Teenage Boy Rejects Girl’s Advances, Is Violently Beaten Up

A teenage girl caught on camera forcefully kissing a teenage boy in a restroom.

The following viral video accumulated 1.3 million views within 3 days of being uploaded onto popular Chinese video sharing website Youku. It received an additional 400k views on the fourth day. Many of the views came from the video being spread on popular Chinese social network RenRen. Copies on other Chinese video sharing websites such as Ku6 and 56 have also received hundreds of thousands of views, making this one of the most popular videos on the Chinese internet this week.

In the video, a teenage girl pulls a teenage boy into a restroom and begins passionately kissing him until he pushes her away repeatedly. Rejected, the girl first pushes him into the wall and then beats him up before leaving as he lies on the ground.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Note: The video appears to be of foreign origin but I do not know how to find it on YouTube. Can anyone help us find a copy and more information about it?

UPDATE: According to chinaSMACK commenter Michael Bruun-Larsen and Kning, this is part of a Dutch Danish anti-violence campaign from September 2010 and the people in the video are just actors. There are more similar videos at this website. Thank you, Michael & Kning! UPDATE:

Two teenagers caught on a surveillance camera in a toilet passionately kissing.

The teenage boy pushes her away.

Pow! The girl slaps him across the face.

The third time she slaps him is the hardest.

Then the teenage girl knees him in the groin.

Comments from Youku:


A beer advertisement?


汗 Looks like that girl wanted to stick her hand into his pants [but] the guy wasn’t willing. 汗


Robbing chewing gum?


Deserved it. That’ll teach you for being so useless. Deserved it.


Fuck… I like.


I want to know of the two of them just which one is supposed to be the man.


搞笑搞笑搞笑 I must learn [from her], and see if my husband [or boyfriend] will ever dare to say “no” again in the future~~~ haha.


So many girls like skinny boys!


Hehehe, [she] has a lot of attitude!


It’s entirely possible that the girl has a gun between her legs, and the guy felt it.


A surveillance camera in the toilet?


Come on, this guy is way too useless, just hit back.


That man is a good man, who doesn’t hit women, don’t you know?

萌爱红: (responding to xq8223736)

Then would he still be a man?


I bet he discovered she’s a transsexual!


Why is there a surveillance camera in the restroom?


This man, through bitter struggle, managed to protect his chastity…


Is that really Justin B [Bieber]???? It isn’t, right???? It’s fake, right??? How could there be a surveillance camera in the toilet??

漂流3338: (responding to 山炮叔叔)

What the fuck! Are you saying that its okay for women to hit men then? Men hitting women and women hitting men are both wrong, but in a fight, men and women are no different! This kind of person you say is a woman? You must be NC.


The girl has bad breath…??? 搞笑


Toilets abroad are all unsafe…they even have security cameras installed.


Is it an advertisement for that alcohol? The guy obviously doesn’t want to kiss but wants to drink the alcohol, and the girl knows it, so she takes the alcohol with her when she leaves, meaning if you don’t kiss me then don’t expect to have the alcohol either, is that what it means?


This is like suddenly stopping right before climaxing, hehe.


If I ran into this girl, I’d definitely tie her up and drip candle wax on her, hehe.


Once again proving that there is nowhere without surveillance cameras~~


Real life version of My Sassy Girl.


Ugh, foreign girls are simply violent.


愤怒愤怒 A Shanghainese guy, right? 搞笑搞笑


And in the end, the girl could only resign herself to taking the beer bottle with her… I won’t say anymore, you guys know what I’m talking about.


Very yellow, very violent!

What do you think?

...and kicks him while he is on the ground before leaving.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • micmict

    This is my first time here! So I want to say SOFA!!!! =]

    • Devin

      OK, We hear that, now stand up and get away from SOFA. Go back to your futton and seat

  • Shui

    I bet that is Justeen Bieber.

    • CHNinUSA

      Lol, you r definitely right~

    • Mark

      that was the first thing i thought when i saw that kiid. Oh well, i’m glad someone finally fucked him up.

      • Is there a link where we can donate money to the girl if it is Justin Beiber?

        We all owe her a debt of gratitude.

    • TomTuttleFromTacoma

      one can only hope..

  • Vakeesan

    How could they have a surveilance camera in the toilet, I feel sorry for the chinese people they don’t have privacy even when shitting.

    • Genxi

      You do know that was a “foreign” video. Even look closely, the two peeps in the video aren’t Chinese.

      • And, it turns out, a public service advertisement to boot.

        Fauna, you have a typo in your quotation of William Congreve. It should be “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Not “scored”. If it makes you feel any better, I thought that was a Shakespeare quote until I checked just now.

        Or perhaps you could misquote as: “Hell hath no fury like a woman who hath not scored?” Both germane and, like the advert this video was taken out of context from, an amusing role reversal.

  • bomber

    I call bullshit. Surveillance cameras in bathrooms are illegal. Likely some viral marketing campaign.

  • Michael Bruun-Larsen

    This is a part of a danish “Anti-violence campagin” september 2010. They are all actors.
    This link http://www.familievold.dk/thebitchhitsback?utm_source=thebitchhitsbacksite&utm_medium=campaignsite&utm_campaign=thebitchhitsback
    contains more videos of similar content for the same campaign.

    Here is a youtube video, but without the extra effects: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyNxDfjq3XQ

    glad to finally be able to contribute back to this community :)

    • Genxi

      I knew it; where would you find a guy that would resist a hot girl from raping him.

      • guobao2

        Well, I’ve had girls trying to drag me into stalls at clubs even at uberpacked restrooms. Although horny, it really wasn’t my thing.

    • Nathan

      People are so gullible, clearly bad acting and produced video… I bet the Chinese commenter will never get to hear the truth though. Here comes another broad generalisation of lao wai.

      • anon

        Kinda harsh there, don’t you think? Videos like these spread all the time on the internet lacking backstory or explanation. People then speculate about what’s going on, jumping to certain conclusions. Have you ever seen the photos of Chinese fetus soup? They were an art project but how many people were (and still are) convinced Chinese people are cannibals after the photos went to the four corners of the Earth through the internet? That’s the nature with a lot of these viral videos. They’re meant to get shared, and whenever you have people sharing things, information gets dropped or warped.

        I thought the surveillance camera effect was a bit suspect but the acting wasn’t that bad.

        • Nathan

          Pretty much what I mean mate. I was not picking on anyone in particular, just for me it comes across very obvious. No doubt this happens all the time in all cultures… that was not my point. I was merely expressing my (foolish?) wish that truth would prevail in the end.

  • Airy

    Awsome Combo there man o_O

  • Gumsticksass

    “And in the end, the girl could only resign herself to taking the beer bottle with her… I won’t say anymore, you guys know what I’m talking about.”
    That is what I am thinking.

    • B-real

      Oh yeah, one time I couldn’t get it up and in the heat of the moment there it was on the window seal and there it goes into her vagina. I then achieved an erection and was able to perform my manly duties of busting a nut.

  • Justin

    That’s from an anti-violence campaign? The whole thing seemed pretty hot, even some of the lesser violence, until she knee’d him and then kicked him while he was on the ground.

  • Kning

    This video is Danish = from Denmark, not Dutch (= from Holland)

    • What was written in the end (I mean in Danish)?

      • Vakeesan

        Well the guy said “Cadê meu chinelo” which means “where are my slippers?” and it’s portuguese and not dutch or danish

        • Thanks,
          But I mean the text in the end of the video.

          • Marsvin

            It’s definitely not Dutch, Dutch doesn’t have those little circles. Can’t say for sure it’s Danish, but I guess so. All those Scandinavian languages look the same to me ;)

          • Volatile

            “Se fyre få de vildeste tæsk af piger på…”
            “Watch guys get [seriously] beat up by girls on…”

            “Vildeste” means “Wildest”, but it’s hard to translate directly into English in this context. So I added “[seriously]” in between to illustrate that they mean “get seriously fucking beat up by girls”, although it’s not the right translation.

      • TomTuttleFromTacoma

        Rock a Justin Bieber hairdo, get your ass kicked by a girl.

  • I don’t know about you, but this looks like the beginning of some very hot role reversal violent sex…

    If this was in a cleaner environment, I’d be down for it. So would you…

    So would you……………..

    • Bo Wang

      That bathroom looks pretty clean, bro. You don’t have to get down on the ground you know. I’d be down for a quickie.

  • Ho Hum

    The picture quality is too high for surveillance camera footage. It’s never that clear. Obviously not genuine.

    • B-real

      think about it. What public has surveillance cameras? it would have to be fake. Or this is serious violation of privacy no matter where you are.

      • Ho Hum

        Yeah, that too. It’s clearly not real, and I don’t need to speak Danish or Dutch or whatever to figure that out. It’s clear from the first viewing, and I’m surprised that some other netizens haven’t made the same fairly obvious deduction.

  • Irvin

    Damn! she must be wild in bed, I wanna try.

  • LOL He went out like such a bitch. He would have been fully justified in knocking her teeth out over that.

  • Raggy Lau

    This isn’t part of a Dutch commercial…it’s not even in Dutch…I’d say it’s in Finnish (I mean the language in Finland). But I’m not 100% sure.

    • Fin_Bruce

      …nope, definitely not finnish. like other comments say it’s danish!

  • 王老吉

    EPIC GAY FAIL! And btw, beaten by a girl, hahahaha. Come on my, you gotta be kidding me!

    • Marx

      Marx says:

      You’re a winner!

  • fouManChu

    This story is all SMACK and no china.

    She does have a nice tight ass though, 5.5 psycho bitch sister-fengs!

    • anon

      chinaSMACK has lots of these posts. The china part are the Chinese reactions. I enjoy these posts too, as it tells me a bit about how things from outside China make their way in and how Chinese people interpret them.

  • Song of the Article

    I am just a girl
    -No Doubt

  • bert

    The Danes are psycho politically correct anyway. Boring video.

    • Andeli

      Yep especially their cartoons….

  • kat

    Fatality.Lol. Must be a viral for the new Mortal Kombat.

  • guobao2

    Looks like it’s supposed to be a highschool party, they can get pretty rowdy in Denmark. It’s some pretty lame acting and clearly not real, so I don’t know why it’s spread so much. The only thing I can make out is the boy saying “Nej, lad nu være” (No, stop it!), “Jeg vil ikke” (I don’t want to).

  • Koreansentry

    Is this what Chinese men fancy?
    Getting beaten up by girl?

  • Paul

    It’s physical assault and you have a right to defend yourself and I don’t know what it said in the video but that boy should have defended himself. Nothing is “hot” about this video.

    If someone is hitting you back and you don’t know why for, I think you should probably resist that person from doing it again and if it’s not working, you should probably defend yourself by means and if so, by all.

  • shylofoxx

    To all you brain dead simpletons, an the idiots who thinks it’s all a big fucking laugh!! … you imagine you have a gorgeous beloved daughter who is violated, what would you do? or more to the point, what would you feel like doing? …..yeah, …commiting fucking murder! ..so, does this feeling not extend to you having a “beloved” SON when they are violated?!? but hey, laugh and scoff, because you only feel this protective instinct when you have a kid of you’r own, an violence is violence, regardless of gender! an all I can say is,. living in the rough suburbs of Glasgow, an had to fight for my kids safety, – god help the bastard who looks at her twice!!!

  • mark

    fucking bitch. The guy should have smacked her back and she would have deserved it. If a guy had done same to a woman they would cry Rape quite rightly. which is what this equates to. Hope she meets her match soon. Bitchbag

  • UK girl

    That useless wanker deserved what he got! I hate it when guys lead you on then can’t get it up, and we’re supposed to say “it’s ok, it doesn’t matter” Well guys, it damn well does matter! You don’t light a fire you can’t put out! I hope his balls ached for a week!

    • Mark Neil

      Is that what consent means to you? I want it and you turned me on, so I deserve to take, by force if necessary, what I want”? I’m willing to bet you’re one of those girls that rails against the idea of a rape culture, while you sit here and perpetuate one yourself… aren’t you?

  • disqus_ArQv6e31it

    That is disgusting and anyone who says it’s OK is sick and psychotic. If it
    was the other way around he would be the worst person in the world.
    Violence is violence, PERIOD, regardless of the gender.

    Women more aggressive to partners than men

    Domestic Violence Against Men – Women More Likely To Be ‘Intimate Terrorists’ With Controlling Behavior In Relationships

    Here is just one study that shows women are just as violent in domestic situations
    as men. Note the sample size (over 1/3 of a million people) and over 300


    SUMMARY: This bibliography examines 286 scholarly investigations: 221
    empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women
    are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their
    relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample
    size in the reviewed studies exceeds 371,600.


    By: Martin S. Fiebert, Department of
    Psychology, California State University, Long Beach

    And here is a show done on ABC that shows women’s attitudes towards violence
    against men by women. It is especially emphasized by the woman who fist pumps
    as she walks by a woman hitting a man. Ya that’s right, you Go Girl, way to be
    violent! Also, it is so telling that many of the women say, what
    did he do to make her act that way, like it is impossible for a woman to be
    violent, and when she is, it is a man’s fault. Actually, it is a disgusting
    sexist attitude.


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