Single Chinese Men Encouraged by Taiwanese Guy’s Russian Girlfriend

Pretty Russian girls.

Pretty Russian girls.

Reshared over 60k times with over 18k comments spanning over 900 pages on China’s popular Sina Weibo social network…

On Sina Weibo:

@萌娘百科的更新姬: #Encouragement/Motivational# A Taiwan zhainan successfully captured a Russian girl. Owing to a severe gender imbalance in Russia, over 10 million Russian girls can’t find men to marry, so international marriages are extremely trendy amongst Russian girls and furthermore, Russian girls’ demands in a perfect man (shown at the end) aren’t high either. So guys who can’t find girls, what are you waiting for? Go find a Russian girl, both pretty and strong, able to catch thieves and beat up hooligans, no need to fear others bullying you ever again!

Pretty Russian girl and Taiwanese boyfriend.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


[泪] Fuck, this is a horror film! Why isn’t it me?


Mainland zhainan can head out now.


Whoever is still single… hurry and go, travel + girl… haha…


Preparing to go buy a plane ticket…


It’s time for me to contribute a bit of effort to Sino-Russian friendship.


After a few years, this girl will become the fighting race’s [referring to Russians] strongest “Russian Auntie”. I really want one, I’d feel so safe.


Chinese man can’t satisfy Russian girls [害羞], dicks are too small. [害羞]


Like I said, I haven’t thoroughly understood Marxism-Leninism! It’s time for me to learn it deeply~


Fuck, this ugly of a zhainan.


Motivatonal!!! However, once Russian girls pass 35 years old, their tonnage can scare people to death~~~ Soviet Aunties… their butts will break a little man’s waist, ahahaha! [嘻嘻]


Perfect, what China has too much of is men!


What are waiting for, hurry and go to Russia to hit on girls. [哈哈]


Indeed pretty.


Fuck, the girl is quite good looking, but the guy is way too diaosi. [吃惊]


Looks like other than Japanese, Russian can also be learned.


That guy is too diaosi, foreign girl’s aesthetic tastes are so different, I’m just afraid I wouldn’t be able to satisfy them [in bed].


I heard Russians have body odor…


I’m afraid my body wouldn’t be able to take it, [偷笑][偷笑] you need to know that European women are very ferocious [in bed]![泪][泪]


Hurry and come to Mainland China to save China’s diaosi.


I only know how to play Tetris.


Fuck, just look at how much of a diaosi he looks…and still he was able to get a beauty.




Men! Have your hearts stirred? The era of learning Russian approaches!


Wait until she becomes a Russian auntie and it’ll be even more worth it! Calculated in tons! [萌]

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