Taiwan Teen Dies After Playing 40 Straight Hours of Diablo 3

A young Taiwanese man has died after playing online computer games for 40 hours straight at an internet cafe in Taiwan.

A young Taiwanese man has died after playing online computer games for 40 hours straight at an internet cafe in Taiwan.

From Apple Daily:

19 Year old dies after playing 40 straight hours of Diablo

A 19 year old boy in Tainan surnamed Zhuang, played Diablo 3 in an internet cafe non-stop for 40 hours, only drinking water and not eating. The day before yesterday in the early morning he mumbled to himself ‘I feel uncomfortable, I want some fresh air’, then went outside the internet cafe and collapsed and did not recover. The police announced that because the boy had sat for so long in the internet cafe, he suffered a pulmonary vein embolism and suddenly died. The boy’s mother identified the corpse and while weeping said ‘Sweetheart’, the police are today planning to conduct an autopsy to establish the cause of death.

The police investigator revealed the boy to be Zhuang Zhengfeng (19 years old) who was about 170cm, strong and healthy. His parents have been divorced for many years, and he lived together with his paternal grandparents in Hsinying. Last Friday at noon, Zhuang called and told his grandmother that he wanted to ride to Yuching to meet friends, but because his friend wasn’t home, he went to a 24-hour internet cafe in Yuching to play online computer games.

An assistant in the internet cafe named Chen said Zhuang has in recent months often come to the internet cafe to play online games (probably to play the currently most popular ‘Diablo 3’). Zhuang always played for a very long time, from afternoon until late night before leaving. Every hour someone was chosen to collect the fee, with the fee being 40 kuai an hour. The day before yesterday at 5 in the morning, Zhuang was lying on his keyboard, and the assistant went and shook him awake. He heard Zhuang mumble ‘I feel uncomfortable, I want some fresh air’ with an empty look in his eyes, never imagining that the moment Zhuang walked out of the internet cafe, he would immediately collapse, vomit, and then lose consciousness. The assistant saw Zhuang and called 119.

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Zhuang was taken to Tainan hospital’s Xinhua branch, during which time first aid personnel gave him CPR, and momentarily revived him, but he still passed away by the time they they reached the hospital. Tainan Kuo General Hospital Heart Department head Lu Yanyuan said, “The deceased sat for a long time in the internet cafe, his blood flow slowed and produced a blood clot, and the clot flowed through his lungs to the vein, this likely caused a pulmonary vein embolism and sudden death. It’s also possible that continuously playing several days of online computer games, there was too much excitement, and lead to his sympathetic nerves being impacted, making his heartbeat abnormal and causing sudden death.

Police investigators yesterday announced, initial investigations revealed no external injuries, and today planned an autopsy to establish the cause of death. The departed’s friend said the departed had previously attended Taekwondo competitions, and was physically fit and strong, but he really loved playing online computer games, and had previously worked in an internet cafe part-time, to conveniently save money and practice his skills. Afterwards he thought that the pay was too low, so he resigned, and planned on going to Yuching to live with friends and find work. Around ten days ago he packed his bags and moved, and now he is a cold dead body, it is a real shock.

Diablo 3: And the Heavens Shall Tremble

Comments From Apple Daily:


GAME OVER~ No reset button to press!


I feel like sleeping after playing for 40 minutes, much less 40 hours, incredible.

Steve Lin:

Taiwan’s lost a talented person, what a pity…

Fish Chen:

It seems internet cafes are getting more and more sinister…

Ginny Ko:

He was playing Diablo 3 Expert mode, its all over when you die.


Youth is a diminishing resource, even those with lots need to take care of it… sigh.


Diablo 3 is really too terrifying!


Are internet cafe’s this serious? = = If oneself is stupid, and flaunts their superiority then who is too blame…?

Jing Yi Lin:

There have already been so many cases like this! Why are people risking their lives staying up overnight playing games [nonstop for long periods of time]?


The government should create rules to make sure that you cannot exceed a few hours = Otherwise it will really turn into playing till death.


Not bad~ helping society eliminate useless people, he should be given a Darwin award.


Netizens are really cold-blooded. The boy didn’t steal, didn’t rob, didn’t hinder others, is there a need to talk about him this way?

  • cooter

    Would’ve lived if he had a level 40 sofa spell.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      ur a fckn idiot haha, LMFAO…

      I once played Gran Turismo for ps2 for 8 straight hours and felt like i was going to puke and die at the same time when i turned it off.

      • David Smith

        I’ve played games for well over 40+ hours without any sleep and I had a lot of friends in the USA that did it every weekend.. This is a typical Chinese government knee-jerk reaction to “blame it all on videogames”.. The USA has a similar style whenever it comes to school shootings, just blame it all on videogames so that they don’t need to take any responsibility for it at all… Chances are this guy was heavily dehydrated as the net cafes often have cold and very dry air that you’re breathing the whole time you’re there. Air conditiononers take all the water out of the air! The drinks are very expensive at net cafes, in addition to the hourly costs of using the PC.

        IMO, he probably died from dehydration and the government just wants to scape-goat video games. Blood clots can just as easily happen from dehydration, not enough water in the blood.

        • Chris

          Actually, he died from the clot, or pulmonary embolism, if you want to be specific. Not taking anything away from what you are saying, but dying from a PE and dying from dehydration are two completely different processes.

          • Patrick

            Actually that’s the side-effect from deep vein thrombosis and it’s caused by sitting on your ass too many hours. They get about 3 cases every year at Narita airport due to long flight times – it can happen to some people in under 6 hours.

        • anon

          I thought I read that he didn’t eat but he did drink. I don’t think it was dehydration. It sounds more like he simply sat on his ass too long without moving, as Chris and Patrick said above. Not only is the risk different for different people, but its likely you and your friends got up more and moved around more thereby resulting in better circulation for your legs. Sounds like this guy just sat there for 40 hours without moving his body much, at best maybe got up to take a piss once or twice.

        • Suicidal tendency

          So your point is playing 40hours without sleeping nor eating anything but just drinking fresh water is totally safe and sane providing you don’t use aircon.


  • cc


    • Snapp

      WTF is up with your icon?

      • donscarletti

        You’ll find out when you’re older.

        • Patrick

          Don, don, don please don’t assume he’s straight. It’s entirely possible he’ll never see one. Assuming of course he’s a he and not a heterosexual female who may never come face-to-face so to speak. And lesbian is obviously ruled out……

          • donscarletti

            As for hetrosexual females. You would be amazed how rarely you encounter one that has never had the urge to check it out with a mirror or something.

  • Jin

    How did he afford 1600 kaui just playing games? so tragic condolences to his family and friends.

    • Bereaver

      There’s no way the internet bar costed 40 rmb an hour. They must be talking about the taiwan dollar which is half as powerful as RMB. But still even 20 rmb an hour is a little expensive.

      • 40 TWD = 8.5 CNY.

        • Jin

          Fauna, “Every hour someone was chosen to collect the fee, with the fee being 40 kuai an hour” this is in the article

          Either you are confused or not reading the stories on your website.

          • Sunshine

            In Taiwan, “kuai” is used to denote a quantity of NTWD as well.

          • Brett Hunan

            Why do so many people challenge Fauna on trivial shit? Jin, nothing personal, but she’s been doing this a long time. I have full confidence that she and Stuart Dingle both know that when the netizens were talking about Taiwan, they knew that “四十元” means 40 NTWD or 8.5 CNY.

          • anon

            Well, we now know Jin at least definitely isn’t Chinese. Or wait, is there another Jin?

          • moop

            yeah, the are now 2 jins, one with a big J and one with a small j.

    • David Smith

      How can he afford 1600 kuai playing video games? Is that a joke? I know people in the USA who spend $3000 on just the PC and then $60 each on at least a dozen games. There are plenty of Chinese that can afford 1600 kuai for a couple days of fun.

      • Jin

        He is 19 and unemployed and before that he was only working in a internet bar himself for only few months so the pay wouldn’t have been that great. Yes there are “plenty” 1-2% of the population.

        David Smith – sorry we don’t all live the Beverly hills life style like you

        • hess

          “Beverly Hills”
          Janitors in Sweden can afford what David Smith said with no problem.
          Is that why you hate the west so much? Because you’re poor?

          • Jin

            I do not hate the west..and if i am poor or not what has that got to do with anything? are you a snob?

          • hess

            “mr. wiener the “white” life style is the following

            1- Addictive behavior
            2- Do not listen or respect their parents or elders
            3- Less importance in studying and learning more time having “fun”
            4- Drugs (yes drugs was imported by the west)
            5-longer hours watching American TV this become their role models.”

            “and if i am poor or not what has that got to do with anything?”
            Well lets see, a majority of people in the west can afford “expensive” things, you can not. And so it makes you angry, angry that the stupid crackers, niggers, andmoreracialslurs can afford things you want.

            And you also happen to blame all of Chinas problem on “whites”, pretty convenient huh?

        • whiskersthecat

          Haha Beverly Hills…what is this, the mid-90’s?

          • Jin

            well have you seem the real housewives of Beverly hills on bravo?

  • Rod

    This seems to happen a lot. Even in the city where I work, one of my friends owns a hair salon. He said one of his employees took a day off, played computer games all day and night, came to work the next night, and died on the sofa in the shop.

    That’s a true story – not a belated attempt to claim sofa.

    • Tengu

      Nonetheless, I think we can all agree you deserve a position of the sofa.

      • terroir

        At the very least having died on the sofa, it was a interesting way for everybody else to continue the discussion after that opening remark.

  • elizabeth

    It’s either computer games or pop idols. Many kids nowadays do not know how to have a life.

    • Patrick

      Congratulations you have now reached an age that allows you to tell children that back in your day you walked uphill to school and home in three feet of snow, and you had it easy.

      • elizabeth

        And you must be one of those kids. Get a life :)

        • Patrick

          Got one, met you – GAME OVER :P

          • elizabeth

            Game over?

            Lol! I rest my case :)

          • Patrick

            Forum flirting is always fun.

          • donscarletti

            “Game over” is where he stops being a “player” and settles down with you.

          • Patrick

            I thought that was the point where I was casually laying back and contimplating the previous couple of hours while slowly taking drags off a cigarette.

    • Markovic

      True. And let’s not forget about Facebook and twitter.

  • whiskersthecat

    People around these parts are super fragile.

  • terroir

    Last line of Apple Daily story:
    “Around ten days ago he packed his bags and moved, and now he is a cold dead body, it is a real shock.”

    Yup. 冰冷遗体. You stay classy, Apple D; as the sentence comes from a paragraph of all exposition with no quotes, it must have been sourced from your own immoral pen.

    Speaking of which: an Apple Daily story but no “info-cartoon-visualzation”? What up?

    • HeSaidSheSaid

      Yeah I was going to say that that line was pretty cold blooded. Oh shit… I did it myself now… But really that line was quite insensitive.

      • Patrick

        It might be the translation, you know the feel of it. Besides, it could have been worse:

        “Around ten days ago he enthusiastically packed his bags looking forward to a new life, and now he’s a maggot-infested rotting corpse, hope it’s not hot where he’s going.”

        • terroir

          If you want to be literal, “冰冷遗体” translates to “the dead remains that is as cold as ice”. And it appears that it seems to be a cliche in these types of stories much like how murders in the west are always described as “cold-blooded” and “brutal”, but that just goes to show the sensationalism rampart in tabloids like Apple D.

          Seriously: Apple Daily is quoted in full as a reputable source for news? Any sane person only pays attention to Apple D if they want to watch a visual approximation of the current conflict in the South China Sea using pandas, stereotypes, slapstick and animation that is only worthy to have the Benny Hill theme as the music playing behind it. If this wasn’t the lead story, then something with bewbs was.

    • Hongjian

      But… But Apple Daily is gloriously Anti-Chinese!

      How dare you to criticise such an important democratic human-rights respecting institution of free press and freedom-styled freedom-flavoured freedom Freedom? They can never do anything wrong, because they are free.

      You dissapoint me, terroir.
      Now, go to the freedom gulag and repent.

      • Bo Xilai For Emperor

        STFU Hongjian, your commie pimp is telling you to get back on the street and spread your legs for all to share within the commie utopia!!! Hongjian the commie door knob free for all!!!

        • mr. wiener

          I don’t mind a bit of trash talk, in fact that’s a lie , I love a bit of trash talk!
          …..But, can we please be a little more inventive and colorful when dissing others. A good put down is a thing of beauty to behold. It echos and reveberates in our memories and lifts our spirits. I want to hear stories, sonnets ans sagas about hongjian’s ancestory that will make her hair turn white and her breasts droop!
          A sad little flame like this, is a stale fart… Where is the love dammit!?!

          • Bo Xilai For Emperor

            But if that slore name Hongjiang’s hair turn white and breasts turn saggy would you still pay for his/her service?

          • mr. wiener

            I like the use of the word “Slore”, haven’t heard that since ghostbusters, you have my respect :)

      • Guang Xiang

        HJ couldn’t fathom the idea that one could criticize their own media. Totally derails his idea that China is always the victim.

      • terroir

        If you are projecting the way you see the world upon a visualization as the way I see the world but but being the polar opposite to yours, well don’t. You’re not arguing against me; you’re arguing against this “bogeyman” of the dastardly laowai in your mind.

        Stop playing with shadows, lest you start making sense.

        I don’t define myself as being the opposite to you, except to say that you’re a miserable, hate-filled douchebag and I’m the opposite to that. I do wish that I was cS’s most popular commenter, which is of course you now that cb is gone, but then everyone would laughing at me ironically.

        But hey, thanks for spelling my name right. So this is what it’s like to talk to cS’s “Oprah”: “Let’s bring him out. Here he is: terrrrrroiiirr!”

  • Eddie

    This is Darwin, baby. If you’re too retarded to take yourself home to sleep, eat, and drink water, then you deserve to die like this worm did.

    • Getrealson

      Thanks mate!

      had a shitty day, and for some reason I just pissed myself laughing at this comment. seriously, I just can’t stop chuckling.

      well done.

    • Markovic

      Survival of the fittest…

  • 404 name not found

    Gives you an idea of how disappointing Diablo 3 is. :|

    • abc000

      I didn’t realize playing a game for 40 hours straight meant it was disappointing.

  • markus

    Its strange in the west kids love playing video games but i’ve never read or know anying playing longer than 6-12 let alone 40 hours!

    i had never heard of people dieing from playing video games too long until i came to asia and read stories of both Chinese and Koreans playing non stop.

    also i want to say that internet cafes in china arent nice, people smoke all the time and the windows are blacked out and closed.. it makes me feel sick after just one hour

    due to it being so cheep some people just pay and sleep in the cafe…

    • donscarletti

      I think Diablo III has a poor endgame, mustering 40 hours of gameplay is impressive, I got bored in about 20 hours, in total. I think it is clever that Nightmare etc. difficulty unlocks a lot of equipment upgrade stuff, but it’s just not enough for me. I want more adventure and I feel with the amount of time they spent making it and the amount I paid for it, I should have gotten it.

      By the way, this is a common thing in China. People tend to play the one game for far longer than westerners tend to. The western culture where players buy a single player game, play it through and forget about it after 20 hours is just non-existent in China. Chinese don’t play like that and if they did, there would be no money to be made in marketing them. From this, one of the main problem I find in the Chinese game industry is that the people who identify as hard core gamers in the planning and design team have played comparatively few games all up. It’s hard for them to see that all FPS games are not necessarily CS, not all strategy games are Starcraft, not all MMOs are WoW, not all card games are 三国杀, etc.

      By the way, I’ve gamed for days straight during university holidays, it’s not good, but it didn’t kill me. I’ve seen it a lot in the past, it’s extremely rarely fatal, just like embolisms and thrombosis from air travel. I don’t recommend it, but if you’re critically short on stimulation and have to choose between shooting up some smack, unprotected sex with hookers, binge drinking, reckless driving and multi-day gaming bender, go the games any day.

      • terroir

        If Charlie Parker was alive today, his smack of choice would be Diablo III.

  • SuperHappyCow

    This is pretty lol, although I hereby permanently give up Quake 3 and Enemy Territory.

    That’s a lie, by the way.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Now that I think of it, this probably happened because Asians tend to have such small, or non-existent butts.

      Invest in badonkadonk, people.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        i want to laugh at this but I feel like I am laughing at the victim. you know, venus williams has quite the badongadonk and she had the same condition from a long plane ride. but she survived! Badongadonks rule!

        • barack obama

          he is very strong indeed.

    • tai wai

      Lower the track switch!
      Raise the track switch!
      Lower the track switch!
      Raise the track switch!
      Lower the track switch!
      Raise the track switch!

      • SuperHappyCow


  • fredf

    I am currently in China, and the links to appledaily.com are blocked.
    Why ?

    • Tengu

      The Great Fire Wall at Mutianyu!

    • terroir

      Because you first have to go see the wizard; it can not be told to you. You must find out for yourself.

      • moop


        • terroir

          Even Better Than The Real Thing.

      • mr. wiener

        Don’t look at that man behind the curtain.

  • The Enlightened One

    I used to be a hardcore gamer… can still get into long sessions sometimes. However, people should stay away from MMORPGs. They are the absolute worst.

    I think Blizzard is run by Satan to destroy the youth of tomorrow.

    How many hours of life were lost to Starcraft (Koreans?) Diablo… and the mother of all, WORLD OF WARCRAFT… ?

    countless, that’s how many!

    • jin

      well blizzard is run by satan xD lololol
      well look at the name DIABLO

    • Cleo

      Warcraft is about the war of attrition against the Germans and Japanese. Westfall IS Strasbourg. The German surnames of the civilian characters as well as the back story about corruption and betrayal throughout every level of the Alliance is about German spies blending in and rising up through the channels of power and authority (like raising American born kids who enter the CIA -Asia Carrera’s German Japanese brother being one of them).

      • mr. wiener

        Asia Carrera is a porno plant for the Japanese/German cabal? I’ll never look at her work again!

        • Tengu

          I can sense your indignation and feel your pain. Please forward all Asia Carerra CD’s along and I’ll make sure they’re disposed of properly. Glad to help you along the road to recovery!

          • terroir

            Old WWII war slogan:
            “Don’t just beat the enemy — beat them off!”

            Bonus: War Porn that may or may not star Asia Carrera (who is way old, what, no love for Evelyn Lin?)
            “Enemy at the Beef Gates”
            “All Queefing on the Western Front-Bum”
            “Lubricated Paths of Glory”

          • mr. wiener

            Did Evelyn Lin do porn?
            I thought she just worked as a prostitute , then wrote a best selling book?

          • mr. wiener

            Sorry, my bad, that was Evelyn Lau.

      • The Enlightened One

        I have no idea what you are talking about because I didn’t join the occult that is World of Warcraft. I prefer to play games that I can beat and spend the rest of the time in a gym.

        This way I don’t have to sacrifice small animals to Lucifer.

        • Patrick

          It’s not about having to, Lucifer doesn’t wish to receive forced gifts (unless of course it is an evil act). And normal small animals wouldn’t do, you must hand pick the cutest.

    • Niels

      The game I enjoyed most was Baldurs Gate II. I played it together with one of my oldest friends. The storyline was breathtaking. Took us over a year to finish since we only met once or twice a month.

      Does anybody remember Sid Meier’s civilisation?


    • Pete of Perth

      I’ve clocked up 1275hrs playing team fortress 2


      nom nom nom

  • Cleo

    Really? I have to force myself to get through Warcraft to get the veiled characterizations of the Germans and Japanese especially when playing the Undead. The Blood Elves are DEFINITELY the collaborators who have thrown themselves in with their own rapists and murderers.

    Oh, well, better to die in comfort like him than trapped underground like a Chinese miner or a farmer who steps on a buried Japanese chemical bomb. Or falling off the side of a Shanghai skyscraper that needs its glass sides cleaned.

    I know he had to be really sad and lonely (and have very bad taste) to be willing to stick with the game for so many hours but seriously, there are worst lives to be forced to live.

    • mr. wiener


    • The Enlightened One

      See everyone, I told you Blizzard works for the devil. lol

      Look at this mad man!

      • mr. wiener

        [crazy voice] It was the Ewoks I’m telling yous. Those little furry bastards are obviously the vietcong. They defeated our empire with some empty coconut, jungle vines and a few logs. A FEW FUCKING LOGS I TELL YEZ!!!

        • The Enlightened One

          Yez… yezz… the Ewokz! It all makez centz now! The financial criziz wuz obviouzly started by the Carebearz which are a distant cuzin of the Ewokz and they work for the KGB. That’s why I drank paint thinner az a child! Yezzz… Yezzzzz! The puzzle fitz good.

          • mr. wiener

            [cont] The Carebears and the Ewoks are going to use Wookie muscle to take over our cities and rape our women! Cookie Monster will take over distribution of their drug empire, the addicted will flood the streets with their bloodcurdling cries of :”Cookie! cookie! Me want cookie!”. Elmo will deal the uppers “Weeeee!”. They won’t rest until they have put Fozzy
            Bear in the oval office!!

    • hess

      Cleo HAS to be trolling..
      I mean come on, Warcraft and Japan? Really?

      • linette

        hess dear..You don’t know Cleo link everything to Japan. hahaha…….I wonder if Cleo is really Japanese.

  • elizabeth

    Even worse than wasted lives is the effect of violent games on the gamers. That extends to movies too, like what is happening with The Dark Knight Rises. Virtual world becomes a reality.

    Nope, even books. The negative influence of these media on young inexperienced minds, especially those with few or no other perspectives cannot be ignored.

    • moop

      i hope you’re joking. there is no evidence that violent video games and movies make people behave violently

      • elizabeth

        We do not have to wait until there is concrete evidence to heed the signs. I have personally witnessed kids who were rude and violent even toward their parents and that’s one major difference I have observed between them and good kids – computer games. Because they spend so much time interacting violently in the virtual, their virtual simply becomes reality if they are not checked and taught how to handle the real world.

        I am not kidding. We all know kids learn from adults and their environment, including movies, books and social media.

        Look at what happened at the shooting in Colorado by a 24 year old.

        “Witnesses described chaos chillingly similar to that depicted in the Batman films, in which maniacal villains terrorise Gotham City.”


        Could be psychological, could be violence at the movie. Either way, do you think we should take chances and ignore the causes of such behavior?

        • moop

          ridiculous. most of the time the difference between good kids and bad kids are parents. bad parents who fail to discipline their children tend to act out more. what kind of child do you think spends more time playing video games/tv: one with attentive and strict parents who well-discipline their child, or parents that fail to discipline their children and more or less let them do whatever they want? violence in video games and movies do not increase violent behavior. violent behavior in children is at a 30 year low, around the time video games started to become popular.


          • elizabeth

            Good, you said most of the time. The rest of the time?

            I hope that you are not involved in the violent gaming industry.

          • moop

            asinine. the rest of the time is psychological. why are you so concerned about anomalies?

          • Ryo

            cuz she don’t want to admit she’s wrong and you put her in her place (which is in the kitchen making us a sandwich).

          • elizabeth

            Using ‘asinine’ is a sign that you have run out of arguments. If you are not already aware, the effects of video games are psychological as well.


            Again, many references, if you care do google.

          • moop


            your argument has no “real world proof”. just studies in controlled environments. ACTUAL REAL WORLD CRIME STATISTICS DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS.

          • elizabeth

            You real world crime statistics are too general to support anything.

          • moop

            its more suggestive evidence than you are providing considering it doesnt take place in a FUCKING VACUUM

          • elizabeth

            You are losing it if you need to yell and spew expletives.

          • moop

            no, i’m just typing large BECAUSE I HEARD RETARDS LIKE BIG SHINY THINGS

          • Yesway

            @Ryo, the only sandwich a woman will ever make for you, will be covered with drainage oil.

            And instead of gaming and eating sandwiches that you can’t even make yourself, you should take your useless ass outside and do some sports. Otherwise no woman will ever look at you without some ulterior motive.

            Good day.

        • Tengu

          Actually bringing Hitler into the argument would be a sign Moop had run out of arguments.

          • moop

            hitler didnt play video games!!! he read books!!!!

          • The Enlightened One

            Too bad Hitler didn’t play more games. He should of played more of the board game Risk. Maybe a little Command and Conquer or Starcraft could of helped him fine tune his tactics.

            If he read a lot of books, he should read how sending your troops (unprepared) to frozen terrain with a freezing climate is a good way to lose a war. D’oh!

          • moop

            yeah, i think the vietnamese planned dien bien phu using a risk board. the north korean invasion of south korea was simulated using starcraft in a internet cafe stocked full of bawls water

          • elizabeth

            I hope you mean it otherwise you would be jumping on the bandwagon with faulty logic.

        • Chris

          “We do not have to wait until there is concrete evidence to heed the signs.”

          In other words, we can all basically take what we see as whatever we want to see eh? Evidence is objective. Your opinion is not.

          • elizabeth

            Indeed, you practice what you preach. Please read the links I have included and google for more evidence of negative influence from violent games instead of seeing only what you want to see and re-framing my comments out of context.

        • SuperHappyCow

          Bad parents who don’t monitor their kids and teach them manners probably let them play inordinate amounts of computer games.

          Violence in the U.S. has been on a steady decline, and it probably correlates to the introduction of computer games into society.

          If the two are related, whether it is a good thing, or a bad thing, I haven’t decided, since there are other implications, as well.

      • elizabeth

        “…children who were exposed to more video game violence did become more aggressive over time than their peers who had less exposure. This was true even after the researchers took into account how aggressive the children were at the beginning of the study — a strong predictor of future bad behavior.”


        There are many other references, if you care to google.

        • moop


          “even as violent video games have proliferated, rates of violence have been ebbing in the United States. As the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime Victimization Survey shows violent crime has been declining since 1994, reaching the lowest level recorded in 2003. In another series of data based on crimes reported to the police, violent crime peaked in 1991 at 578 violent offenses per 100,000 people, falling to 475 per 100,000 in 2003, which about the same level as in 1977.”

          “Even fighting among teenagers is waning. The National Center for Education Statistics reports, “Between 1993 and 2003, the percentage of students who reported being in a fight anywhere declined—from 42 percent in 1993 to 33 percent in 2003. Similarly, the percentages of students who reported fighting on school property in these years declined-from 16 to 13 percent.””

          • elizabeth

            These data do nothing to dismiss violent games as a negative influence because they do not outline the reasons why violence has supposedly waned.

          • moop

            90% of children play video games. games are getting more and more violent. yet children arent.

          • elizabeth

            That still does not prove the violent video games are not a source of bad influence.

            Do you have scientific references?

            Jenkins depends on the media industry for his livelihood. What more can I say?

          • moop

            if the two were connected, shouldnt the violent crime rates among youths actually have risen? considering 90% of youths play video games and even a larger percentage watch tv and movies. i really dont care about experiments in controlled environments. if what they were saying is true then the crime rates among youths should have risen, not fallen, video games are to prevalent to not have an impact on violence stats. video game sales have quadrupled since 1996 while violent crime rates have fallen by nearly 60 percent.

          • elizabeth

            There are other factors that can come into play. Short of the ‘under-reporting’ for political or commercial or whatever reason, the length of time spent or games, education, sample of children surveyed. These and other factors are not specified or controlled. That is why I am not convinced.

          • moop

            what under reporting? you’re making shit up. the video game industry is in cahoots with law enforcement to suppress the statistics on youth violence?

          • elizabeth

            You said it. I didn’t. You are obviously a gaming enthusiast.

          • moop

            i never said anything about under reporting? are you making stuff up again?

          • elizabeth

            I didn’t say you said under-reporting. I didn’t say the gaming industry is in cahoots with whoever too.

            Only a limited mind would harp one reason for under-reporting.

            Seriously, this is getting boring.

          • moop

            “Short of the ‘under-reporting’ for political or commercial or whatever reason”

            i asked you “what under reporting?” do i need to ask it again or is your answer still “You said it. I didn’t.”?

          • elizabeth


            You are welcome to hop on the merry-go-round and entertain yourself.

          • moop

            cool, i ride this merry go round. you go read a book for once in your life

          • Tengu

            WTF – We never got our sandwiches?

          • moop

            sandwiches later tengu. hop on and enjoy the ride! then we can take some of our remainding spare change and go play violent video games in an arcade and continue our lives full of not murdering people

        • Jin

          He didn’t die from the video game he die from sitting for 40 hours without food and moving which coursed “sympathetic nerves being impacted, making his heartbeat abnormal and causing sudden death”
          which means he has an addiction problem. The problem is white life style is being pushed onto them.

          Sad to hear such a young person die from such a meaningless way.

          • mr. wiener

            “White life style” Oh God, please tell me you are not blaming this one on whitey are you?
            What the hell is traditional asian life style then? Planting rice for 3 horrs every morning then then studying Confucionistic texts for the next 6 for your mandrinate exams.
            Let me guess, drugs are the life style of their country of origin? “You better stop putting the Peruvian lifestyle up your nose man!”
            Jin, you are better than this.

          • Jin

            mr. wiener the “white” life style is the following

            1- Addictive behavior
            2- Do not listen or respect their parents or elders
            3- Less importance in studying and learning more time having “fun”
            4- Drugs (yes drugs was imported by the west)
            5-longer hours watching American TV this become their role models.

            I wasn’t saying the “video” game was the problem but his behavior was and if he had traditional Chinese value he wouldn’t be:
            A – spent 1600 kuai on video game
            B – waste that much time playing video game -instead be focusing his time on studying or doing something constructive
            C -he be at home helping his single mother

          • mr. wiener

            Jin. so you are saying asians have never:
            1. had addiction problems [gambling, booze etc]
            2. dis’d their parents.
            3. relaxed and had fun.
            4. done drugs. [prior to the opium wars, that’s a whole other case, lets not get into that now, yes, I agree that was shameful]
            5. had bad role models.
            Now: We can argue about the points you have bought up until the cows come home, but ultimately you have to decide what to do about the problem once it exists and stop blaming others for it. Yes, the blame thing does give you a certain moral smugness, but does f*ck all to fix the problem.
            These challenges are here , real and now. Maybe the Asian family will have to change to accomadate this. A less distant father figure, rarely seen because he’s working his arse off and leaving all the child rearing to mum might be an idea.
            Societies do not exist in bell jars, changes happen …deal with it.

          • Zappa Frank

            let me guess.. the yellow life still is:
            -asking money to parents
            -pretending they buy you a car
            -wait for someone who can arrange a blind date for you
            -while waiting enjoy some borthel (illegal!!)
            -study about 20h/day and have no friends
            -ask again money
            -play majong the whole night
            -wait another blind date because the girl before was 1cm too short
            -find a job as salve
            if girls it’s easyer, the traditionals way are following:
            -stay at home the whole day washing and cooking waiting your parents find you a rich husband.
            -become a prostitute

            it’s easy to take what’s worst and stereotypize in a culture and pretend “it’s their life style”.

        • Suicidal tendency

          That’s untrue. Look at me: on day I work normally in a pet shop in direct contact with people, and at night, I play a game consisting in abducting, torturing and raping anything form people to puppy, and I’m not at all influenced.

          BTW, are you part of the game or am I at work??

          Seriously: a violent psycho goes rampage and watched Batman, and you conclude Batman has a bad influence on people’s psyche?


          This is about another expert claiming the study you link to has methodological issue. You can google a lot of studies claiming there’s no correlation as well.

    • The Enlightened One

      Oh come on,

      Not everything in the world is rainbows and sunshine. I think children should know violence and the difference between fantasy and realistic violence.

      Violence is a part of human nature and some nutters just go crazy.

      I doubt it was the movie that had anything to do with it. Usually these people that do these crimes really just want attention or are just frustrated with life… not because they watched too much Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or played Doom.

      I bet the incidents stem more from things like unemployment, stress from work, unreasonable pressure from parents, relationships problems etc.

      • elizabeth

        “I think children should know violence and the difference between fantasy and realistic violence.”

        They won’t know if they are not checked. Haven’t you seen kids jumping of the sofa or table or kicking ass when they play superheroes? Would they know it’s dangerous if not told? Would they jump of not stopped?

        Haven’t you heard Grade 5 or 6 kids using the f word and such? Do they know these are offensive? No, they aren’t because the adults use them like they are the most important words in their vocabulary.

        • The Enlightened One

          So I guess the biggest problem is the parents.

          They simply don’t take the time to teach their children well and leave it all up to the teachers who are packed to the brim with like 30-60 kids.

          That’s why being a TEACHER (I mean a good one) or a PARENT (again a good one) is easily one of the hardest jobs/tasks in the world.

          I would certainly blame parents before I would blame books, movies or video games. Usually there are signs of people slowly losing it but most parents simply don’t pay attention and most teachers simply don’t care.

          • elizabeth

            I agree with you totally on this. We can’t blame video games, but we should not deny that they are a source of bad influence.

            You are right that proper parenting is the answer and parents will do well not to ignore the sources that influence their children. That includes screening the media before they get to their kids and simply spending time with them to keep them busy with other healthier activities.

          • moop

            god, so i guess we should just ban them then? sometimes when people drink they do stupid stuff too, maybe we should ban alcohol as well. sometimes people die in planes and automobiles, so we should ban those as well. someone has died or been hurt as a result of or while engaging in pretty much every activity known to man.

          • The Enlightened One

            Yes, we should.

            Let me get my BAN HAMMER!

            HAMMER says “You can’t touch this!”

            I told you homeboy.

          • elizabeth

            I said ‘screen’ them before the get to the kids.

          • elizabeth

            @ TEO

            Lol! Let me get the cane out too just in case the rascal rebels.

          • elizabeth

            moop, I hope that you are not arguing for the sake of it.

            Plane crashes? Tighten safety measures, no need to ban.

            Drinking driving? Prohibit driving or increase the penalty, no need to ban…

            Too much violence? Rate the games like they do the movies and fine-tune the rating system if it does not work. Educate the kids. No need to ban them for the adults.

            You get the drift.

          • moop

            sarcasm is lost on you

          • elizabeth

            Sarcasm is not a valid argument.

          • moop

            “Rate the games like they do the movies ”

            hi, you just disqualified yourself from this conversation, considering games are rated and have been for years. you’re clueless

          • elizabeth

            That is why I specified to fine-tune them if they don’t work.

          • moop

            “Rate the games like they do the movies and fine-tune the rating system if it does not work.”

            this statement indicates that you don’t even know the situation. the “Rate the games like they do the movies” would not have been written by someone who actually knows what the hell they are talking about, which you clearly dont

          • elizabeth

            Oh yes I do. I am saying the violence in games should be checked and that does not require me to be a gaming nut.

            Otherwise, only premarital sex participants should comment on the consequences on children, smokers on smoking.

            You are trying to use ad hominem tactics to discredit my arguments since you cannot rebut my argument themselves.

            Seriously, this is getting boring.

          • moop

            yeah, you know your stuff alright, just nothing at all about the product and industry that you are condemning.

          • elizabeth

            I do not need to drive or know about cars in order know that they are dangerous.

            Maybe your place is in the kitchen.

          • elizabeth

            And yes, violent computer games have no place in my books. They are a waste of time and I would never recommend them for kids.

          • moop

            cars aren’t dangerous. people driving cars are dangerous. you ever seen someone killed by a parked car?

          • elizabeth

            Now it’s semantics. That’s pathetic moop, pathetic.

          • moop

            no, your argument was/is

          • SuperHappyCow

            “And yes, violent computer games have no place in my books. They are a waste of time and I would never recommend them for kids.”




            I gotta take a dump, brbr.

          • elizabeth

            @ Super Happy Cow

            Unfortunately, your delivery does not match your testimony. No need for caps and abusive language. Your are one of the many shining examples of gamers in denial reinforce rather than help the crappy reputation of indiscriminate gamers and violent video games in my books.

            Ironically, those gamers who are moderate speak more effectively for gaming than those like you.

          • SuperHappyCow

            just teasin you homie

            games that seem “violent” aren’t necessarily about violence

            sometimes they’re about solving complex situations through interacting with other players, and your virtual environment.




        • barack obama

          oh god forbid children jumping off sofas!

    • Anon

      I have probably killed millions of virtual people in my lifetime, yet I feel guilty killing an insect larger than a fly. Or even smaller than a fly in some cases, like say, ladybugs, because you know, ladybug.

      • elizabeth

        Good, I never said that all who play violent games will turn out to be murderers. Those who try to turn my argument by re-framing it that way do not deserve a response. They need to work on their comprehension and reading skills.

        Life is more complicated than ‘either or’ situations. Events happen for a myriad and/or combination of reasons. Just because I said violence games are a bad influence does not mean all gamers are potentially murderers. Vice versa, that does not mean violence games are harmless.

        Balance in reasoning. That is sorely lacking in many of the retorts I find a waste of time to respond to. No because the ones who wrote them are stupid, but because it is fruitless and meaningless to argue for the sake of arguing so as to put someone in the kitchen where he/she belongs.

        • elizabeth

          Not because…

        • terroir

          I’d only suggest you stay in the kitchen for the sole reason that hopefully it’s the one room in your abode that doesn’t have a computer with an internet connection.

          So far, no one has publicly opined that the “Furora in Aurora is due to “violent media like movies or video games”. Except you, internets trailblazer.

          So, to keep you warm as you search out hyperlinks that no one will read, stew on this: violent video games are just one component of video games. Being a (mostly) creative industry (when not cannalbalizing its own ideas to regurgitate FPS sequels ad infinitum), playing a video game allows to the player to do many different things.

          So very true: some games allow you to shoot various nationalities of wonderful people from all around the world and beyond (but mostly Russians and Nazis). But video games also allow gamers to drive race cars, fly space ships, play professional basketball, World Cup soccer. And on and on.

          So. If your wrong opinion happens to be true and people are influenced by games, not only will they be more violent since they teach little kids how to shoot a gun, but they will also learn all the other skills that video games teach. So, in this fourth (?) generation of video games, so should there be a fourth generation of youth who are master ninjas who are covert spies who can drive race cars, fly space ships and the like.

          For your convenience, I have provided some useless straw-man arguments to use at your pleasure:
          * Pac-Man causes obeisity!
          * Farmville is causing the agarian-isation of urban centers!
          * Pokemon is causing the extinction of Japanese fictional wildlife!
          * Minecraft is exploiting all of the world’s minerals and fossil fuels!

          • SuperHappyCow

            Terrior are you in TW? :(

            i have no friends out here and i’m a lonely cow

      • elizabeth

        Right, got one now…

        You feel guilty killing ladybugs…because you are a true gentle-man who knows how to handle the violent games man-ia better than man-iacs bent on killing any lady who bugs them :)

        Have a good lunch.

  • Jackson

    “probably to play the currently most popular ‘Diablo 3′”!?!?!?
    I still have it installed on my comp, but that game is far from being popular … it sales very good, cuz it has a nice ribbon on it, but the game itself is terrible … it has no long lasting appeal, most people stop playing.

  • Ryo

    He was playing Hardcore mode. When you die, you don’t come back! I wonder if the other patrons took his loot….

  • Lee

    stupid kid; his own fault.

    • Jin

      No its the imported white life style which is at fault.

      • mr. wiener

        Yes, lets get rid of cars in asia. We’ll give you back all the inventions we stole and improved on, You must stop eating cheese.

      • Zappa Frank

        it’s strange that this “white lifestyle” doesn’t find so many followers in western countries as it does in the eastern.
        by the way, which is the yellow life style?

        • Jin

          Zappa Frank , Chinese have a long history of respecting elders and listening to their parents all that changed when china open up and imported American and also other developed country pop culture. Now you find kids more interested in just having a good time (which is fine but they do not know when to draw the line). There’s a KFC and MacDonald on every single street corner in china which has created huge obesity problem not to mention all the excessive drinking and “social” drug taking.

          • moop

            absolutely pathetic. chinese parents cant (more like won’t) control their kids. the only place where children get discipline is in their schools. children are getting fatter because 1) people arent as poor anymore and can afford more food and 2) most parents, especially grandparents spoil their children and let them consume whatever they want. grow some balls and stop trying to blame all your society’s problems on outsiders. no one buys that argument and you come off looking like a nationalist tool everytime.

          • Pete of Perth

            Kill the westerners, they are the source of all ills…. Maybe you should team up with Ahmadinejad.

            I guess drinking, shootingup and sitting around on your fat arse is better than the long history of killing baby daughters because tradition prefer sons and women with bound feet.

            No society is perfect.

          • Zappa Frank

            you said you’re travelled and experience, you went to europe? how long? a week maybe? because what you’re talking about as pop western culture is compleatly absent in many places of europe. Why for instance KFC is so massive in china while almost absent in large parts of europe, same for mcdonald where coustomer are mostly immigrants attracted by cheap prices..? NBA is largely more popular in china than in usa.. Seem to me that you want to find an easy explanation of china’s socials problems. If like you said pop culture is replacing the chinese one, than chinese culture was so rotten that it took just few years to be replace with a kfc? even americans make fun of chinese’s devotion to their new god, the colonel Sanders

          • terroir

            “There’s a KFC and MacDonald on every single street corner in china which has created huge obesity problem not to mention all the excessive drinking and “social” drug taking.”

            Narrator: Meet Wang. Wang used to be a grade-A student who respected his elders and listened to his parents. But one day while walking past a street corner, that all changed.

            Wang: [VO] Yes, I was a good Chineseman who loved China, but now that has all changed ever since I went to KFC.

            [cue scary music, negative-reversed picture of KFC]

            Narrator: Wang went into KFC wanting to try out Western culture, but instead walked out with decadent values.

            Wang: I.. I kept going back. I kept eating it, again and again, so much… it’s like I couldn’t stop myself…

            Narrator: Wang began to gain weight. Furthermore, his parents began to notice that he was now only interested in having a good time.

            Wang’s parents: Ahhh! Our boy has become a monster!

            Wang: After I started to gain weight and more interested in having a good time, I found that I was more interested in Western culture. So after eating at KFC one day, someone recommended that I “try to be more Western”. That’s the day I tried excessive drinking and “social” drug taking.

            [scary music. Show scenes from “Reefer Madness”]

            Narrator: Because of imported American pop culture, Wang has been corrupted. Once an upright beacon of Chinese traditional value, he is now a decadent American running dog, just out having a good time.

            Wang: I… I have lost face for all of China. Millions of Chinesemen have had their feelings hurt. I… am a victim.

            Jin: [jumps out and points at camera] Don’t be like Wang! Dont be corrupted by Western imperialism! Don’t eat KFC!

            [close up; Jin has nothing more to add, so nostrils flare]

  • The Enlightened One

    Didn’t Darwin also tell people that if they have sex with their sister/brother they could make super children? Wasn’t exactly an all-around stand up guy himself, was he?

    • moop

      ” Wasn’t exactly an all-around stand up guy himself”

      that was homo erectus

      • terroir

        Homo Erectus: (standing in front of a brick wall) Hey, everybody, great to be here, thanks a lot. Say, I’ve been real busy lately, my mating partner and I just had our first baby. [receives polite applause] Thank you, thank you. Yeah, she’s quite a cutey, I’d show you the pics but I left them back on the cave wall!”

      • SuperHappyCow


    • The Enlightened One

      Dar-win it, this was meant to be a response to another post.

    • Scott

      The progeny of siblings would be (or, are) super children? I’ve read Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (Sixth Edition, Jan. 1872) and nowhere can I find such implication nor does it seem consistent with his writings; perhaps you can reference the quote?

      And, Darwin was a “stand-up” guy. Although his theory of natural selection clearly refutes what we call creationism he remained friendly and respectful to most of the clergy in his life (some members of the clergy were active naturalists whose research inspired Darwin’s own findings), never attacked Christian belief, and never confronted his wife’s steadfast Victorian Christianity but respected her like, well, a stand-up guy would. Many remarked on Darwin’s warm relations with colleagues and friends; again, a “stand-up guy”.

  • Jackson

    Yeah and if these gamer kids would spend only half of the time they spend on video games on study or something constructive or creative, who knows what they could accomplish. At the end of the day computer games give no benefit and are basically time wasters. Once again we feel the Age of Entertainment uppon us …

    We were conceived long, long ago.
    The reason why we do not know.
    Through Stone and Bronze and Iron we aged.
    Against an Age of Darkness raged.
    A Middle Age led us to fight
    In order to turn on the ‘Light’.
    Then next we looked to Industry
    And God we thought, “How wise are we”.
    But life not right left us intent
    On a New Age Enlightenment.
    New ‘light’ though simply let us ‘see’
    A ‘darkness’ that will always be.
    The Information Age we spawned;
    The Age of the Confused then dawned.
    And now with everything to lose
    The Entertainment Age we choose.
    It’s sad to think on this birth ‘day’
    “Let’s party on” is all we say.

    • elizabeth

      Is that a song or something you composed? Good one.

    • SuperHappyCow

      They’re not always time wasters. They can help you develop pretty quick problem solving skills.

  • C

    They should implement a rule to how many hours one person can stay in the internet cafe. If this happened in the US, the family would no doubt sue the business for negligence

    • Yesway

      Which would be ridiculous too, seeing how this man chose to spend his time like that.

  • david


  • Zappa Frank

    natural selection… darwin rules!!

  • GodsHammer

    When the very first Gran Turismo came out on PS1, I played for roughly 20 hours out of 24, stopping only for bathroom breaks and one meal of Kraft Dinner. I called in sick at work, and just kept right on playing till late at night the next day.

  • Little Wolf

    Is it lame that I’ve never played a real computer game in life (unless video poker and pai gow counts) and my proudest achievement is an 86 on the Spider Solitaire game that comes with every Windows software? (I even have screenshot of it, how sad is that?)

    • fiddy

      yes it is lame, stop talking about you you you, you gay lord focker

      • Little Wolf

        Now now fiddy, this obsession you have for me is frankly moved past homosexual panic and jealousy. (The kind of jealousy that your ugly ass has for the shit that squirts out of your mouth) This is not going to end well for you and you know it.

      • mr. wiener

        Stunningly original , “gay lord focker”, and only a few year out of date. Dare to be the first to be retro.

    • Brett Hunan

      Yea, I’m not much of a gamer either. The last system I owned was Nintendo 64 in the late 90’s.

      I can’t understand why people do gaming marathons, but I’m not one to bash other people for long gaming sessions. Sometimes I can’t help but cringe when I see some friggin kids here in Korea man… you wouldn’t believe how messed up some of these kids look. I can’t understand this kind of parenting and I have a little Hunani baby coming in a few months… *worried*

      • terroir

        I’m sick of apathetic lollygaggles such as yourself who talk the big talk but then swill like a shrinking violet but faced with the inherent responsbility of all sentient life.

        This intrepid warrior knew this, and paid the ultimate sacrifice:
        Evil must be stopped. A line must be drawn — here!

        If not you, who? If not now, when? If not video games, what?

        Because good will always prevail; but to do so, heroes must rise to heed the call to battle. Warriors daring to look evil straight in the eye and click on it with a mouse, thus smiting with one’s +10 Adamantium sword, or ball-lightning spell, or those sweet ass dual-wielding crossbow get-up the chick in the armor is rocking.


        • Brett Hunan

          Im not sure about anything in that last sentence but I have played Sudden Attack a few times. Can I be considered a hero now?

  • Freak on a Mountain

    Jesus. This is an example to be learned from. Poor dude. Anyway, dorks, here’s how it works:


    Why? Because you feel no obligation to keep playing it, since you’re playing by yourself. I love me some video games, but I will not touch the poison known as MMORPG. Stay away, unless you’re a gold farmer, but if you are, understand that you’re just as harmful to society as a drug dealer; you make money off of other people’s addictions. It’s an easy way to make money, and it’s not illegal. But it is a bit immoral. Someone who’s willing to pay real money on virtual items is sick in the head. Stick with games that you can play offline, and turn off whenever you feel like.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Not necessarily. Someone who’s willing to pay real money for items in a game, regardless of whether he has enough money to sustain his life, is sick in the head.

      By your logic, paying for something like Zbrush would make one sick in the head because it’s a digital product.

  • Irvin

    Dying over a game that isn’t even that good…….what a shame.

    • terroir

      Videogame journalism at its finest:
      “Top Ten Games to Spend Your Last Hours Alive Player”

      Fanbois: have at you.

  • The poor guy. Here in Korea, they’ve recently introduced laws about how long minors (under 18s) can spend in PC Rooms, but this guy was likely, as a 19 year-old, considered an adult by his government. What law could be put in place to restrict adults that wouldn’t also be considered encroaching on personal freedom?

    • Brett Hunan

      Yea, they were originally supposed to limit everyone’s gameplay but it wasnt allowed to pass… they were also supposed to prohibit smoking in pc bangs starting last october but, well, you can see how that went too.

  • Markovic


  • 414458748

    It’s not the video games that are bad….it’s the reason why your children are playing video games that is more important. Which is to escape from their parents/teachers obsessive controlling and manipulation of their daily lives.

    The Cult of Obedience shall destroy itself….viva la revolution.

    • elizabeth

      Does that mean you will stop playing video games if they stop ‘controlling’ and ‘manipulating’ you?

    • Guest

      I agree to a certain extent, but some children play football or listen to aggressive music (I admit, I do both but it’s a great stress reliever and at the same time I know when to stop) so it’s not always a clear cut relationship between video games and the reason why children play it.