Taiwan Government Prohibited WWII Parade TV Broadcasts

Taiwan Government Prohibited WWII Parade TV Broadcasts
A report from mil.huanqiu.com has revealed that the Taiwanese government prohibited TV stations broadcasting live relays of the WWII military parade held in Tiananmen Square on September 3. Taiwanese president Ma Yingjiu has expressed regret at former KMT vice-president and chairman Lian Zhan attending the event, saying it was not in line with official stance and that it was the KMT who lead China in the war. The report said Taiwanese citizens and media instead considered the event as a highly anticipated “carnival”. One netizen said it’s no wonder the heartless KMT was crushed before.

Source: Netease

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  • 42

    so much for taiwanese democracy and freedom of media…..

    • guest

      Wasn’t shown live in the UK either.

      But it should be pointed out that http://www.huanqiu.com is the Chinese language sister site for the global times.

  • Andy Mc Crab

    Who even wants to watch that crap anyway? The worlds most giant corrupt communist party flashing their copied gear while the peasants are ordered to stay away from their windows.