ‘Indian Sri Lanka’? Or maybe Singapore ‘Malaysian Singapore’?


    • Just John

      Someone needs a sedative. Even though I agree with some of your points, man, you really need to learn how to debate. Maybe laying off the crack pipe would help too….

      Next time, the best way to debate is to pull out the facts.

      I hearby forward you to Wikipedia. I hear Greg and PRC on the site love that site.


      The points were already made here: http://www.chinasmack.com/2011/videos/shara-lin-yixin-dancing-diva-with-piano-violin-zither.html/comment-page-1#comment-110651

      • Golden Bollox

        “Your (sic) an idiot, aren’t you?”

        Just read the China-Taiwan debate that you reference above – & you ALL fail to mention the foreign military intervention that effectively placed a ‘pause’ on the natural development of what was China’s very own civil war.

        Recent de-classification of NSC documents spanning the ‘hot’ phase of the Cold War (1950’s Korean War) point to a clear & consistent US strategy to create a ‘wedge’ between Nationalists & their Communist victors after ‘containment & isolation’ policies were deemed un-effective/un-workable re. the PRC & the feared spread of ‘International Communism’ into Southeast Asia & beyond.

        US warships in the Taiwan Strait may have diverted a massacre on the island, but it also gave the KMT false hope that, one day – under US stewardship, they would be swept back into power on the mainland, along with their nationalist mandate.

        The notion of ‘independence’ was born out of these circumstances – an (un-recognized) independence that served (& still serves) as convenient fig leaf for American strategic dominance in the Asia Pacific arena (I’m by no means Yank-bashing here – could just as easily be the British, Germans or French – i.e.: whoever the Superpower happens to be at the time – & whoever calls the shots when it comes to a new global economic order).

        Considering this situation is still unresolved (the wedge still in effect) & considering it’s likely to lead to flash-points for decades to come – we would be wise to question just who exactly ‘Taiwanese Independence’ benefits? Hong Kong has undergone a relatively smooth transition – without the disaster invoked by pre-‘97 hysteria, maybe Taiwan should follow suit?

        As for any deep cultural difference between Chinese mainlanders & Chinese Taiwanese – there’s really very little. They’re both Confucian-based, with Taiwan enjoying a few decade’s economic head-start & the cultural-gentrification which that inevitably brings.

        For my money, the ‘Beautiful Island’ should be reclaimed by the indigenous aboriginals – many of whom were persecuted under the KMT. Kick out the Hans, Japs & ‘Face Down on the Street Girls’ – throw away those Bible-bribes & reclaim what’s rightfully yours.

        Greg – 1 : Just John – 0

        Hey Jay …pass me that pipe.

  • unique but sick hobby. can she get a money?

  • I didn’t think taiwanese could do fake things (japanese concept for photos), but now I recognize, I was wrong. I do not support this kind of “Art?”, if we can call it art. It’s really no sense, just a crappy buzz…

  • Koreansentry

    It’s called performance art.

  • Meh

    Planking. Really stupid thing to do…

  • roger dodger

    its called planking in the U.K. but I would not consider it art; just some teenagers trying to amuse themselves. Some kid actually did it on a railway line.

  • Lol, someone in Australia died falling from a 7 storey balcony by trying to take this shit to the extreme.

    These dumb bitches are just mindlessly jumping on the bandwagon doing some absolutely pointless shit probably because some random dumbass said it was cool.
    It looks stupid and it is stupid.

    Only a matter of time before some bimbo dies doing this. Rofl.
    Now if only they could popularise the act of jumping off a bridge with no safety device. Those lemmings will be jumping off in droves.

    That would fucking rock.

  • I don’t like fads, but it’s more interesting that that stupid two fingers thing that Japanese and Taiwanese girls do every time they take a picture.

    • Honibaz

      They’re equally stupid.

  • Anne

    It’s not a trend or famous… it’s the same 2 or 3 girls. It would have been better to highlight the photographer or the models rather than claiming it was sweeping Taiwan.

  • Alexandra

    Odd and interesting. But I see scenes like this in the early morning hours outside of clubs and bars.

  • blip

    If you look up planking on wikipedia, it is something that has been going on for a few years, but in March this year, became popular again in Australia after one of the rugby players was ‘planking’ on the field. Its supposedly a big thing in Australia and NZ at the moment.

  • rex

    Too many people die planking

  • Janus

    This is called planking and is an internet phenomenon…don’t ask me why, the first fatality resulted in Australia when an attempted planking resulted in a student falling from a balcony. This is similar to the head in the fridge internet following:to explain google the number 241543903 and click on images.