Taiwanese Accuse Korea Asiana Airlines Of Discrimination

A young girl tells reporters about the discimination she felt from Asian Airlines.
"...then they spoke in Korean..." & "Passenger unsatisfied, protests airline company's discriminatory treatment."

From NetEase, Tiexue, and Sohu:

Airplane delays departure to let “Korean passengers go first”

28 October, an airplane for Korea’s Asiana Airlines was delayed due to a mechanical problem while in Taiwan. After Taiwanese passengers suffered many hours of waiting, the plane finished repairs and was preparing to depart. But Asiana Airlines then notified Taiwanese passengers to let the Korean passengers go first, enraging the Taiwanese tour group who pointed out that this was discrimination against Chinese people.

TVBS news reports about angry Taiwanese airline passengers who claim a Korean airline disciminated against Chinese people.
“Airplane mechanical problem. Suffer discrimination. Koreans go ahead. Suffer in silence.”
Scene from an airport in Taiwan where Taiwanese passengers feel they were discriminated against by Asiana Airlines of Korea.
"Today our dignity has been insulted"
"...treat our organization as people..."
A young Taiwanese guy being interviewed by the news about Korean airline discriminating against Chinese people.
"Why do Koreans still treat us this way?"
"...It simply is not fair, in a place like Taiwan..." & "Same day arrival/departure, passenger complains: Not fair"
Taiwanese girl tells news reporters about the discimrination of Asiana Airlines.
"...waited until now to leave, 8:30..."
Image from a news report that says the Korean airline said Koreans will go first and no need for discussion."
"No need for discussion, us Koreans simply go first."
A young girl talks about what happened in Taiwan when a Korean airline decided to have Koreans board first.
"...then they treated us as stupid when we did not say anything..." & "Asiana Airlines only spoke in Korean..."

Comments on NetEase:

Bang zi” yet again.


They are big customers, nowadays whoever has money is the boss.

Korea, sooner or later you will be taken care of.

Foreigners look down on Chinese because foreigners have been spoiled by us Chinese!

It is the same within the country, foreigners get to go first. It seems it is still better to be a foreigner…

Our trains allow Japanese people to go first.

China’s trains temporarily stop a minute to let foreigners get off [referring to a story about a train making a special stop for foreigners], foreign planes give priority seating to their nationals, with such an obvious contrast, I no longer know who I should yell at.

Why bother going to visit Korea in the first place?

So when they get bullied, they say they are Chinese people, but when they are with Chinese people, they say they are Taiwanese, are they shameless???

Hurry and return [to China]. The [Communist] Party will protect you. Then you will no longer be bullied.

Forget this incident, even Shanghai’s Westin Hotel will have this same kind of problem. A lot of Chinese people are waiting in the taxi queue line, two British people come out from the hotel, and the doormen say to them that they can go first. At the time, I was very angry when I heard that. No matter where in the world, people should be equal. When Chinese people do not even treat other Chinese people well, what else can be done, so disappointing!

They can conveniently use this time to to go get a make-over/cosmetic surgery.

If this was in mainland China, it would not even be reported. Everyone would think it was very normal…

If this was in mainland China, I guarantee Taiwanese people get to board first and China’s ordinary common people board last!!!

So now you think of saying you are Chinese people, yet you do not mention it when clamoring for independence, serves you right.

Comments on, “Hilarious, Taiwanese people in Taiwan discriminated against by Koreans!”

Other than mainland China, who else respects Taiwanese people?
Who can you blame? Everyone in the world has seen clearly, whoever treats Taiwanese people well are hated by the Taiwanese, so, with yourselves being like that, who can you blame?

Sit on the sofa!!! [This poster was actually the second reply, not first.] So WW also now knows what it means to be unable to voice one’s grievances!!! So little WW now knows to run to its mom crying. Oh well, what can we do, WW is our child after all. Do not be angry, come home first to let Mommy know, and Mommy will speak out for you!!!

What is so weird about that? If that was a China airplane, Koreans would still get to go first.
The weird thing is how come Koreans do not understand how to give precedence to others out of courtesy, their own plane first taking care of their own people. They stole Confucius for nothing! [This means they should know better if they really want to insist that Confucius is “their’s.”]

Feel stupid now?

Kao, Koreans are once again bullying us Chinese people. Old me is going to take a kitchen knife and chop you Koreans.


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