Taiwanese Girl Trashes FamilyMart, Mainland Netizen Reactions

A Taiwanese girl's destructive rampage inside the popular convenience store FamilyMart has netizens arguing over the "inner quality" of Taiwanese vs mainlanders

A young Taiwanese girl’s rampage inside a FamilyMart chain convenience store has been making the rounds on the Chinese language internet this week. Originally uploaded and viewed by Taiwanese 500,000 times on YouTube (widescreen version), the clip has picked up steam on the mainland as well with nearly 400,000 views on Youku.

In the video, a young woman sends instant noodle cups, sushi, sandwiches and beverages crashing onto the floor while customers and the clerk watch in disbelief. Sources claim that the girl is 20, married, and has had issues with bipolarism in the past. The woman’s husband has stepped forward to pay for all damages incurred, and the store currently does not plan to press charges.

FamilyMart is a Japanese minimart franchise with numerous locations around Asia including many mainland branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Suzhou.

From Youku:

“FamilyMart is Your Mart” is the slogan used by the chain convenience store giant FamilyMart in Taiwan, emphasizing the store’s hospitality and service. However, they probably didn’t expect that they would suddenly encounter “Out of Control Sister” literally turning FamilyMart into HER mart, randomly flinging products onto the floor, and almost hitting other customers.

Video from Youku:

Comments from Youku:


Xiaosan was harassed by the real wife, her feelings were hurt, so she comes to the supermarket to vent her anger, haha.


No one kicked her out?

麦田手yin者 (responding to above):

Because this isn’t the mainland.


Hehe, I reckon her period has arrived.

64024071 (responding to above):

What’s more, the flow is really heavy, and she’s she’s looking for a sanitary pad.


She’s checking for expired products. Excellent, she should be even more thorough!


If this happened on the mainland, she would’ve been thrown out long ago.


How are the store workers not stopping her?


Must be the store owner’s xiaosan.


Why isn’t she throwing soy sauce, vinegar, wine, maotai and the like?


Aren’t Taiwanese supposed to all be of high character? What’s going on? Where are all the Taiwanese yokels who are normally so haughty? Truly hilarious.


This is just too fake. “Out of control?” If the title were changed to: “Starving Girl” I’d believe it. This effort to get famous is just too sloppy, take more acting classes.


If I were the boss, I would fire that worker [that stood by]. Really idiotic.


The matter is this: Last month she sent her boyfriend to go buy Durex, but the store only had Qingcheng [a particularly poor quality condom]. The boyfriend returned and they did their business; two months later she found she didn’t have her period so went into a rage and came to destroy the shop.


Watch yourself! If you’re going to lose control, go throw your own things!


Wants to buy condoms, but can’t find them, thus can’t have sex, thus angry, haha


Is she a secret agent deployed by the mainland’s chengguan?


Where’s the “Taiwanese people have high character” now? Each time something happens on the mainland, you all hoot and holler, but now your fucking Taiwan has produced something ugly/embarrassing, and where the hell have you all disappeared to? Gone to gnaw on a bone?


It’s too bad this happened in Taiwan, hilarious! Hilarious that a Taiwanese person has such poor character, just look at that how unbridled and wanton this girl is, and nobody even does a thing! Haha, Taiwanese are so ruthless. If this happened in our China certainly someone would go stop her, definitely without hitting her, and at most stop her and then the police would be called.

chachabubu (responding to above):

The police were called long ago, it’s just they haven’t arrived yet.


Those legs aren’t bad! A girl that dresses like that, I’d guess the reason she’s angry is because she was used by a guy and then dumped.

A Taiwanese girl's destructive rampage inside the popular convenience store FamilyMart has netizens arguing over the "inner quality" of Taiwanese vs mainlanders


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