Former Microsoft China President Admits To Buying PhD Degree

Tang Jun & Fang Zhouzi

Tang Jun & Fang Zhouzi

Last July, we reported that the former President of Microsoft China, Tang Jun, had been accused of falsifying his academic credentials, such as his PhD from Caltech and PhD from Pacific Western University. At the time, he threatened to sue his accuser for libel.

From NetEase, Sohu, & QQ:

Media says Tang Jun admits to spending 3000 USD to purchase doctorate degree

In 2010 July, science writer Fang Zhouzi accused Xin Hua Du Industrial Group CEO Tang Jun of academic fraud. 10 months after “Diploma Gate”, yesterday, the media reported that Tang Jun disclosed that he spent over 3000 USD to get his Pacific Western University doctorate degree. With regards to this, Fang Zhouzi expressed on his microblog, “Tang Jun is once again telling stories”.

Comments from Sohu:


What is most important right now is ideological and morality problems. Low educational credentials is not frightening, what is detestable is committing fraud/counterfeiting. If a person’s ideology and morality is very bad, the more capable he is, the more harm he can do to society.


Educational credentials is just like a resplendent coat. Of course, him having this kind of coat gives him more choices and opportunities than other people, but can everyone, when they have an opportunity like him, achieve the same things he has achieved? The answer is clear, where he is today already is a kind of affirmation of his personal ability.


Fang Zhouzi, I admire you, Chinese society needs a person of talent like you. China has too many fake things, and those who curse it hate its people because of this.


Tang Jun, you’ve succeeded, succeeded in deceiving all Chinese people! If this kind of thing happened in America, the country of hell, I really wonder how you Tang Jun would respond.


Fang Zhouzi’s hometown is the most famous counterfeit cigarette producing place, and yet he fights fraud, isn’t this a joke? For all we know, his entire family is counterfeiting.


Tang Jun has ability, why make a fuss about his education background?


Fuck, so Tang Jun has simply done better for himself than you Fang Zhouzi. Why do you care if his diploma is fake or not, why do you care if he has morality or not? If you have the ability, why don’t you go be a CEO too? Otherwise, instead of having nothing better to do than to find problems in others, you could go out and earn money to support your family.


Chinese people have all gotten caught up with those thin pieces of paper, ignoring something called ability.


If you really have the guts, go and investigate the educational backgrounds of China’s high officials! How many actually got [their positions] by passing tests/examinations? If you dare to expose them, then you’d be a true [academic fraud] crusader, otherwise you’re just cock fighting!


You all have nothing better to do than to talk about others.


Spend 3000 to buy and you’re a liar.
Spend 30 million to buy, and that’s called making a donation, reasonable and legal.


Actually, educational background really isn’t that important, didn’t Bill Gates also quit school halfway and then go on to build Microsoft? What makes people despise you is this person’s dishonest behavior, and not only is he not honest, he refused to admit it… However, if it is a publicity stunt, then there’s nothing much to say.

Many Chinese netizen reactions remain the same. Some say that Tang Jun’s true educational background and academic credentials are not very important because he has already demonstrated his ability and talent. Others disagree.  What do you think?


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