Tea Leaf Pickers Required To Be Virgins & Have C-Cup Breasts

A tea leaf picking girl plucks tender tea leaves with her mouth before placing them in a willow funnel held between her breasts.

From NetEase:

The special “tea willow basket” tool used by the C-cup virgin tea pickers revealed

April 19th, the Henan province Gushi county West Jiuhua Shan scenic area revealed the specialized collection tool “tea willow basket” that its tea-leaf pickers use when picking Kou Chun Cha [literally, “Mouth Lip Tea”]. This tool is made from Xinyang’s famous weaved willow wood and is placed between the breasts during use, to receive the tender tea leaves that the female tea-leaf picker plucks with her mouth. Previously, the information published in the local recruitment ad for tea-leaf picking girls required that the girls have C-cup breasts and be virgins as well. After this information was released, it was reposted on various major discussion forums and caused a great deal of discussion.

A Chinese tea leaf picking girl plucks tender tea leaves with her mouth before placing them in a willow funnel held between her breasts.

In China, a tea leaf picker places tender tea leaves she plucked with her mouth into a willow funnel held between her breasts.

"Mouth Lip Tea" leaves are collected in a bag attached to a funnel made from the local famous weaved willow wood.

A bag of freshly picked "Mouth Lip Tea" leaves.

In Henan, China, a bag of fresh tea leaves.

In Henan, a Chinese female tea leaf picker plucks tender tea leaves with her mouth before placing them in a willow funnel held between her breasts.

The "cha liu qing", a specialized tool for tea leaf pickers to collect tea leaves plucked with their mouths. It is held between their required C-cup breasts.

Comments from NetEase:


So it is like this, indirect kissing, I’m just afraid she doesn’t brush her teeth, and then there will be vegetable leaves in my tea leaves.


So virgins can be played like this, truly satisfying.


No wonder our leadership likes to drink this kind of tea so much!


Big breasts, no brains.
Maybe one day some company in some province will hire those with even bigger breasts to collect water. 5000 years of civilization “Breast water is even cleaner and sweeter”.


I am a leader, let me first drink.


What age is this, is it still possible to find something that isn’t a publicity stunt?


A big bosom has its benefits.


Mouth Lip Tea is second-rate tea. For the first-rate kind, it has to be placed inside the cunt for a day, while the super fine quality kind has to be placed in during menstruation. If there is no blood, it’s fake.


Henan people sure can think of everything. Pranks, deviant, perverted, [Henan people] can only be looked down upon!


During recruitment, how do they distinguish between who is a virgin or not?


I wish NetEase would not post this kind of news. Don’t disseminate this kind of bad/unhealthy things.


This is purely a publicity stunt, it is both unhygienic and inefficient, anyone with a bit of brain should go boycott!


There truly is nothing too strange in this big world… What relationship do tea leaves have with virgins? …And what’s the relation with cup size?! …Simple ridiculous~ This was invented by someone perverted, right~?


This industry has an even more specialized position awaiting brother [referring to self] to go apply for: determining virginity and C-cup size!

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  • Chris N.

    sofa time. sofa king. great

    • Anon

      This ‘sofa’ meme looks quite like an unhealthy NLP phenomenon parasiting off comment forums. It really isn’t anything to be pleased with, much less elated about.

      • john digmeme

        Don’t be jelly. Your turn will come one day anon. Don’t steal the sofa king’s shine.

    • Bosco

      What does “SOFA” means? I see a lot of this comment on almost every post.

    • ceh

      Looks like Americans came up with this idea years ago (just with nuts) – Dee’s Assorted Nuts are in your mouth…but they were between some chick’s boobs before.


  • Daedalus

    im virgin and a have c-cup moobs too, can i get the job? or is it just for women?

    • Anon

      Maybe tea picked by you could be bought by women or gays?

      • Leo

        True fact:

        Weasel-shit coffee is the fucking best, hands down.

        • ImmortalTechnique

          Ahrum! Civets I’ll have you know!

          *monocle falls into teacup*

        • DRaY

          Rat’s Shit coffee, Virgin Boob’s tea, bird’s nest soup, fake beef? The day Asians take over the world, its gonna be like Fucking Alice in Wonderland, the world will be crazy as cat shit!!! I just hope I have enough batteries in my Camera to document it.

          • proterozoic

            Food will never be the same.

  • Foreign Devil

    mmm boobie sweat and saliva flavored tea! This tea company has found their marketing angle!

  • Chris N.

    Did you hear the one about the Chinese tea plantation who only hired C-cup virgins? Overweight Chinese men applied in droves.

    • Leo


      • ImmortalTechnique

        C-C-Combo Breaker!!!

        Seriously though, there is some SERIOUS lack of cleavage shots in this fake advert. I REQUIRE FURTHER TITTYLATION!

  • Chris N.

    what the hell…. my comment was first…how did i get bumped down?

    • Cool Matt

      Because you touch yourself at night!!!

      • Scytheria

        Boys, if you like c-cup virgin tea, try this:

        I just showed my boobs to the screen. Touch this message and you’ve effectively touched them!

        $5 too, please.

        • Rich

          I just touched my screen…

          • 吴兰

            Have you paid the required 5 bucks ???!!!

  • Cardaver

    They couldn’t realistically expect girls to collect tea leaves like this on a long-term basis, it’s just inefficient and slow.

    • Alikese

      I’m sure they don’t. They send out one press release with pictures of a pretty young girl picking tea with her mouth, then the other 364 days of the year toothless migrant workers pick it with their hands and haphazardly throw it in a wheelbarrow.

    • Anon

      But the good ‘Qi’ is well worth it. Who cares about efficiency when it is infused with such goodness from this treatment?

      • Alikese

        Full qi powers have to be translated straight from boob to mouth, the middle-man-tea loses all boob powers that were previously available from the virgin. I’m terribly sorry to be the person who breaks it to you, but for full qi powers you will have to suck on the booby itself.

        • Anon

          Which ‘Qigong’ expert told you that tea comes from boobies? It’s milk ‘Qi’ you get from boobies not tea ‘Qi’. Also like the skillful dressing of ‘rubbers’ on d***s, boob-qi is preserved specifically by not touching with hands, what middle-man were you referring to?

          I’m terribly sorry to be the person who breaks it to you, but it is your ‘Qi’ theory seems to have some gaps rather?

  • Rick in China

    Silly story.

    The comments say it all, publicity stunt etc.. how ridiculous would someone have to be to only want to drink tea that has been kissed by c-cup virgins, what the *fuck* is wrong with people.

    • Just John

      Porn is illegal in China.

      Any other questions?

      • Rick in China

        1) That doesn’t mean it’s not *extremely* readily available.
        2) With or without porn, preference to drinking tea that *claims* to have been in the mouth, at one point, of a “c-cup virgin”, and actually receiving some sort of pleasure from that thought, is fucking insane…

        Any other irrelevant comments?

        • 吴兰

          You do know how to kill a joke, don’t ya.

          • Irvin

            It wasn’t funny. And porn IS extremely readily available.

          • 吴兰

            yeah, i guess you’re right, Irvin.

        • Just John

          That is like saying Marijuana is readily available.

          Lets face it, wtf is wrong with people is sex drive, that was my point. They are selling the fantasy of the c cup sexy Chinese virginal maiden more then the tea.
          It concentrates on both the oral and breast fascination that men have.

          The porn comment was a bad attempt at a joke, referencing the human sex drive and how it is used in this advertisement to sell tea.

    • Nathan

      A certain Chinese idol is well documented to favour only virgins.

      • Leo

        Which idol are you talking about…

        • ImmortalTechnique

          Check the contents of your wallet if you’re in China.

          • Leo

            i c wut u did thar

      • Rick in China

        I understand preference towards *fucking* virgins, not drinking tea that was possibly in their mouth between the picking and processing.

  • Just John

    Best comment:
    “Mouth Lip Tea is second-rate tea. For the first-rate kind, it has to be placed inside the cunt for a day, while the super fine quality kind has to be placed in during menstruation. If there is no blood, it’s fake.”

    Although, think I will skip super fine quality, kthx.

  • Wago

    “During recruitment, how do they distinguish between who is a virgin or not?”

    I was wondering the same thing

  • dilladonuts

    more china awesomeness!

  • Song of the Article

    Running up that Hill
    -Kate Bush & David Gilmour

    I love you!

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    Kinda turned on now.. may be loneliness?!?!

  • Capt. WED

    we need to legalize marijuana worldwide.

    • King Tubby

      Wed. Onya. Weapons grade spliffs hand rolled on the thighs of hot virgins wearing string bikinis. PRC has a long way to go yet.

      • nice, very nice

        • King Tubby

          Kedafa. Bit like those US gun videos of hot babes in those string bikinis again blasting away with Tech 9s, H @ Ks and other mini street cleaners.
          Comrade. Real social harmony will never arrive in the PRC until you can purchase hi-end THC at your local KTV – real Middle Kingdom Nye soft power.

          • ImmortalTechnique

            Jackie Brown?

            (by typing this, my message is now long enough to post)

  • Anon

    Add this ‘Celestial Grade’ criteria to Tea, wine making or other food processing as well.

    ‘Celestial Grade’ tea pickers who take oaths of silence, live on uncooked vegan diets, drink spring water or dew, are illiterate and barefoot/bound foot, nude??? (though perhaps in an enclosed area imperial harem style), while handling the tea as well and overseen by Chinese versions of Kumari Devi.

    Leave the heavily industrialised, alcohol swilling, sleep around, polluted, nuke plant irradiated, GMO/Preservative/Additive munching to cultures and castes who should know who they are!

    China’s and probably the world’s no.1 product in the making, look out for it, all it lacks is a Chinese Empress to bless every year’s harvest!

    ‘The mere scent would send one to the Chinese Heavens . . . ‘

  • Jess

    That seems so very inefficient…

  • Another Jon

    It is hard to believe this type of thing happens these days. I agree that is is most likely a pubicity stunt.

    • Anon

      Until a businessman or government makes good on the concept . . .

  • CND Icehole

    I don’t care where the tea comes from, I just simply want to drink it with Fauna. I love her.

    • ImmortalTechnique

      How many creepy stalkers has she racked up by now? She could look like a mule, or be a serial killer that lays traps for internet weirdos. The possibilities!

  • Vincent

    Been there. This really is a publicity stunt.

    Tourists visit the particular plantation and there are 3 shows daily where about 20 girls go and pick tea this way, 10am, 12noon and 2pm.

    After the show, the tourists go and make their purchases. When the tourists leave, all the grannies(yeah usually tea pickers are old women due to it being a fairly relaxed and relatively unskilled job) come out of hiding from their little recreation hut and continue the seasonal harvest.

    what, you guys thought for a second that China’s push to become economic royalty will allow such inefficient use of virgins?

    The virgins bring a much higher rate of GDP growth by being cycled through the human trafficking market.


    • Anon

      They should make it REAL in that case. Also I think we forget they are humans with feelings (who would want to be trafficked?) and that it’s about TEA not sex and GDP.

      • Vincent

        I fail to see major role that tea plays in this act.

  • Jones

    Hahaha ooooh China…wow…China, China, China…you never cease to amaze.

  • Irvin

    Stupid but creative.

  • Leo

    Funny how so many Chinese men love talking about vaginas/tits/hymens at any given opportunity cause they’ve never actually experienced any.

    LAWL. 5000 years of civilization and shit to show for it.

    I’m sure there are hundreds of millions of unemployed male candidates suitable for this job opportunity.

  • Leo

    Who knows, why would you assume a total babe is picking your crappy tea? For all you know a Chinese fucking Monica Lewinsky could be picking it.

    She could have C cup breasts because she also happens to weigh 200 lbs.

    And despite that perverted mind of yours she could be a Virgin simply because nobody wants to bang her.
    How can anyone even prove virginity? VIRGINITY IS A SOCIAL TERM, NOT A MEDICAL TERM.

    Think about it properly you idealistic pricks.

    You disgust me.


    • Anon

      Who knows? QC.

      Idealistic pricks? You disgust me? Virginity a social term? With a handle like ‘Leo’ you sure sound like a vag-hag or a campy metrosexual-subvert. It’s T&As all the way, more so in China.

      • Leo

        You have a small penis.

        • Anon

          Can’t remember plugging one ‘as big as a house’.

  • b0

    Love the narrow-minded Chinese netizens’ critique.

    I, on the other hand, thinks it adds somewhat of an elegance and purity to the job.

  • fireworks

    Bullshit requirements from idiotic boss or company.

    So this mean a fat dude with big man boobs can also apply for this job. If they discriminate, they can take the company to court for compensation.

    • Anon

      A fat chick with big boobs can’t also apply for this job. It’s the hourglass shapes that are the criteria. Dude with big man boobs can’t be fat – disqualified. Unless a “Bounteous Grade” with Fat tea Pickers for thin and sickly people to drink? Time for the Chinese to develop their breed of Tea Picking Sumos.

      Ask your Qigong Master if the specialized tea grades above are applicable and you will know why virginity, or C-cup (bigger maybe?) or hourglass is important for hiring. Quality of picker determines quality of tea? Next higher grade of Tea? Gemstone filtered light versions?

      We can’t drink tea bagged by sickly beer swilling aged shagbags or low caste people, clothed in anything less than organic silk, and claim there is no effect – for those sensitive enough of course to know the difference.

  • Leonard G

    I wonder if I can purchase some online…

  • Petermedia

    Hey guys, that
    That just a ” booby trap” fom some old local bosses.
    1. First they show up some myths for the tourist bying tee
    2. after the job the gitls are no virgin anymore, Chinese old man pay tenthousends or even 100000 to egt a night with a 3 cup virgin

  • donscarletti

    Virgin? She looks a lot like 张雅菇.

  • My Name is Lee

    That’s not my CUP of tea :)

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  • 平凡人

    Another sales gimmick to fool “dumb ass” to part with lots of money for something cheap.

  • Toujour

    Is a C cup considered large in China? Honest question, seriously.

  • Crucible

    When I was a young man our family had a small vineyard. My father and I would make wine. In the charging (the first stirring) stage of making wine my father would not allow women to do this or even be present. His reason being that if a women was in here menstrual cycle or pregnant that would spoil the wine. I didn’t understand this as a child and don’t agree with it now. It is simple a custom my father grew up with. My father would most likely buy this tea. this way of plucking tea maybe viewed by some as a blessing.

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