Taiwanese Playboy Drugged, Raped & Filmed Celebrities & Models

Taiwan’s Li Zongrui (aka Justin Lee), the son of wealthy former Yuanta Financial Holding Co (元大金控) board member Li Yueh-tsang, was recently arrested for allegedly drugging and raping over 50-60 women, including several famous models and actresses. Li had recorded each of these trysts and filed them on his computer (specifically 178 photos and 93 videos of 883 minutes of footage totally 27.5 GB filed in 48 different folders), with several of his videos and pictures being leaked to the internet over the past month. Before being arrested, Li was on the run from police for over 20 days.

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Pervert Li Zongrui, 16 Women In A Single Month

Throughout perverted rich kid Li Zongrui’s court case, he has maintained that his films showed recordings of two mutual lovers [mutual consent], but according to news reports, Li Zongrui started making his films as early as 2008, with the number of his drugged and raped victims peaking last year, averaging between two to five each month, and reaching as much as 16 women filmed in a single month, an average of one case every two days. Furthermore, from all the evidence it seems it is “indeed drugged rape”, with experts criticising Li’s behavior as being similar to the so-called “1000 Beheaders” [a term referring to a voyeuristic Japanese men’s club], the perverse behavior of wanting to use wealth and power to prove one’s abilities.

The news report describes the naughty Li Zongrui as having been sent to a well-known Buddhist temple by his father in 2008 for religious education, but this failed to cleanse him of his filthy character. At first Li used his mobile phone to take lewd photos, but possibly because the angle was not good, he later simply used the webcam installed on his computer to take secretly film…

According to the source, some people noticed while analyzing the timestamps of the sex photos that Li Zongrui initially only filmed at most filmed one to two videos a month, but in 2010 after he became famous in the nightclubs, he started drugging and raping women on a larger scale. By last year he had become even more fearless, outwardly the appearance of a polite and modest and devoutly religious gentleman, but secretly tormenting women, once harming 16 girls in one month, only temporarily stopping when he was accused by two sisters last July.

While he temporarily stopped secretly filming, Li Zongrui didn’t actually stop his wicked drugged raping, merely changing from nightclubs to bars, where he still owes a huge bar tab. The Apple Daily yesterday called and interviewed Zi Ling, an employee of Barcelona Bar where Li has an open tab. She said frankly, “Yeah, [Li Zongrui] owes over 2 million [Taiwanese] dollars [>67k USD].

According to sources, Li Zongrui hardly seemed interested in [the sex] but rather focused on whether or not it was being captured on camera, along with the quantity of his leading ladies. Some netizens suspect Li Zongrui has an unusual obsession similar to that of “1000 beheaders”, doing everything he can to collect, record, and file, as if he were collecting stamps or accumulating points, his behavior different from normal people.

In regards to this, Shutian Clinic’s psychiatric department doctor Jiang Hanguang says that secretly filming sexual activities, collecting them, and then arranging them in neat files is considered sexually perversion. “This type of person’s personality is very impulsive, have difficulty controlling their emotions, with the majority being men.” Central Hospital Psychiatric Department Doctor Li Guanghui says Li does this to prove that he can control others, and collects these films to satisfy his voyeuristic desires and make it convenient to continue/relive the voyeurism afterwards.

Gengshen hospital Psychiatric Department doctor Yang Congcai analysed that in Japan was a so-called “100 beheaders club”, who used their wealth to buy sex at various places to prove their abilities, and Li Zongrui’s actions have similar characteristics, with these people all conforming to what sociology calls the “self-actualization” theory, trying to reach the top of the pyramid.

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Hank Tsai:

In all honesty you can’t completely blame him either. After all, those girls see he is rich and therefore try to get closer to him, so who’s to blame? Gold-diggers.

Anna Huang:

Very perverted and very dirty.

Cherry Chen:

Work [have sex] one day, rest one day.

CJ Lai:

He’s a very energetic pervert.

Toro Aloha:

My little brother [penis] looks at the computer every night for 31 girls in a month.


He really is the saviour of government corruption. With the media reporting on him, the pile of government corruption cases have almost disappeared!

James Liu:

If you have money you can make women open their legs.


How does a person like this not get AIDS?


Hurry up and get a disease and die!

Bioer Lee:

Not bad when compared to the emperors of the past.

螞蟻 雅少”

If he didn’t have a rich father… would he still have had such impressive results?


If you love being lewd this much, might as well go be a male porn star.

What do you think?

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  • Boredom


  • Boredom

    Read more throughly, not really a rape, just a lucky-pervert-rich brat has been enjoying his life to the fullest.

    • Almond

      Not really rape? If you’re so bored you should go and get an education because you seem to be lacking. Lack of consent = rape. I’m sorry that’s so difficult for a person like you to understand.

      • Patrick

        Actually the irony is that rape wasn’t necessary at all – the perversion is he wanted them helpless. Most of the time he could have gotten it willingly, he wanted to drug them, he wanted power over them. Since sex is thrown at him too often, and too easily obtain his twisted little mind needed a new fun factor.

    • Dat Ankle

      If he drugged a girl to have sex with her it is rape.

    • Con ate dog

      If you were out partying with a rich guy, then got your drink spiked and woke up with a size 9 poopchute, would you see things the same way?

      • redgirl

        If you were out partying with a rich girl, then got your drink spiked and woke up with a size 9 poopchute, would you see things the same way?

        • Angry Panda

          Indeed I would very much so.

        • jeffli

          @ redgirl,
          depends what a size 9 poopchute is, and I doubt anyone has any idea.

          In China women are DDs? (china registered sizes)

          shoe sizes? well they think Tinkerbell wears size 13 American over here.

          Yao Ming just walks around barefoot most the time in China, never wears Chinese shoes.

          so maybe a size 9 poopchute could be normal

          think of everything “scaled” accordingly but given a bigger number! lol

          don’t believe me? take a look at bras and shoes in China.

          • jeffli

            condoms here are like finger gloves in US fer christ sake!

            They give me headaches when I use them!

            God knows how foreign women would put up with local size dutch caps? ya womb would sitting below your “adams apple” (displaced spleen?)

          • jeffli Admittedly Asian-manufactured condoms are of a tighter girth, and slightly “incomplete” length. However, this does ensure a closer fit of the latex. This in turn allows longer sessions of love-making.

            If we look at Durex Easy-On however, at the European / American extreme, these tend to cause the penis to unacceptably slide towards the teat after 15-20 mins of love-making.

            Due to the sheer beauty of an Oriental GF / wife, most men wish to make love for 30 mins to an hour, rather than 15-20 mins.

          • Patrick

            If I were partying with a rich girl, got spiked and woke up with ANY size poop-chute I would not be happy.

    • Justin

      So bored, that you’re making a lame attempt to troll. Not taking the bait on this one.

  • Li RuiKe

    He should be executed. But those girls are not just victims. Chasing rich guys is risky. Rich guys are scum. When people earn their billions, they appreciate it. But they become idiots when they give it to their children. People who don’t earn their money just waste it on immoral living – always and everywhere.

    • Irvin

      I remember some rich guy said “I believe in giving my children enough to do something, but not so much as to do nothing” and I couldn’t agree more.

      • God’z Peniz

        Its from ‘The Descendants’, a George Clooney movie

    • Wang Lijun

      Blame the victim. Nice.

      The alleged moral character of victims has nothing to do with the crime committed against them.

      • Li RuiKe

        Jump to conclusions much? Let’s stick with the facts: Where were the victims? Why were they there? What were they doing? Who were they with? Everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions. You’re right: It isn’t illegal to be a money-chasing whore. But is it without risk? Is this world so safe that if anything happens to me it’s not my fault? If I step in front of a speeding bus, is the driver at fault?

        • societalharmony

          Grrrr, you chinese guys make me so angry. Only in China, with your bitter, twisted, pathetic resentment of anything female could you possibly try to apportion blame upon these women for being raped. Whether or not they are chasing a rich man’s money, using “it’s risky chasing rich guys”. WHAT THE FUCK MAN? Can you not see how grotesque this statement is. That rape is one of the risks of chasing someone, for love or money?

          I do believe that you’re the fucking pervert here. China. As morally flexible as a piece of rubber. I guess we all need to remember, in China, Confucious he say, “It’s only bad if it makes your mother cry”

          • Patrick

            Sorry got to agree with him more than a little. If you walk out in front of a bus – you’re going to get hit (Ironically this happens in China often). We are all responsible for our own person safety to a degree, if you are getting wasted at a club you are taking certain risks. There are many girls (some foreigners contend a disproportionate number of Chinese girls) that take stupid risks trying to land “Mr. Right”. It doesn’t make the behavior right in any way, but at the same time they kinda made the bed they got raped in.

      • donscarletti

        A dog who bites someone is a bad dog and should be put down.

        A person who plays with an obviously nasty dog is an idiot and deserves to be bitten. Though the dog still must be killed.

        Blaming the victim does not in any way absolve the crime. This guy is a terrible piece of human rubbish who should be in gaol. But it’s precisely because of that fact that these girls should not have been alone with him.

        Rapists can only be punished after the fact and then only if sufficient evidence can be gathered usually after multiple offenses. Only one way to be safe, if a girl doesn’t want to be raped she should still stay away from potential rapists.

        • BigJ

          How do you find out who is potential rapist??? That comment made laugh.

          • Rick in China

            Haha, good advice to give your daughter when you send her off to Uni,

            “Now Julie, you be sure to stay away from potential rapists now ya’ere?”

          • donscarletti

            Rape allegations aside, does this guy look like a good man that you should be spending time with, or does he seem like a sleezy creep?

            Normal, well adjusted guys don’t rape. Those who do will exhibit other social problems that should be discernable. If you really don’t want to get raped, pay attention to the signs.

            Society should get rid of this guy, but there are thousands like him that can’t be found and dealt with. The answer is, keep safe, be wary, watch out.

          • BigJ

            You seem to have the ability to look at someone and tell if they are rapist or not….Police will pay you top dollar for that ability…Imagine how many woman you could have saved….
            Can you look at woman and tell if they are a gold digger???? If you can, you can save me alot of time…Instead of talking and getting to know these woman…you can just point out the ones who are gold diggers and I can avoid them all together.

          • donscarletti

            To put a rapist in prison requires proof “beyond a reasonable doubt”, to not hang out with a guy requires proof “that he’s a little shifty and a bit of a creep”.

            Police should use the former criterion, girls should use the latter.

          • BigJ

            The thing is Don…….these girls knew exactly what they wanted from this guy. Tell me what kind of model or actress or any hot girl for that matter would even talk to this guy if he was just a normal guy???? ZERO girls would have nothing to do with this guy. I think some girls even if he was convicted of rape would still go back to this guys house….why??? because he is fucking rich. Not all girls…just some…the skanks.
            In my life I have seen girls do ungodly things for money…things that would make a billy goat puke. Guys do fucked up things for money too, just a different form of fucked up things.

  • BigJ

    I don’t think this is rape……Just a fucked up fetish…Rape is forcing someone to have sex with you. I’m sure none of these girls was forced to go with this guy…I’m sure they got payed very well……The drug part well…..I’m not sure why he would need to that.I’m sure these girl were more then willing to do whatever this guy wanted…for money of course. I very well could be wrong. Maybe he did rape these girls…If was rape then after 1 or 2 girls he would have caught because that is whores dream to have a very rich man rape them…..they would set for life with money.

    • Rick in China

      If he’s a well known ‘rich’ son who is clubbing most nights of the week and spreading mad wealth around, he’d definitely bang through a few drugged up honies – which is different than having actually drugged them himself in order to ‘rape’ them. I’d agree with you that at the very least the majority of the women he hooked up with were 100% willing participants, except for maybe not knowing they were being filmed. Filming/leaking these sort of secret-naked-filmings is likely illegal but a far cry from rape.

      • Almond

        So as long as you didn’t drug them, as long as a girl is inebriated enough that she can’t give consent, it’s not really rape? As long as you can twist it enough to make it seem like she was asking for it you can get away with calling dibs right? Disgusting.

        • Rick in China

          So when I get absolutely loaded, wake up next to a fugly girl who I kind of forget sleeping with, she raped me and I should charge her with the crime as such?

          • bigJ

            you can charge the girls for that??!!!!!! God, if I would have only known…. hahahaha

          • Rick in China

            According to Almond’s idea of rape, yes, since you were too blasted to give consent. Obviously you’d be laughed out of a police station had you tried to run that game, but it works perfectly well for women who get out of control by their own admission drink way too much and get fucked by random-playboy who they then see as a potential for extorting some cash out of when their hindsight clears up after drinking way too many free martinis.

          • Irvin

            Men rape by women works a little differently than what rick described, you can real a novel “Disclosure” by michael crichton (there’s also a movie).

            It describe in details of how a woman can rape or sexually harass a man.

        • bigJ

          Then why are there not 60 girls at the police station screaming bloody murder????I know the first thing I would do would be going to the police.Even if 20 girls went to the police i would belive it was rape. But only a few girls said something. And only after pics went online….Something is not right about that. Expectially high profile people. And this guy is rich.Imagine how much money they would get? Shit, I almost want to claim I was raped by this guy to see how money I could get.”jk”. But you get my point.

          • Rick in China

            I think the only way to really find out if it was rape is to talk with the security guards/hostesses at the clubs he apparently went to nightly. See if there is evidence of him/his friends carrying out KO’d women or not. Out of this many cases, surely if he drugged them and took them home, this would be on camera somewhere or someone would have noticed. He was apparently well known, so people would notice if he was dragging people out the clubs nightly.

    • jiayi

      Let’s face it, show a few dollars to a Chinese girl and she’s anybody’s.

      • Bo Xilai For Emperor

        But for sure not yours, Monopoly money doesn’t count

        • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

          What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them.

      • Angry Panda

        “Few dollars” could mean a few hundred USDs for a rich man, have to take that into consideration. Last time I checked, prices went up in China, unless I was just at the wrong place.

    • Almond

      My God… how does a person like you exist? Yeah, they must have been asking for it. Get your head out of your ass. Rape is a lack of consent. If you were too fucked up to give consent, REGARDLESS of how it happened it’s rape. You are a pinnacle example of what victim blaming is.

      • Angry Panda

        Last time I checked rape isn’t rape, unless the judge says so; that can be swayed by some incentives under the table~ and the world goes on.

        • Patrick

          True dat, sounds like a Chinese song waiting to be sung……

    • redgirl

      In your head,.for sure.

  • patko

    Nice psychological analysis on the guy, I completely agree. He was born rich, sick minds grow well in that kind of environment. Where he sees that everyone is bowing down to his father and doing everything for him. He grows up with seeing power as the ultimate thing in life. And he seeks out situations where he displays his power by using and abusing woman.

    You can’t blame an apple for growing on an apple tree. In the same way this person is but a product of his environment, nobody can judge him. But people want to point fingers and put blame on someone or something so that life makes a bit more sense. And they fall soundly asleep knowing the world is divided in good and bad, even though its not.

  • Getrealson

    Take the words rape & drug out and this guy is a Boss!

    • jeffli


  • mr. wiener

    Early male pattern baldness is a bitch.

    • BigCAD/Mao’s Corpse

      So is being gifted with the body of a 12 year old.

  • lonetrey

    I feel like he’s only one-third to blame. There’s also the matter of his family’s background, as well as the fact that the girls were all with him knowing who he was.

    Also, consensual agreement is hard to prove or disprove.

    I have a theory. It’s called, “This guy is just a horny guy, not a 1000header or whatever.”

  • tai wai

    If it wasn’t for date rape, he’d never get laid.

    • BigJ

      Your comment is almost correct…..just change “date rape” with “being fucking rich” and then it would be correct.

      • lonetrey

        I;m not certain, but I think he’s quoting “Date Rape” by the band Sublime.

  • Do Chinese women think he is goodlooking?

    • tai wai

      Money is always good looking.

      • DAK

        I see Chinese women go with many ugly white guys. What is your point? I know you are ugly as fvck!

    • DAK

      I see Chinese women go with many ugly white guys. What is your point? I know you are ugly as fvck!

    • ChinaPrat

      fucKKK you

      • bert

        The overwhelming majority of ugly Chinese chicks are with Chinese guys. The odds can’t be argued with.

        • ^^Haha! Right you are.

          BTW: What’s with all the venom from ChinaPrat and DAK? All I asked was a simple question… Anyway, I get no complaints from the ladies, although I don’t have much experience dating Chinese women as I find very few of them attractive, besides my hot Chinese girlfriend of course =o)

        • DAK

          It is the other way around, dude. The ugly whites guys are taking all the ugly ones. The handsome white guys take most ugly ones and some pretty ones. Very few white guys I would say the beautiful ones. But you believe what your eyes tell you.

          • The Enlightened One

            I don’t think that is true at all. Maybe your perception of beauty is only a tall, rail-thin, bleach-skinned, big-eyed Chinese girl (surgery).

            I prefer curves with brains, a nice smile, personality and she doesn’t always think about money and materialistic things. Not because I don’t have the means to support her whims but because there is more to life than the next accessory or handbag.

            The most important thing, is how she respects and holds herself and others around her.

          • markx

            Dak “…beauty walks the razor’s edge….”

            You better be good looking, very rich, strong, have a powerful personality and and great self assurance, and be sure to remain that way if you are going to walk around with a great beauty.

            Sometimes it is better to stick to the ones who are just cute, appealing, or sweet, or funny, or a bit out of place, or all of the above, as long as they turn you on.

            The temptations for a beautiful woman are infinite, and all will at some point give way to some irresistible temptation.

            (As will anyone, but for some of us, less irresistible temptation happens to come our way.)

          • Jennster

            lets just put it this way. a down syndrome looking chinese guy has higher standards than a handsome white guy when it comes to chinese women looks department. :D

          • Jennster That’s one hell of a statement. Down here in Singapore there are a great many white guys who want someone 8/10 (in terms of beauty) to wake up next to, make great love to, and have some disposable income remaining.

            The guys with Chinese women who are 10/10 usually marry quickly and produce three to five Eurasian children. I can safely say good luck to them. They’re happy with their woman; we’re (the non-CEO types) happy with ours.

            When you’re spooned together fast asleep, sleep-creeping towards the consenting lady in terms of intercourse…the face just needs to be 8/10 for sunrise.

          • Patrick

            My wife is considered very beautiful by Chinese standards. My girlfriend not at all. I’m not going to pick nits – I think they’re both wonderful.

          • Patrick You are a voice of sanity. 10Q, 10Q, 10Q

        • DAK By ugly you mean what? Usually men who are suggesting some women are “ugly” and others are not, are failing to take into account that:

          a) Some of the most intelligent Chinese women can be less than 10/10 on a beauty scale.
          b) Some of the most beautiful women can be quite unfaithful once transported to the West.

          A balance is normally useful, for it is rare to find a simultaneous 10/10 in terms of beauty, intelligence, sexual repertoire and sense of humour.

          • markx

            Aha! Yes! Indeed migrating to the west is sometimes ‘a turning of the tables’.

            A friend who had always bemoaned her older, philandering English husband’s activities in Asia, eventually moved to England with him.

            She soon gloated in a call to my wife, “Here, I am like a queen, everywhere men talk to me and want me, and now I have a boyfriend who is young and very handsome’!

            (who thinks to self, ‘Hmm, guess I’d better stay here’.)

          • markx Too true your story – and one which I’ve heard happen in the US, in Switzerland, in France, and so on. Oriental women make a very popular choice of PA / secretary in the West. Hmmm… I wonder why? Cheers dude!

  • jeffli

    Oh yeah one can see these ladies are really suffering, god listen to those moans of woe! Oh the poor thing, how to tolerate such torture! -I’m talking about the suffering guy…lol.

    Its not rape, these ladies are entertainment industry gold diggers!

    Its just a little face loss thats all. instead of being suspected as a rockmucker the vids on the net remove all doubt!
    Now we look at these girls and think first “oh she sucks d###, and she’s not a bad singer/actor”
    Gee If I was a good lookin nubile Taiwan songstress I’d after the “rockerfellas” or punch it out with ‘Wendy Deng’ for a piece of her husbands sausage. do it right!

    “if you’re not famous your finished.”

  • jeffli

    The least little Li could do is smile!

    I’d be grinning my tits off!

    “Look at me Ma! I scored! (again)”

    • jeffli

      In fact I’m going to harrass my XGF now that my kodak land camera is “fully loaded”.

      “gheeeeeeeheeeeeee gulp” says XGF.

    • jeffli

      I dare any woman here to speak up if they never do BJ!


    • Boris

      Likewise. I’d be grinning like a Cheshire Cat from ear to ear.
      I think he’s tortured by the premature baldness Mr Weiner spotted. ‘Cruel, cruel world. I’d gladly part with all the pussy on the planet just to keep my hair! Alas, all is lost!’ To many, he’s a rapist; to me he’s the victim.

  • Wei_Hello_Are_You_There?

    No excuse for drugging a woman and raping her. That is absolutely abhorrent and the very worst crime there is. I am shocked this is being mocked and taken so seemingly lightly here. Some sneaky filming while you are at it is one thing, that’s two consenting adults with one being a bit of a perv. Rape is no joke, at all, he needs to do serious time and experience a bit of bum-justice behind bars.

    Worst still, people are gleefully downloading videos of rape. Equally fucked up.

  • Anita B

    @Hank Tsai Are you serious? His behavior is inexcusable. The girls are not the blame for him being a sexual pervert. He should have just hired some prostitutes in that case. Regardless of why the girls were interested in him, there was no need for him to drug and rape them. Either the girl wanted to get with him or not. He obviously is compensating for a lack of love, attention and self esteem. His false sense of control and power makes him simply weak, dangerous and a criminal. He needs to be castrated. God help those girls who he may have impregnated and passed a disease onto.

    • Rick in China

      RE: “The girls are not to blame” & “drug and rape”

      Logic doesn’t point to needing to drug or rape _anyone_. From the information given, he picked up the girls by flagrantly spending huge sums of money at clubs, and bringing back a girl after a night of partying will often mean she is either already lit or high on something, and if she leaves the club with a guy whose spending tons of cash I would say logic also says it’s not likely *rape* so much as hoping she can get some of that bling in exchange for sucking his slanky dick. It’s really not much different than prostitution.

      He may be compensating for a lack of love, attention, or self-esteem….but saying he needs to be castrated for being a player funded by Daddy’s success is a little ridiculous.

      • Wu

        With the number of girls/events/films I think there would be one(a few) that we can agree withouth doubt was(were) rape(s?).

        So even if 99% were, gold-diggers, the guy rape somebody. Not man crimes worse then that…

        • Rick in China

          Yes, lets convict him based on potentials and statistics. “Well, if he fucked 60 girls, he had to have raped one….right? Guilty as charged.”

          • linette

            Ricky,…you are still at it. The guy is a rich loser. He is guilty as hell. I won’t even bother to spend my tax dollars to give him a trial. Put him in jail and throw away the key.

            Ricky and Big J, where is your photo on your gravatar. You two are bad boys in the club. I know.

          • Rick in China

            I don’t go clubbing any more. I’m preparing for procreation. You’re safe from my pill-in-water-in-order-to-get-laid tactics, much required by white boys in China :D

  • jiayi

    No wonder he had to drug them, millionaire or not he looks like an Asian Pillsbury Doughboy.

  • C

    Most people commenting “it’s not rape” are probably guys. No matter what the situation, no one should be blamed for being raped. Those women were drugged and forced to have sex with him.
    Think of it this way – you have to impress a female boss because you’ll get a job. While you’re talking with her (maybe flirting a little), you take a sip of water and BAM. Next thing you know, you are lying in a bed while the boss is pushing a dildo into your bum and you can’t do anything about it. Is it your fault cause you agreed to meet her and flirted with her?

    • Rick in China

      I can imagine what the next 3 letters of your name are.

      You are *assuming* he drugged or raped anyone. Think about the situation. You think he needs to spend literally tens of thousands at clubs, in addition needing to “slip something into their water”, in order to get bar skanks to suck his dick? Do the videos show girls passed out having dildos stuffed into their bum by ‘the boss’ as you seem to conclude based on, nothing? Or would it be much more logical that he picked up girls by flashing tons of cash and secretly filmed them, which while immoral, is a far cry from secretly drugging water and ramming dildos in the ass of passed out victims.

      Rape is brutal and disgusting. Calling anything where the women regret their actions when it becomes public knowledge rape demeans people who were truly raped.

      • Getrealson

        “I can imagine what the next 3 letters of your name are!”


      • Deepzen

        A brilliant retorte to an asinine comment sir.

      • mr. wiener

        Maybe it’s his last name and his first name is “Dumb”.

    • Boris

      I’d be thinking Christmas had come early.

      • Rick in China

        Apparently so did this dude…

  • FYIADragoon

    “Raped.” So thats what they’re calling it when they bang a guy who has cash and then “regret” it later.

  • BigJ

    You do know who is blame here?????……Them sandal wearing, goldfish tending Japanese dogs!!!!!!Also Americans had a hand in this too…..They must have….No Chinese or Taiwanese would ever do something like this….first diaoyu islands and now this….The Japanese and american imperialist must pay for their crimes against the middle kingdom!!!!

    Oh shit….sorry I blacked out there….I was watching CCTV and the next things I knew I was sitting infront of my computer with this on my screen……The scary thing is i’m white!!!!!;)>

  • Zappa Frank

    i’m quite sure in Italy he could have a good politic career.

    • themig

      woooeoooeeee!!! dem Berlescuni did have a good time with 17 year old moroccan girls plus they were legal age in italy

  • BigJ

    What is this guy being charged with?? Rape or filming sexual acts without the other parties consent?? Something about this doesn’t seem right…how can someone rape 50 or 60 woman since 2008 and no one hears anything about this?? And not just regular whores…like models and actresses….these woman would have all went to the police right away….and since he is rich that is even more reason to go to the police. Filming everything he did is probably going to be the only thing that saves him. And well if he did rape and drug these girl…may he burn in hell.It seems only 2 girls said anything about it.And im sure he told the 2 girls he filmed it and they can accuse him rape. So they gave up knowing they can’t lie about what he did.
    Maybe i’m wrong…But the police have all the tapes….so we will see what come to light with all this.If he did indeed film 60 rapes then my god this man would be fucked.

    • womo

      You should read about the Sandusky trials in the US. What were there…8+ child victims over the course of decades? Most never even came to police until they were young adults.

      • Rick in China

        That’s a really fucked up and unfortunate case. Not even related to this one in circumstance, by a LONG way.

        He was an adult in a position of respect and power (as a coach) to the victims. Other faculty and other people covered up / blatantly ignored his absolutely disgusting and rapey behaviors. The kids didn’t have any outlets to go, likely feeling how could they say anything that felt wrong when it was against someone who many people in the community and schools, likely their own fathers, looked up to as a sports hero and legend? That feeling of helplessness those kids must have experienced is heartbreaking.

        In this case, it’s just a playboy using daddy’s money at a club to show off his ‘bling’, but instead of gold chains and diamond grills, he’s considering bushy bar skanks as supplements for his own lack of self-esteem and success. Out of all those women, if they were truly “raped”, speaking out against rich “rapist” usually equates to lots of money in a private and out of court settlement, easy pickings.

        • womo

          You clearly have no understanding of what rape victims go through. Many children who are raped by their relatives take the “secret” to the grave with them, unless, by some miracle, something happens that prompts them to talk about their sexual abuse. A lot of child rape victims only come out about the ordeal (usually by the time they’ve grown into ADULTS) when it turns out that other people around them also admit to sexual abuse from the same relative. Get it in your fucking head. Even adults will keep quiet about being raped until someone else takes the first step forward.

          • bigJ

            Child cases, these are completely unrelated. You cannot consider the rape of a child within this case as there were no children involved.

          • Rick in China

            I never said people who get raped have issues coming forward.

            I said girls who get drunk with rich guys at clubs then leave with them to their home/hotel, even if they’re extremely drunk or got high on something else – is a far fetch from being sexually abused by a relative as a child, being aggressively raped by a stranger, or any other “real” form of rape. Saying “yah that rich guy fucked me when I was drunk” after some photos/videos released is a way to cash in when they failed to cash in before. That’s it. Stop demeaning RAPE victims by saying this rich kid is the same as someone like, fucking, SANDUSKY Get that through your fucking head, “womo”.

  • k

    Any woman with common sense knows guys like this guy, ridiculously wealthy and young, tend to be womanizers, sleeze bags, and generally arrogant and immoral as hell. These women are not victims, they are whores who tried to get some money from a rich guy cause I doubt they were giving him ***** for his awesome personality and good looks. They were trying to use him as much as he was using them…scum go with scum. On a side note….this man’s penis must hate him for being with so many dirty women.

    • BigJ

      Ah nice:) A girl who understands how the world works ;)

    • Rick in China


    • Bo Xilai For Emperor

      Women with logic name “K” who also appreciates good food is HOT!!! I guess it’s time for me to kick all these other clubbing girls to the curb….

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      I disagree. If this mans penis had a hand, they would be high fiving the shit out of each other.

      • k

        No your penis will high five the shit out of you when you r banging hot women like Eddison Chen did with Maggie Q…..not every Taiwanese bar whore thst comes along….this mans penis needs a shot of pennicillin not a high five.

      • Deepzen

        Amen brother! My dick sure thanks me for the 50-60 bitches we went through in the last couple years, and oddly enough, being as he doesn’t have eyes he could give two shits if any of them weren’t up to snuff beauty-wise…(hey let’s be honest, after a few days dry, they ALL look good). Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a little kid or has never owned/been-owned-by a penis.

        • markx

          You sound like such a nice person, Deepzen … and very deep indeed.

          • Deepzen

            Thanks= Philosophy Major gone wrong :) One gets to a certain point in ones own outro/introspective navel gazing where one realizes…. Oh wait! We’re animals :)

    • Middle Kingdum

      Confucius say woman named K. very wise. Maybe she speak of experience that poor broke men of ChinaSmack lack.

    • womo

      Did you not read the article? Because in the article it says he pretended to take on “the appearance of a polite and modest and devoutly religious gentleman” when he met women. Not all wealthy young men are bad, a lot of them are spoiled but if the other guy is PRETENDING to be something he’s not (moral, a gentleman, modest, polite), you’re not going to pick up on the sleezyness. >.> These women ARE victims. Just because SOME of them might’ve been gold diggers doesn’t take away from the fact that they were DRUGGED and raped. Idiot.

      • bigJ

        “Alleged” “Seems to be” “According to sources”

        These are the words used. You cannot take sides yet. There is no evidence to guarantee he is a rapist. Immediately siding with the females and saying they were drugged and raped is part of the problem when people report rape.

        People have been know to lie about rape so you have to be in the gray area when deciding if he is guilty or not.

      • Boris

        ALL men pretend to be ‘moral, gentlemanly, modest and polite’. If I told you about my obsession with bukkake and midgets on a first date, you may have some understandable reservations about letting me bang you. That doesn’t make me a rapist. How many of these girls told him, ‘You’ve got a head shaped like a coconut, and a chin that’s receding more quickly than your hairline’? None. Why? In these kind of situations honesty doesn’t get you what you want to get.

        • bigJ

          Hahaha…too funny.

      • k

        Look I understand that there are plenty of legit rape victims in the world, I myself was almost raped in Korea last year walking home but I also understand that there are plenty of women who cry rape but only out of spite, bitterness, vindictiveness,and greed. Just read a case about a young 18 yr old man whose ex gf cried rape, got him sentenced to 6 yrs in prison which he served all 6 yrs, lost his football scholarship to college and 6 yrs later the woman admitted she complety lied because she was mad he was with another woman……women like that are just as evil as any rapist. There has been no rape proven in this case and its all alleged and if you actually go and look at the pics and vids this man had it looks like these women knew damn well they were being photographed. He wouldnt be the first rich guy that women have brought false allegations of rape against to try to extort money from. Women arent always the victims you know.

        • jeffli

          totally agree,
          In fact it is one of the oldest scams in the book in Asia.
          this has happened to a colleague in Singapore.

          Its a pity these women act like this as it makes it more difficult for legitimate rape cases.

        • k

          and by the way i wasnt calling you names…and im not an idiot. Just because you dont like what I said doesnt mean you should resort to name calling out of your own frustrations.

      • Deepzen

        Since you don’t seem to have any idea about what actually constitutes rape, and yet can’t seem to refrain from opening your cocksucker and revealing your ignorance to the world, I have a great suggestion for you :) You can just go rape yourself! It’s easy, you can just lie and misrepresent yourself to yourself and say,”I’m a smart well informed person with a valid opinion!”…. then you can jam a pickle up your ass and claim you never saw it coming…. If you do it on film, later you can bring yourself to court and claim you’re a victim.

        • k

          Ah the internet and anon commentators…..the cess pool of human existence….It always amazes me at how violent and grotestque the language becomes on the internet, stuff I couldn’t even dream of saying to someone in real life….sometimes it’s scary to think there are real people behind those words who live in society around other real people…so much anger and vile…I’m glad i don’t work with you.

  • Jay K.

    this news doesnt tell all the story, because the videos and photos of him being put out on the internet, seem that quite a few girls knew about it and didnt care. the ones acting innocent were later found out to be looking to be part of the video fame.

    then again as stated he did drug rape some of those girls, his gf is a known drug addict and isn’t he a pusher of drugs also or something?

    anyways for you peepz out there that have VPN service just go to:

    and you can view all the photos/videos the of the girls he enjoyed himself with

    • k

      I regret clicking that link….I saw drunk girls sleeping with tiny penis in mouth, lots of pics of his tiny dick (dude needs a trim), lots of black hairy bushes (those girls need a razor…), bad makeup, more tiny dick, lots of small boobs, alot of those pics those girls knew they were being photographed and willingly posed, and more tiny hairy dick…..money apparently cant buy that asshole a razor.

      • Rick in China

        Money can buy him a razor. Don’t be silly.

        Money can’t buy him style, taste, or confidence enough to look for a woman who challenges him and complements him in a real relationship rather than having to try to show off his Daddy’s bling via camming half-attractive club sluts and showing the world.

    • Harland

      THANK you.

      This thread was useless without pics!

  • Getrealson

    “I can imagine what the next 3 letters of your name are!”


  • “Taiwanese playboy drugged, raped, and filmed…”
    Aw, poor guy. Why would someone do this to him?

  • MrT

    I bet they didn’t feel a thing.

    • MrT

      the first picture she is looking for is dck.

  • Almond

    The lot of you who victim blame by excusing this guy by talking about how all the girls must have been whores or should have known what they were getting into are pretty much the prime example of the ‘gross foreigner’. You lot think you aren’t sexist or racist but with some of the stuff I fucking see here sometimes you make it pretty obvious that you are all those things.

    • Harland

      Doesn’t it feel good to get up on your high horse and look down on other, lesser humans, and then tell them they’re horrible people? You have a lot in common with bible thumpers, much more than you would ever admit.

  • Cleo

    This is a pretty offensive way to inform the Chinese readership of Japan’s “100 beheaders club” – but let’s table that for a wikileaks discussion.

    First, this is not only sick but suicidal behavior. So he’s savoring the violation post-mortem? Thank god, he didn’t also murder his victims like his Japanese counterparts. I am not making fun or dragging the Japanese into this. HIS behavior just like Charles Ng by keeping it within the circle of Chinese aggression within its own ethnic circle of victims educates us about what the Japanese do to us – because subconsciously, we don’t hold the Japanese by the standards than we do actual human beings. That’s why I want to smack David Chang for repackaging so much Chinese cuisine for Momofuku but I also want to pat him on the back and buy his kids toys because he like so many other public Korean faces do exactly what the Japanese do on a much smaller scale so Chinese aggravation can be voiced, collected and focused against Korean absconding when we are totally silent and seemingly indifferent to the Japanese theft of our heritage. Koreans are so aggravating but probably heroic.

    Second, this culprit’s face is very boring to me – very doughy and standardized so I didn’t read the news about him on chinahush.com. This is very similar to the Edison Chen news right? I’ve said it before Akihito is holding the film footage of the YEARS of rape in China and the decades in Korea – there is Comfort Women testimony that they were forced to perform. Hashimoto can forget about wheeling out some samples where the rape victims were so repressed and obedient – that’s not a volunteer hooker – that is still a kidnapped Corean daughter in fear for her life and blank face from prolonged sustained torment and terror. You have Books of Blood in celluloid form. We have every episode of Criminal Minds educating people with souls and characters to understand how and why you CONTINUE to do what you do.

    I wish I could choose the words that would tear a hole in Akihito’s brain to properly effect and traumatize him the way I and the rest of us have been traumatized. I wish I could tear you a new asshole. You deserve a bullet in YOUR head and you should survive it so we could take turns taking our own sweet time with you. What your family did to Queen Min and Empress Wang Rong to the JOY of your ugly beast whore of mother is more than enough.

    But you must have been watching QE2 and the Thai Royal Family all this time. Your satellites are that good which means you violated Mrs. Clinton and Angela Merkel but most importantly, you MUST have been looking impolitely at the Saxe Coburgs, the Prince of Hanover, the Hapsbergs.

    And you know you must be vulnerable to wikileaks. It took Jin Yong almost ten years to debut the Invincible East character after Akihito somehow sent alarm bells when he appeared in England for the first time. There was something about him that was all of Hirohito’s rage and frustration and venom manifested in that young person’s face that sent the Allies into overdrive. This one is even worse.

    They don’t act bankrupt moving onto Diaoyutai like that. That’s not how someone worried about money behaves. So why the big news for the benefit of the Japanese public that they don’t have enough money – but they’re still spending.

    The last time they made big fuss and made their citizens memorize the spiel about not having enough money was when they started invading Asia. They even promote it now on NHK World News saying that they were in the midst of trying to surrender the war once they had acquired enough natural resources but the Americans wouldn’t let them.




    Now Al Jazeerah also recently ran a piece for their audience that the Japanese police tend to have a second career after retirement working FOR the yakuza as “consultants.” So I think the Muslims are worried to specifically in ASEAN where the Muslim communities and families are SO tight knit and so concerned for one another that if they have a goblin infestation, the news is going to cross all of the Muslim world.

    So everyone is worried and keeping it out of the news but naturally, a normal person does not want to see goblins entrenched – these neighbors don’t just covet their neighbor’s possessions – they rape our children.

    Akihito has to be keeping the Books of Blood on his residential grounds because he would always want them within arm’s reach for perusal – that’s a lot of storage space – so those vaults have to be underground because otherwise his property would have HUGE structures where the contents would be visible from above.

    Why did it take ten years for Jin Yong to present Dongfang Bubai – what did they need to do in ten years to understand Akihito?

  • redgirl

    He, is one creepy, manky, Attention Whore! Just Fkn creepy. Pukes.

  • Cleo

    So my comment gets blocked if I write out Voldemort’s real name, huh?

    Okay, is Voldemort or his twincest or chickenlover sons members of the “100 beheaded club” in Japan? Interesting how that just got worked into this sensationalist news story. And of course, 100 beheaded refers to the Japanese policy on China -so that’s a social meme in Japan, is it?

    • Dr SUN

      Cleo, that’s you in video 6, right ?

  • Asis

    Shouldn’t we be asking how he managed to be so prolific for so long?
    Doesn’t this highlight the problem of unreported sex crimes here?

    Face culture/veneration of wealth/no faith in the legal system/sexist society/lack of civic mindedness; for whatever reason, I am willing to bet there are thousands of sex crimes everyday that go unreported here.

    In fact I’m sure cos nrly every Chinese person I have become close with tells me a disgusting story about some boss/teacher/doctor/uncle in their life getting away with murder.

  • The Enlightened One

    I don’t how so many people can be so damn stupid.

    Drugging a girl and having sex with her is RAPE. Dumb fucking morons!

    She could of just been having a drink with him or working as a hostess… then offered a drink with some drug in it and everyone acts like it is her fault. That’s why a lot of women never go to the police and why this shit works. Because there are tons of retards that blame the girl…

    Seriously, whoever says they weren’t raped needs to kill themselves and good riddance.

    • Rick in China

      The reason you’re a fucking idiot is because you are PRESUMING the worst circumstance, with zero evidence to support it. Showing a girl naked passed out on a bed doesn’t = drugged by this dude and raped. Girls sleeping & girls unconscious looks surprisingly similar. Yes, you can even poke sleeping people on the mouth with a chopstick and it’s possible they don’t wake up, SHOCKING!

      So, “whoever says they WEREN’T raped” = you should kill *yourself*, and good riddance. Rather, be more intelligent in your phraseology, and say “we don’t have enough evidence to say they were drugged or raped, and while it’s possible, it’s equally possible they were just bar sluts picked up by a flashy-money-dropper and fucked/secretly cammed, which is unscrupulous but not rape. We don’t know and can’t say either way.”

      • womo

        Rick, you’re probably one of those people who don’t believe that a wife can be raped by her husband. Go try to be more intelligent in your “phraseology” yourself.

        • Rick in China

          Another stupid presumption. No, *OF COURSE* a wife can be raped by her husband, but enjoy your straw man arguments to create my position for me, sure does show how logical and clear minded you are in your points.

      • The Enlightened One

        The focus of my point is people who say that just because it seems like a girl wants it, then rape is okay. Many comments seem to support the fact that the girls are all whores and deserved what happened to them.

        It’s like they don’t understand that a drug can inhabit your judgement and thus manipulating the women to engage in sexual activity. This is rape. That’s what I am mad at!

        If a girl has an orgasm, moans or says she wants it after being drugged can still be strongly considered rape. If he drugged her, he took away her ability to use good judgement and consciously defend herself, it is not much different from physically holding a girl down and forcing her. The only difference is you attack the mind rather than the body. Drugging a girl or getting her drunk makes it a lot easier.

        Rape is such a shitty crime. It’s very difficult to prove, so most of the victims just try to forget about it. Drugging a girl makes it easier because the drugs usually pass through the system by the time the girl works up enough courage to say she was raped and there are no physical marks that suggest violence.

        The men will try to make the women feel guilty for even considering it was rape and the women don’t want to bring shame on their family. Then we got society saying these girls deserve what they get… I feel bad for these women. If this man committed this crime and drugged these girls, he is scum.

        Men that think it isn’t a big deal are cowards and loathsome creatures. You should see what they do to rapists and child molesters in jail.

        • Rick in China

          I’m not a “rape-apologist” nor do I think anywhere along the lines of “well she was wearing a short skirt, she must have expected it”. Don’t pin me in that hole. I’m agree that IF he drugged them and they didn’t know about it – that’s rape. That’s not proven to be the case. That’s a presumption because some of the girls look way out of it in photos. That could just as easily be them after a long night of partying and fucking and being asleep, while he snuck in some seedy camera shots with his dick against their lips.

          We’re not on different sides, your point “If this man committed..and drugged these girls, he is scum” – is no different than mine. I’m saying that lots of the photos girls are smiling and taking pictures together. I’m saying that it’s COMMON in CLUBS for girls to get loaded and seek out rich VIP tables and spread their legs hoping to get some entry into a world of wealthier people. If you disagree with this you’re not very well versed in clubs and females in clubs. If you think this guy, who obviously spent a fucking ridiculous amount of money at clubs, regardless of how ugly one may say he is – wouldn’t have MANY options of FULLY willing participants to go home with him at the end of any given night, I’d say you have no concept of reality in clubbing scenes.

          Did he rape them? I don’t know. Did they participate willingly? I don’t know. Neither do you.

          The facts we have are he went clubbing every night spent a shitload of money and was known as a playboy/rich kid, so the opportunities existed to bring home fully willing skanks every single night – and it’s odd that when photos/videos start leaking to the public that people start saying “rape”. Usually they say “rape” earlier, hoping for rich kids out of court settlement. As an “enlightened one”, I’d imagine you’d not jump to conclusion and pass judgement on a situation you’ve no facts to support either way, other than a quick blurb and some images that he snuck in in some cases without their knowledge and in others with apparent participation.

          • The Enlightened One

            Well, it’s good we agree on the areas that rapists are one form of the lowest of scum. However, you keep suggesting the girls he meets are after his money or “skanks”. This is damaging as many of the girls work in those clubs are NOT like this.

            Many of them just want to meet new people, or need the money. But they get thrown into the mix of whores, skanks, gold-diggers and that they deserve it. You should see both sides. Maybe he forces himself on girls that don’t want to be with him then bribes them later after drugging them.

            In all honestly, I believe it is a mixture of both scenarios… the problem is that ONE is illegal.

          • Rick in China

            The girls he is drugging and taking home WORK at the clubs? and just need the money? Hm…. I see no evidence or suggestion he was banging waitresses? Wouldn’t that be hugely irresponsible and partially to blame on the security and other workers at the club? More presumptions, these ones I think are factually very wrong, it mentions singers and actresses not waitresses and bartenders.

            I *am* suggesting many of the girls he would encounter at a club would be skanks who see someone dropping tons of money and want in. Why? I’ve been in circumstance where friends and I were in the roped off VIP section of say, M1NT in Shanghai, stacked with bottles, and had women trying to chat their way up into our circle in droves. I’m suggesting that it’s *POSSIBLE* that he ‘slipped’ drugs into random girls drinks, but it would absolutely not be necessary in his case, and if he did that’s even a much further, extreme, and intentional indication of perversion. I’m suggesting we have no proof to indicate he drugged women without their knowledge, only speculation because some of them look super KO’d when he was snapping nude shots, but that it’s also easily explainable as a girl at 6am sleeping off her hard evening out. Unless we have *facts*, not speculation, to support rape, how can we as modern and civil people jump to that conclusion and hang him before he’s proven guilty? As.. enlightened ones…how is that a just course of action?

          • Deepzen

            Completely agree with Rick. You can NEVER jump to conclusions in China= far too many variables at play. And what seems clear/black and white in the West is often complicated as FUCK here. Learn the culture before you preach.

    • linette

      sex without consent = rape

      Facts sheet about rape


      • linette

        You know how many times men came up to me and offer to buy me drinks at the bar in restaurants. Most of the time I decline but sometimes I accept their offer. I always make sure I have my hands holding my drink so nobody can slip tablet into it. I don’t leave my drink around. If I have to go to restroom when I come back I will get another drink. Girls must understand how to protect themselves. Men can get you drunk or drug you and take you back to their car or hotel and rape you. And they will say you want it because you accept their drink.

        • Rick in China

          That’s exactly how you *should* behave at a club Linette. More parents need to teach their children this kind of common sense.. it’s kind of shocking how many people just don’t give a shit about their own security or health and end up getting in situations they never expected.

          • The Enlightened One

            I agree with you there. I also hate “I am the poor victim” mentality.

            If guys stop being asshole rapists… and girls stop being so reliant on others for their safety (take up martial arts and learn to protect and keep yourself safe) then we would see a lot less of this crap.

          • Rick in China

            In addition to your 2nd paragraph, if other people out partying see a girl in a very precarious circumstance – rather than ignore it, go fucking help them. If a guy is dragging a girl who looks clearly out of it from a club, stop them. It’s putting yourself in danger, but let HER say “i’m with him”, “he’s my boyfriend”, “it’s OK I’m fine” etc…if people actually do shit like this, it would also help contribute to fewer of these kind of situations.

          • The Enlightened One

            I agree with you there. But ultimately it is up the to girl to make certain she is in control at all times…

            Like you mention… if somehow she got slipped something without her knowing. Then yeah, don’t just believe the guy that says “I’m her brother taking her home.” Ask her yourself, and if she is totally out of it, then see if she has any friends or anyone in the bar knows her and the guy are brothers before letting the guy run off and rape her.

            One time, a buddy of mine left his girl at the bar. Didn’t even say anything. We just met her (my other buddy and I) and didn’t know her well. She was pissed drunk and wanted to drive home.

            Our buddy gave us a ride initially, but the asshole took off. So anyway, we were talking to her in the parking lot and a group of guys come up and say… “Hey dude, we will give her a drive.” My and my buddy told them to fuck off. We walked her home (it wasn’t far) and she got home safe. Got mad at my buddy for being an asshole because she clearly relied on him to keep her safe.

            I think situations happen like this, where a girl goes with her buddies and her buddies end up ditching her for guys or whatever reason and she is left alone and drunk. Easy pickings for coward rapists or drunk jerks looking to have fun.

    • bigJ

      “Drugging a girl and having sex with her is RAPE.”
      Yes, you are 100% right.
      But is this the case here?Do you know for sure that he did these things?
      This guy taped everything so the proof is in the videos. I know people passed out from booze and we drew on his face, put tooth paste in his nose and moved him from one area to anouther and he has no clue what was going on or even showed any sign of life at all. Just from being drunk. Now having sex with someone in this state is wrong 100%. But I would not go as far as saying he “drugged” them without proof. I have to say im on the fence on this story….until I see proof and not speculation. I not defending this guy but how many times have the rich and famous been falsely accused of rape becouse the the woman can benifit finacially from it? Just google it.

  • Jack

    Had seen some of the videos, about 21 of them. I would say about half were “drugged and raped” cases. A couple of them were unconscious when he did it.

    • Rick in China

      Possibly. Having a girl semi-passed out or even fully passed out after a night of heavy partying and fucking clearly isn’t something you’ve experienced, but it does not require drugs for them to be in that state. He probably already had his fun with them, then when they’re KO’d for the night decided it was the safest time to bust out the camera and snap some shots.

      I’m not defending him, just trying to logically determine what happened. He may have drugged them. If he did he should be imprisoned for such. I’m just saying the situation above doesn’t indicate he drugged them and is 100% a speculation.

      • The Enlightened One

        Are you kidding me?

        It sounds like you are trying to make excuses for having a passed-out girl in your bed and taking advantage of her… This really shows your character.

        “Having a girl semi-passed out or even fully passed out after a night of heavy partying and fucking clearly isn’t something you’ve experienced, but it does not require drugs for them to be in that state. ”

        Sounds like you know this well, no wonder you are defending him.

        Sure, it is possible what you say… did happen… but that doesn’t excuse him for his actions. He is still a pathetic piece of shit that suggestively RAPED unconscious women.

        This is exactly why most women don’t bring rape cases to court… EVERYTHING IS speculation. It’s the man’s responsibility not to bring drunk-ass women home to bed when they aren’t consciously certain of what they are doing!!

        But cowardly little bitches (men) I guess think it’s no big deal to bang drunk, drugged women.

        • Rick in China

          In my 10+ years hitting bars/clubs, yes, I’ve had drunken stupors where I’ve woken up next to women where I didn’t remember their names or the exact circumstance. That’s different than being sober and intentionally getting a woman shitfaced/drugged up and tricking her or dragging her home and having your way with her. You’re very enlightened indeed, more straw man arguments creating nonsense circumstances to pin a position on someone that is absolutely incorrect.

          • The Enlightened One

            Oh ho ho…

            I have been hitting bars/clubs for 10+ years as well. Saying you were drunk yourself is probably one of the BIGGEST excuses men make for doing anything wrong. Actually, it is no different because you know you lose control when you drink and thus shouldn’t DRINK so damn much. These are things you usually hear:

            I shot someone because… I was drunk.
            I cheated on my wife because… I was drunk.
            I beat up some dude because… I was drunk.
            I ran over those kids because… I was drunk.
            I slept with tons of strangers because… I was drunk.

            Well, how about… DON’T GET DRUNK and stick to a level of toxicity where you can still make sound judgement. Is that too difficult? Yeah, you could just NOT GET DRUNK lol… imagine that?

          • bigJ

            @The Enlightened One
            Come on buddy…..You think only guys make these excuses??

            I wish a had dollar for everytime i heard a girl say…

            I sucked off 3 guys in the bathroom of the bar becouse….I was drunk
            I got gangbanged at this party becouse…..I was drunk
            I made out with this girl becouse…I was drunk
            I tossed this guy salad becouse…..I was drunk
            I let a rich guy do whatever he wanted to do to me becouse….I was drunk.
            I passed out and had a guy “tea bag” me while he filmed it becouse…..I was drunk
            It is a very good excuse for doing fucked up things and not wanted to be blamed or take responsability for your own actions.
            Now if he drugged the girls…Then I take back all I said because then the guy is shit crazy perv and had no reason to drug the woman to get what he wanted….money would have worked just as well.

          • bigJ

            “because” lol

          • bigJ

            One way or the other this guy did do something illegal. By either raping girls or filming them without them knowing. To jump right to the conclution that he drugged and raped 60 woman without having proof is not right either. I do hope the truth comes out and this guy gets what is coming to him. Good or bad.

          • Rick in China

            It’s 100% *bad*, nothing good coming to this guy – but we’re in agreement that until he’s proven to have drugged/raped them we can only really say he filmed them without consent..

          • Rick in China Those early days of expatriatism… Plus the post-hangover sex is simply phenomenal.

      • Memnoch87

        Even if the girl is “only” passed out from drinking and clubbing….. it is still rape.
        If she is passed out in his house and in his bed it is rape.

        If you cannot give consent….. it is rape.

        This is the first time I have ever posted on this site and all I want to do is express disgust in so many of you!

        Does it make it easier to label these girls whores? Because they possibly enjoy living a lifestyle that you disagree with their rape is somehow deserved? I am especially surprised by some of the women on here who are so completely lacking empathy.

        • The Enlightened One

          Yeah, I bet they would sing a different tune if they wore a sexy outfit to a club and took a drink from a man then woke up and the guy starts saying…

          “Well, we were both drunk and you were wearing that sexy outfit, just begging for it. So let’s just say we had a good time and not make a big thing about it.” – Signed, the Gentlemen Rapist.

        • Rick in China

          Memnoch87, you’re twisting words.

          Obviously sticking your dick in any passed out person IS RAPE. Nobody is saying otherwise. I said the girls are passed out in his photos – he took naked pictures of them, that’s disgusting. That’s not rape. IF he fucked them while they were KO’d and unaware that they were at his place with the intention of or already having had sex that’s rape. We’re not on opposite spectrums, we’re just imagining different circumstance, and from that comes this whole argument. Nobody *deserves* to be raped, except maybe rapists.

          One point I argued is that if a girl gets drunk or high and makes a POOR DECISION, that she later regrets, and says she wasn’t in the mental capacity to make a sound decision – one she would not regret, can she then say she was raped? Flip this on its head, and consider it the other way, any drunk guy who makes a poor decision could just say “Well, I was too drunk to make a sound decision, so I’m not responsible.”. Done.

          I’m not saying that this *was* how it went down. You can’t say how it went down either. None of us here can. We can look at the *facts* and speculate, we can look at the facts and argue, but the fact is, there aren’t facts to support whether this was really rape or consented drunken party sex other than a couple embarrassed women with videos/photos leaked on the net saying “I didn’t agree to that and he drugged me.”

  • womo

    omg @ this comment: ” In all honesty you can’t completely blame him either. After all, those girls see he is rich and therefore try to get closer to him, so who’s to blame? Gold-diggers. ”

    What a disgusting look at the situation. Don’t blame the victims. Rape is rape.

    I bet using a date rape drug was the only way he could get a majority of women where he wanted them. He looks like a fucking loser.

    • Rick in China

      Um, >$67k USD bar tab? Have you even been in Asia, China? Taiwan?

      Drop $2k usd at a club, get yourself a VIP table and couple bottles, and you’ll have pussy hanging off your ugly mug no matter how ugly, retarded, or slimy you look. That’s just how it is. Women at clubs tend to gather around where they feel they can get “in” a rich crowd, and abso-fucking-lutely look at people dropping big dollars as potential prizes to be had should they spread their legs. It requires a few bottles of Moet, not rohypnol.

      • womo

        Why the fuck are you even defending this loser. You seem pretty hung up on the women in this story. I bet the only reason you’d love to rationalize that these women are “sluts” is because it boggles your mind why a fucking loser like the fucker in this article can fuck women, but you can’t.

        Even if this guy raped a handful of women out of the 50-60 cases reported, he still deserves what’s coming to him.

        Go fuck yourself, you sound like you need some stress relief.

        • Chris

          Stop crying, jesus

          • The Enlightened One

            But Jesus cries for your sins.

        • Rick in China

          I agree. “IF”.

          If he raped ONE person, he deserves what is coming to him. I’m not in disagreement.

          I think this guy is a clown, a loser at best, and a horrible person – not because of “rape”, because that’s speculation – but because he used his Daddy’s money to appear to be a ballin’ player when in fact was a far cry from that, and did something which I despise – secretly film or take photos of women who didn’t know about it. I am not defending his “rape”, because that’s not a fact – it’s speculation, I deal in facts womo, not speculation.

      • Deepzen

        Dude, Rick why are you bothering to argue with these jackasses?
        Obviously most of what they say would be at least PARTIALLY true in the West. BUT China ISN’T THE FUCKING WEST!!! People like K, womo or the The Apologist One haven’t acclimatized to China. If they get out and live a non-sheltered life with open eyes MAYBE one day they’ll actually see the real situation. Until then they’ll just bitch and moan whilst looking at a a Chinese situation with foreign eyes. Which is really cute and all, but ultimately laughable and slightly annoying. Like watching a puppy piss on the floor….

        • The Enlightened One

          Because it’s called a debate. Where both sides present logical facts to support their claims and opinions.

          Why don’t you (whoever you are) present your opinion rather than just bashing people with an opinion that clashes with yours?

          This isn’t about Chinese (by the way, some consider Taiwan to not be China and would be insulted) vs. Foreign culture. This article isn’t even about mainland China yet your remarks go totally off basis and remark how we “haven’t acclimatized to China”. What does that have to do with anything?

          It’s like a bothersome co-worker that has no opinion yet berates another co-worker (unknown) about knowing nothing of Kenya when two other co-workers they were talking about an event Madagascar.

          They are very different places (Taiwan and China Mainland). You would know that if you weren’t an ignorant jackass.

          • Deepzen

            A debate? I just call it “pouring napalm on a campfire”:) You’re absolutely right, Tiawan is a COMPLETELY different place from China… Not a single Han on the island… They never went there and never took their thousands of years of shared culture with them… Just like Austria and Germany are so VERY different… I didn’t have to state my views ’cause some guy named”Rick” has already beat you over the head with the sealing-club of good sense repeatedly. I was just enjoying watching you smugly deny reality from a Western liberal viewpoint(which I happen to mostly share), and the fact that I would have whole-heartedly agreed with YOU in my pre-China life just makes it all the sweeter. Honestly the entire culture is so incredibly and overwhelmingly materialistic that the average NORMAL taxi driver or street vendor makes a dyed-in-the-wool American corporate raider look like a fucking flower carrying, bead wearing hippie. So while, yeah if you transposed this story on a WESTERN environment, this guy would probably win “douche of the year”, and he most DEFINITELY would be a rapey perv, here in the East, he’s kind of a run-of-the-mill dork. And while I don’t necessarily agree with all of Rick’s language, I understand COMPLETELY the point he’s trying to impress upon the deaf ears in this crowd; i.e. gold-digging is a (can’t say national), Cultural preoccupation on an abso-fucking-lutely disgusting level over here. Sorry to rain piss on your parade and rub shit on your rose tinted glasses there ace, but truth is truth.
            Oh, and where does the “ignorant jackass” bit coming from? That’s just hurtful bro! I’m all broke up :( Did the “Apologist One” bit hurt his wittle feewings? Hahaha, yes insulting people over the internet is the TRUE hallmark of an “Enlightened” mind bro! You keep down that path and one day you might be able to go to Chinese occupied Tibet and get proclaimed a Lama :)
            Good luck judging other cultures from the lofty heights of your own cultural values Oh great Swami ;)

      • George Harrison

        Rick, are you this much of a cunt in real life or do you just limit it to the internet? It’s funny how women are ‘sluts’ or ‘skanks’ for enjoying sex, but you don’t use the same language with this fuck. Is he not a ‘skank’? Then again, you’re obviously a puritan, misogynist cock so you probably see a distinction between the two behaviors. But hey, let’s wait for the evidence, even though 50-60 women have come forward (there must be a lot of bad decision making going around, eh?) and the fact the vast majority of rape cases are thrown out in favour of the perpetrator.

        • k

          You know, cunt is not a very nice word to call someone, I hope your mother didn’t teach you that. Rick is simply defending another POV to this story and I doubt he follows the puritanical belief system and I don’t think he’s a giant penis walking around….but speaking about misogynist language, I think cunt is a pretty demeaning and misogynist word too. But what do I know, I’m only a woman. Of course this man is a “skanky slut” as well, and yes, I could actually see 60 women who frequent bars as bad decision makers. It’s very possible. And Rick is actually defendier of justice…see it’s just as immoral and wrong to convict someone without absolute proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed a crime in a trial that is judged by a jury….that’s how the justice system works and should work because many innocent men and women go to prison for crimes they did not committ and their lives are ruined because of it. Rick is simply saying “before you decide to hang him and torch him, let’s give him a trial to make sure before we ruin his life, he actually is guilty as determined in the court of law and not the Chinasmack comment section”………………

          • Rick in China

            Thank you K, you actually GET my point. In addition, I absolutely think this guy is a disgusting piece of shit – just from filming girls without their knowledge – as I’ve said several times in this thread, George Harrison just reads bits and pieces then goes off on a rant I suppose.

            Girls and guys can both be sluts, absolutely..but I guess George likes to presume as much about my perspective as he does about this story.

            50-60 women didn’t “come out”, “two sisters” did, a couple months ago – presumably what started the whole arrest & seizure. The story says that 50-60 women were FILMED/discovered on his computer in well organized folders. I admit I didn’t watch any videos, but did scan over the “leaked” images to get a general sense – lots of sleeping women naked on what looks like hotel beds, and some posing with him / happily taking part. That’s the story, George, whatever else you inject is your speculation, and I think it’s best we wait for an actual INVESTIGATOR with *all* of the facts to pass judgement.

            If he raped even only those 2 girls, however, we can all only hope he spends a long time in prison, receiving the same treatment.

  • El Puma R.

    Only the bad guys have fun in China.

    • The Enlightened One

      Well, that’s partially true. The laws don’t seem to protect people here as much as other places, so bad guys do get their way if they have the tact or money.

      • starting

        the bad guys especially this guy are in taiwan outside the CONTROL of CHina.
        he should have gotten his hands on women like this

        • The Enlightened One


          Are you an Asian male and feel the need for revenge of a girl that prefers white men? I read her article and she seems a little weird and her opinions are obviously based on her insecurities but it’s her personal choice and it’s not illegal.

          You sound really insecure too by your statement of pointing out a girl that should be raped because she is a racist against you.

        • starting That woman in your link is clearly not interested in any sex at all as her comments on penises are utterly ludicrous. Women don’t have to make love in order to check out how well as man is endowed. They can do this through dirty dancing and flirty talking, in order to induce an erection in the potential partner.

        • k

          ……so she doesn’t like asian men, so she deserves to be raped? Is that the logic in your post?…..well I would comment, but what the hell, no point anyway………but asian man, it’s ok for asian women not to like asian men…really it’s ok…..let me tell you why, 1) those aren’t the majority of asian women in asia 2) not liking asian men for being asian, well that’s just a personal preference and we all have them. I’m a white girl, I don’t like white men…..never have, white men do zero for me. So I didn’t date white men when I was single, and still don’t care when they hit on me. I also don’t like black men or hispanic men. I happen to love asian men and I’m white….but that doesn’t mean I deserve to be raped by a white guy or black guy or hispanic guy…..

          Seriously let go of the anger toward the chicks who don’t like you, they aren’t obligated to like you because they’re asian and you’re asian.

          but I just wasted 3 mins of my time typing this….::sigh::

          • you assume he would succeed. but i was picturing they would kill each other if both were trapped in the same hotel room

        • Bo Xilai For Emperor

          Where is the key to lock up the village idiot?

  • bigJ

    This guy should have had all the woman sign one of these….

  • Jack

    Some of the posters, please watch those videos yourselves before commenting that these actresses/models were willing participants. Some of the victims were crying, pushing and begging him not to do it. Pretty obvious they were drugged.

    • The Enlightened One

      Exactly, the man is a disgusting rapist. I hope he DOES drop the soap in the shower. Then someone beats him to death.

      You ever watch the movie con-air? It’s like Cryus-the-Virus (John Malkovich) says to that Mexican dude …rapists are like something in-between cockroaches and the stuff that accumulates in the corners of your mouth when you are really thirsty. Just plain scum.

  • wacky

    this is uday where isr qusay to come out

    • wacky

      waiting for qussay to come out and show himself

      • jeffli

        WTF quusaay and uuday?



        • Boris

          …don’t let me catch you kids whacking off in my trailer again…

        • wacky

          finally a qussay, so have you raped anyone today???

          • jeffli

            do you have teepee?
            I command your teepee for I am the great Cornholio!

    • Boris

      …it looks like he spiked you, too.

  • jeffli

    no matter how many of what drug is in my drink (In asia they always put shit in your drink at “special bars”)

    There is noway I would put a D%%% in my mouth or ass! I would not get to the situation.

    Justin: Hey babe come back to my flat.
    me: F%%% off pervert!

    These women freely chose to suck the D***!
    but because its on the net they’re angry and rightfully so.
    Silly girls probably had sniff of a glass of wine then sayin “oOoOoooOoh I’m soOOooOooo sensitive to alcohol ~`o*’….. just one drop and I’m soOoo000oOoo waAasted. any body could just ,.,.,just.,,,just come along and I’d blow them and let them anal me and woooould not know what happened.

    I mean really! girls ! snap out of it!

    I’ve done over a few women I regret:
    (beer googles , blue bawls, paid money -ahh Paris H. I nearly chewed off my right arm in the morning lol) but I never accused them of raping me.

    • k

      Exactly…smart women dont put themselves in the situation where they can easily be taken advantage of and none of these women are young, naive girls…they look like they have played the game for awhile and been around the block enough to know you dont accept drinks from men that you are not 100% sure is clean and you dont leave ur drink unattended and you dont get so wasted you are unconcious and incoherant around men you dont know and you have friends to make sure men arent taking you home and raping you. These women probably disregarded safety due to him flashing money and his family name and probably buying them expensive liqours and foods. But IF the allegations are true that is no excuse for him.

      • jeffli

        an unconscious person can not suck D%%%!,He’s well known as a rich “playboy”

        the ladies (strumpets?) knew what they were doing.
        theres no safety issue – all consenting adults just that he videos them and puts them on the net.

  • Dr SUN

    I think at least one of the girls was willing for a Condo and an apple 3 piece, I recognized her …….. well lets say, bits and bobs.

  • markus

    WHY are the comments from FACEBOOK!?!?!

    facebook is blocked i want comments from the websites used IN China…

    This story has been going on all month and this is how it comes to Chinasmack?…

  • k

    Hey you know what Im gonna do? Wait for the trial and verdict before I say anymore shit about this guy and the allegations against him. Ill side with the jury.

  • Rick Gigahertz

    Just look at him – he couldn’t have had women any other way….

  • Barack Obama

    OK. OK. where are the videos???

    • k

      That’s pretty good lol :)

    • linette

      kopykk. YOu are so crazy. Okay, I did laugh.

  • George Harrison

    If the shoes fits. I’m sure he’s more than capable of defending himself anyhow, he seems to spend enough time on here. Calling someone a skank because they want sex is puritanical, suggesting that there’s something wrong with it. Here in the UK, cunt isn’t considered misogynistic, probably because it’s a just a body part like a cock is and isn’t gender specific. Rick thinks that these women weren’t raped but made ‘bad decisions’ and want to save face now the videos and photos have leaked. Which is obviously daft because 60 women can’t have independently decided to make false allegations of rape at the same time. But then we live in a culture of regarding women who make these claims with suspicion so I’m not surprised people are making light of the situation. I do appreciate you explaining the justice system to me, I was a bit confused about it until now. The problem though, aside from the justice system being useless, is that there is no proof for rape cases, because it’s one person’s word against another. That’s why the rape conviction rate is incredibly low. But that doesn’t apply here, does it, because there’s 60 women and photographic evidence. A jury’s decision doesn’t change that even if they don’t convict him.

    • Rick in China

      Hey George, read the story again, 2 sisters in July made allegations, 60 different women were found to have been filmed since 2008 on his computer. 2 sisters, not 60 “because 60 women can’t have independently decided to make false allegations of rape at the same time” is just showing how you can’t fucking read.

      • jeffli

        Hey Rick in China,
        My dad’s got lots of money, I’ve got lots of money and I’m a famous Playboy.

        If you are passed out unconscious and can still suck D%%% then would like to sleep over?
        I promise I won’t do anything. just talk, drink and let you fall asleep.


        size 9 might suite you?

        • Rick in China

          You’re hilarious Jeff, really! Ingenious and witty, not just rich and famous!

          However, I’m not currently interested in sucking your 9cm Chinese penis, however famous it may be.

  • Olrik

    Ah, c’mon, with his little shriveled up dick he couldn’t have done too much harm…

  • SteveLaudig

    How is this not an execution case should there be conviction/s? We have a serial rapist who, if he had [or developed] an appetite of violence would have become a serial murderer. If not execution, then life without parole at hard labor.

  • Jennster

    ugly ass round face guy

  • fenqing basher


    Ohh uhh how smart you are! Sure that’s the most intelligent thing to do!
    Bravo, bravo, but who in here really cares what you will do or not?

  • jeffli

    come think of it he’s a bit of a spud ain’t he?

    theres proof the girls were either drugged or searching for their keys …lol

    “Hi I’m a famous Taiwanese Playboy would you like to come back to my place? I got a foreign language corner at my place! no really…do you like Greek?” ;-)
    OoOps sorry ……is this what you call a size 9?

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