“Taiwan’s Future Is For All Chinese to Decide”, Taiwanese Reactions

PRC Taiwan Affairs Spokesperson Fan Liqing 國台辦發言人范麗青; 資料照片 (From Apple Daily)
The Legislative Yuan assembly hall was invaded and occupied by the students.
Taiwan’s future? PRC Taiwan Affairs: All Chinese people will decide. (Photo courtesy Apple Daily)

From Apple Daily Taiwan:

Taiwan’s Future? PRC Taiwan Affairs Office: To Be Decided By All Chinese People/span>

Several days ago, Mayor of Tainan and DPP party member William Lai said in an interview that “the future of Taiwan shall be collectively decided by the island’s 23 million citizens.” During a routine press conference of the PRC’s Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council this morning, spokesperson Fan Liqing responded: “Any issue touching upon Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity must by collectively decided by all Chinese people including our Taiwan compatriots.” Fan also reiterated China’s firm stance against Taiwanese independence.

As Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported, Fan Liqing stated: “Our stance towards DPP policies has been unequivocal and consistent. Our stance against Taiwan Independence and splittist plots is resolute and unwavering.” She also reaffirmed that any Taiwanese person, regardless of their positions in the past, is welcome to visit the Mainland as long as they presently approve of and support the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

Additionally, in response to recent news that talks regarding the Cross-strait Services and Trade Pact (CSSTA) have broken off, Fan Liqing indicated that this information was “inaccurate” and that the Mainland has not changed its attitude towards the promotion of relevant follow-up agreements to the ECFA [Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement that opened direct channels of trade between Mainland China and Taiwan].

Xinhua News Net reported that in light of Taiwan’s current drafting of the new “cross-strait agreement supervisory ordinances”, Fan Liqing stated in response that if Pro-Taiwanese Independence forces want to use the ordinances to push forward a pro-Taiwanese Independence positions of there being “two states” and “separate countries on each side of the strait” thereby damaging cross-strait talks and the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, the Mainland firmly opposes this. (Mainland News Centre/Foreign News Report)

Comments from Facebook:


How about every province in China becoming independent, and letting all the people of the world decide!

Iktse Ko

When Chinese people can’t even decide anything for themselves, what right do they have to decide the future of the country of Taiwan? The logic of Shina pigs sure is strange!

Saprinna Chung

Fuck your mothers!

Min-Chieh Hsin

Thank you, PRC Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson.
With one sentence, you’ve united all the people of Taiwan.

Cheng-Yen Yang

Taiwan’s future is for Taiwanese people to decide!!

Eddiemartin Tsang

Now that Hong Kong is already dead, Taiwan has to be even more vigilant in protecting itself. Remember that you are Taiwanese people!


I don’t know why Chinese people always pretending to be such idiots. [“阿不懂” was used to appear more cute.]

Elson Kuo

What about letting China’s future being decided by Taiwanese people?

Tsung-Han Ho

We’ll give you Ma Yingjeou’s future, but the rest we’ll decide on our own, thanks for the advice [“穴穴” was used instead of “謝謝” in order to appear more cute.]

Y.s. Lin

When China’s future can be determined by all Chinese people, we can then talk about Taiwan.


It’s none of your fucking business, you garbage CCP government officials who can only lick cock, fuck your mom.


China’s future? That’s up for America to decide. America’s future? That’s up for aliens to decide.


Go eat shit! [written in Taiwanese]

Kelvin Sun

What about the fate of the Chinese Communist Party, do you dare let all Chinese people decide it in a referendum?

Eugene Au

Right after strangling Hong Kong, they’ve come for Taiwan.


Taiwan’s nuclear waste, all Taiwanese people decide to put it on the Mainland!”


Written by Aaron Wytze


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