Taiwan National Flag Removed in London Prior to Olympics

The Taiwan national flag hung by the Regent Street Association near London's Piccadilly Circus to welcome the 2012 London Olympics.

The Taiwanese flag missing in Piccadilly Circus for the London Olympics after it was torn down.

To welcome the 2012 London Olympics, the Regent Street Association that represents hundreds of local London merchants and businesses recently hung up the national flags of the world’s countries throughout the streets of London. Placed alphabetically, Taiwan’s national flag had been hung up near Piccadilly Circus. Just several days later, the Taiwanese flag had suddenly disappeared.

Taiwan's national flag was removed near Piccadilly Circus prior to the 2012 Olympic Games.

The following photo and attached comments by a popular Taiwanese internet personality called ‘Taiwan Sometimes‘ (a transliteration of 三太子, a Taiwanese god also known as Nezha whose likeness he wears) had over 40,000 likes, 20,000 shares, and 2000 comments within 24 hours on Facebook…

From Facebook:

The national flag that was originally hung here had been torn down, and I’ve come to hang it back up!!!

Its okay if others won’t let us hang it, we Taiwan people will come hang it ourselves!!!

Taiwanese internet personality Taiwan Sometimes hangs the Taiwan national flag back up at Piccadilly Circus for the London Olympics.

It was suspected that outside pressure had prompted the flag’s removal and after an official representative of the Taiwan government approached the association, the association said it would hang up the Chinese Taipei Olympic flag.

Comments on Facebook :

林映慈 :

The incompetent Ma Government is not willing to stand up, so the Taiwanese shall fly the national flag for the entire world themselves.


Can we make ‘Sometimes’ President?

Wei Ren Lin:

Officials are weak… the government is powerless… Every time the world sees our flag its because of these people’s silent efforts or some unknown heroes.

Amy Liang:

Ma Ying-jeou is not as good as San Tai Zi.

Tang Hung-Chih:

I was born in the Republic of China, the Republic of China is my home!!! Even if the rulers change, I will still be a citizen of the Republic of China.


Taiwan jiayou^^ I am Taiwanese, not a mainlander~ The passport I hold is green~ not red.


According to history… Taiwan and mainland China has been separate since the Qing Dynasty!! Republic of China jiayou!!! Taiwan jiayou!!


The same ethnic group can establish two or more countries. Aren’t Germany and Austria both Germanic? Middle Eastern countries are almost all Arabic. Both sides of the Taiwan strait are countries founded by the Han, so just what reason is there for not recognizing this? Pressuring Taiwan only makes it obvious how petty the CCP is.

Irene Chen:

Thanks Sometimes for looking after Taiwan~ Jiayou!


Why can I only press ‘like’ once!!!

BBárryy CChángg:

I posted this London Olympics national flag incident on a German friend’s wall. Afterwards he immediately shared it saying: Don’t let Taiwan disappear.


Say it loudly: I am Taiwanese!!!


Every time I hear ‘Chinese Taipei’ I burn with rage! Its ‘Taiwan’!!!

The Taiwan national flag hanging at London's Piccadilly Circus.


Written by Stuart Dingle


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