Teenage Boy Rejects Girl’s Advances, Is Violently Beaten Up

A teenage girl caught on camera forcefully kissing a teenage boy in a restroom.

A teenage girl caught on camera forcefully kissing a teenage boy in a restroom.

The following viral video accumulated 1.3 million views within 3 days of being uploaded onto popular Chinese video sharing website Youku. It received an additional 400k views on the fourth day. Many of the views came from the video being spread on popular Chinese social network RenRen. Copies on other Chinese video sharing websites such as Ku6 and 56 have also received hundreds of thousands of views, making this one of the most popular videos on the Chinese internet this week.

In the video, a teenage girl pulls a teenage boy into a restroom and begins passionately kissing him until he pushes her away repeatedly. Rejected, the girl first pushes him into the wall and then beats him up before leaving as he lies on the ground.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Note: The video appears to be of foreign origin but I do not know how to find it on YouTube. Can anyone help us find a copy and more information about it?

UPDATE: According to chinaSMACK commenter Michael Bruun-Larsen and Kning, this is part of a Dutch Danish anti-violence campaign from September 2010 and the people in the video are just actors. There are more similar videos at this website. Thank you, Michael & Kning! UPDATE:

Two teenagers caught on a surveillance camera in a toilet passionately kissing.

The teenage boy pushes her away.

Pow! The girl slaps him across the face.

The third time she slaps him is the hardest.

Then the teenage girl knees him in the groin.

Comments from Youku:


A beer advertisement?


汗 Looks like that girl wanted to stick her hand into his pants [but] the guy wasn’t willing. 汗


Robbing chewing gum?


Deserved it. That’ll teach you for being so useless. Deserved it.


Fuck… I like.


I want to know of the two of them just which one is supposed to be the man.


搞笑搞笑搞笑 I must learn [from her], and see if my husband [or boyfriend] will ever dare to say “no” again in the future~~~ haha.


So many girls like skinny boys!


Hehehe, [she] has a lot of attitude!


It’s entirely possible that the girl has a gun between her legs, and the guy felt it.


A surveillance camera in the toilet?


Come on, this guy is way too useless, just hit back.


That man is a good man, who doesn’t hit women, don’t you know?

萌爱红: (responding to xq8223736)

Then would he still be a man?


I bet he discovered she’s a transsexual!


Why is there a surveillance camera in the restroom?


This man, through bitter struggle, managed to protect his chastity…


Is that really Justin B [Bieber]???? It isn’t, right???? It’s fake, right??? How could there be a surveillance camera in the toilet??

漂流3338: (responding to 山炮叔叔)

What the fuck! Are you saying that its okay for women to hit men then? Men hitting women and women hitting men are both wrong, but in a fight, men and women are no different! This kind of person you say is a woman? You must be NC.


The girl has bad breath…??? 搞笑


Toilets abroad are all unsafe…they even have security cameras installed.


Is it an advertisement for that alcohol? The guy obviously doesn’t want to kiss but wants to drink the alcohol, and the girl knows it, so she takes the alcohol with her when she leaves, meaning if you don’t kiss me then don’t expect to have the alcohol either, is that what it means?


This is like suddenly stopping right before climaxing, hehe.


If I ran into this girl, I’d definitely tie her up and drip candle wax on her, hehe.


Once again proving that there is nowhere without surveillance cameras~~


Real life version of My Sassy Girl.


Ugh, foreign girls are simply violent.


愤怒愤怒 A Shanghainese guy, right? 搞笑搞笑


And in the end, the girl could only resign herself to taking the beer bottle with her… I won’t say anymore, you guys know what I’m talking about.


Very yellow, very violent!

What do you think?

...and kicks him while he is on the ground before leaving.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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