Taiwanese Government Declares Stern Stance Over WWII Claims

Taiwanese Government Declares Stern Stance Over WWII Claims
Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang party has issued a response after the party’s former vice-president and chairman Lian Zhan said that the Chinese Communist Party worked behind enemy lines under Mao Zedong’s leadership to attack invading Japanese forces during WWII. KMT spokesman Yang Weizhong said that both frontline and behind-enemy-line battles were all conducted under the leadership of Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Government, and that this fact should not be distorted or erased. One netizen said the KMT showed no sense of shame in excessively claiming credit for the war deeds.


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  • Ro

    The only fact we know for sure is that both Mao and Jiang were brutal and arogant dictators who likes to claim credits for achievements made by sacrifices of other people with different motivations. Any minor or big successes during the war against Japan by those on the ground were made despite the challenges of the power struggles between those two!

  • SimpsonsGoldenAge

    ” One netizen said the KMT showed no sense of shame in excessively claiming credit for the war deeds.”

    And that netizen is a mong.

    • James

      nobody knows for sure so stfu

      • Alex Dương

        I don’t think it’s controversial that the KMT forces were the primary participants in the conventional battles.

      • David

        I think most non-Chinese historians will agree that in general the CCP forces where much more interested in fighting the KMT for power over China than the Japanese. Even if they wanted to help the KMT most of the CCP power was in the West and the Japanese were mostly in the east.

        • James

          Yes but how much did the communist contribute exactly that is just subjective

          • David

            Most of the history is not opinion. You can certainly quantify military action. How many battles the CCP engaged in directly with the Japanese forces, number killed, number hurt, ordnance expended. What would be subjective is something like, “How much did the CCP fighting the KMT embolden the Japanese invasion? How did it affect the decisions by the Japanese military command on what operations to undertake?”

          • James

            Yes that is exactly what i mean and also nobody has the stats

        • Atitheb Chaiyasitdhi

          Historians who really know well about the Chinese history will agree that in the first instance Jiang Jieshi did not what to wage war against the Japanese, except after completely wiping out the communists. It was the left-wing KMT members and especially the Xi’an incident that changed Jiang’s mind. Therefore, both Mao and Jiang shared the same idea about wining the inside war rather than war with the Japanese.

          Actually, it should be noted that some factions of the CCP really want to fight war with the Japanese but during the time of decision Mao already controlled the military leadership of the party.

          • David

            Your comment about some factions of the CCP wanting to fight against the Japanese is true. As for Jiang, I think that was more true in the late 30’s. By the time the rest of the world entered WW II (I mean in Europe) and certainly before the Americans entered, Jiang was convinced they could not just ‘ride out’ an invasion by the Japanese while trying to take out the communists.

          • Atitheb Chaiyasitdhi

            I agree that for the most part KMT is the one who fight Japanese and Jiang himself also wrote at the end of every pages of his diary during the second Sino-Japanese war(except for 2-3 occasions) that “to eliminate the national humiliation”.

            However, I still give some credits to the Communists. There were a lots of people who, in those day, joined the red army to fight the Japanese. If you filter out propaganda of the CCP, it will leave you the story of fresh and blood of the Chinese people who try to fight the Japanese on their own ways. In Thailand (where I’m living) alone, there were several thousands of Chinese who returned to China to join both CCP and KMT.

          • David

            True, and they went there with the honest belief that they would. But what the soldier is willing to do and what the CCP leadership was willing to do was seldom the same. Thailand was forced to be a partner with the Japanese, if the Chinese had stayed in Thailand they would have more targets for an underground movement against the Japanese in Bangkok.

  • WghUk

    The real leaders during WW2 was in fact the KMT.

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