Tennis Star Li Na Has Baby, Chooses English Name

Tennis Star Li Na Has Baby, Chooses English Name

Chinese tennis star Li Na, who retired from the sport last year, has just given birth to her first child. She uploaded a picture of the child and its tiny footprint online, claiming that its English name is Alisa. She described her joy saying “When I knew the result that I was pregnant it was like getting the best present ever. . . I’ve sacrificed a lot of my household life for tennis, but now that’s changing.” Most netizens congratulated her, while others were more cynical, commenting “Just born and the baby already has an English name? Hurry up and immigrate. ”

Source: Netease

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  • Jahar

    I’m sure these critics never accept anything from foreign cultures too…

    • mr.wiener

      Sour grapes.

  • she married chinese man already very good example.
    these people are truly butt hurt nosy dogs.

    • WghUk

      Good point. If a woman is globally famous and is Chinese, it’s rare that they choose to marry a Chinese man. For Na to just choose a western name it’s already an honourable thing to do!

  • donscarletti

    Any other country would have treated her as a national treasure, China treated her as if she owed it something. Even if she does emigrate, by remaining Chinese until she retired she proved herself fairly patriotic.

  • 42

    Alisa is a russian name by the way…’s the equivalent of Alice. So, nothing to worry about. Since some part of China is closeby Russia, it is very well possible common to have Russian nick names.

    • Mihel

      Alisa is a russian name by the way […] So, nothing to worry about.

      Yeah, now that I know Alisia is a russian name and not a western name I am a lot less worried.

      • 42

        You are over polarizing and over generalizing by putting emphasis on east and west. What do you consider as a western name? For Japan, Chinese names are western names, because geographically China lays in the west for Japan. Alice by the way is an english name of french origin, not necessarily a western name, and Alejandro is a spanish name, so you also consider Alejandro as a western name?

        Nothing to worry about means, Li Na isn’t selling out her chinese roots by choosing a russian nick name for her daughter. That is the main concern with these netizens, that she is selling out. Because, lets be honest, would you choose a chinese name for your child? Under normal circumstances a chinese would not choose a japanese or korean name for their child, so why should she choose any other foreign name? So, it is a very well legitimate question what these netizens are wondering about.

        Now, one can debate that most of the netizens truly congratulate her on her new born daughter regardless the name and that merely a small portion resents her daughters foreign name. But that small portion gets all the attention.

        However funny part is, look at the comments on chinasmack, they are doing the same and they too only focus on the critics part about Li Na daughters name and suddenly most of us think majority of chinese want Li Na to emigrate, nonsense! Thats how media works, they polarize, and you aswell as others fell for it.

  • Zappa Frank

    better than western stars who invent stupid names for their children…

  • shoulda named her kid Lina

    • mr.wiener

      Assuming she keeps her mother’s name , Bana would be an option too.

  • Foreign Devil

    I know from experience that you are not allowed to put an letters on a Chinese birth certificate. It must be Chinese characters.

    • jin

      Same for most countries, you wont see a western passport with chinese character in it.

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