Taiwanese Woman Driver Meets False Injury Scammer, Reactions

Video of a female driver in Taiwan who encounters someone allegedly trying to scam her, claiming she hit him.

Video of a female driver in Taiwan who encounters someone allegedly trying to scam her, claiming she hit him.

From Youku:

Taiwan Female Driver Suffers False Injury Accusation/Extortion, Her Screeches Frightening

A woman driver passing through Hualian encountered a man on a bicycle who stubbornly claims she had hit him and repeatedly tried to open her car door to get her to come out and argue. The female driver initially remained calm, indicating that she had an on-board video camera, but upon seeing the man insist on falsely accusing her, she eventually broke down and called her husband in tears begging him to come rescue her.

Copy on YouTube:

In the video, the man’s words are unintelligible but the woman driver says she didn’t hit him and that she has an on-board video camera. Later she can be heard calling her father (or possibly her child’s father, which would be her husband), saying she is outside their home, that someone on a bicycle hit her car, begging him to come out and help her. She quickly begins panicking/crying screaming for her father to hurry. Her father can be heard briefly on the phone asking where she is and she responds by just repeating “here, here, here, hurry!” As she is crying, a baby’s cries can also be heard.

Comments from Youku:


First blood is mine.


Why bother arguing, just slap him…


She’s lost it.


Fuck, just call the police or run him over.


This woman’s emotional constitution is too weak.


Whoever gets a wife like this will have to worry all the time. Isn’t she simply useless?

大莫幻空 (responding to above)

How about you talk after you find a wife first?


What a beautiful sound [or voice].


The guy in red is not bad [a good guy]


Are Taiwanese women all like this…?


I’m speechless…


How did this woman survive until adulthood? I’m speechless, this is too fragile/pathetic.

luyan214 (responding to above)

It’s normal for a woman to be afraid when encountering a crazy person blocking her trying to open her car door.


Why not just refuse to open the door and call the police? You already have a camera, there’s no reason to be afraid.


How come no one has said anything about the guy falsely extorting her? There’s even an infant in the car. Do you people think every woman’s emotional constitution is so strong? Not immediately giving money and knowing to call her husband for help is already quite good. I’m truly speechless with people these days.


This woman’s voice is really unpleasant.


Why [are the comments] biased towards making fun of the victim female driver?

侣行吗 (responding to above)

Is this woman still a child?


When encountering this kind of person, just run them over.


So this kind of false false injury accusation/extortion is actually an international profession. The entire world should unite in fighting this kind of terrorism. Death penalty without exception [for such scams].


Looking at the comments make me want to vomit. Don’t you know the girl is frightened into tears? This may be the first time this girl has encountered a person like this. Did you not see the part where her father runs over? The girl’s screams even make me worried. Not everyone are so strong like you guys. I don’t want to make fun of/complain about society.


Honestly, what’s wrong with this society? The one who should be complained about isn’t complained about, while the one who shouldn’t be complained about has spit all over her face.


→_→ Just call the police…


The driver’s voice is so cute! Do all Taiwanese people talk like this?


I want to beat up the guy.


False injury scammers/extorters are the worst.


I can only say how useless women like this are.


Come on, this woman has too little guts. If it were where I am, people would just immediately start arguing and fighting.

偶像梦恋 (responding to above)

If it were my older sister, she would’ve already scratched up the other person’s face.


There’s a baby in the car that is also screaming. This woman’s ability to handle problems is not the least bit like a mother, nor does she demonstrate an awareness of protecting [looking after] her infant.

132666 (responding to above)

This woman is a child.


When the law is not strict, this kind of cunts become more and more.


Our countrymen’s values are so distorted that they can no longer distinguish right from wrong, unbelievably all finding fault with the victim. Are all those commenting the friends and family of the false injury scammer/extortionist? Either that or stupid diaosi who can’t afford a car and are thus saying sour grapes.


…is he [the guy in red who comes out] saying “ni xiang zen yang?!!!!!! [“what are you trying to do”, a phrase/challenge Taiwanese people are stereotyped as often saying during arguments]



Yikes, this voice can kill a person. However, false injury scammers/extortionists are all bastards! The law should expressing stipulate that those proven to be false injury scammers be given strict punishments.


This video shows just how important it is to have an on-board video camera!


A bunch of “men” see a weak woman being bullied and still talk shit about her. Each and every one of them boasting/talking glib, but if it happened to them, they too would be pissing their pants scared. Truly disgusting!


Retard, only know how to cry, doesn’t know how to call the police.


You have an on-board camera, so what are you afraid of? Just call the police!


Distortion of the truth. This woman was driving on the bicycle lane and the old man in the video is deaf and dumb, just criticizing this woman for it, and not a false injury scammer.


The law needs to be changed, so that when encountering a false injury scammer and there is surveillance footage as evidence, one doesn’t have to bear any responsibility for running them over.


Turns out Taiwan also has a False Injury Scammer Party… Here where we are, people wouldn’t waste their breath and immediately go up and beat him up, to teach him a lesson.


[Her] ability to deal with a situation is too weak. She doesn’t even say where she is and just keeps screaming for [her husband] to hurry and come.


If this was a robbery or some such, she could call the police and still be unable to clearly communicate, simply waiting to be slaughtered. So girls, you need to stay calm. When making the call, first say where you are instead of all that useless/unnecessary stuff. Otherwise the people who want to help won’t even know where to go help you.


The bicyclist is deaf and dumb. The woman driver was driving on the non-motor vehicle lane. Perhaps the bicyclist was just trying to tell her not to drive on that lane.


So many flamers, but this woman indeed too easily loses her calm.


Driving on the bicycle lane, so no wonder someone else [is stopping/criticizing her]


Did you not see that there’s a parking space to the side? Also, not long after she makes the call, her family member comes out, so obviously her home is nearby. What’s illegal about her driving on this lane in order to park her car on the right?


Those people who are flipping black and white criticizing the female driver, what is wrong with you? Did you not hear the girl repeatedly saying she has an on-board video camera? Why would she say this if [the bicyclist] was only chastising her [for driving on the bicycle lane]? Also, that guy keeps saying things, so how could he be mute? Did no one hear him speaking at the beginning? Even if you can’t hear clearly what he said at the beginning, in the end, you should see him arguing with that long-haired guy, right? Also, at the beginning, did you not hear him hitting the car window? If this isn’t a false injury scammer, then what is he? Also, do you not see the cars parked on the side and the intersection ahead? This is obviously a residential area intersection. This girl driving so slowly was obviously to make a turn on her way home. And you guys accuse her of driving in the bicycle lane, what is wrong with you people inverting black and white? Are you accomplices of that false injury scammer? Or are you in the same profession?


The title is misleading people. Carefully review the video. The female driver was pulling over to park her car, driving on the bicycle lane, deviating from the car lane. The bicyclist had just come out and this startled the bicyclist. The middle-aged bicyclist parked in front of the girl’s car to verbally chastise her, pointing down to indicate that this is the bicycle lane. The middle-aged man wasn’t trying to scam her at all. When he walked to her window, all you can hear are him making sounds, so he’s probably deaf/mute. Unable to get through to her, he goes back and prepares to leave, but at this time, someone in the truck on the left says something, and the middle-aged man gestures to the person on the truck that the female driver was driving on the bicycle lane. This girl only knows to blindly cry, crying and screaming into the phone, probably because she’s been too spoiled/coddled. The guy that then comes over was at first furious, but after a bit of exchange, figures out the middle-aged man is deaf/mute, and calms down a bit!


Actually, the false injury scammer is seizing the circumstance of the driver driving in the bicycle lane, using it to create a false situation, to bully the innocent driver. Fortunately there was an on-board camera, because without it, it really would be a hassle. So drivers should first obey traffic rules and, second, call the police when encountering a similar situation.


The sound of her turning on the turn signal to park on the side can be heard, and it is obvious that there is a parking space ahead. The false injury scammer suddenly rushed forward and you can hear the man telling her to get out of the car, as well as continuously pulling on the car door. With someone this fierce, any woman would basically be frightened. Fortunately the car door was locked, but what if it wasn’t!? This isn’t a problem of her emotional character/constitution at all. If someone ran out and started pulling on your car door, would you not be afraid? Let alone her being a girl! Then her husband came out from their home ahead, representing this woman, asking what’s wrong with her parking in front of her own home? Did the bunch of idiots below [previous commenters] watch the video without the sound or are you really so idiotic that you can’t make sense of what happened?


This female driver saying “daddy” is referring to her child’s daddy (a habit of Taiwanese speech). With both reason and evidence on her side, in broad daylight, did she really need to act as if someone was being killed? She herself also knows she has a child in the car, so was she not afraid of [needlessly] scaring the child? Being afraid is understandable, but just lock the door, and call for “daddy” to come deal with the false injury scammer! Is it because she has too little guts or because she was too scared? Really, when something happens, you need to remain calm!


It seems like that guy is mute, and not like a false injury scammer, since he doesn’t fall down or throw down his bicycle. He’s trying to tell the woman driver that she shouldn’t be driving on the non-motor vehicle lane. The female driver panicked and thought he was saying she hit him and rushes to explain. (Women panic easily. If something happens while driving and someone behind then honks the horn, they become even more panicked. Then a tragedy involving a female driver mistaking the gas pedal as the brake pedal will once again occur.)


The female driver already said her home is right in front and she’s about to park. From this, we can tell the old man has been waiting there a long time, that he riding against traffic. Anyone with a brain would know this. When later it is said that there is a camera, he begins acting. Does it look like he’s just coming up to criticize when he’s so mean and is kicking the car door?

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Written by Fauna

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  • Insomnicide

    I think I’ll need a new set of ears after hearing that.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    yikes, have to agree with some of those comments, staying calm and self-possessed is not her thing, seems childish for a mother to act like that

  • Free Man

    It’s easy to play the hero and it’s even easier to make fun of others online. I wonder how most of the commenters would react when they get stuck in such a situation.

    • Ken Morgan

      I have but in reverse, woman hit me from behind, I was on a motorbike, she then shouted raved and screamed that I had reversed into her (only 2 motorbikes have reverse gears I wasn’t on either). She then got aggressive screaming and said I was trying to defraud her. I got her number plate and she drove off OVER my motorbike (which hadn’t been damaged badly by the initial impact). She then stopped and said you won’t see a penny of insurance money you ****. It took a VERY long time letters back and forth where I was accused of trying to scam her. First it was I reversed into her, then it changed into I dropped my bike to scam her, then it changed to he was threatening me and I tried to get away.

      Eventually I (well rather a more level headed friend) said to her insurers to stop attempting fraud as the scenarios she described were more and more unlikely. Her insurance paid out pretty quickly after that as CCTV evidence was found to support my assertions.

      • Free Man

        I have similar experience, me and my scooter got run over on a crossroad by someone in a car, who should have waited. At the scene he appologized and later after the police arrived he claimed I ran into him … I spent 2 months learning to walk again afterwards because my right ancle got crushed. After some expert checked the scooter he said, there is no way that I drove into something, but something hit me from the side.

        But thats not was I was talking about. I find it unfair of the people to make fun of that poor lady crying. Put someone under real stress in an unusual situation and everyone will break. Some sooner, some later. That lady broke quite fast, but thats no reason to make fun of her. At least she still called her husband. My wife cracked once when our son had a nosebleed for the first time. She couldn’t move a finger, but cry for an hour. Since then he gets a nosebleed every 4-6 weeks and now she got used to it and handles it without twitching eyelids.

        • Zappa Frank

          yeah..women are so sissy….

          • Surfeit

            You should work for Nestle®.

      • Edward Kay

        And this did not happen in China? Now it’s CCTV to prove a scam. Later on it’ll be forensics to prove the CCTV isn’t one.

        • Ken Morgan

          Nah happened in the UK, scamming happens here too!

      • vincent_t

        She ran over your motorbike? Gosh that was classy! Didn’t you film it with your cell phone?
        I was once in my friend’s car and a truck hit us from behind. Not really a serious 1. When we got out from the car, 3 of us were holding camera, 1 snapping the damage parts and plate numer, 1 demand for his driving licence and ID and snapped it, and i was filming the whole process. The truck driver face looked like he got “paparazzied” LOL

    • Surfeit

      Well, if it was me my car would reconstruct itself into the badass robot that can kill, and shoot the man’s face with the big gun. (My car is the transformers.)

  • lacompacida

    Love to see those mainland people suggesting mainland solutions: run him over. That’s what PRC is all about.

    • Insomnicide

      joke [johk] Show IPA
      something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism, a short and amusinganecdote, or a prankish act: He tells very funny jokes. She played a joke on him.
      something that is amusing or ridiculous, especially because of being ludicrously inadequate or a sham;a thing, situation, or person laughed at rather than taken seriously; farce: Their pretense of generosityis a joke. An officer with no ability to command is a joke.
      a matter that need not be taken very seriously; trifling matter: The loss was no joke.
      something that does not present the expected challenge; something very easy: The test was a joke forthe whole class.

      • Guang Xiang

        Hey, if netizens are allowed to somehow disparage the Japanese in every news, why can’t you let Iacompacida try to disparage the Chinese in every CS post!


  • Alex

    Pathetic, both of them.

  • AbC

    It doesn’t appear to be an injury scam as the guy never makes an attempt to pretend to fall or even push his bike down.
    Seems to me that the bicycle rider got frustrated with her using the bicycle lane and blocking his way. He didn’t realise that he was actually in the wrong for going against the flow of traffic as most cyclists in Asia has no clue about traffic rules. Also, her indicator was on, meaning she’s either planning to turn right or was looking for a parking spot.
    Even though I agree that she probably over panicked and can’t seem to communicate properly under pressure. Many western girls wouldn’t be any different when an aggressive stranger tries to pull open their car door when they’re alone with a baby on board.
    Basically, this story is more or less about nothing… must have been a slow news day.

    • Insomnicide

      It’s been said by several netizens that he’s possibly a deaf-mute and he’s complaining to her about her car being in the bicycle lane.

      • seant23

        When the lady’s husband shows up at the end. I believe the bicyclist is arguing the lady hit him. It’s the only reason I can think that the husband would repeatedly be pointing to the on-board camera.

        Saying the guy is deaf-mute is ridiculous. I’ve never seen a deaf-mute in China so brash. Also he is talking to the lady, the truck driver, and the husband at the end. Especially from the argument with the husband, you can tell a conversation is happening.

        Just my opinion though

        • Insomnicide

          One of my relatives is actually active in the deaf-mute community, and while yes, they’re not commonly seen so assertive and confident in situations. They do get angry and just like everyone else, some do become very confrontational when that happens.

          For the most part, it is because the bicyclist’s speech is completely inaudible while the audio is clear for every other speaker which leads to the deaf-mute conclusion. I’m not quite sure what’s going on either. But if he is a fraud, he’s not a very convincing one that’s for sure.

        • Hank

          That is not her husband, just a good samaritan. You can hear her still on the phone hysterical with her husband. And that guy is most likely quite dense; the guy in red repeatedly points out to him that the woman has a dashcam, and that when the cops arrive he will be arrested for fraud, yet he insists….

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Wouldn’t anyone with half a brain cell call the cops first?

    • Mighty曹

      I doubt anyone with half a brain cell can dial the phone.

  • Surfeit

    Wouldn’t happen in America.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Yup, cause a bullet hole in the head would nip it in the bud QUICK.

      • Mighty曹

        or… floor the accelerator.

  • comradewang

    I understand the emotional strain she was going through at the time, especially with her baby in the back….but GOD DAMN, GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF WOMAN!! The baby didn’t start crying until the woman started going hysterical…need to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.

  • AG

    The cyclist simply tried to stop her from driving on bicycle lane. The woman tried to change the subject into something else.

  • Markus P

    I feel bad for the woman, she might have only just got her license we don’t know the whole story, it can be quite a scary thing for a new driver.

    The guy was driving on the wrong side of the road and you can hear that she is indicating to pull into the right and park as she lives near by. The man is either trying to take the high ground saying she should not be in the bike lane (even though he him self is driving the wrong way on the road). Or if he is scamming and trying to claim money (which i don’t think he is) but, if he is send the video to the police as this scamming shit is not acceptable.

    But the way, i strongly suggest any driver regardless of country to get a two way camera, they don’t cost much and could prove to come in handy in the case of an accident as well as scams. I know someone from the UK who was hit in the back of the car by a guy on his phone and claimed the learner driver he crashed into was at fault… until the video proved it was a lie and not only did he have to pay up for the faults but pay up for the false claim.

    • Surfeit

      I have wondered, in China, is driving on the wrong side of the road illegal? Because nobody seems to give a rats ass.

      • vonskippy

        There are a bazillion laws in China, whether or not they apply to YOU all depends on how much money YOU have.

        (so pretty much like it is in the States).

        • Surfeit

          So it’s not illegal? Because I don’t think that man had much money at all.

      • Insomnicide

        It’s not, unless someone notices you are driving on the wrong side of the road.

      • Ryo Saeba

        Yes it is. Though no cops will every pull you over for it (unless it’s really serious like on an expressway), you can get cited by video cameras. Of course, cameras are not everywhere so in small streets and back alleys, and very small towns, you’re pretty much 100% safe.

        However, in China, you can get ANYONE with a license to “eat” the ticket (and the points). They never care who was driving at the time and simply deduct points off the person who claims they were driving.

        In GZ, it’s about 250RMB a point to have someone “eat” your ticket.

        • Surfeit

          Nice one – Thanks for the answer.

      • Blue

        By “driving” do you mean cycling? I wonder the same damn thing every day. Particularly if I’m cycling home at night, and arseholes on electric bikes whizz out out of the blackness with no lights, forcing me to take an emergency swerve into the path of traffic. One of these M!#%$•F?#£RS crashed into my friend on his bike, and demanded compensation. Calling his muscle to strong arm him. They disappeared quickly enough when my friend called the police.

  • Mighty曹

    This + today’s gas explosion refute the long held belief that Taiwan doesn’t like to copy anything from the mainland.

    • Insomnicide

      Little China. In a cuter way of course.

  • Stefan

    We should have a Taiwanese version of Chinasmack.
    Here are some name suggestions


  • SongYii

    The number of translated netizen comments is pretty excessive, especially for such a flimsy, inconsequential event.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Oh man, her voice is really cute!

    That said, I don’t think the girl handled the situation particularly well. I’m just one of those people that if a cute girl does what this girl did I’d probably be convinced to let her have her way….

    But I don’t hold other people to my own decisions, so it’s fair to confront her about being in the bike lane. I don’t know if the man with the bike is actually trying to extort or confront her though, since I couldn’t bear to listen to the whole video. That voice…. -__-

  • FYIADragoon

    What an idiot of a woman. Jesus, call the cops if the man is bugging you. Don’t freak out like a flake. How are you going to protect your baby if the only thing you can do is panic every time something bad happens?

  • Irvin

    A northern chinese woman would get out of the car and kick his ass before running over his bike and driving away.

  • kelly

    And the grammy goes to……..bwahaha she sounds like a freakin child having a tanty break down. She shouldve just flipped him off and driven away she clearly didnt hit him.