Taiwanese and Japanese Ships Clash Near the Diaoyu Islands

From Yahoo Taiwan:

Diaoyu Islands’ Defenders Advance Towards Diaoyu Islands, Confrontation Between Taiwanese and Japanese Ships

After sailing the whole night, Taiwan’s Diaoyu Islands Defence Fleet [a flotilla of fishing boats protected by Taiwanese coast guard vessels] arrived at the Diaoyu Islands maritime zone this morning at 5am, Japanese naval forces were already waiting near the Diaoyu islands, and the two sides had a stand off at sea. Japan’s ships encircled the Diaoyu Islands defenders to stop their approach, and broadcast a message emphasizing the Diaoyu Island’s [Japanese] sovereignty, however the Taiwanese side wasn’t to be outdone, and not only encroached upon the islands, but also broadcast a response [to the Japanese navy].

Additional Images from China Gate:

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The Diaoyu Islands are ours!

BBárryy CChángg:

Down with little Japan!

Charlie Huang:

Who care’s who it [the islands] belong to… the oil below and the fish above are all Taiwan’s!!!


Japan will only surround Taiwan, they don’t dare to surround China, and sadly our country was the one who donated the most money to them [in reference to Japan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami]


Ungrateful Japanese…

Leland Chang:

Don’t play too long, remember to come home early to eat and bathe…!


If Japan were to have another big earthquake, I definitely won’t donate again, fuck.

Shiang Li:

Ma Ying-jeou isn’t even clear on who owns Taiwan, how can he know who owns the Diaoyu Islands, so useless.


The power of Taiwan’s people has always been much greater and more effective than the government! The Taiwanese people are mighty!

Antonio Kuo:

I support attacking Japan.

What do you think?


Written by Stuart Dingle


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