Teenage Girl Dragged 700 Meters to Her Death by Drunk Driver

Zhao Qi holding her daughter's picture.

Zhao Qi holding her daughter's picture.

From QQ:

17-Year-Old Girl Dragged 700 Meters by Drunk Driver, Dies

“Every time I think of my daughter’s horror-struck eyes as she laid on the roadside, I hear her heart-wrenching cry.” Overnight, Hebei Province Daming County People’s Hospital doctor Zhao Qi forever lost his beloved wife and daughter. Daming County police revealed on the 9th that they had solved a drunk driving case in which a mother and her daughter were both killed. This picture [above] is of March 8th, Hebei Dajing County, after his daughter’s death, the heart-broken Zhao Qi hadn’t slept for days, and with the absence of his wife and daughter, the home seemed deserted.

The scene of the incident.

“My wife was the head nurse of Daming County People’s Hospital, and my daughter was in her first year of high school.” Zhao Qi told this reporter. March 3rd, at about 9:40pm, his wife Xu Qiaoling was taking their daughter home on an electric scooter from a nighttime study session. When they were at about 50 meters east of the intersection between the county’s Beijing Road and Jingfu Avenue, they were suddenly hit directly from behind by a speeding car, causing a severe head injury to wife Xu Qiaoling at the scene, while daughter Zhao Hongye was dragged away by the car. Instead of getting out of the car and helping the wounded, the driver and the other people in the car fled the scene with the car dragging the 17-year-old Zhao Hongye along the road, and after driving over 700 meters, this young girl was left by the roadside. After a brief pause, they fled the scene at full speed, and were at last intercepted by both Daming County Dajie Village Traffic Police on duty vehicles and the County Police Station’s special police officers. This picture is of the scene of the incident.

Zhao Hongye.

As it is understood, this traffic accident has aroused widespread concern from all sectors of society. At night on March 7th, hundreds of people, including the colleagues of the deceased Xu Qiaoling, the schoolmates of the deceased Zhao Hongye, some netizens who Had been following this incident, and some other concerned people, arrived at the People’s Square in Daming County, lighting candles and praying for the mother and the daughter. At present, the driver responsible and the other 3 people on the car have been held in custody at the Daming County detention center, and the case is in the course of being heard. This picture is of a photo of Zhao Hongye while she was alive (re-taken).

The special team is investigating the scene of the incident.

Due to this incident creating a terrible influence locally, on March 8th, the Daming County government has already tasked public security authorities and other departments with assembling a special task force to conduct further investigations and verifications with regards to this matter, with relevant personnel to re-examine the scene of the incident. According to the description of the situation provided by the police: On March 3rd, at about 9:50pm, a traffic accident happened 50 meters east of the intersection between the county’s Beijing Road and Jingfu Avenue. Traffic Police Brigade District Squad officers Kang Xianghe and Wang Yaxu arrived at the scene, discovering one dead body, a motor scooter, and fragments of a motor vehicle. The car responsible had fled the scene. Based on a tracks left at the scene going from west to east, the police officers pursued east by car for about 700 meters and discovered another dead body at the center of the road.

Zhao Qi.

Handan City Daming County People’s Hosptial doctor Zhao Qi has forever lost his beloved wife and daughter.

The trouble-causing car.

According to the person in charge at Daming Traffic Police Brigade, through a blood test, the driver responsible was driving drunk, and the other 3 people in the car had also been drinking that night. This picture is of the automobile involved. Photo provided by Daming County police.

The hearting-breaking family.

Zhao Qi taking out a blood-stained and terribly torn grey down jacket from a black plastic bag. Holding the shredded jacket, looking at the scattered feathers, he choked with sobs.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯广东省网友 天才与白痴:

I myself am also a driver. Drunk driving is disregarding the safety of other people’s lives. Nobody would pity this kind of person, even if they were dead. The damage you’ve done to other people is beyond remedy. Death caused by drunk driving in the future should be treated the same as murder.

腾讯福州市网友 sly055:

It seems the only thing people see are the father’s tears and how abominable the driver who caused the accident is, that the abominable driver did not stop to rescue the poor young girl, but instead drove away like mad, dragging her along. However, what everyone should see more is, why do drivers who hit people in this country flee, whereas it doesn’t happen in developed European countries? If in this incident the driver had stopped, it would mean him paying for endless medical costs, and China’s medical costs can turn a multi-millionaire into a negative-millionaire overnight, whereas fleeing the scene or killing the person outright results in either simply paying some [ultimately limited] amount of compensation or even no problem at all. Life in China is worthless, but medical expenses are a bottomless pit. If China were like the West, where [the government makes it possible for] people to afford to heal their injuries and treat their sicknesses, and if the system also required that the crime of killing a person was heavier than saving the, and medical expenses were also cheap? Then I believe these people would not be so foolish as to flee or kill the persons hit. What you guys see is the vileness of the culprit, but the regulations that forced him to do this are even more vile!!!

腾讯沈阳市网友 小璇子:

If the down jacket is torn like that, what must her person look like? Judging by the picture, she was a rather good-looking girl, it’s such a shame and so heartbreaking. As a mother of a child, I’m so upset seeing this news. When will tragedies like this stop happening?

腾讯网友 弥夜雪:

Each picture is equally shocking, and heartbreaking to look at. “Drunk driving” is not only being irresponsible to oneself, more importantly, it’s being irresponsible to other people’s lives! Must severely punish this offender!!! Although the law can’t bring him back his wife and daughter, at least it should give him justice!

腾讯网友 三易:

The country has repeatedly declared that drunk driving is strictly forbidden, but why are there still so many people who go against the law committing this crime? Nowadays, detention and revocation of driver’s licenses are no longer effective enough.

腾讯徐州市网友 苑雪軒靈:

China’s thousands of years of “wine culture” should be abolished.

腾讯西安市网友 西安肛肠医院:

I’m a medical personnel and seeing this news… makes me very sad… I feel for this doctor… The bastard who hit them, your drinking of a few cups of happy alcohol… has destroyed two lives… and the warmest, most peaceful harbor… a happy home/family…. The bastard driver, couldn’t you stop and save them? Those accomplices sitting in the car, couldn’t you make the car stop and save them? Maybe the young girl could still be saved… I hate you… even tearing you apart by five carts would not be excessive…
I’ve been a medical personnel for over 20 years… because of my occupation, I’ve seen many examples of the living parting with the dead… words can not describe the heart-wrenching pain… Us medical staff know it well: while healing the wounded and rescuing the dying, every minute, every second matters, even if a life has only one chance out of 10,000 to survive… we’ll make a trillion of our effort to save him, we don’t want any lives to be lost in our hands… people of other occupations can never feel this kind of feeling.
To tell the truth, life is fragile, but also strong, in the world of man, life always comes first, it’s supreme… But in reality, people’s attitude toward cherishing life has clearly decreased… It’s a tragedy of life of society these days… it’s a degeneration of the human race… The bell always tolls… the society is sick… how to cure it? Begging for a good doctor… save the people.

腾讯武汉市网友 孟凌:

At the age of a flower, had a smile like a flower, as a mother who has a child the same age as her, my heart trembles!

腾讯安庆市网友 有你真好:

It’s not that I’m irrational, I really don’t know what to say. Would not drinking kill you? Would it kill you?

腾讯网友 神剑:

The country’s laws are still not equal, not strict. With regards to drunk driving, it’s not strict, and it should be zero tolerance towards drunk driving. It should be that a drunk driver, regardless of your identity, of what status/position you have, as long as you’ve taken someone else’s life, your life is forfeit as well. This way, the pain you’ve brought to someone else’s family, your own family can also experience.

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