Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A massive mushroom cloud over the site of a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

A massive mushroom cloud over the site of a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

The following video of the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, United States, had over 2.7m views and 3k comments…

On Youku:

Captured: American Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion, Caused 60-70 Dead

Xinhua Newsflash: According to American media reports, an explosion occurred at an American fertilizer plant in Texas on the night of the 17th local time, and at present has already resulted in 60-70 deaths, with hundreds injured.

Comments on Youku:


Such a heavy Texas accent…


Fuck, I accidentally clicked downvote. My mistake, I approve of this with both hands!! This is what we call evil getting its just desserts.


America also has factories? Aren’t all the world’s factories in our country now? 搞笑


A prayer for them.


What’s wrong with America? How come it has been so chaotic these past few days?


In China, just how many coal kilns collapse every year and how many construction sites have accidents, but how come no one reports them?


If you want to see news about America, go to the Heavenly Kingdom. If you want to see news about the Heavenly Kingdom, go abroad.


With this, America can no longer talk about our industrial safety.


Fuck~ what’s up with America these past two days?


The power of this explosion is so huge! Scary!


Know how much this kind of thing happens here? How rarely they are reported? Without the internet, we’re all happy, because CCTV would be the only, great, glorious, and correct [source of information].


Just how frightening the hearts of those people who are making fun of this are.


How come China’s media pays so much attention to Imperialist America? How come they don’t report the fires and explosions in China??

低调小伙最迷人: (responding to above)

If they don’t report the disasters elsewhere, how could it seem like everything is safe and stable domestically? Every time I watch Xinwen Liaobo, it’s like watching a comedy.


Seeing this many videos and comments all rejoicing in other people’s misfortunes, I wonder after the Wenchuan earthquake if other people were also rejoicing in our misfortune. That’s why it’s said there are no good people in this world. As long as you’re human, then you’re an unforgivably evil human. People descend to this earth only to suffer.


Was too close, probably didn’t know it was a fertilizer factory/plant.


Foreign catastrophe news must be the lead story/top headline, and without ads!

[Note: Referring to this video having been featured on the home page of Youku, and that no advertisements were played before it could be viewed, when such advertisements are common on many other videos.]

wohuaidan: (responding to above)

Only this way can China appear to be safer!


Fuck, there wasn’t a commercial in order to watch this.


Like an American blockbuster film…


The Iraqi people send their regards!!!
The Syrian people send their regards!!!

K老总: (responding to above)

The North Koreans send their regards!!!


It’ll be good the day our own [bad] news is exposed this quickly.


The blast was so big! That far and the blast was still so strong! I bet this girl’s eardrum was popped! Or maybe the shock wave caused temporary deafness! However her dad seems to be okay~


Actually, open up Sina or Shandong TV or whatever, reporting is still mostly about domestic news. Like the Fudan poisoning, the hotel fire, the county head’s xiaosan, they’re all reported, yet people insist on saying they aren’t reported. Furthermore, China’s media is only reporting a very small percentage of foreign explosion cases and the like. After all, there are over 180 countries in the world, and the things that happen every day are more than just what happens in China as one country, right?! Moreover, China’s corruption, earthquakes, major transportation accidents are also often made headlines/lead stories on European and American media! Everyone is too non-fenqing. When they’re ordinary commoners, the fenqing curse the corrupt officials, but when they become civil servants, then they become the corrupt officials.


Prayers! May the dead rest in peace.


So this is how frightening being close to an explosion is like. Those who died in the explosion are human lives, please don’t celebrate other people’s misfortune.


Don’t tell me it’s yet another terrorist attack?


The United States has killed so many innocent children and families, so this is just retribution/karma, but the retribution is too light. They deserve a ruthless tsunami like the one that taught Japan a lesson. That’s my wish.


Tonight we are all Americans. 汗

愤怒D青年: (responding to above)

Stop thinking your love is reciprocated. Americans don’t even acknowledge you.


The will of heaven?


Looks like the United States is really dangerous~~


This is why when you see things like this in the future, it’s better to not go look on~~ Hope that girl is okay.


Whenever there is [bad] news in America, our country reports it immediately, indeed incredible.

名剑三少: (responding to above)

There’s nothing wrong with you, right? This is just a video a local [America] filmed, yet you’re able to drag the news [media] into it? What more, make it about two countries, dragging two countries into it? You sure are a genius.

风汉凌霄: (also responding to 福星庙)

What is news? If the media didn’t report it quickly, then that media would be out of business.


If this happened in China…then… there would definitely be a bunch of big-mouths saying: This wouldn’t happen in America…


Serves them right~! Who told America to always go around bullying others. What happened today is a delight to hear/see!

A Texas fertilizer plant explosion captured on a cell phone video recording.


How come all the foreign news I see are negative reports?

duoni2009: (responding to above)

You don’t see all those 1 Cent Party videos? You only watch the negative ones?

dwnlse: (also responding to 浇花儿)

That’s because you haven’t go abroad to see the news about China.

俺是元芳二舅老爷: (also responding to 浇花儿)

Are there a lack of negative headlines about China in the New York Times?

①sky: (responding to dwnlse)

Because only when you go abroad are you able to see the truth about what happens on this piece of land.


Seems like Osama Bin Laden isn’t dead.


Compared to China’s mining disasters, this is nothing.

XSK永远的希望: (responding to above)

I’m suddenly reminded of last month’s Lhasa mine collapse that buried 80-some people! No more news now – – !!!


If it were in the Heavenly Kingdom, certain people would be saying poor China.


The ordinary common people are innocent~


Are American’s mobile phones all that small?!


How many times have I said this now, when using your mobile phone to film a video, turn it horizontal/sideways, and when photographing portraits of people, most of the time turn it vertical/upright.


America is so dangerous recently.


Terrorist attack?


I didn’t do it.


Hurry and take back Taiwan with military force! It’s a good opportunity! While the Americans are busy!


Reporting negative news about America?! Certain Heavenly Kingdom people are going to be unhappy about that.


Industrial/manufacturing safety must not be neglected! 愤怒


America is too unsafe, our country is still better, safe and sound.


So many people dead, and yet there are still people “upvoting“. No wonder there are always people saying we don’t have common values with the world. A major safety negligence accident, this must be an organization/system problem. May the deceased rest in peace.


Mighty Fatty Kim III.


The fertilizer plant is not necessarily a terrorist attack, could also be an accident.


Fuck, I let out a single fart and an American fertilizer plant blows over, sorry, sorry, I’ll be more careful next time.


Yet another terrorist attack?


Who did the Americans offend this time? These past two days have all been explosions.


For a country that likes to export war, do they expect people to feel at a loss or sad or what for this kind of tragedy?


Do iPhone users only know how to film holding the phone vertically? Would holding it horizontally kill them?


Seeing this scene, I only want to say [four] words: What’s the background music?


Now I know why fertilize can be used to make explosives.


North Koreans are laughing.


North Korea!?


Things really are quite messy/chaotic in America recently.

Smiling2091: (responding to above)

Hehe, don’t be stupid, accidents happen around the world all the time, they’re just not continuously reported. The media often just follows others. For example, when the dead pigs in the Huangpu River news came out, reports about dead pigs and dead ducks started appearing everywhere. That’s just the way it is, and actually, the world has always been very messy/chaotic.


Americans will definitely not give in to terrorists. If the fertilizer plant explosion is also an act of terrorism, once they figure out who did it, they’ll go to war if they have to and capture who they have to capture. Regarding the Boston Marathon explosions, I personally think the terrorist is very naive, thinking Americans will surrender after being bombed. If an even more hardline person gets into office, this group of people who are directing such things from behind the scenes are going to regret it.


What’s going on with the United States here… punishment by God… but the ordinary common people are still innocent… such a tragedy…


Looking at the homepage image, I thought it was a nuclear bomb.

[Note: Youku apparently used an image for the video on its homepage that depicted a mushroom cloud that did not appear in the video, so quite a few Chinese commenters felt it was misleading.]


We had a fertilizer explosion here too (sulfur explosion). I think over 20 people died! Even out local television channel didn’t report it.


The characters of the 5 mao dang truly are like those of the Red Guard back in the day.

栖息的羽翼: (responding to above)

Yelling at people, calling them names, unfairly labeling them are the features/trademarks of you American running dog Chinese traitors. Willingly being the lackeys and henchmen of America, no matter what, we are for the country and the people, for the the working people. Whereas you bastard Chinese traitors, always singing the praises of the America that oppresses the Chinese people, just look at your faces, you stupid youth, it’s no wonder China is backwards because of you. Stop saying you guys are the “eight or nine o’clock sun” [a quote by Mao Zedong about the youth], you’re nothing more a light bulb hung swaying in the night by the United States. You’re just insects in the ground, and the America’s dirty filthy things just happen to match your hearts, so you thirst to satisfy your individual despicable reaping without sowing, drinking every day, indulging in debauchery, avaricious, morally degenerate desires. Stupid pigs.

Texas fertilizer plant explosion.


Fertilizer plants truly are very dangerous, it’s quite dangerous for those workers every day… This accident truly is very big, with over a hundred people all of a sudden going to see God… May the dead rest in peace, your families will think of you for the rest of their lives… The chemical industry needs to diligently improve, and transform itself. In the future, most chemical industry needs to become green [more eco-friendly], more organic, and then it will be relatively safer…


To be honest, I really support this kind of attacks targeting the United States, because it is only they who deserve them!


When you’ve done a lot of bad things, retribution will come sooner or later.


God bless/protect America!

cs6865652: (responding to above)

America, the hope of humanity, they must be protected/blessed!


Those that died were all human lives, which anyone ought to respect. Seeing various people cheering, I feel really upset. A moment of silence for the dead.

艹尐熙: (responding to above)

When our countrymen die in fires, I don’t see you observing a moment of silence for them.

dnwyr: (responding to above)

How do you know he doesn’t observe a moment of silence for them?


Please forgive my delighting in others’ misfortune, and I deeply grieve for the American people.


Don’t celebrate other people’s tragedies, the ones who died are all ordinary people. What wrong did they do?


America’s weather is so nice~


Americans, jia you! Although I don’t really like your ZF, the people are innocent! Those who died, rest in peace!


Sigh… all so willing to divide people politically into Chinese faction and American faction, or the righteous and the evil, you should all carefully think about just what politics is. What country’s foreign and domestic policies doesn’t insist on it’s own everlasting righteousness? But how can it be such a coincidence that every country is righteous yet there are often wars? America may not report the actual numbers, and if it were us, even less likely. Look at history’s politicians. Of those who have made a name for themselves, how many of them are considered virtuous/benevolent? As long as they’ve made distinguished contributions to politics, their outside reputation will inevitably be that of an iron fist, so stop foolishly thinking this is good and that’s not good, it’s all just passing clouds~


Such a high-end country and still such a technological problem occurs. Don’t start invasions and wars just because you have money, showing off your military strength everywhere. First take care of your own home… evil bastards~~


I actually thought the United States had been nuclear bombed by North Korea! [referring to the misleading image on the homepage]


Youku doing this was dishonest… The image on the homepage looked like it was an atomic bomb… scaring people…


Fucking showing a mushroom cloud, thought it was a nuclear explosion!


Talk about good things happening one after another.

捣蛋鬼鬼鬼鬼: (responding to above)

The children who like America, continue your blind foreign worship!


Finished watching the video, why didn’t I see the image in the [homepage] headline? I rushed in specifically because of that mushroom cloud picture. Youku, what kind of trickery is this? A lot of the images for videos are completely unrelated.


How come the background music feels like they’re having a party?


America should really start reflecting on itself!


Hope it’s just an accident. A prayer for the American people!


Now who still dares to say the United States is very safe? Not so simple anymore! I don’t think it’s just a coincidence anymore either!


Public intellectuals are going to cry again, lighting their candles in mourning!


无语 Why couldn’t it have happened in a government building? Why were the victims ordinary people and not the Imperialist American hegemons?


When American children panic, they hurry and think of how to protect themselves. Rather than brainlessly panicking screaming and shouting like idiots. [That’s the difference in] education.


There’s been quite a bit of [tragedy] in America these past few days, but this in China, we got used to it long ago.


America went through decades of high-speed development, and now it’s social problems are beginning to appear, with its social system problems have already become visible long ago, its economic corruption even more too numerous to count, and the aging phenomenon is also beginning to show. However, this incident is not without benefits, serving as a warning for America, and if the aging of industry is dealt with, it can spur the American economy. Upgrading equipment requires money and mobilizing a lot of manpower.


The amount of support [upvotes on this video] is not normal, there’s a possibility it is manipulated, and cannot represent the majority of Chinese netizens’ thoughts. No matter what, the people are innocent, and this kind of misrepresentation of the people’s thoughts and the flooding of various universal clowns and crooked national culture behavior over the past few years are linked, with the intent being to use the bombardment and turning upside-down of information to brainwash and poison the masses’ minds, thus weakening, subverting, infiltrating, and collapsing the people’s core values and the root interests of the country.

[Note: There were over 18k upvotes and 2.6k downvotes at time of translation.]


A fertilizer plant being involved in an explosion is very normal. Those who have studied chemistry all know what happened. It’s just a industrial accident. America’s industrial safety record is not so bad like China and other developing countries. Such high casualties has not been seen in years, and that’s why it’s getting so much attention. The United States of course had a period of time where industrial accidents were very bad, but at that time, China was still a country of handicrafts, without any modern industry at all. Now China is just walking the same old path that Western countries have taken, the primitive accumulation of capital.


Don’t get it, right? This is Fatty Kim III’s power, not having to use any weapons, just threatening twice, and the enemy is thrown into chaos and confusion, living up to the name of “Supreme Commander”, everyone give a round of applause. For the poor dead and innocent American ordinary common people, everyone observe a moment of silence.


A lot of people are celebrating this disaster, just what kind of mentality is that!? If this were to happen domestically, who knows how it would be handled. Don’t hate Americans just because of political issues, it has nothing to do with us ordinary common people, just games that politicians play. What we ordinary common people care about is living environments getting worse, food being unsafe, and other practical issues.


Everyone don’t immediately think the Boston explosion and fertilizer plant explosion are terrorist attacks, okay? America’s false democracy and harming of the world’s peace-loving people, this is guilt that deserves punishment! It is also difficult to rule out that this is a ruse of injuring itself in order to deceive the enemy that the United States plotted and carried out, in order to claim it was terrorism, so it can launch an invasion of Iran or North Korea! Once again using war to shift attention away from domestic crises! Wasn’t “9/11” the excuse to invaded and attack Afghanistan?


This is great. The United States has relied on intellect to plunder the wealth of the world, and these sanctimonious people unbelievably don’t know they are not respected because they hurt the interests of the majority of humanity, making others live in an abyss of suffering. So this is just karmic retribution for America, and the explosions in America are just the beginning.


Why is it that in the face of this kind of natural and man-made disaster there are people always disregarding life saying stuff like they intentionally hurt themselves to deceive enemies? Is the loss of life just “deserved” and “good” in your eyes? Compared to explosions, what is more frightening is ignorant extreme racial or national discrimination.


It may very well be an industrial management accident. But they use the excuse of terrorist attack to get away with it. Which happens to suit the inclinations of those above [government leaders]. Convenient to begin invading those countries they already wanted to attack.


Just two days after the Boston explosions, there’s a fertilizer plant explosion today. It’s hard for people to not wonder if these two things are related. Looks like it won’t be long before America’s World Police will once again attack some small country. 搞笑


When a place like a fertilizer plant catches fire, the first thing ordinary people should do is get far away. The explosion, shockwave, and mushroom cloud I saw a fertilizer plant explosion documentary before is still one I remember. In this kind of situation, anything within several hundred meters cannot assure your safety.


America’s Boston had chain explosions and a Texas fertilizer plant exploded, causing many casualties. After the United States liberated Iraq, there has been explosions almost every day, but how many people in China have said prayers for the Iraqi people? Explosions all the same, so why do they not say prayers for the Iraqis yet want to say prayers for Americans? This is the hypocrisy of humans, their hearts tacitly agreeing with the notion that Americans are on level higher [superior], yet not willing to face it squarely. —I too think this is great.


There are huge explosions domestically and they don’t report them. With regards to the media’s fierce bombardment of reporting small explosions abroad, I expressing powerless complaints.


Shouldn’t have been filming anyway. As I was watching the video, I suspected there would be a second explosion, and sure enough it exploded, nearly taking these two people’s lives. No matter what country, I oppose terrorism, and I pray for any innocent people who have been attacked by terrorism. May you rest in peace, and be happy in Heaven.

A massive mushroom cloud over the site of a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.


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