Taiwanese Girl Trashes FamilyMart, Mainland Netizen Reactions

A Taiwanese girl's destructive rampage inside the popular convenience store FamilyMart has netizens arguing over the "inner quality" of Taiwanese vs mainlanders

A young Taiwanese girl’s rampage inside a FamilyMart chain convenience store has been making the rounds on the Chinese language internet this week. Originally uploaded and viewed by Taiwanese 500,000 times on YouTube (widescreen version), the clip has picked up steam on the mainland as well with nearly 400,000 views on Youku.

In the video, a young woman sends instant noodle cups, sushi, sandwiches and beverages crashing onto the floor while customers and the clerk watch in disbelief. Sources claim that the girl is 20, married, and has had issues with bipolarism in the past. The woman’s husband has stepped forward to pay for all damages incurred, and the store currently does not plan to press charges.

FamilyMart is a Japanese minimart franchise with numerous locations around Asia including many mainland branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Suzhou.

From Youku:

“FamilyMart is Your Mart” is the slogan used by the chain convenience store giant FamilyMart in Taiwan, emphasizing the store’s hospitality and service. However, they probably didn’t expect that they would suddenly encounter “Out of Control Sister” literally turning FamilyMart into HER mart, randomly flinging products onto the floor, and almost hitting other customers.

Video from Youku:

Comments from Youku:


Xiaosan was harassed by the real wife, her feelings were hurt, so she comes to the supermarket to vent her anger, haha.


No one kicked her out?

麦田手yin者 (responding to above):

Because this isn’t the mainland.


Hehe, I reckon her period has arrived.

64024071 (responding to above):

What’s more, the flow is really heavy, and she’s she’s looking for a sanitary pad.


She’s checking for expired products. Excellent, she should be even more thorough!


If this happened on the mainland, she would’ve been thrown out long ago.


How are the store workers not stopping her?


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Must be the store owner’s xiaosan.


Why isn’t she throwing soy sauce, vinegar, wine, maotai and the like?


Aren’t Taiwanese supposed to all be of high character? What’s going on? Where are all the Taiwanese yokels who are normally so haughty? Truly hilarious.


This is just too fake. “Out of control?” If the title were changed to: “Starving Girl” I’d believe it. This effort to get famous is just too sloppy, take more acting classes.


If I were the boss, I would fire that worker [that stood by]. Really idiotic.


The matter is this: Last month she sent her boyfriend to go buy Durex, but the store only had Qingcheng [a particularly poor quality condom]. The boyfriend returned and they did their business; two months later she found she didn’t have her period so went into a rage and came to destroy the shop.


Watch yourself! If you’re going to lose control, go throw your own things!


Wants to buy condoms, but can’t find them, thus can’t have sex, thus angry, haha


Is she a secret agent deployed by the mainland’s chengguan?


Where’s the “Taiwanese people have high character” now? Each time something happens on the mainland, you all hoot and holler, but now your fucking Taiwan has produced something ugly/embarrassing, and where the hell have you all disappeared to? Gone to gnaw on a bone?


It’s too bad this happened in Taiwan, hilarious! Hilarious that a Taiwanese person has such poor character, just look at that how unbridled and wanton this girl is, and nobody even does a thing! Haha, Taiwanese are so ruthless. If this happened in our China certainly someone would go stop her, definitely without hitting her, and at most stop her and then the police would be called.

chachabubu (responding to above):

The police were called long ago, it’s just they haven’t arrived yet.


Those legs aren’t bad! A girl that dresses like that, I’d guess the reason she’s angry is because she was used by a guy and then dumped.

A Taiwanese girl's destructive rampage inside the popular convenience store FamilyMart has netizens arguing over the "inner quality" of Taiwanese vs mainlanders

Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • waihang

    sofa.. o.O

    • waihang

      Well, according to the video in the link below that little party cost “out of control sister” (全家失控姐) 14000 Yuan, I just don’t understand the shop owners passive behaviour.. btw that girl had really nice legs! :)

      ..and this video has a much better aspect ration and close up than the video link given here on cs.

      A full coverage article:

      • No kidding O_O

        First thing I saw: Dem dere legs……

        Seriously though, if she really does have Bipolar Disorder, that’s a really bitch and it severely messes with your head.

        Not to mention, her husband came forward right away to pay for damages (sign of deep love and forgiveness in my eyes), so the only impact was the shock to the other customers and workers and a loss of face for herself and husband.

        • Irvin

          Wouldn’t you pay for the damage and forgive her if you’re the husband? That’s not “deep love”, that’s just marriage, he did sign the contract after all.

          • Marriage isn’t a contract unless it’s loveless.

            If I didn’t love someone, I’d force them to fix themselves, or I’d leave them due to their mental problems.

            Before someone says that it’s heartless to leave someone due to mental problems, try living with someone like that everyday, especially knowing that no matter what you do, it will never get better.

            Love is the only thing I know that could help you deal with those issues, so without it, wouldn’t even try.

      • Andy

        How did all those Instant Noodles and assorted snacks foods cost 14,000yuan ?? Someone got scammed !

        • Rick in China

          Pay a little extra to avoid pressing charges perhaps.. if there was a charge to press..

  • Cool Matt

    To be fair, nobody likes their soy milk.

    • skeeball

      I don’t mind their duojiang but holy crap they serve it way too hot to be in a flimsy plastic cup. Need oven mitts to take it home.

  • ShanghaiSteve

    I don’t like instant noodles either.

    • terroir

      Yes. You probably don’t like Mondays either.

      Tell me why! Are you going to shoot the whole day down?

  • She can tell the market owner, and say, hey, I want to destroy the whole market, as long as she have enough money to buy the whole market.

  • bscalled

    what kind of man is that store clerk to just stand there and do nothing – doesn’t he know that he will have to pick all the stuff up later? if i was the clerk, she would have been thrown out of the store after the 3rd item hit the ground. i don’t care if she has mental problems, because she can have them outside the store as far as i’m concerned. the clerk is 99% useless.

    • cc

      Have you ever been near a woman who has PMT, actually have you ever had a woman?

      • bscalled

        @ CC – you wuss. you’re the bitch if you’re afraid of throwing her out – i worked in a store before when i was going to school, and i’ve thrown out men and women twice as big as her, and more threatening looking. also, many of them do have mental and alcohol problems but i throw them out anyway, because they bother the other customers. the fact that you are asking if someone has ever had a woman before is laughable at best, because i find it really hard to believe ANY woman would be attracted to an indifferent, cowardly, pussy like you, “actually”.

    • Jahar

      Dude, for $7 an hour, you gonna risk a knife in the ribs? Or a sexual harrassment charge? All for a couple bowls of noodles? I’d just call the cops and let them take care of it.

    • whichone

      A clerk with common sense. Why in the world would you expect Mr Minimum wage there to risk his neck restraining a deranged woman? God knows what kind of law suit could be around the corner. It’s not his shit, and there are cameras, let her work herself out.

      • Coyote88

        Agreed. It’s not the clerk’s job to be store security and he has no authority to physically confine the woman. Just let the cops deal with it. Those berating him for not intervening are not considering a possible bad outcome from dealing with a mentally unstable human being.

  • terroir

    By reading the netizen comments I see that constructing and formulating a personal opinion isn’t relevant since whenever you answer one 陈 on the Chinese internet another 陈 will take its place, and then another, and then another.

    It’s like the whole Chinese internets has 4陈’s for every rational and logical answer.

    At this point we can only wonder if the Guy Fawkes masks have 中国特点。

    • donscarletti

      My girlfriend is named 陈.

      I have no idea what you’re talking about, but somehow your rambling still rings true in my ears.

      • mankouzanghua


      • terroir

        One day future commenters of chinaSMACK will have a sample of my brain in a jar to study to better understand the wit and sarcasm from a past generation, and under observation through a microscope someone will exclaim, “My god. It’s full of stars.”

        Here goes. After this I will go back to knock knock jokes and pratfalls.

        4陈 = 4Chén. This sounds like a name of a website that has both spawned every meme on the internet and galvanized support for “digital civil rights” through its association for a little group called 匿名 as well as a been as being a recepticle for the worst Reese Pieces combo ever, apathy and evil.

        The Chinese internet is at times just on par with the worst of the internet outside the GFW. While the internet in China is the place of untold beauty and benevolence, it is also the ugliest, dumbest most hateful brand of ignorance to be discovered.

        The Yueyue tragedy was terrible and very sad, but this story is a case of unmitigated disasterous proportions: half a million hits upon an inconsequential video that allows uncivilized youth to vent out their hate even before they can think it out and form a logical argument.

        With these Chinese netizen comments, all I see is a bunch of people starving for morals and something to believe in. And taste; it’s not as though it’s a video of a guy being hit in the groin with a football.

        • donscarletti

          This is worse than the time you tried to transliterate Eattot to 衣脱兔.

          “Chan” damnit, with an “a”, it’s pronounced the exact same way in Pinyin and English. 4馋 is the best fit, though you can use 禅 if you want to be ironic. Did you learn Chinese like Helen Keller with your hand feeling soemone’s larynx and not learn the vowels?

          Alternatively you could do it properly and call it 四叶 (futuba is 双葉).

          • terroir

            A transliteration snob: because only the best “fake English” is suitable for Chinese.

            Besides all of the other insurmountable problems Chinese have in learning English like cultural worth and self-identity, the idea that there is such a thing as “proper transliteration” sets fire to a billion dollars worth (USD) of English education and about 5000 years (give or take) of history and culture.

            If we discount the Japanese name that I haven’t heard and would rightly become the basis for the Chinese translation, “chan” doesn’t mean anything in English, and so likely wouldn’t mean anything in Chinese. If “chan” in English is “chan” in Chinese transliterated pinyin, by that logic what is Superman’s nemesis “Mr. Mxyzptlk”?

            Still, thanks for letting me know that 4Chan in Japanese means “an Irishman’s lucky charm”.

          • donscarletti

            Well, nothing was stopping you from writing “4chan” and “chan” using Latin characters so we can either know what you are talking about or google it.

            Chen is a Chinese family name, so it is hard to know your meaning when you use it. You can also write Chinese and put the English term after your first transliteration.

          • terroir


            Seeing how you already agree with my sentiments just shows the nature of the beast which is chinaSMACK, which also just goes to show why I write these fabulous comments that get me nothing but rave reviews from my fans.

            I’ll start with this assertion. I am correct. All the time. Always. For ever. And ever. Til the end of time. And longer if necessary. Except for those few times I was wrong to prove that I have a dose of humility in me. To get into heaven with.

            Now. Given that this is true, why do I want to be correct on chinaSMACK comments? Why would I want to put my perfectly sound, infallible logic and unassailable reasoned opinion on these comments? Because the very moment I do, someone on the other side of the China divide that is diametrically placed to me will have an opposite opinion that exists in its own accord of logic and reason in order to set back my perfect win streak of right opinion.

            Now. When you look at everyone else on these hallowed halls you’ll see the exact same thing. Everyone is here is already correct, they are here to proven right, and while they are playing the same game, they have different rules, so everybody wins.

            And yet everybody loses. The pro-side and the con-side of the China debate, in their constant and eternal symbiotic death grip as they spiral through the chasm to the lake below in a awesomely renditioned CGI sequence, need the other side to validate they own arguments. The more correct the opposite side is, the deeper the misunderstanding, and thus the better one’s position is maintained. It’s building walls of ignorance out of the corpses of lost arguments, really.

            So. Why present my opinion is such a fashion? Is this to be obtuse for the sake of being obtuse? Just look at this place. One more correct opinion by any one on any side is just more fuel for the fire that obstruct clarity and true awareness and understanding.

            In a sentence: what’s there to be clear about when nothing is clear in the first place?

            Also: I think the Guy Fawkes mask reference really sells my joke all the way to the irony bank.

          • donscarletti

            Your post was quite long. I did read it in its entirety out of politeness but forgot the first two thirds by the time I got to the end. So I’m just going to go freestyle on my rebuttal.

            “Produits Du Terroir” is, you know, like 特产 in Chinese or maybe “regional specialty” in English maybe? Basically stuff that would be well known everywhere if it tasted any good, but is now pretty much only appreciated by inbreds and tourists. Maybe someone bored in Brussels will put a Protected Designation of Origin on your posts or something, so upstart netizens in Chile, Australia, South Africa or California can’t post something twice as coherent in half the length and call it the same thing.

            That’s my ad hominem for today. Suck it down.

          • notorious

            i’m illiterate. I cannot read chinese even though I speak mandarin. it’s weird. i dont know if that’s a good idea to learn how to speak a language but not read it. I don’t understand pinyin either. Because the sounds don’t make sense phonetically. Zhe sounds like JUH , E sounds like U. xiang sounds like See-ahng or shee-ang. why is that? i learned mandarin and pinyin using a system that is phonetically correct so when I see actual pinyin words and read them I feel like its jibberish.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Guys, I really gotta poop.

      • el negro pedro

        a foreigner with a chinese girlfriend? how novel!

        • An insecure nationalistic butthurt faggot complaining about it? How novel.

          • donscarletti

            He is not wumao, my guess is he is American or something. He just resents me for having a girlfriend, rather than being like him, both hoping and dreading that the next drug addicted prostitute he takes home will be in his arms when he wakes up.

            He neither knows nor cares about my nationality or that of my girlfriend.

          • 骂人的是孙子


          • el negro pedro

            I guess not having yellow fever and not marrying a village girl makes me a faggot?

            You sir are a champion. You’ve convince me to aspire towards your level of awesomeness.

          • el negro pedro

            Don, how did you know I like drugged out whores? Who have you been talking to my friend?

          • Yes, Eli, I’m on asiandatefinder.com as we speak and I’m going to find me an educated, well-traveled woman who understands me. Who really, truly “gets” me, gets how complex, how sensitive I am, and understands completely why I couldn’t find my equal in a 1st world country.

            Amazing as it sounds, I too believe that finding the right match involves moving to a 3rd world country, touring those backwater villages for the perfect lotus blossom.

            And Yes, I subscribe to the school of thought where the girls in said villages aren’t looking for a greencard and or better life their family in my home country. No, they love me for me. Because I’m just that awesome.

            Thank You Eli, you have changed the trajectory of my existence forever. Thank you. I can only hope to be as happy, and appreciated, RESPECTED, as you are.

            I know not everyone can be a bigshot like yourself and marry a Local girl and broadcast it on the internet, but I’ll do my gosh darn darndest! You have my word! =)

          • Hong Kong = Rural


            Confirmation of butthurt? Off the scales.

          • donscarletti

            “I guess not having yellow fever and not marrying a village girl makes me a faggot?”

            You call my girlfriend a village girl because of her surname? Is this because it is more common in inland provinces than coastal provinces where Wang and Li are more common?
            You are incorrect, she is well educated and speaks perfect mandarin without accent and can speak English very well too, as she currently is staying in England.

            “how did you know I like drugged out whores”

            I don’t, I merely wish to disparage you because I currently think you are of low character, but I seem to have done a poor job in my disparagement. I will post again when I think of something more mean and cutting.

          • donscarletti



          • 骂人的是孙子


          • el negro pedro

            @Don. I wasn’t addressing you. Why would I think Chen = rural? Maybe I’m a lowlife, but I’m not stupid. And yes, once I reveal something personal here, you can use it against me and say something truly cutting. Good luck! I look forward to responding to your cutting.

            @Eli, dude man, you’re obviously one of those guys who bases his self-worth on his ability to land a woman. But being a foreigner and having to go another country to do so, well, it suggest that it wasn’t a personal choice that you married a Hong Konger, but a necessity. While I can give you the benefit of the doubt, your excessive bragging and also sensitivity to the issue suggests that you’re someone who was a total failure back home.

            I assume you must have spent some time in HK, so you must be aware of what the British in England say about the British in Hong Kong right?

            I’m not “butt hurt”. I was pissed off I had to be in the office all weekend and wanted to take it out someone. Since you’re the most pathetic and weak person here, I choose to bully YOU.

    • whichone

      Eh…for what it’s worth I thought it was hilarious before the whole tl;dr clusterfuck with resident grammarian

  • mr. wiener

    There weren’t actually too many comments above critical of Taiwanese. They were mainly about women in general, PMT and how attractive her legs were.
    I think this woman definitely has mental problems as usually when I see a lady [asian] having a shit fit there is a lot of screaming [if asian, VERY high pitched], arm waving and crying. She emptied those shelves methodically, in silence and only knocked them to the floor.
    Good thing it was in Taiwan. If it was the US the Korean clerk would have given her a warning shot of buckshot in the arse before the cops came to tazer her. :)

    • donscarletti

      Those lovely legs are wasted on her, though I still praise her outfit.

      • mr. weiner

        Nice legs yes, but did anyone see the face? She looks like a bulldog chewing on a wasp :0

  • [email protected]

    Terrifying. With just one hand she caused so much damage. Two hands she could have razed the building to the ground. Bipolirism? sounds iffy. Good excuse though.

  • Mop

    Instant noodle cups ;_;

  • anon

    the song at family mart is enough to make anyone do this.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Instant noodle sucks! I’m glad she’s destroying them. I’ve eaten so many of those in my undergrad years they made me puke on a number of occasions. But I was honestly poor and that’s all I could afford sometimes -__-

    • mr. weiner

      I would have thought you’d be used to eating noodles :)
      Glad to hear your poor times are behind you

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Haha…..well, a different kind :p
        Oh, and I’m still poor….

    • notorious

      i had that same experience. and they make you gain weight. i cannot tolerate the taste of texture of ramen (instant) noodles.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        But dude, now I’ve seen these fancy instant noodles where they come with like 3 seasoning packets, dried vegetables/meat, and other goodies. They are actually really good!

    • whichone

      I understand you.
      Once toward the end of semester I was so poor I pretty much ate instant ramen and baby carrots for a week. However a number of years passes…I still think ramen tastes pretty good.


  • B

    This would question Taiwanese character? a mental ill women goes rampage, however the Taiwanese surrounding her patiently wait for her rampage to finish while asking, why is she so angry? whats wrong? Having the tolerance that, well everybody can freak out sometimes.

    Taiwan ftw.

  • Xiongmao

    I don’t really know what all the fuzz is about. It says she has mental issues so for the Chinese to roll out the tirades, I guess it says more about how mental problems are perceived (read: buried) in China than anything else.

    • cc

      The only FUZZ would be between her legs

  • jeffinflorida

    Crazy or not I’d still do her…

  • Jeffli

    It seems she mainly concentrates her efforts on the cold storage shelves, and I for one can say in Shanghai they know nothing about cold storage!
    most “fresh” dairy and meat products should
    1. be stored at about 5 degrees celsius – in Shanghai that is not the case.
    2. past use by dates taken off the shelves – in Shanghai this is seldom.
    most of the food on these cold storage shelves is rotten even toxic! but that is Mainland China!

    Don’t believe me? go into one of these or other franchise shops and check the temperature of their storage facilities.

    Even the Refridgerator for “cool” drinks has a problem! Drink coca cola tea lol!

    Regarding this Taiwanese dingbat? well she shouldn’t go off her meds if she’s bipolar,
    She’s not difficult to look at so I’d be lenient on her…. just ‘taser her, strip, shower and gimp mask her! haha

    I would suggest her family watch her carefully cause mainland Shen Jing Bing parks are no disneyland … no sireeee buddy!
    She could be locked up on a neverending field trip!
    If Doctors in China only 10 years ago were treating gays with electro-convulsive therapy! Mental hospitals in Mainland China are like a story from hollywood horror movies.

    That lady should leave mainland before she gets forced to go to a nut farm.

    • mr. weiner

      She’s in Taiwan so I think she’s pretty safe. The cops only tackle chicks here if they are betalnut girls.
      Did like the gimp mask idea, pray continue….

  • Ronald

    You Chinese talk so much about Taiwanese being ruthless and poor of character but as far as I know mainlanders are not very brave, in fact you are a bunch of pussies. Where is your so called character every time the government fuck you in the ass and you just go to your blogs to trash and cry but do nothing about it.
    Have you ever stop to think that what you call poor character is in fact a civilized behavior?
    Chinese people have been taught for the last 60 years to do as you are told and hide your head between your legs in fear of retributions. I have much more respect for Taiwanese for standing up against your coward government.

    • [email protected]

      That’s easy to say when wherever you are from, people ‘doing something about it’ doesn’t end up with news history titles ending with the word ‘massacre’.

  • Chris N.

    She just can’t find her favorite flavor or yogurt.

  • Cleo

    I think God let slip the mind control that allows Taiwanese Chinese to tolerate the prevalence of Japanese in their midst and this is the result. Taiwanese rent is more affordable than rent in Chinese cities so many Japanese individuals are heading to Taiwan to relocate post-3-11 for an easier more affordable life with the expectation that the Taiwanese will not only endure them but kowtow.

  • K

    Difference between usa and china, in the usa if a b*tch was doing that then ahe wouldnt have made it past the 5thsyatem item and would of royally had her dragged and thrown out of the store but in China everyone just stands and stares at her like idiots.

    • Your argument makes complete sense except this event occured in Taiwan. Very astute observation K. Anything else you’d like to enlighten us with today?

      I highly doubt anyone in the US would done differently: (e.g. Lawsuits, packing heat). You do the math internet cowboy.

    • A GUY

      Its funny that’s just what the Mainlander’s said above about Taiwan.

      A-holes everywhere I guess.

  • Peye

    Demonstrating what is meant by “Letting off steam”, or “What, no discounts ?”

  • skeeball

    Maybe the consistent infamous FM door chime set her off.

  • johnny basic

    ‘If this happened on the mainland, she would’ve been thrown out long ago.’

    ‘If this happened in our China certainly someone would go stop her, definitely without hitting her, and at most stop her’

    Ha, ha, and a thousand times, ha!

    No doubt in China, a well-trained and highly dedicated member of staff would have leaped over the counter and dump-tackled her to the floor in the blink of an eye. That is, if she could get past the droves of have-a-go-heroes getting in the way.

    Snigger snigger, yeah right…in the mainland, a few indignant 干嘛s thrown in her general direction, from a safe distance, while recording it on a camera phone, having dropped everything to watch, is the most that would have happened.

    • kevinnolongerinpudong

      Yeah, there’d be like 500 people crammed up against the store window goofily staring at her. “What’s happening? Oh, something pointless? Great, that means we can pay attention to it and discuss it!”

      • anon

        There’s something deeply ironic about chinaSMACK commenters making fun of Chinese people for gathering around, paying attention, and discussing things that are often pointless and merely out of the ordinary novelties.

  • anon

    all i can say is nice legs and fine ass

    • Moniisek

      nice legs indeed

  • SuperHappyCow

    Am I the only one that thought this hilarious before even opening the page?

  • SongJia

    This is what happen when your favorite chocolate is out of stock.

  • Mao’s Dong

    Oishii desu yo! \_/

  • Dr SUN

    Well you know what it like when you want Pepsi but they only have coke.

  • Efe the foreigner

    this girl could fuck me right. i like her attitude

  • ItsJustMe

    Um….I guess they didn’t have what she was looking for.

  • edwardbstarling

    damn….the 711s in china have 8 year old chinese boys instead of indians like the states?