Taiwan President: Mainland China is Still Our Territory


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[Taiwan President] Ma Ying-jeou: Mainland China Remains Our Territory, Cross-Strait Relations is Not International Relations

Taihai Net October 18th report — According to a report on the MSN website, Ma Ying-jeou expressed for the first time during his “Double Ten Report” that “cross-strait relations is not international relations”, and that the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) often treats cross-strait flights like American domestic flights. Ma Ying-jeou stressed on the 17th that according to the “Republic of China constitution”, “mainland China is still our territory, therefore the relationship with the mainland cannot possibly be international relations, but rather a special relationship.”

During a meeting with Wyoming governor Matt Mead on the 17th, Ma expressed that it was already established 20 years ago that cross-strait flights are “not international flights, nor domestic flights, but a special flight route,” enabling both sides to use this foundation to quickly promote/improve relations, and for people on both sides to obtain benefits they did not have before.

Ma Ying-jeou believes current strait relations in its most stable and peaceful in the past 60 years.

Comments on Phoenix Online:


Since it isn’t international relations, then just what is the relationship? There is only one China in the world, and this is a general and mutual consensus. It is also the consensus of people across the strait. So please, Ma Ying-jeou, just what is the relationship between Taiwan and the mainland? Isn’t it time you gave a clear answer?


Hope Taiwan will quickly reclaim its occupied/enemy-held territory.


The mainland has since antiquity been an inseparable part of China.


The Diaoyu Islands belongs to us, the and the islands of Japan also belongs to us.


I welcome Taiwan and the Mainland hold elections, and whichever wins will unify the other!


After China becomes a true superpower, first thing is to reclaim Taiwan.


Good, as long as Taiwan recognizes that it is part of China. As for whether it is the People’s Republic of China or the Republic of China, those are political questions and not our ordinary common people’s concern. As for who is the rightful ruler [government], that is also not something we have control over.


Of course the mainland is our territory; it is the territory of all Chinese people.


Support the glorious return of the Nationalist Army.


Provincial Governor Ma, Taiwan is the territory of the Chinese people, and the mainland is not Taiwanese territory!


The people of the Mainland long for President Ma to come liberate us!


On Taiwanese maps, Mongolia still belongs to China.


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