Taiwanese in Vietnam Riots Turn to Mainland China for Help

Anti-China Vietnamese protesters.

Anti-China Vietnamese protesters.

From Sina Weibo:

@龟速船长TurboS: Finally found Wifi! Yesterday night was basically a riot! Attacking! Killing! Looting! The living district for Chinese has been looted clean! Equipment valued at over a million [yuan] at the worksite has been destroyed!! Everyone is nervous! We’ve currently retreated to Formosa Plastic’s administration area. There are nearly ten thousand people gathered here. There’s no air conditioning, insufficient water, and the temperature here is close to 38° [~100.4°F]. Everyone is looking forward to going home! Mother country [here, referencing China], where are you? I’m at: Vietnam, Ky Anh District

Comments from Sina Weibo:


I looked over the original poster’s account. It’s a new account. In a moment of emergency, registering a new Weibo account truly is both daring and resourceful. China organized an evacuation long ago, and the vast majority of those who stayed behind are Wan-wan [Taiwanese]. Now China is your “mother country”? You’re inviting tragedy, haha. Normally calling yourselves Taiwanese, but where’s that resolve now? Now you say you’re Chinese.


Don’t worry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will strongly condemn the Vietnamese government [and nothing else, which is a popular domestic criticism of the Chinese government in matters of foreign affairs]. You guys organize all your workers to have a meeting, learn from the spirit of Jiao Yulu, and have your leaders walk The Mass Line. Once tired, just lay down, sleep for a bit and have a Chinese Dream. The difficulty will pass, and oh yeah, the Americans are on the road…


Compatriots, stay strong! The mother country is counting cash! It has already broken four cash counters! So please, compatriots, stay strong! Tomorrow we will severely condemn Vietnam!


How are there this many shit youth? At times like this, if the diplomatic route is not taken, should we really declare war on Vietnam? Even if we declare war, would other countries sit by and not intervene? Wan-wan [Taiwanese people] sure are amusing. Normally shouting insistently about Taiwanese independence and how they aren’t Chinese, but in a critical moment, it’s all “mother country” and “countrymen” and “everybody is of one family”? I hope our countrymen are safe and sound. It’s best to first hide [retreat, avoid confrontation]. Don’t listen to those people inciting people to take up arms and fight back. They aren’t even the ones there [in the situation], so all their talk is of course blind to the consequences.


After my father saw this on the news today, he was furious. As a result, I was yelled at and scolded. Was this fucking my fault?


OP, just where are you from actually? “When China started drilling on the platform on May 7th, it had already issued notices to [Chinese] businesses in Vietnam. Those who have suffered the most losses in this incident are Taiwanese businesses, over 100 companies. The five Chinese companies that have suffered losses were attacked because they were close to Taiwanese businesses and have had dealings with them… The majority of employees of Chinese businesses evacuated long ago, and those that didn’t were mainlanders working for Taiwanese businesses.” So you think of the mother country now, do you? How embarrassing.


A certain party of your mother country is busy counting money, secretly transferring assets over to Imperialist America.


Fighting a war against Vietnam is inevitable, and better sooner than later. This has been decided by the larger international environment and the smaller Asian regional environment, and it will not be changed by our will. We love peace, but do not fear war. Now the first question is, should the first battle be at Hengdian? The second is, should the task of attacking be given to August First Film Studio or the general television and art center?


You guys [Taiwanese], each and every one of you, are always make making a fuss about separating [from China, with formal Taiwanese independence], making a fuss more reliably than ghosts, but the moment something goes wrong, your democratic Taiwan looks to the mainland for help. That one time, I don’t remember if it was Libya or Syria, but when Chinese were being evacuated, every one of you Taiwanese people were crying and begging to get a flight out on the mainland’s [charter] planes. Now why are you crying for the mainland’s help? Go cry to your American or Japanese dads [masters]. Aren’t you the most close with them? You Taiwanese people look down on us mainlanders so, sorry, we’re too poor to dispatch planes to save anyone other than Chinese people.


So you cry for the mother country now? Taiwanese people…



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