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Taiwan’s Li Zongrui (aka Justin Lee), the son of wealthy former Yuanta Financial Holding Co (元大金控) board member Li Yueh-tsang, was recently arrested for allegedly drugging and raping over 50-60 women, including several famous models and actresses. Li had recorded each of these trysts and filed them on his computer (specifically 178 photos and 93 videos of 883 minutes of footage totally 27.5 GB filed in 48 different folders), with several of his videos and pictures being leaked to the internet over the past month. Before being arrested, Li was on the run from police for over 20 days.

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Pervert Li Zongrui, 16 Women In A Single Month

Throughout perverted rich kid Li Zongrui’s court case, he has maintained that his films showed recordings of two mutual lovers [mutual consent], but according to news reports, Li Zongrui started making his films as early as 2008, with the number of his drugged and raped victims peaking last year, averaging between two to five each month, and reaching as much as 16 women filmed in a single month, an average of one case every two days. Furthermore, from all the evidence it seems it is “indeed drugged rape”, with experts criticising Li’s behavior as being similar to the so-called “1000 Beheaders” [a term referring to a voyeuristic Japanese men’s club], the perverse behavior of wanting to use wealth and power to prove one’s abilities.

The news report describes the naughty Li Zongrui as having been sent to a well-known Buddhist temple by his father in 2008 for religious education, but this failed to cleanse him of his filthy character. At first Li used his mobile phone to take lewd photos, but possibly because the angle was not good, he later simply used the webcam installed on his computer to take secretly film…

According to the source, some people noticed while analyzing the timestamps of the sex photos that Li Zongrui initially only filmed at most filmed one to two videos a month, but in 2010 after he became famous in the nightclubs, he started drugging and raping women on a larger scale. By last year he had become even more fearless, outwardly the appearance of a polite and modest and devoutly religious gentleman, but secretly tormenting women, once harming 16 girls in one month, only temporarily stopping when he was accused by two sisters last July.

While he temporarily stopped secretly filming, Li Zongrui didn’t actually stop his wicked drugged raping, merely changing from nightclubs to bars, where he still owes a huge bar tab. The Apple Daily yesterday called and interviewed Zi Ling, an employee of Barcelona Bar where Li has an open tab. She said frankly, “Yeah, [Li Zongrui] owes over 2 million [Taiwanese] dollars [>67k USD].

According to sources, Li Zongrui hardly seemed interested in [the sex] but rather focused on whether or not it was being captured on camera, along with the quantity of his leading ladies. Some netizens suspect Li Zongrui has an unusual obsession similar to that of “1000 beheaders”, doing everything he can to collect, record, and file, as if he were collecting stamps or accumulating points, his behavior different from normal people.

In regards to this, Shutian Clinic’s psychiatric department doctor Jiang Hanguang says that secretly filming sexual activities, collecting them, and then arranging them in neat files is considered sexually perversion. “This type of person’s personality is very impulsive, have difficulty controlling their emotions, with the majority being men.” Central Hospital Psychiatric Department Doctor Li Guanghui says Li does this to prove that he can control others, and collects these films to satisfy his voyeuristic desires and make it convenient to continue/relive the voyeurism afterwards.

Gengshen hospital Psychiatric Department doctor Yang Congcai analysed that in Japan was a so-called “100 beheaders club”, who used their wealth to buy sex at various places to prove their abilities, and Li Zongrui’s actions have similar characteristics, with these people all conforming to what sociology calls the “self-actualization” theory, trying to reach the top of the pyramid.

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Hank Tsai:

In all honesty you can’t completely blame him either. After all, those girls see he is rich and therefore try to get closer to him, so who’s to blame? Gold-diggers.

Anna Huang:

Very perverted and very dirty.

Cherry Chen:

Work [have sex] one day, rest one day.

CJ Lai:

He’s a very energetic pervert.

Toro Aloha:

My little brother [penis] looks at the computer every night for 31 girls in a month.


He really is the saviour of government corruption. With the media reporting on him, the pile of government corruption cases have almost disappeared!

James Liu:

If you have money you can make women open their legs.


How does a person like this not get AIDS?


Hurry up and get a disease and die!

Bioer Lee:

Not bad when compared to the emperors of the past.

螞蟻 雅少”

If he didn’t have a rich father… would he still have had such impressive results?


If you love being lewd this much, might as well go be a male porn star.

What do you think?


Written by Stuart Dingle


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