Taiwanese and Japanese Ships Clash Near the Diaoyu Islands

From Yahoo Taiwan:

Diaoyu Islands’ Defenders Advance Towards Diaoyu Islands, Confrontation Between Taiwanese and Japanese Ships

After sailing the whole night, Taiwan’s Diaoyu Islands Defence Fleet [a flotilla of fishing boats protected by Taiwanese coast guard vessels] arrived at the Diaoyu Islands maritime zone this morning at 5am, Japanese naval forces were already waiting near the Diaoyu islands, and the two sides had a stand off at sea. Japan’s ships encircled the Diaoyu Islands defenders to stop their approach, and broadcast a message emphasizing the Diaoyu Island’s [Japanese] sovereignty, however the Taiwanese side wasn’t to be outdone, and not only encroached upon the islands, but also broadcast a response [to the Japanese navy].

Additional Images from China Gate:

Comments on Facebook:


The Diaoyu Islands are ours!

BBárryy CChángg:

Down with little Japan!

Charlie Huang:

Who care’s who it [the islands] belong to… the oil below and the fish above are all Taiwan’s!!!


Japan will only surround Taiwan, they don’t dare to surround China, and sadly our country was the one who donated the most money to them [in reference to Japan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami]


Ungrateful Japanese…

Leland Chang:

Don’t play too long, remember to come home early to eat and bathe…!


If Japan were to have another big earthquake, I definitely won’t donate again, fuck.

Shiang Li:

Ma Ying-jeou isn’t even clear on who owns Taiwan, how can he know who owns the Diaoyu Islands, so useless.


The power of Taiwan’s people has always been much greater and more effective than the government! The Taiwanese people are mighty!

Antonio Kuo:

I support attacking Japan.

What do you think?

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  • angryman

    Oooh dearie me, who’s up for WWIII?

    • Chris

      No. Its the stupidity of Human race that should amuse you. China has dug up more miles per square inch to dig Minerals than the entire space of Diaoyu Island. China has wastelands in Garbage than the size of Island, Taiwan has dumped more garbage into the sea than the size of Island. Japan has been digging and dumping nuclear waste into the sea for over 50 years.

      But that doesn’t enrage the citizens of respective countries…All middle class in all countries will fight each other and kill each other while the elites in all countries remain alive for ever

      • Josh

        If Japan is sealing the nuclear waste, then it’s not that big a deal. I doubt any sharks are going to chew through steel containers that have been buried in the dirt. Besides, nuclear waste has very low levels of radiation and besides that, the volume nuclear waste occupies is much smaller than you might think. This picture, for example, depicts 25 years of nuclear waste from the nuclear plant that produces most of Maine’s electricity: http://www.scientificamerican.com/media/inline/presidential-commission-seeks-volunteers-to-store-nuclear-waste_1.jpg

        I’d be much more worried about dumping garbage into the ocean than nuclear waste disposal.

    • B

      Probably not.

      It’s called Stability-Instability Paradox.

      It mean the presence of nuclear weapons reduces chance of major conflict, while increasing the number of minor conflicts (this being a minor conflict).

      • Canadian_Skies

        Taiwan, STFU, your former president asserted that the islands were Japan’s.
        China, STFU, your own ancient history (including Chinese maps) identifies the islands as being part of a foreign kingdom – NOT CHINA!

        The whole reason why this is happening is because of generation to generation spread hatred, combined with China’s DUPLICITOUS government fearing their own people.

  • mr. wiener

    It’s all fun until someone lose an eye[land].

    • grovesman

      ahh…I see what you did there…

  • Chris

    China needs a black eye.

    • heminator

      Yeah, but they have the red eye!.. gets way too itchy.

    • Cleo

      mm hmm teach those Whale Whores a lesson, right?

      bomb Akihito with wikileaks because the boycott will be too slow to stop him

  • heminator

    But it’s still just a rowdy wet T shirt competition. Bath tub wars.

  • Kukuku

    As stated by a Chinese netizen, I too cannot wait for China to attack Japan. Been a while since the Japanese kicked some sino-asses.

    • Poltergeist

      Are you fucking nuts? Your comment is not better than any of those comments despising the “Warriors in their internet cafes”.

      War is bad, you know? And with this fucked up Asian “losing face” mentality, a conflict as minor as this, can easily lead to the whole continent burning. I don’t want to get involved in this as well as I wish that no one gets involved in this. No matter if Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese or who the fuck knows who else.


      • the ace of books

        Ding this shit.

      • Vault Dweller

        Kukuku has successfully increased his Internet Trolling skill by 1.

      • JR

        Completely agree. China needs to get put back in their place. Get them back in the factories where they belong. Just to be clear, I’m not being sarcastic, the last thing the world needs is these idiots to be a major military player.

    • Roger

      Yeah Kuku is kuku crazy. No one will come out on top in a war. Read your history and this time try to learn from it. Atrocities and suffering is what awaits you in a war. People have simply forgotten because of the peace they enjoy.

      How many lives, jobs, and futures are you willing to sacrifice to get these uninhabited islands?

      • grovesman

        That’s Kuku for cocoa puffs crazy.

      • Kukuku

        You misunderstood me. I don’t care about the islands. Just saying if the Chinese government wants them so bad they ought to take them by force or STFU.

        • Irvin

          It’s good for population control for one.

    • blah

      Yeah thats a ridiculous comment…War=Bad everytime its fucking bad

    • Jennster

      kuo is a taiwanese last name, but nevertheless yep taiwanese are chinese.

    • Alice S

      I hope NK uses missiles on Japland until every damn Jap is dead,

  • Getrealson

    Boring! until we see dead idiots this story should be shelved.

  • Bingya

    Whoever it was that lead US foreign policy back in 1950-1951 to 1972 gets my admire. Obviously the south east Asian people are too busy squabbling with each other to threaten any other major country.

    • dawei

      Ding for you. Its all a distraction. I think the rest of the world should join in to conduct heat away from their local wows, Greece should have a go because they have more history than China, Germany cos they will run it more efficiently and without corruption, The UK because they are used to administering islands claimed by China, The Portugese dito, plus they probably found it first anyway being such groovy navigators back in the day. The Philippines as punishment for China pushing them around over the Spranties (ignoring the nuke threat of course). And finally Norway because they have nothing to loose after the Nobel Price fiasco.

      • maja


  • xiaopengyou

    Taiwan needs to learn its lesson from WWII. Don’t let the national army go in and fight off Japan on its own while China sits idly by. After the war, China will play its dirty tricks on the weakened national army and seize the moment to eradicate them (or in this case, “re-integrate” Taiwan with the mainland). Then they will claim glorious victories for the Chinese people, the “brave” red army, and the “unifying” central government. Now everyone get out their red books and read chapter 1….

    • The national army lost mainly because Chiang Kai shek was like Momar Khadaffy. If the National army had lost Chiang Kai shek as a prisoner to the Japs during the war, They would have a better chance of beating the CCP

      • 404namenotfound

        What the fuck is ‘Momar Khadaffy’?

    • Jennster

      kmt at that time represented china. ccp were just a small party from rural region. u are dumb little kid.

      • xiaopengyou

        Is that the entire breadth of your knowledge? I think we kinda figured that out already.

        You can dis the kmt and national army all you like, but don’t forget that they were the ones doing the fighting against the Japanese in WWII. While Chu Mao and his crony’s were a good little “party” in the mountains of Jiangxi, real men under the national flag were dying to protect China from more massacre than just Nanjing. I don’t recall Chu Mao’s CCP lending a hand when this was going on, in fact just the opposite. A band of American flying tigers helped, but of course that’s nowhere in the red book, now is it? The CCP “gloriously” saved china from the evil corrupt KMT after the national army took the brunt of the casualties fighting the Japanese. Nice..

        • Jennster

          um do you even know the reason why there is EVEN a nanjing massacre? because kmt abandoned the capital to wuhan…

          what race are you?

          • xiaopengyou

            And just why was that smartass? ’cause they felt like it? Maybe if they didn’t have to fight war on both sides, and maybe if Chu Mao lent a hand instead of fighting them from behind the lines, Nanjing could have been saved. But no…

            During the Sino-Japanese War, Mao advocated a strategy of avoiding open confrontations with the Japanese army and concentrating on guerrilla warfare from his base in Yan’an, while leaving the KMT to take on the brunt of the fighting and suffer tremendous casualties. Instead Mao directed the CPC forces to concentrate on absorbing, and eliminating if necessary, Chinese militia behind enemy lines.

            I dunno, what race are you?

          • Jennster

            how could ccp fight when they were being persecuted?

            btw no need to think i hate kmt. my grandfather went to jail (innocent) for being kmt when communist cameto power and his last name happens to be jiang as well.

          • xiaopengyou

            I dunno, but they did a pretty good job fighting against the KMT and weakening them before the battle of Shanghai and Nanjing.

            Nobody agrees with 攘外必先安内, but there’s an old proverb: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
            So where were they????

            Chu Mao’s CCP just didn’t want to aid the KMT with real men and real guns at any significant level during the second united front. The level of actual coordination between the CPC and KMT during the Second Sino-Japanese War was minimal. Again, they just let the KMT fight it out with the Japs. Aiya.. You know if the alliance were genuine, if Mao’s CCP really did back them up instead of incessantly putting their own ambitions first, could Nanjing have been saved (even partly)???……

          • Bo Xilai For Emperor

            And commies should be persecuted, any country that was touched by the commies always ended up with many civilian deaths, especially ccp, after soviets tried to take Xingjiang from KMT, Chiang and KMT pretty much hated the commies, knowing from history that the Russians will always back-stab her allies if the chance permits itself, so the ccp are what’s that word in chinese…”HanJiang?”

          • sonny


            i think the word you’re looking for is 汉奸.

            as far as who’s to blame for lack of resistance against japan, it was everyone, not just one group in particular. the KMT was corrupt and divided, the reds were only interested in playing hit and run, and there was a high collaboration rate among regular civilians. a total disaster. the whole nation should own up.

        • maja

          also, this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Expedition
          btw, I don’t support anyone, be it KMT CCP PRC 日本 Philippines, etc

      • Bo Xilai For Emperor

        The Nanking massacre was preceded by the battle of Shanghai, where KMT threw almost all of its best army formations into that battle against overwhelmingly highly mobile Japanese forces, if the KMT doesn’t retreat in order to save at least 60% of its forces, then the second sino-japanese war is over, because the commies were still busy trying court Soviet Russians’ help by fornicating with them. Mao probably was walking Stalin’s dog for some Russian Borche

        • Jennster

          I sure love ccp more than the nationalists. My city is protected and hella fine now. and we bash JAPS for fun here :D

  • elizabeth

    What was Taiwan’s broadcast to the Japanese?

    Any videos?

    • it was this:

      japanese girls prefer to screw black dudes

      • mr. wiener

        Why aren’t I surprised you’d post that.

        • Bo Xilai For Emperor

          starting contracted a cold; it’s called “closet jungle fever”

      • BigCAD

        Holy shit, “Asian girls are so white washed”, “don’t see what they see i white guys” blah blah blah, some hate on white/yellow mixed race couples having kids and then WHAM! I like blacks and latinos… the mental gymnastics this bird pulls would be worthy of olympic gold.

  • Welcome to the Jungle

    As an English person who grew up in Taiwan during the 80’s – 90’s I remember how there were air raid drills every 6 months, how we had to file down to the basement of the school and sit there until the all clear sounded.

    I remember how everyone stood to attention in the streets and cars stopped every time the national anthem played over the tannoy (on the university campus nearby) Can you imagine lol a little English boy standing to attention as the first notes of 三民主義。。。

    I remember as a 13 year old boy my parents taking me to a DPP rally just before Chen Shui Bian was elected, I remember everyones fear when The communists threatened taiwan at that time and the Nimitz battle group was sent to protect Taiwan and the relief it brought.

    Now when I go back to Taiwan all my old friends talk about is defeatist shit like where they will hide if they get called up, how they will just switch their phones off if they get drafted. Spineless C**ts. like my friend who is in the navy I asked him what he would do when the war starts his answer was “回家”

    I blame the media there are some Taiwanese businessmen who have sold out their country and if I had my way they would all be shot, but money talks and parts of the KMT are corrupted by the money.

    maybe it was the nationalist brainwashing at a young age but I fucking HATE mainland China

    • blah

      Man I think its a mentality the world over…no one wants to die for a corrupt ideal or flag anymore.

      We have seen it again and again… THE GREATEST WAR THE WAR TO END ALL WARS !

      Bullshit. Intelligent humans have realized that your captors ideology matters little and in fact you have little control over your captors as long as we cling to divisions and outmoded identities. The only chance is to one day..realize this…fight a war on ignorance and kill our captors…(governments, nations, the world over) There shouldnt be a single fucking flag left

      • maja

        yes, it’s difficult having to accept to die for the Diaoyu Islands. but since Wttj is English maybe he still remember the Falklands….

  • Japan and Taiwan have historically had quite good relations. This fishing dispute is nothing like the ongoing dispute with China. Taiwanese just want to be able to fish there, and I believe they should have that privilege.

    PS, I just love this comment:
    黃意文 wrote: “Japan will only surround Taiwan, they don’t dare to surround China…”
    Does he think China is an Island? lol!

  • Vault Dweller

    Yeah, there’s been alot of fuss about this in my country too. People are so quick to condemn Japan for ‘stealing’ the islands but at the same time pirate Japanese porn, music, film, game shows etc etc without batting an eyelid. Perhaps it is of different magnitudes, but it’s still the same idea – abuse of ownership and property. I just find it hypocritical and mildly funny.

    Like any sane person, I don’t want to see any bloodshed over an island dispute. People need to mellow the bobba out, perhaps Jintao, Ma and Noda should get together, share a big, fat J and get ultra faded instead of ultra nationalistic?

    • El Puma R.

      Yeah I wonder what kind of J: Chronic, Moby Dick, Cali Myst (my personal favorite), Jack Herer, Afghani.. or maybe just the good’ol mindblowing AK-47.

      • Vault Dweller

        Ever had Hindu Kush? That’s the money, right there

        • Bo Xilai For Emperor

          Nice…I prefer Ak-47 and then just sit on a nice sofa and stare at big bird from seaseme street poster…damn that bird is bigger than my head….

  • JC

    Let’s have the 3 countries fight it out.. winner gets the islands.

    Taiwan VS Japan VS. China

    World War 3 :)

    • 404namenotfound

      No foreign interference. LETS DO THIS!!!

  • The Enlightened One

    They won’t go to war. They are just trying to play “Who has the biggest dong?”

    When they get tired of playing, in the end it will probably just belong to everybody. With all three countries just sitting there staring at each other waiting for the others to leave so they can start sticking flags everywhere.

    • Jose

      It’s always important to know the symptoms of penis envy. How else can you explain Brazil buying 4 nuclear powered attack submarines, or India leasing an Akula from Russia?

  • The Enlightened One

    I think Japan should just sell the islands to Taiwan.

    It’s sort of win-win all over. Japan builds ties with Taiwan and doesn’t give in to crazy China and their immature actions. Chinese puff out their chest and act like they sorta won because Taiwan is sorta Chinese.. so their people and government is mildly happy. People stop hating on Japanese so much. Then Taiwan also improves relationships with China as it sort of “stuck-up” for the mainland… not really but the mainland Chinese would probably prefer Taiwan gets it and spin the propaganda machine so they somehow won.

    Besides it is RIGHT beside Taiwan anyways.

    I think this is the best outcome… Japanese protestors may get pissed off but hey… Just pay them off with the sale of the island and all the money that floods back into Japan from mainland China and Taiwan.

    • El Puma R.

      Lol to that !

      Wars should be started over who has the largest amount of educated people.

      Hu Jin tao singing…

      I’m so RONERY, so RONERY….

    • wacky

      but that would be a problem for taiwan, there is no difference whether the island belong to japan or taiwan, china will continue to claim the islands as well as trying to project its power to pacific.

      • China already claims Taiwan for themselves… the Tiaoyutai’s change nothing.

  • Alan

    If I were a Senkaku Mole, I’d be ticked. Humans haven’t seen worth to live on the islands; these li’l fellas have been there along. Why do people have to claim every rock in the ocean? The Senkaku Mole has been managing the island just fine!

    Oh, excuse me: the Diaoyutai Mole.


  • Tadd

    I’d like to see a Battle Royale/Hunter Games-type scenario.

    Gather 10 teens from Mainland China, 10 teens from the province of Taiwan and 10 teens from Japan. Stick ’em all on the Diaoyu islands and scatter melee weapons from various periods of China’s and Japan’s history all over them; as well as one Chinese flag, a Taiwan flag and a Japanese flag. The last teen standing, who hoists their country’s flag up at the end of the games, is the winner!

    Naturally it should be televised to the world

    • I’m sold.

    • diverdude

      I like it.

      (best I could come up with was flip a coin)

    • El Puma R.

      The future of television

    • Poltergeist

      Japan would win that.

      The Chinese would all get killed while discussing who fights the evil Japanese and the Taiwan brothers. The Taiwanese would see that they cannot rely on the Japanese and watch these charging. They would then drop their weapons and surrender. The Japanese get confused and kill the Taiwanese anyway.

  • moop

    i’m just glad that bacon shortage i was reading about turned out to be a hoax.

  • Mop

    Why don’t they just flip a coin and end this already.

    • El Puma R.

      Why don’t we just call the US to blow those fucking islands in little pieces so everyone can move on with their lives. I mean, they’d love to blow some shit up and get some resources as a bonus.

      Whenever brothers fight someone else will come to fix it and the result won’t be positive for anyone except for the one who fixed it.

      • Rick in China

        This isn’t a RTS. You don’t “get resources” by blowing shit up, they don’t float up to the surface to collect. What kind of ridiculous comment is this.

        • El Puma R.

          First of all, you simply CANNOT take such a vain comment so seriously. So here’s my answer.

          I’m not ridiculous, US foreign policies are. Blowing entire countries to the ground and drop bombs hospitals full of children so you can get a little more oil, or steal more land from Palestine. Don’t be a smart ass, it’s kind of obvious that resources don’t float up to the surface to collect so, if anything, you’re a moron. come on, say you are a a sensitive yank and you don’t like people who don’t speak english and my comment offended you… it’s all good with me, I never attack people, only governments and as far as I’m concerned both Chinese government and US zionist puppet government have it coming very soon. Stop defending people who don’t care about you, Rick.

          • Well…Rick’s not a yank. He’s a Canadian that has enough sense to avoid “little brother syndrome”. But as long as we’re all insulting each other, during my time in Brazil I hardly ever heard Argentina being mentioned without the words “world champions of robbers and thieves”

          • El Puma R.

            LOL Little wolf. I’ve always liked your sense of humour. Really.

            Most countries are famous for the reasons why they were founded in the first place. Argentina was too far to be under complete control of the Spanish crown, hence the reason why we became independent in the first place, there was too much shit going on under the viceroy’s nose. Not thieves, little wolf, smugglers. the thieves are the Spanish French and english who have been stealing from South america for the last 500 years and if we’re called that way it’s because we are their descendants. Fortunately for us, it’s Brazilian people who say that and I’m sure they said it as a joke most of the time.

            In Argentina we say they can only samba and play football. And the hell they do it well. Either way we have a very nice relationship with each other, however they have a serious lack of decent barbeques. LOL

          • Aw c’mon….the south of Brazil has the same “gauchos” as the Argentine Pampas and basically the same BBQ. Big fucking chunks of meat that really puts these Chinese “churrascarios” to shame. That’s some good stuff, dude.

          • suni

            Blowing entire countries to the ground? Dropping bombs on hospitals full of children? I would love to see where you found this news headline. Is that the sort of extremist bullshit that your pussy government brainwashes you with? I am not even american, nor agree with many american policy, but I know how dumb it is to say something like that. All while the chinese government commits horrible crimes against its own people everyday….All this creation of hate against the Japanese lately is just to distract the people from the bad things going on in their own country.

          • El Puma R.

            Suni I think exactly the same way as you about the Chinese gvt, in fact I might have mentioned it previously.

            My gvt brainwashes people with almighty politicians and dumb TV shows, exactly like yours.

            @Little wolf: Argentine meat is better!

          • cc

            English are thieves!! How dare you, we conquer, we don’t steal.

          • Northerner


            I don’t think the British ever really stole anything from South America, did they (correct me if I am wrong)? But they did steal plenty from the Spanish which in turn had been stolen from South America (Captain Henry Morgan — one of my favourite characters and piracy at its best).

            Let’s not bring The Malvinas into this, wholly inappropriate thread ;-)

          • El Puma R.

            Good Rhum too

          • Alice S

            It’s all the Jews’ fault!! They control Maricar so they are responsible for Maricar saying they will be on Japs’ side if war comes!!

        • El Puma R.

          here’s something for you, Rick

          illuminati spelled backwards+.com = itanimulli.com

          you’ll need your vpn for this.
          for those who can’t open it, it’s the US Homeland Security website.

  • Rick in China

    What I despise most: Motherfuckers who spout about “attacking” in a military sense, but aren’t in the military. If you or your loved ones are in the first offense, say what you want – say “lets attack, I’m ready!” – it’s your life. If you’re a fucking peasant at an internet cafe eating some instant noodles, who the fuck are you to rant about lets go to war nonsense….it’s not your life, it’s not your safety.

  • “The Japanese Navy was confronted by a flotilla of Taiwanese fishing boats”


  • Dat Ankle

    Taiwan sure can use some money for their defense fleet.

  • the ace of books

    Oh come on.

  • maja

    I don’t understand. so… they shouted at each other and, I suppose, some helicopter went there to make photos?

    • El Puma R.

      yeah man it’s CCTV lol

  • Kim Jung iLL

    Diayo Yu Dao belongs to either Korea, Japan or Taiwan. Never China.

    • Jeffli

      Diao Yu Island belongs to France!

      Magellan discovered it and France inherited it.
      and Norway to lease it!

      thats it.
      It belongs to France!
      I am serious :-|

    • Jeffli

      I’m going to get my water pistol and squirt all of you! [japanese, taiwanese, Chinese, Philipinese, and other ****ese]

      Its French!

    • Moop’s Mom (aka C84)

      Kim Jung Ill, I thought you were a deceased fatty. Why have you come back from the dead to disgrace us with your putrid presence? Diaoyu belongs to China, by the way. Never Japan.

      BTW, unsurprisingly, it seems like no one likes Japan. Not China, SK, NK, Russia, or even the perpetual Japanese a*s-lickers – the Taiwanese. Maybe the problem results with the one country everyone seems to be against?

      [Note from chinaSMACK Moderator: Please do not use multiple names.]

    • Alice S

      I thought that foreigners should be neutral on the islands thing. Why should they have a preference? (Surely they cannot FEEL STRONGLY about 1 side?)
      From my experience, it seems foreigners supports TW more than CH on the Diaoyudao/tiaoyutai thing. So be it.

  • I wonder if there were submarines below the surface spraying water at each other? That would be cool.

  • Rod

    It’s funny that news here about foreigners in China doing whatever and there’s 2 or 3 hundred comments in 24 hours. Replies to replies and you can’t tell who’s talking to who anymore.

    News today: China and Japan go to war!

    And everyone yawns (or laughs). Ha

    Is everyone too busy with the upcoming holiday?

  • Capt. WED

    Hey can we please talk about some other shit beside these fucking islands??????

    Like this shit for example: http://shanghaiist.com/2012/09/26/watch_uncomfortable_music_video_by.php

    WTF? I had to stop watching as soong as the little girl starts singing. WTF srsly? Can we sacrifice this guy to Mazu so we can get DiaoYu back???

    • Capt. WED

      But hey Chinasmacker pedo bears I found something for your tastes ;)

      • Capt. WED

        the fuck I watched that video in it’s entirety. I now kind of think it’s just a publicity stunt. FUCKING WHORES both of them.

        • Capt. WED

          But this is heaven sent for you pedos out there. I mean you can just get some little girl who’s mind fucked by this shit to … get into you or something cos she’s mind fucked by this.

          • Northerner

            You mean The Diaoyu Isles?

            No Sir, The Pedoph-Isles.

  • MrT

    The Cod Wars

    The First Cod War

    The first “war” occurred in 1958, when Britain was unable to prevent Iceland, from extending it’s fishing limits, from 4 miles, to 12 miles, off Iceland’s coast.

    The Second Cod War

    The second dispute was in 1972-1973, when Iceland extended its limits to 50 miles. This conflict was concluded with an agreement between the two countries that limited British fishing, to certain areas, would be allowed inside the 50-mile limit. In addition, Britain agreed that British vessels could not catch more than 130,000 tons of fish annually. This agreement was valid for two years and expired on November 13 1975, when the third “Cod War” started.

    The Third Cod War

    Between November 1975, and June 1976, the cod, a common species of fish, brought two NATO allies to the brink of war. Great Britain and Iceland confronted each other over Iceland proclaiming its authority over the ocean, up to 200 miles from its coastline. The issue was the amount of cod caught by the two countries’ fishermen.

    You wouldn’t think fish could cause so much trouble.

    • hess

      “the cod, a common species of fish, brought two NATO allies to the brink of war”
      Iceland vs. the UK.
      That would have been a very, very short war.

    • Bingya

      Well, Iceland had US and thus NATO’s backing so the British couldn’t really do anything extreme.

  • DR SUN

    It’s war, Mahjong style…….boring

  • bert

    Is MUJI hanging up Chinese flags outside their shops in Beijing?

  • Mikecheck

    I see four crazy yet not too crazy scenarios…

    1. This is engineered by the US military industry to sell new ships and weapons, as Japan and Taiwan both basically have the newest, best US stuff, now they’ll have to upgrade, and then upgrade some more, and then some more…

    2. Same as 1 but US and China are actually in cahoots to give China an excuse to upgrade too

    3. This is engineered by China and the China loving Taiwanese to reunite around a common hatred of Japan. Taiwan starts a fight, Japan starts kicking some ass, and of course the US can’t get involved because it has defense pacts with both parties, China does a little pushing back to Japan, looks like the hero saving their Taiwan brothers, and now Taiwan can be okay with getting closer to China.

    4. Same as 3 but China just uses it as an excuse to occupy Taiwan for its own protection.

  • Octavian

    Japan should rearm, posses nuclear weapons and finish what it was working on in WWII.

    • mr. wiener

      Wouldn’t this world be a wonderful place if there weren’t people saying what others should do.
      I can think of a few suggestions you should do…..,but that would be unseemly and rude of me.

  • Cleo

    None of the images, videos or cartoons showed that there were Mainland big boats nearby when Taiwan was trading water with Japan near diaoyutai.

    I had to learn of it from an illustration on next tv’s HK news of all places!

  • SteveLaudig

    Not all the facts but some [source wiki unless otherwise noted]:

    Under what theory does Japan claim sovereign title? If via Shimonoseki then. If under some other theory, say discovery, a different discussion will have to take place.

    Treaty of Shimonoseki (下関条約 Shimonoseki Jōyaku?), known as the Treaty of Maguan in China, was signed on April 17, 1895, between the Empire of Japan and the Qing Dynasty of China, ending the First Sino-Japanese War. This treaty followed and superseded the Sino-Japanese Friendship and Trade Treaty of 1871.

    Cairo Communiqué

    “The Three Great Allies are fighting this war to restrain and punish the aggression of Japan. They covet no gain for themselves and have no thought of territorial expansion. It is their purpose that Japan shall be stripped of all the islands in the Pacific which she has seized or occupied since the beginning of the first World War in 1914, and that all the territories Japan has stolen from the Chinese, such as Manchuria, Formosa, and The Pescadores, shall be restored to the Republic of China. Japan will also be expelled from all other territories which she has taken by violence and greed. The aforesaid three great powers, mindful of the enslavement of the people of Korea, are determined that in due course Korea shall become free and independent.

    Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty a/k/a Treaty of Taipei

    The Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty (Chinese: 中日和平條約, Japanese: 日華平和条約), commonly known as the Treaty of Taipei (Chinese: 台北和約), was a peace treaty between Japan and the Republic of China (ROC) signed in Taipei, Taiwan on April 28, 1952.

    Article 4
    “It is recognized that all treaties, conventions and agreements concluded before December 9, 1941, between China and Japan have become null and void as a consequence of the war.”

    Which would, it seems, include, the Treaty of Shimonoseki and others.

    if Japan is claiming sovereign title via Shimonoseki.

    If Japan is claiming only ownership title [which is inferior to sovereign title] then under imminent domain China could take the ownership via condemnation proceedings [assuming such a legal vehicle] exists. Establish a value and then use the as yet unpaid war crimes debt [e.g. the claims for compensation of the “comfort” ladies, biological test victims, and others] as full or partial payment by the Japanese state. Japan can hardly claim any fruits of wars of aggressions without paying the penalties.

    This is a working draft and subject to correction, elaboration and extension.

    • Nathan Schneider

      Hi Steve, Japan does not claim rights to the islands via the Treaty of Shimonoseki, but as part an earlier planned annexation of uninhabited territory that was seen as unclaimed by China. You’re right that a Shimonoseki claim would be invalid but this annexation doesn’t seem to be related to the 1894-85 war.

  • Jennster

    This is quite interesting. There are over 1 million Taiwanese expats in mainland china. Approximately 1 million live in Shanghai. Taiwanese expats in China call themselves Chinese from Taiwan (huaren) and are more pro Chinese than the ones with less money left on their island.

    Remember the independence issues mainlanders and taiwanese had a couple of years ago with usa threatening the chinese. as time passed, both sides are getting completely integrated. The Chinese are winning :D

    • Fong Wen Luo

      Jennster … Taiwanese expats call themselves Taiwanese (mainlanders call anyone with any Asian ethnicity Chinese, I know many Foriegn born nationals who are of Chinese descent but they are not Chinese, ei. Trinidadian Chinese). Next point, Pro Chinese please explain if you mean practice cultural and or traditional activities which the mainlanders have either forgotten don’t recognize anymore or have phased out? Over the last 50 years China went through a great loss when majority of its upper class managed to relocate to other countries, and leaving those that couldn’t afford the exodus. Thus causing a great divide in key roles of education, family, trade and religion. Those who flee to lands often surround themselves with those that are like themselves for security and community, once that happens they go about practicing what they did before in their homeland. Also, after being relocated the shock of assimulation on foreign soil, the human nature is to regress and solidify with old values and beliefs inorder the person or community from further stress. Is this what you meant by being Pro Chinese?

      Now the independence issue you spoke in a past tense. Taiwan has declared itself its own nation with a flag, an army, banking, currency, universal healthcare not to mention providing its nationals the ability to receive affordable post secondary education, clearly different passport and national anthem and yet the everyday mainlander still will call Taiwan a part of China. I think this independence issue for some is still unresolved.

      As for complete integration, just wondering something why is it that Taiwan Nationals can get travel and work visa’s to mainland China yet hearing about Mainland Nationals working on the island is very slim if at all? Or just simply why does any so-called National need a visa to travel within any part of your integrated China?

      As for the Chinese who are winning? Which ones? As a nation that is segmentated by its own borders and ethnicities, a foriegn born population that primarily comprised on those that have harbour no ties to the Mainland but to places that were either colonies or concessions of Foriegn nations or of a single island that still maintains the remnants of a final stand that is still under constant threat of being attacked by armed or financial conflict. If you think this is winning, i wish I had your blissful rose colored glasses.

  • Cleo

    The boats cannot stop. The boycott cannot end.

    And Germany MUST be boycotted along with Japan. There is simply no other way.

    • Cleo

      Japan store chain to expand business in China despite islands row
      (10-03 19:40)

      Japanese convenience store chain Lawson Inc. will expand its business in China by increasing the number of its stores as planned despite recent tensions between the two country, said company president Takeshi Niinami on Wednesday.
      Niinami said the number of customers in China has not dropped drastically, and the company aims to expand its business there by hiring Chinese nationals locally, adding that “the situation is a lot calmer now.”
      Lawson had 393 stores in China as of Aug. 31 this year, and Niinami said the company will follow its plan to increase the number to 10,000 by 2020, Xinhua news agency reports.

    • Cleo

      Starbucks should compete with them and do convenience stores in China.

      • Cleo

        Starbucks has already promised to go after the Nazi Haubs and Aldis IN Europe by doing supermarkets. I hope they do.

    • Alice S

      All the rioting DOES WORK. Japs changed their position from NO DISPUTE to MAYBE THERE IS A DISPUTe.

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