Taiwanese Host Aya Liu reveals husband’s secret identity as a “Living Buddha”

Taiwanese Host Aya Liu reveals husband’s secret identity as a “Living Buddha”

Many Netizens are curious about the identity of Aya Liu’s husband, who she has previously claimed is named Tony and works in IT. But in reality, Aya’s husband is a Buddhist monk. Recently, Liu confirmed that her husband is a reincarnated Rinpoche (Tibetan spiritual teacher) before disclosing that “he is my best friend”. She previously lied about his work because she wanted to maintain a peaceful life without the intrusion of the media. According to the netizens who broke the news, famous singer Faye Wong and movie star Tony Leung count themselves among his followers.

Source: Netease

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  • Xia

    Is he the leader of some sort of celebrity sect like Scientology?

    • henryezra

      No, it’s Tibetan Buddhism…

  • Zappa Frank

    After those kind of ‘revelations’ what is the taiwanese/chinese reactions? i mean in a wester country i think most people would think “ok, she got crazy/ attention seeker”..

  • Super Bunny!

    must be so cool to fk a famous monk!

  • donscarletti

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    Beijing City Netizen (5337 Likes)

    This Living Buddha job is pretty good!

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    Henan Province, Zhengzhou City Netizen (5336 Likes)

    Being a Living Buddha doesn’t interrupt you from eating meat, earning money, marrying and having children is truly mindblowing!

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    Canadian Netizen (3586 Likes)

    Shirley Kwan’s kid, that illegitimate child, wasn’t that also reputedly conceived by a Living Buddha?

  • henryezra

    Not all monks, Tibetan and Japanese Buddhism are not requirednto be celibate, can eat meat etc just like Christian priests.

    • Jahar

      Vietnamese Buddhist monks can smoke.

    • Edward Kay

      Depending on which sect I think. Its ok coz he didn’t kill the bird, someone else did. Its ok coz she sat on top of him, he just laid there contemplating nirvana.