Teachers’ Wages Docked To Get Donations For Tianjin Disaster

Teachers’ Wages Docked To Get Donations For Tianjin Disaster

Teachers’ Wages Docked To Get Donations For Tianjin Disaster

Teachers from the Nankai District of Tianjin have took to the internet to expose the fundraising methods employed by the areas Education Bureau. The department issued a notice to local middle and primary schools as well as kindergartens to say that money would be deducted from staff wages and donated to the district Red Cross in response to the August 12 Tianjin explosions. One teacher wrote on Weibo, “The Education Bureau is forcing teachers to donate. Where are we supposed to go to report this exactly?” The department says the donations are voluntary. One netizen simply commented, “Incredible”.


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  • Mihel

    Is this even legal?
    I mean, donating money shouldn’t be an optional, voluntary act?

    • lacompacida

      What does the law has anything to do with anything in China. Legallity never enters the mind of almighty government officials, even lowest level village officials.

    • Bman

      A few years back, after the Sichuan earthquake, everyone in my company was forced to walk past a donation box while a video camera filmed. Definitely a worthy cause, but this display had nothing to do with helping. It was all about looking good.
      Btw, everyone’s money was returned 2 months later. Seems no charity wanted the money. Or so we were told.

      Perhaps people should lighten up on sexuality being a judge of morality, and instead place it somewhere important to everyone; how much do you help the world be a better place for everyone? How good are you to your planet? How selfless are you? Satisfying the sexist face saving of the good-for-me-but-not-for-you prudish male ruler set does NOT make one moral. Neither does stealing from teachers to look charitable. Wouldn’t it be nice to see officials judged in such a way.

  • lacompacida

    Great way to get people to love the Party.

    • David

      and we all know the reputation of the RED CROSS in China.

  • Ajeje Brazov

    great, forced donation to someone that need a new Maserati

  • Amused

    This is wage confiscation NOT donation.