Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A massive mushroom cloud over the site of a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

A massive mushroom cloud over the site of a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

The following video of the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, United States, had over 2.7m views and 3k comments…

On Youku:

Captured: American Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion, Caused 60-70 Dead

Xinhua Newsflash: According to American media reports, an explosion occurred at an American fertilizer plant in Texas on the night of the 17th local time, and at present has already resulted in 60-70 deaths, with hundreds injured.

Comments on Youku:


Such a heavy Texas accent…


Fuck, I accidentally clicked downvote. My mistake, I approve of this with both hands!! This is what we call evil getting its just desserts.


America also has factories? Aren’t all the world’s factories in our country now? 搞笑


A prayer for them.


What’s wrong with America? How come it has been so chaotic these past few days?


In China, just how many coal kilns collapse every year and how many construction sites have accidents, but how come no one reports them?


If you want to see news about America, go to the Heavenly Kingdom. If you want to see news about the Heavenly Kingdom, go abroad.


With this, America can no longer talk about our industrial safety.


Fuck~ what’s up with America these past two days?


The power of this explosion is so huge! Scary!


Know how much this kind of thing happens here? How rarely they are reported? Without the internet, we’re all happy, because CCTV would be the only, great, glorious, and correct [source of information].


Just how frightening the hearts of those people who are making fun of this are.


How come China’s media pays so much attention to Imperialist America? How come they don’t report the fires and explosions in China??

低调小伙最迷人: (responding to above)

If they don’t report the disasters elsewhere, how could it seem like everything is safe and stable domestically? Every time I watch Xinwen Liaobo, it’s like watching a comedy.


Seeing this many videos and comments all rejoicing in other people’s misfortunes, I wonder after the Wenchuan earthquake if other people were also rejoicing in our misfortune. That’s why it’s said there are no good people in this world. As long as you’re human, then you’re an unforgivably evil human. People descend to this earth only to suffer.


Was too close, probably didn’t know it was a fertilizer factory/plant.


Foreign catastrophe news must be the lead story/top headline, and without ads!

[Note: Referring to this video having been featured on the home page of Youku, and that no advertisements were played before it could be viewed, when such advertisements are common on many other videos.]

wohuaidan: (responding to above)

Only this way can China appear to be safer!


Fuck, there wasn’t a commercial in order to watch this.


Like an American blockbuster film…


The Iraqi people send their regards!!!
The Syrian people send their regards!!!

K老总: (responding to above)

The North Koreans send their regards!!!


It’ll be good the day our own [bad] news is exposed this quickly.


The blast was so big! That far and the blast was still so strong! I bet this girl’s eardrum was popped! Or maybe the shock wave caused temporary deafness! However her dad seems to be okay~


Actually, open up Sina or Shandong TV or whatever, reporting is still mostly about domestic news. Like the Fudan poisoning, the hotel fire, the county head’s xiaosan, they’re all reported, yet people insist on saying they aren’t reported. Furthermore, China’s media is only reporting a very small percentage of foreign explosion cases and the like. After all, there are over 180 countries in the world, and the things that happen every day are more than just what happens in China as one country, right?! Moreover, China’s corruption, earthquakes, major transportation accidents are also often made headlines/lead stories on European and American media! Everyone is too non-fenqing. When they’re ordinary commoners, the fenqing curse the corrupt officials, but when they become civil servants, then they become the corrupt officials.


Prayers! May the dead rest in peace.


So this is how frightening being close to an explosion is like. Those who died in the explosion are human lives, please don’t celebrate other people’s misfortune.


Don’t tell me it’s yet another terrorist attack?


The United States has killed so many innocent children and families, so this is just retribution/karma, but the retribution is too light. They deserve a ruthless tsunami like the one that taught Japan a lesson. That’s my wish.


Tonight we are all Americans. 汗

愤怒D青年: (responding to above)

Stop thinking your love is reciprocated. Americans don’t even acknowledge you.


The will of heaven?


Looks like the United States is really dangerous~~


This is why when you see things like this in the future, it’s better to not go look on~~ Hope that girl is okay.


Whenever there is [bad] news in America, our country reports it immediately, indeed incredible.

名剑三少: (responding to above)

There’s nothing wrong with you, right? This is just a video a local [America] filmed, yet you’re able to drag the news [media] into it? What more, make it about two countries, dragging two countries into it? You sure are a genius.

风汉凌霄: (also responding to 福星庙)

What is news? If the media didn’t report it quickly, then that media would be out of business.


If this happened in China…then… there would definitely be a bunch of big-mouths saying: This wouldn’t happen in America…


Serves them right~! Who told America to always go around bullying others. What happened today is a delight to hear/see!

A Texas fertilizer plant explosion captured on a cell phone video recording.


How come all the foreign news I see are negative reports?

duoni2009: (responding to above)

You don’t see all those 1 Cent Party videos? You only watch the negative ones?

dwnlse: (also responding to 浇花儿)

That’s because you haven’t go abroad to see the news about China.

俺是元芳二舅老爷: (also responding to 浇花儿)

Are there a lack of negative headlines about China in the New York Times?

①sky: (responding to dwnlse)

Because only when you go abroad are you able to see the truth about what happens on this piece of land.


Seems like Osama Bin Laden isn’t dead.


Compared to China’s mining disasters, this is nothing.

XSK永远的希望: (responding to above)

I’m suddenly reminded of last month’s Lhasa mine collapse that buried 80-some people! No more news now – – !!!


If it were in the Heavenly Kingdom, certain people would be saying poor China.


The ordinary common people are innocent~


Are American’s mobile phones all that small?!


How many times have I said this now, when using your mobile phone to film a video, turn it horizontal/sideways, and when photographing portraits of people, most of the time turn it vertical/upright.


America is so dangerous recently.


Terrorist attack?


I didn’t do it.


Hurry and take back Taiwan with military force! It’s a good opportunity! While the Americans are busy!


Reporting negative news about America?! Certain Heavenly Kingdom people are going to be unhappy about that.


Industrial/manufacturing safety must not be neglected! 愤怒


America is too unsafe, our country is still better, safe and sound.


So many people dead, and yet there are still people “upvoting“. No wonder there are always people saying we don’t have common values with the world. A major safety negligence accident, this must be an organization/system problem. May the deceased rest in peace.


Mighty Fatty Kim III.


The fertilizer plant is not necessarily a terrorist attack, could also be an accident.


Fuck, I let out a single fart and an American fertilizer plant blows over, sorry, sorry, I’ll be more careful next time.


Yet another terrorist attack?


Who did the Americans offend this time? These past two days have all been explosions.


For a country that likes to export war, do they expect people to feel at a loss or sad or what for this kind of tragedy?


Do iPhone users only know how to film holding the phone vertically? Would holding it horizontally kill them?


Seeing this scene, I only want to say [four] words: What’s the background music?


Now I know why fertilize can be used to make explosives.


North Koreans are laughing.


North Korea!?


Things really are quite messy/chaotic in America recently.

Smiling2091: (responding to above)

Hehe, don’t be stupid, accidents happen around the world all the time, they’re just not continuously reported. The media often just follows others. For example, when the dead pigs in the Huangpu River news came out, reports about dead pigs and dead ducks started appearing everywhere. That’s just the way it is, and actually, the world has always been very messy/chaotic.


Americans will definitely not give in to terrorists. If the fertilizer plant explosion is also an act of terrorism, once they figure out who did it, they’ll go to war if they have to and capture who they have to capture. Regarding the Boston Marathon explosions, I personally think the terrorist is very naive, thinking Americans will surrender after being bombed. If an even more hardline person gets into office, this group of people who are directing such things from behind the scenes are going to regret it.


What’s going on with the United States here… punishment by God… but the ordinary common people are still innocent… such a tragedy…


Looking at the homepage image, I thought it was a nuclear bomb.

[Note: Youku apparently used an image for the video on its homepage that depicted a mushroom cloud that did not appear in the video, so quite a few Chinese commenters felt it was misleading.]


We had a fertilizer explosion here too (sulfur explosion). I think over 20 people died! Even out local television channel didn’t report it.


The characters of the 5 mao dang truly are like those of the Red Guard back in the day.

栖息的羽翼: (responding to above)

Yelling at people, calling them names, unfairly labeling them are the features/trademarks of you American running dog Chinese traitors. Willingly being the lackeys and henchmen of America, no matter what, we are for the country and the people, for the the working people. Whereas you bastard Chinese traitors, always singing the praises of the America that oppresses the Chinese people, just look at your faces, you stupid youth, it’s no wonder China is backwards because of you. Stop saying you guys are the “eight or nine o’clock sun” [a quote by Mao Zedong about the youth], you’re nothing more a light bulb hung swaying in the night by the United States. You’re just insects in the ground, and the America’s dirty filthy things just happen to match your hearts, so you thirst to satisfy your individual despicable reaping without sowing, drinking every day, indulging in debauchery, avaricious, morally degenerate desires. Stupid pigs.

Texas fertilizer plant explosion.


Fertilizer plants truly are very dangerous, it’s quite dangerous for those workers every day… This accident truly is very big, with over a hundred people all of a sudden going to see God… May the dead rest in peace, your families will think of you for the rest of their lives… The chemical industry needs to diligently improve, and transform itself. In the future, most chemical industry needs to become green [more eco-friendly], more organic, and then it will be relatively safer…


To be honest, I really support this kind of attacks targeting the United States, because it is only they who deserve them!


When you’ve done a lot of bad things, retribution will come sooner or later.


God bless/protect America!

cs6865652: (responding to above)

America, the hope of humanity, they must be protected/blessed!


Those that died were all human lives, which anyone ought to respect. Seeing various people cheering, I feel really upset. A moment of silence for the dead.

艹尐熙: (responding to above)

When our countrymen die in fires, I don’t see you observing a moment of silence for them.

dnwyr: (responding to above)

How do you know he doesn’t observe a moment of silence for them?


Please forgive my delighting in others’ misfortune, and I deeply grieve for the American people.


Don’t celebrate other people’s tragedies, the ones who died are all ordinary people. What wrong did they do?


America’s weather is so nice~


Americans, jia you! Although I don’t really like your ZF, the people are innocent! Those who died, rest in peace!


Sigh… all so willing to divide people politically into Chinese faction and American faction, or the righteous and the evil, you should all carefully think about just what politics is. What country’s foreign and domestic policies doesn’t insist on it’s own everlasting righteousness? But how can it be such a coincidence that every country is righteous yet there are often wars? America may not report the actual numbers, and if it were us, even less likely. Look at history’s politicians. Of those who have made a name for themselves, how many of them are considered virtuous/benevolent? As long as they’ve made distinguished contributions to politics, their outside reputation will inevitably be that of an iron fist, so stop foolishly thinking this is good and that’s not good, it’s all just passing clouds~


Such a high-end country and still such a technological problem occurs. Don’t start invasions and wars just because you have money, showing off your military strength everywhere. First take care of your own home… evil bastards~~


I actually thought the United States had been nuclear bombed by North Korea! [referring to the misleading image on the homepage]


Youku doing this was dishonest… The image on the homepage looked like it was an atomic bomb… scaring people…


Fucking showing a mushroom cloud, thought it was a nuclear explosion!


Talk about good things happening one after another.

捣蛋鬼鬼鬼鬼: (responding to above)

The children who like America, continue your blind foreign worship!


Finished watching the video, why didn’t I see the image in the [homepage] headline? I rushed in specifically because of that mushroom cloud picture. Youku, what kind of trickery is this? A lot of the images for videos are completely unrelated.


How come the background music feels like they’re having a party?


America should really start reflecting on itself!


Hope it’s just an accident. A prayer for the American people!


Now who still dares to say the United States is very safe? Not so simple anymore! I don’t think it’s just a coincidence anymore either!


Public intellectuals are going to cry again, lighting their candles in mourning!


无语 Why couldn’t it have happened in a government building? Why were the victims ordinary people and not the Imperialist American hegemons?


When American children panic, they hurry and think of how to protect themselves. Rather than brainlessly panicking screaming and shouting like idiots. [That’s the difference in] education.


There’s been quite a bit of [tragedy] in America these past few days, but this in China, we got used to it long ago.


America went through decades of high-speed development, and now it’s social problems are beginning to appear, with its social system problems have already become visible long ago, its economic corruption even more too numerous to count, and the aging phenomenon is also beginning to show. However, this incident is not without benefits, serving as a warning for America, and if the aging of industry is dealt with, it can spur the American economy. Upgrading equipment requires money and mobilizing a lot of manpower.


The amount of support [upvotes on this video] is not normal, there’s a possibility it is manipulated, and cannot represent the majority of Chinese netizens’ thoughts. No matter what, the people are innocent, and this kind of misrepresentation of the people’s thoughts and the flooding of various universal clowns and crooked national culture behavior over the past few years are linked, with the intent being to use the bombardment and turning upside-down of information to brainwash and poison the masses’ minds, thus weakening, subverting, infiltrating, and collapsing the people’s core values and the root interests of the country.

[Note: There were over 18k upvotes and 2.6k downvotes at time of translation.]


A fertilizer plant being involved in an explosion is very normal. Those who have studied chemistry all know what happened. It’s just a industrial accident. America’s industrial safety record is not so bad like China and other developing countries. Such high casualties has not been seen in years, and that’s why it’s getting so much attention. The United States of course had a period of time where industrial accidents were very bad, but at that time, China was still a country of handicrafts, without any modern industry at all. Now China is just walking the same old path that Western countries have taken, the primitive accumulation of capital.


Don’t get it, right? This is Fatty Kim III’s power, not having to use any weapons, just threatening twice, and the enemy is thrown into chaos and confusion, living up to the name of “Supreme Commander”, everyone give a round of applause. For the poor dead and innocent American ordinary common people, everyone observe a moment of silence.


A lot of people are celebrating this disaster, just what kind of mentality is that!? If this were to happen domestically, who knows how it would be handled. Don’t hate Americans just because of political issues, it has nothing to do with us ordinary common people, just games that politicians play. What we ordinary common people care about is living environments getting worse, food being unsafe, and other practical issues.


Everyone don’t immediately think the Boston explosion and fertilizer plant explosion are terrorist attacks, okay? America’s false democracy and harming of the world’s peace-loving people, this is guilt that deserves punishment! It is also difficult to rule out that this is a ruse of injuring itself in order to deceive the enemy that the United States plotted and carried out, in order to claim it was terrorism, so it can launch an invasion of Iran or North Korea! Once again using war to shift attention away from domestic crises! Wasn’t “9/11” the excuse to invaded and attack Afghanistan?


This is great. The United States has relied on intellect to plunder the wealth of the world, and these sanctimonious people unbelievably don’t know they are not respected because they hurt the interests of the majority of humanity, making others live in an abyss of suffering. So this is just karmic retribution for America, and the explosions in America are just the beginning.


Why is it that in the face of this kind of natural and man-made disaster there are people always disregarding life saying stuff like they intentionally hurt themselves to deceive enemies? Is the loss of life just “deserved” and “good” in your eyes? Compared to explosions, what is more frightening is ignorant extreme racial or national discrimination.


It may very well be an industrial management accident. But they use the excuse of terrorist attack to get away with it. Which happens to suit the inclinations of those above [government leaders]. Convenient to begin invading those countries they already wanted to attack.


Just two days after the Boston explosions, there’s a fertilizer plant explosion today. It’s hard for people to not wonder if these two things are related. Looks like it won’t be long before America’s World Police will once again attack some small country. 搞笑


When a place like a fertilizer plant catches fire, the first thing ordinary people should do is get far away. The explosion, shockwave, and mushroom cloud I saw a fertilizer plant explosion documentary before is still one I remember. In this kind of situation, anything within several hundred meters cannot assure your safety.


America’s Boston had chain explosions and a Texas fertilizer plant exploded, causing many casualties. After the United States liberated Iraq, there has been explosions almost every day, but how many people in China have said prayers for the Iraqi people? Explosions all the same, so why do they not say prayers for the Iraqis yet want to say prayers for Americans? This is the hypocrisy of humans, their hearts tacitly agreeing with the notion that Americans are on level higher [superior], yet not willing to face it squarely. —I too think this is great.


There are huge explosions domestically and they don’t report them. With regards to the media’s fierce bombardment of reporting small explosions abroad, I expressing powerless complaints.


Shouldn’t have been filming anyway. As I was watching the video, I suspected there would be a second explosion, and sure enough it exploded, nearly taking these two people’s lives. No matter what country, I oppose terrorism, and I pray for any innocent people who have been attacked by terrorism. May you rest in peace, and be happy in Heaven.

A massive mushroom cloud over the site of a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

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  • vincent

    Seems the US is on a bad luck streak at the moment :|

    • MrT

      at the moment?

      Seems like a very boring long time.
      Supernova US! yay!

  • B*tches, Leave

    Bombs are flying, people are dying
    Children are crying, politicians are lying too
    Cancer is killing, Radiation is spilling
    The whole world is going to hell but … how are you?

    • donscarletti

      I’m super! Thanks for asking!

      • Ricky Beijing

        All things considered I couldn’t be better I must say!!


      Not sure how serious you were with that post but as you may know, the prevalence of the media just makes it seem that way. In reality the world is a safer place today compared to the past. Oh, and I’m doing pretty good too.

    • MrT

      Great I’m in China and not the forever exploding US

      • Damo


    • MonkeyMouth

      is that alvin lee?

    • cc

      Nice to know some people listen to the song

    • Slenth

      I’m good thanks.

  • Alex

    Thing is… accidents like this happen a lot around the world. You know, shit happens. In China and other developing countries happen a million times more.

    It never really gets more than an article in the news, as we’ve got in most of the spanish newspapers and internet news.

    But here? Oh shit, if there’s something to prove how DANGEROUS it is to live in laowaiguo(specially meiguo), how bad people live there, how the tension is felt every day and how any normal person might not be alive the next day… shit it just gets so so so over used on the media!

    It’s on the news every single time I’ve seen a tv screen around campus, gym or on subways! All the fucking time saying the bomb and the fertilizert plant thing.

    If they had to ONLY talk about the shanxi coal mines accidents that have happened any other year in the fashion they’ve used for these 2 american incidents, they’d have programming for a whole fucking year.

    • BiggJ

      Let them talk about it…it probably stopped some chinese from moving to america. Better for china, better for america. Now if we could only find a way for chinese to start being afraid of canada and not wanting to move there we would be all set.

      • MonkeyMouth

        mr luca magnotta didnt do a good enough job, eh

        • BiggJ

          I guess clean air is worth the chance of getting raped and murdered and stuffed in the fridge.

          • MonkeyMouth

            thats only the chance the homoseximals face…haha…

    • Winterbitten

      There were still enough people pointing out that stuff happens just as much if not more domestically and quite a few people expressing thoughts that had nothing to do with “This proves America is dangerous”. This is one of the few times where I would disagree with the China bashing.

      Do you frequent other forums? I mean, people all around the world more or less do the same thing and act the same way with incidents happening abroad. I’ve personally seen people make poor comparisons concerning the knife incident and the school shooting while trying to say “guns aren’t that dangerous”.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The first picture made me think about this:


      ROTFL, and I thought I was the only one.


        Oh so true.

  • Hitbbbw3

    I still don’t understand how a fire escalated to an enormous explosion from a fertilizer plant.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Fertilizer, a key ingredient in a crude home made bomb.

    • Zappa Frank

      you don’t undestrand because you don’t know the composition of fertilizers… ammonium nitrate for instance can be used in both, fertilizers and explosives.

      • Hitbbbw3


        • YourSupremeCommander

          I said that once to a Spanish chick and she tells me back, papi, I don’t have no grassy ass.

          • cb4242

            Good one. ROFLMAO

    • Pickle

      Some people think there was a missile strike involved. I saw a YouTube video that would certainly get conspiracy theorist going.

      • MrT

        probably the chemicals for the Boston set up come from there….

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Wow your all over the place today. And so negative. You okay?

          • MrT

            not really I overdosed on Arex Jonesy bullshit this week.

          • MonkeyMouth

            ya…. he was just on c2cAM on monday…. wow…… he is keen and spot on, imho.

      • the ace of books

        Just … lol at this comment. Why on earth would anyone missile-strike a town with a population of 2800? I never even heard of this town until this article, and unless it becomes a thriving basin of terrorist activity, or maybe the site of a super-fundementalist bunch of crazies (sorry, son, Waco already done that), then i doubt I’ll ever hear of it again.

        So, in conclusion: no. No, this was not a missile strike. Please do not be silly and conspiracist: we have enough conspiratorial siliness in the world as it is.

        • Pickle

          I didn’t say I believed it to be a missile strike. Didn’t you read my what I wrote? Guess not otherwise you’d not write your condescending remark. I did imply others would think it was as another site someone brought this up. I only agreed that the vid with the explosion looked stranger
          However I do find it odd to have such a facility near so many people nearby.
          On conspiracies, there’s plenty of real ones that people like you dismiss all time.

        • MeCampbell30

          LOL. “Quick! Strike the building with a missile while it’s still on fire!”

  • Brian

    No article about the Chinese girl who died in Boston?


      Give it a week or two.

      • MonkeyMouth

        then watch the racism fly!!!!

    • Pickle

      I noticed that too. I seen it on Yahoo yesterday or the day before.

  • Zappa Frank

    “Because only when you go abroad are you able to see the truth about what happens on this piece of land.”

    That’s the best quote..


    I wonder if Sonic will suddenly have an increase in customers in the following days.

    • MonkeyMouth

      hahahaha…… gimme a foot long Coney STAT!!

  • BiggJ

    “The amount of support [upvotes on this video] is
    not normal, there’s a possibility it is manipulated, and cannot
    represent the majority of Chinese netizens’ thoughts. No matter what,
    the people are innocent, and this kind of misrepresentation of the
    people’s thoughts and the flooding of various universal clowns and
    crooked national culture behavior over the past few years are linked,
    with the intent being to use the bombardment and turning upside-down of
    information to brainwash and poison the masses’ minds, thus weakening,
    subverting, infiltrating, and collapsing the people’s core values and
    the root interests of the country.”

    [Note: There were over 18k upvotes and 2.6k downvotes at time of translation.]

    This guy still can’t see there are more chinese ass holes then normal chinese? Maybe not assholes….but ignorant people….it’s like when your puppy pisses on your floor….it just does not know any better. Chinese are like a puppy you let run wild around your house, It’s going to do a bunch of fucked up things until you teach it differently….but its not its fault…it learned everything from it’s bitch of a mother…so when placed in a civilized environment we cant expect it to act how it should. It’s not house trained yet.

  • I know America is not the safest country on the planet, but I’m still proud to be American and I will stand my ground on this country no matter what. The US has gone through bad things lately and I am sure its not the end of it. But what can you do? We’ll always be the greatest Empire in this century.

    • BiggJ

      I don’t know….still have 87 years left…A lot can happen in that time.Let me try my american impression…”Fuckin eh, Murrica gonna fuck shit up We gonna win and take everything!!cause if you ain’t first…you’re last!! Chink came around here wanted to take my sister out on a date….I don’t think so mr.china man…if anyones going to date my sister it’s gonna be me!!!Now fuck off and let me drink my beer and watch rambo…..HEY BRANDEEN!!!Tell them fucking kids of yours to shut up!!! Tell then kids to get the fuck outside and out my god damn trailer!!!

    • MrT

      ludicrous, was great for a short time.US is on meltdown.Wake up.

    • the ace of books

      “We’ll always be the greatest Empire in this century.”

      In the past century, maybe. This century? America’s already eating away at its own power, both from inside and its rep abroad. America’s got a great entrepreneurial spirit, and that’s great and all, but some countries don’t want to be entrepreneured on, and America needs to learn to accept this, rather than trying to force its own ways on the world (“but they’ll be happieer if they have our system of government/laws/etc!”). There’s a point to which America needs to be able to handle itself before handling others – frankly, if it can’t get past this stupid dividedness in congress and the stubborn refusal to compromise, I don’t think it’s going much of anywhere. Great empires move forward, and divisiveness only stagnates.

      tl;dr: If all you do is argue and refuse to fix your own problems until you get your way, all up until your own government shuts down, who’s going to call you great?

      • Pickle

        I do agree with you here though.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        “…rather than trying to force its own ways on the world (“but they’ll be
        happieer if they have our system of government/laws/etc!”)…”

        But that’s how the EU keeps itself organized and it works great.

    • Reila90

      Shitty empire.

      • Pickle

        Name a good one.
        I never thought of the USA as an empire. No emperors.

        • MrT

          Roman pretty good

          • Pickle

            People usually think of empires as evil.
            As for Rome, well they had a whole host of nasty rulers and committed deplorable acts such as what happened in the coliseum that cause some animals to go extinct according to some scholars.
            Some good things too like the aqueducts.

          • MrT

            REG: They’ve bled us white, the bastards. They’ve taken
            everything we had, and not just from us, from our fathers, and from our
            fathers’ fathers.

            LORETTA: And from our fathers’ fathers’ fathers.

            REG: Yeah.

            LORETTA: And from our fathers’ fathers’ fathers’ fathers.

            REG: Yeah. All right, Stan. Don’t labour the point. And what
            have they ever given us in return?!

            XERXES: The aqueduct?

            REG: What?

            XERXES: The aqueduct.

            REG: Oh. Yeah, yeah. They did give us that. Uh, that’s true.

            COMMANDO #3: And the sanitation.

            LORETTA: Oh, yeah, the sanitation, Reg. Remember what the city
            used to be like?

            REG: Yeah. All right. I’ll grant you the aqueduct and the
            sanitation are two things that the Romans have done.

            MATTHIAS: And the roads.

            REG: Well, yeah. Obviously the roads. I mean, the roads go
            without saying, don’t they? But apart from the sanitation, the aqueduct,
            and the roads–

            COMMANDO: Irrigation.

            XERXES: Medicine.

            COMMANDOS: Huh? Heh? Huh…

            COMMANDO #2: Education.

            COMMANDOS: Ohh…

            REG: Yeah, yeah. All right. Fair enough.

            COMMANDO #1: And the wine.

            COMMANDOS: Oh, yes. Yeah…

            FRANCIS: Yeah. Yeah, that’s something we’d really miss, Reg,
            if the Romans left. Huh.

            COMMANDO: Public baths.

            LORETTA: And it’s safe to walk in the streets at night now,

            FRANCIS: Yeah, they certainly know how to keep order. Let’s
            face it. They’re the only ones who could in a place like this.

            COMMANDOS: Hehh, heh. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.

            REG: All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine,
            education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system,
            and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

            XERXES: Brought peace.

            REG: Oh. Peace? Shut up!

          • Pickle

            It would have been nice to see what would have happened if ancient Rome and China had much greater contact. Imagine how history would have turned out.

          • MrT

            The Chinese victors were so impressed by the remaining 145 enemy soldiers at Zhizhi, that they moved them further east to the newly named outpost of Liqian (Li-chien) in Gansu province to enlist their help in the defense of Tibetan raids. It doesn’t take much imagination to find the similarity of the name Legion and Liqian. Additionally, a map of China’s Han Empire available during this same period showed a county named Liqian. According to Fan Ye’s 5th century “Hou Han Shu”, Liqian was named after a foreign country. Liqian is what the Chinese called the Roman Empire.

          • Pickle

            Their contact wasn’t very extensive. Their were roman tapestry found in China that show that there was trading of goods. Still not much.
            But the info you provided was interesting. Thank you.

          • MrT

            they settled in the North West…
            a completely lost Roman legion,some of the people are Roman descendants to this day.

          • MrT

            in English, they shagged the locals and had lots of babies.
            Bit like were doing now…

          • Zappa Frank

            haha funny and quite true. we could do the same for the taiwan’s child other there that call USA shitty empire..

            the same that saved your ass (litteraly for your granma) in the 2°WW

            the same that saved you from china’s comunisits

            the same that gave you democracy

            the same that developed your country giving money and teaching modern tecnology, allowing you to change from being a poor island of fishermen.

            the same that still protect you..

            yeah you’re right, very shitty.

        • Reila90

          Federal Reserve is the emperor.

          • MonkeyMouth

            yeah! you go that right

          • Pickle

            Good answer. They certainly rule the USA.

          • Zappa Frank

            another chilidish comment please.. i’m never tired to read your good for all seasons comments..

          • Pickle

            She really isn’t too far off. The bankers are the ones who control the currency and they control the Federal Reserve and whoever controls the money makes the rules.

          • cb4242

            Because you say so?? Look up the definition of Empire. Just in case, here you go.

            a (1) : a major political unit having a territory of great extent or a number of territories or peoples under a single sovereign authority; especially : one having an emperor as chief of state (2) : the territory of such a political unitb : something resembling a political empire; especially : an extensive territory or enterprise under single domination or control

            b : imperial sovereignty, rule, or dominion

            Anyway, glad to help you and to correct you once again,


      • wes707

        Yeah, we all know you prefer Japanese fascism. Perhaps in some sadistic manner you would’ve enjoyed being a comfort woman. Oh, that never happened, right…

        • Reila90

          So what? I prefer Japanese imperialism during imperial era. Something wrong?

          • wes707

            No, your words are telling enough.

          • Pickle

            You’re Japanese ? Who’s that in your avatar? She’s quite pretty.

          • wes707

            No, she’s Taiwanese with some fetish for Japanese fascists. She may be pretty but slightly crazy.

          • Pickle

            So that’s really her?! Wow! I don’t mind women being slightly crazy if they are that cute!

          • BiggJ

            You’re into cross eyes?? :)

          • Pickle

            Yeah because someone obviously making a silly face can’t uncross them. Then again, if they’re that way naturally less men will be into her so some local yokel will get easy dibs ;)

          • BiggJ

            You ever hear that saying” If you don’t stop crossing your eyes they will stay like that” lol……I should have listened to my mom. :( hahah

          • wes707

            God you’re desperate…. Okay Reila90, put up a normal picture and let’s all publicly judge if she’s pretty or not.

          • Pickle

            Hardly…you expect me to smash my face through a screen to get to the other side of the world. Thats obviously a good looking person but I like your suggestion. Apparently you’re interested in her appearance too.

          • Zappa Frank

            don’t trust a girl’s picture, she may be fatter by far and that picture could be photoshopped. not cute for me anyway.

          • Pickle

            It might not even be her. You know how often people use other images instead of themselves.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            Yeah those are empire that were bad. Empires that use force to impose themselves on other cultures *cough*BRITAIN*cough* occupying conquered nations and forcing them to learn about the imperial culture rather than their own *cough*JAPAN*cough* or simply use the absorbed military power as fuel for some ongoing war against another empire *cough*FRANCE*cough*

            My allergies are bad today.

          • Zappa Frank

            wrong? only for you madam, only for you

          • mr.wiener

            …Having never experienced it it first hand and and using manga comics as historical reference. I’m sure it would have been wonderful.

          • Reila90

            Nothing wrong for Japan to be an equal empire among western empires at that time. Just like nothing wrong for China to be an equal as U.S today.
            It is wrong to be equal?

          • mr.wiener

            All of which can be achieved by economic power and hard work as modern Japan has shown. Not by taking it by force. This goes for every empire. The age of taking things by force should have passed by now. Call me a liberal f*cktard if you wish , but I think we are gradually outgrowing this as a species.

          • Reila90

            Those Chinese definitely hard working. They’re not busy killing random people with drone and taking oil by force.

          • mr.wiener

            Random? no, stupid and counter productive? quite possibly. Taking oil by force [the Chinese that is]…well , we’ll see how long it takes them to start.

          • Reila90

            China don’t want dominate the world. They want have better life so they work hard that’s it. But i can get the Sinophobia feeling. Since they’re look different to you anyway.

          • Panda Banana

            maybe i missed something in all the years in china. Chinese are working hard??? Really??? The only hard working chinese I have seen live and work outside china. Chinese in general are kinda lazy folks. In addition to that they are completely disloyal, don’t know how to appreciate and hate to return favors, AND they do stupid fucked up shit to..how they call it again?… save face….?

          • Reila90

            What part do you live in China? Hong Kong? Shanghai? cave?
            They queuing every early morning wanting for job, They don’t cry over how much salary they should get, nor complain about first world problems.

          • Panda Banana

            and that is the(your) definition of a hard worker? it seems you take many things for granted and set standards very low…..queing up every early morning doesn’t mean that someone is a hard worker….i had hundreds, over the years maybe thousands of workers and never saw a real hard working one, to the contrary, the FEW who really “tried” to work hard, did more damage in the process by doing so….so i guess its just not in their nature.

            on the other side some managers and people in higher positions indeed work hard….but one thing they all miss, ordinary worker or senior position staff: none of them work SMART!!!

          • Reila90

            Oh i see. So you’re one of those people who outsourcing jobs. LOL

            I have no comment anymore. You really pathetic.Even still complain.

          • mr.wiener

            You’re Taiwanese and you are talking about outsourcing?

          • cb4242

            Well, it’s true, the country can’t provide enough jobs, that’s the reason so many people are leaving and going abroad. Not about outsourcing, it’s about the government providing quality jobs for people and lets not forget the shortage of women in China since no on wants them, you have a dense competitive over-testosterone brewing male society that is being pushed to the limit and the government is worried about that.

          • Reila90

            lol no. It’s about competitive market. Investor always searching for opportunity to make more and more profit. The problem here US & EU is in crisis. Many people don’t have jobs. Outsourcing only make it worser.
            In world of globalization, the imbalance number of gender can be handled.

          • cb4242

            So that’s why we have so many Chinese refugees coming to the US. Thanks, I got it now.

          • Reila90

            Human immigration is natural occurrence. White people in America were immigrant too in the past. Your welcome.

          • cb4242

            But we are NOT talking about the past immigration, we are talking about current third world immigration and we didn’t have a tied global economy, so it definitely makes a difference.

          • Reila90

            It’s still reasonably same. Just look at China, most of investor are flocking to that country because economic reason. Which a same reason for many third world immigrant too.
            “We didn’t have a tied global economy”.
            This is where is wrong. US definitely have tied to global economy. Also if you notice there’s more immigrants in “new world” countries.

          • cb4242

            I don’t know where you are getting your revisionist history, but everyone knows China manipulates its currency. Saying that they don’t makes you look bad and stupid. Yes, people are flocking to China, but that giant economical tide is slowing down, China is leveling off and why? The US economy is tied in with the rest of the world. When America catches a cold, the rest of the world sneezes.

          • Reila90

            lol currency manipulation is not exclusively China’s thing. Many countries lowering their own currency to boost export. So no. I’m not revisionist. US off course can’t do that, because USD is global currency. And USD is getting cheaper and cheaper. So it’s normal today we see more and more countries refuse to use USD anymore as transaction.

          • wes707

            In case anyone actually wants to understand how China manipulates its currency please see the following:


          • Reila90

            I saw that. This is similar like what Japan did back in 60’s thru 80’s.

          • mr.wiener

            If I recall correctly the Americans were very paranoid about Japan’s rise in the 80’s which prompted some crappy movies staring Wesley Snipes and Micheal Douglas.
            No harsh words about currency manipulation though. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

          • wes707

            Yes, it’s exactly what Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, etc. did in the past. Actually, the US markets are recovering as we’ve been undergoing a deleveraging for the last 5 years. In contrast, China for the last 5 years has been riding a wave of government fixed asset investment which is not sustainable. China is now loaded with internal debt and non-performing loans issued to SOEs and provincial governments. Furthermore, China’s FX reserves have had RMB liabilities issued against them; contrary to what people think, that money is not free and clear. As well, the Shanghai/Shen Zhen stock exchanges have still not recovered from the financial crisis.

          • cb4242

            But we are talking the second largest economy in the world, which is……drumroll…CHINA. And US is getting cheaper, because people want cheap products, which is what China is making. Walmart is not stocked with Russian, or Chilean or Canadian products. The products are all made in China 80% of virtually everything, even some missile parts that we use in the military, heck, my iPhone is assembled in China. If I want cheap, I go to China, if I want quality China is not the place to buy. And how does China do this? Wes707 outlines it. Reila, watch and you might learn something.

          • Reila90

            Those all your fault. Your people’s politic. Those rich 1%. Tell them to stop exporting jobs. Even many American hate it. What’s the different when you guys annihilated those Arabs because of oil and gold? Stop thinking US is naif and pure. Politic always competitive. US knew the trade between China and US only benefit their rich 1%.

          • cb4242

            Has nothing to do with fault and everything to do with a staggering economy and as a result, cheaper products. The 1% that are the job creators do want that to stop. But here we go again, because of China manipulating their currency, we can’t compete, you pay your people nothing practically. But in the states, in order to make a good living you need to pay people fairly. China does it does it for much much less.
            No one was annihilated for oil. Saddam and his sons got what they deserved Gadaffi chose to stay rather than leave and he got killed. Gold??? What are you talking about? Lol
            I think you are the one that thinks China is a Utopia and its not even close, don’t even get me started on the environment.
            And let’s not forget the plundering of Africa.


          • Reila90

            Of course China does it for much much less. Every developing countries on earth definitely pays their labors much much cheap. It’s dumb to compare wages between developing countries and developed countries.

            As i said, currency manipulation is not new and only China’s thing. Japan, S.Korea, India, Singapore, etc do the same. The only difference is, China have more bigger economy, therefore more noticeable among others.

            Do you know wealth gap in US is widening? and no. This isn’t China’s fault too. How the 1% want a change without want a competition? Off course they can’t compete if they’re greedy. Your Federal Reserve vigorously print money because he knew if he’s stop print, US will definitely collapse. But the more you print the dollar, the more you cheapen the value. US have so much spending. Stop waging useless war in Iraq, call back your troops & all your base around the world. US knew he need to be thrifty, yet lazy to act.

            Remember USSR when they invade Afghanistan? they said they went there for terrorist too. All what US did in middle east is always motivated by political benefit. You clearly naif to think US killed Saddam & Gadaffi solely because they’re terrorist.

            I never have interest for China or US as world utopia. But you need to stop thinking US is god can do everything he want. You know what? Just mind your own business.

          • wes707

            You’re right that East Asian currency manipulation is not new. All you have to do is look at who’s intervening the most in FX markets and buying the most US Treasury Bills: http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/data-chart-center/tic/Documents/mfh.txt

            One of the main reasons for QE is to devalue debts held by China and other currency manipulators. If China had not done so in the first place, debt would not have become so cheap in the US and the value of the RMB would’ve risen greatly. The Fed is just moving the scale back to some level of parity by making it more costly for China to print Yuan in order to buy US monetary instruments to keep the US dollar strong and thus maintain an artificially weak RMB.

            Reila90, it’s good that you have an interest in all of this, but you shouldn’t talk so much about stuff that you don’t actually understand.

          • cb4242

            China does it for much less, yes, you are making my point exactly, NOW you get it. Your country is not making ANY competitive wages. There are many areas where China can change this, but it won’t, so many Chinese leave to go elsewhere in order to make a decent living.
            But thanks for proving me right.

            China is bigger, but China doesn’t care about the environment, just look at all the stories right here on ChinaSmack, that is very noticeable.

            The wealth gap is widening even more in China, many Chinese go abroad to study, get a job and stay because they get something that they would never get in China, freedom, the chance to be competitive, to earn and to keep and NOT fork over half of their salary to the government. China is not to blame for all of America’s problems, but the disparity in China is off the charts. As far as printing more money, that is because we have a socialist President that is hell bound to turn our democracy into a quasi-socialist country. By far one of the worst Presidents we’ve ever have in large part because of his spending.
            The war is already over in Iraq, Saddam is gone and good riddance. The Troops are coming back. As far as closing all the bases, that won’t happen, If China thinks we would leave Japan in the water like a sitting duck, you are out of your mind as a matter of fact, we might even reposition ourselves to make sure that China is watched and contained from not getting near Japan.

          • Reila90

            That’s your own term of “competitive”.

            It’s not like they intentionally don’t care about environment, they just ain’t capable yet to afford more practical solution. Again, most of developing countries doing the same. And they’ll gradually change as they have more and more income.

            The difference between China and US is Chinese wealth gap seen from growth chart, while American wealth gap started from a balanced ones become wider and wider. Which prove the development in US side was slowing down. Also, the number of Chinese working class immigrant in US are greatly reduced. Now we see more and more students and middle class live or visit here in states.

            I don’t really care actually about US military base around pacific. Because both outcome will ended up hurting themselves anyway. Abe planned to remove the article 9 this year. As Taiwanese, i hope Japan, Korea, & China can understand each other more, become independent militarily & economically, and know who their real threat.

          • cb4242

            That’s your excuse???? That was a the worst statement.

            Yes, the gap is widening in the US, but in China as well. China is only doing well in the large cities, in the countryside, it’s a totally different story. Most live very meagerly and some in straight poverty.
            Many students visit the states and end up staying and working in the US.

            Japan, Korea and China will NEVER, NEVER understand each other, too much pride, no one will admit to anything and no one will give in. Yes, the real threat is all you guys towards each other. You guys have way to much pride and are overly egoistic.

          • Reila90

            lol. *facepalm That’s not an excuse.
            Well i know these countries than you. They can understand each other actually. Japan, Korea and China benefit each other for centuries after all. Especially around my generation who will replace the older generation in politic later. But i don’t think US will happy to see that.

          • cb4242

            Oh, please, you don’t understand crap! I live in Japan and I am married to a Japanese and I see every single day as to how Japan thinks they are better than Koreans or Chinese, I lived in Seoul for 2 years and know how Koreans are TAUGHT to hate Japanese, the same as with China. You guys will never get along at least NOT in the same way Europe is. The hate between you three and the ego and pride that sits your souls will never let that happen, not for a very, very, very long time. There will not be a AU=Asian Union in the near future.

          • cb4242

            Well, that’s not entirely true. China is doing well primarily in the large urban cities, but in the countryside, third world, poor infrastructure, bad sanity, yes, it is a developing country, the big cities however, could have more competitive wages, but the elites are greedy and don’t provide many people with virtually any kinds of benefits, so yes, you are actually making my point for me, thank you.

            China is a bigger economy again true, but you are naive as sin and really ignorant if you think other countries manipulate their currencies the way China does, China literally wrote the book on currency manipulation. No one can compete with that, No one that is why China has put a lot of companies out of business, yes, the people want more cheap and inferior products and almost everywhere you go, almost everything is made in China but that is the market and people want cheap stuff. For many people quality is not an issue these days.

            Factor in the bad economy in the US and Europe, China took advantage of that. Funny, how a Communist nation that hates Capitalism uses the same system that it hates to get ahead.

            Yes, it’s true, the gap is widening and yes, China is in a way partially responsible as I mentioned above earlier. But nowadays we are living in an America where our current President wants to hold back and punish hardworking people and the 1% that are job creators, taxing them to the hilt and imposing policies and spending money that we don’t have, that is what happens when people vote for Democrats, they are all about spending. So hopefully in about 4 years when the current President is gone and we can have a real President that doesn’t punish success and allows us to tap into our own oil reserves so that we can ween ourselves off of Mid East oil. As far as Saddam is concerned, as a threat to us, having him out of the way is much better for us as a threat, he was one of the worst at the time.

            But please, don’t think that the US is the only nation that needs oil, we have actually more oil than Saudi Arabia, now if these crazy environmentalists could get out of the way, we could create hundreds of jobs, but liberals and environmentalists don’t want that, for them the environment of protecting a little fish is more important than the nation and that is why we have to deal with these crazy muslim countries. But make no mistake China, France and most other nations need oil just as much and China is right behind the US.

            As far as the troops are concerned, Japan is an ally and the US will never just pack up and leave Japan to allow China to possibly do something crazy, it could happen and why take a chance, so we stay and most likely reposition ourselves and keep and eye on China and that way we know nothing will happen.

            Sorry, Afghanistan was Obama’s war. He said, Iraq was the wrong place and that the real terrorists were hiding in Afghanistan and Bin Ladin was for a long time hiding out there. As for killing Saddam, we didn’t kill him, that was the Shiites that wanted revenge on him and the way he treated them and brutalized them, what else do you expect. Gadaffi the same, the US offered him and exit and advised him to get out, he chose to stay and look what happened. By the way, that particular operation was led by NATO and NOT the US.

            The difference is that, people come to the US mostly to seek a better life, education and the freedom, the right to choose their own destiny and shape their lives the way they want and not to be told, it’s impossible or that they can’t. That is the fundamental difference between China and the US. So in that sense, yes, it’s one of the greatest, also as I said before, if Europe and most other countries would contribute more and NOT always ask America for help, that would be great. It’d be nice if France or Canada or Australia could take the lead sometime, but until they do, yes, we can do what we want until they pick up the slack.

            China is giving Africa money, it’s true, but China is NOT interested in Africa or Africans as a whole, but they just want all there natural resources as well as the wildlife. They don’t need to interfere with their politics to destroy the country.

          • Reila90


            I do aware China isn’t the most honest country in the world. And i do aware USA isn’t the most honest country too..China sure have more domestic problems than US. But when it comes to global diplomacy, US is no better than China. You obviously still see US as world leader, justice, hero, etc. And China as satanic demonic figure. While i don’t see that. The no 1 reason i support China growth is because i support a balanced multi-polar world. And i don’t like an unbalance uni-polar world dominated only by US. Afaik, US don’t like a balanced multi-polar world. There’s many proves of it. Rather than care so much about China domestic problem, how about reflect your own country? Despite their so called “melting pot”, racism & discrimination in US is just as bad as in China & many countries in the world. What is fourth amendment when you just passed a law like CISPA. Accusing terrorist in Boston, but everyday killing a children with drones in Afghanistan. Your ignorance mind blowing me.

          • cb4242

            China can’t even get North Korea under control, China never wants to get involved in global situations where it could make a positive contribution or show some political influence, but China only cares about itself, it’s rise on the military stage and as an economical power. Fine and good, but if its interest is more self-interest, and China lacks experience, China has NO idea as to how to be a global leader or diplomacy, China doesn’t even have FREE democracy.

            So maybe in 40 years perhaps, China can one day be a leader, but now if not the time.

            Also, I never said, I hated China, but typical, you keep interjecting that I have some racial bias towards

            China. I do not.

            I support bilateral as well, but sadly, no one wants to step up, so…

            Again, you are wrong. When we tried to get Gaddafi out of power, NATO lead that operation, but the French were pressuring the US to take the lead, Obama opposed, so there you go, once again, they asked for US help. We want a multilateral force, but doesn’t look that way. We have to care about China, without us, China would still be a poverty third world nation, You are very welcome.

            We are a melting pot, we don’t force people to conform to a certain way of living, we are not perfect, but we are THE most multi-cultured society in the world. We are not perfect, but we try and we never give up. As for Afghanistan, that is war and people die, no one wants to kill children, but many of these cowards hide among women and children, sometimes dress as women to stage attacks and some of the most high level of Taliban leaders, we should leave and don’t hurt them because you say so??

            You are the one that is blindingly ignorant to even mention something like that. China is the king of killing, Uighur, Tibetans, and even your own people, through forced slave labors, protestors, abortions. Please don’t even start with that BS. When you are at war, people die, men, women and children, can’t be helped. No one wants that, but that is the way it is.
            Trust me, I am not the one that is ignorant here.

          • Reila90

            China will never police the world like US do. At least until their domestic issue get fixed. In fact, i don’t find US, China and ANY countries necessarily to be a global leader. Because there’s UN.

            “China has NO idea as to how to be a global leader or diplomacy”
            Either USA.

            “China is the king of killing, Uighur, Tibetans, and even your own people, through forced slave labors, protestors, abortions.”
            You don’t have any knowledge about how & why that happen. So don’t even start with that BS too.

            You seems more ignorant than what i expected. What i see, you have ZERO knowledge about China other than this site.

          • cb4242

            The UN? For Christ’s sake! The UN can’t even agree as to what “Terrorism” is, let alone stop ANY conflict. Case in point, When Gadaffi made that infamous hour and something long mindless speech and Chavez on a personal insulting rant. The UN can’t stop that, so how can they stop any military conflict. The ONLY thing the UN is good for is to help in humanitarian crisis and that’s it.

            Uh, yea, we do. If we didn’t, the French would have called China to help root out Gaddafi.

            Don’t forget, without the US, Taiwan and China would be speaking Japanese now. But again, you are welcome.

            The Uighur are a mostly muslim minority group in a region of China located Xinjiang area and their culture is constantly being crushed any uprisings by the Chinese government. As with the Tibetans, they are a threat to the Chinese government mostly because of their religious views and cries for INDEPENDENCE! Their plight is not as know as the Tibetans, but nonetheless, the Chinese labeled the Dalai Lama and the Uighur as terrorists and to insight instability within China (mainland) Tibet is not China, excuse me.

            So yes, I do know, quite well. By the way, you don’t know me as to what I do or where I have been, so please don’t think I am ignorant to what’s going on in those regions. I do.
            But nice try.

            If I seem ignorant to you, it’s because, you are realizing that you are full of crap and don’t know what you are talking about and you are basing your arguments on pure emotion and nothing else. So you are the one that has ZERO knowledge about the world, because if you did, you would make at least rational compelling arguments and not childish rants. It is you that that is full of BS, remember that and I’m going to call you on it every time.

          • Reila90

            About Xinjiang & Tibet, there’s many misunderstanding about this issue. Specially from foreigner point of view. Let me explain this. Independence for Xinjiang and Tibet is absolutely impossible. The only solution is by having a new government with democracy.

            What Dalai lama want for Tibet is opposite to modernization of China. Namely a theocracy & caste system. Today, Dalai lama is not longer seek independence for Tibet. But greater autonomy. The greater autonomy that Dalai want is include 3 of China’s provinces. Again, this is totally impossible. PLA will kill any separatist who try to make a chaos. PLA don’t kill random minorities for fun like how western media always portray them.

            What western media don’t know is, racism always behind their motivation for independence. Many Han ethnic in Tibet and Xinjiang were killed, missing and raped. Almost every year there’s a riot. The result of casualties can be up to hundreds(injured and died). Even the mainland people have no idea how they are hated in Tibet and Xinjiang.

          • mr.wiener

            “About Xinjiang & Tibet, there’s many misunderstanding about this issue. Specially from foreigner point of view”

            Yes, I keep forgetting how close Taiwan is to these two countries.

          • Panda Banana

            i think what most people seem to forget is, in the moment you yell and demand more so called “freedom” and “democracy” for the people in china and accuse the CCP of this and that(even i would argue that most don’t give a shit and just talk out of their liberal assholes), then you better think about, and come up with the consequences of such demands, when implemented immediately, and in a short time frame.

            This is the point where i have some problems with understanding the liberal point if view(or what is called liberal today), cause i think the movement we observe today in so many western countries, the movement of the so called “good people” who are nothing else then fucking progressives (but dare to call them liberals) who want to tell everyone else what to think and believe, who tell us what is politically correct to think and talk, who yell you down in the moment you criticize islam by example and call you islamophobic, this very same people just demand without thinking about consequences.

            Well, i think they are smart enough to know about consequences, but they just don’t give a shit, cause when shit hits the fan they will very soon find millions of reasons why shit has happened, but it will of course not be their fault.

            Everyone who has lived, worked and tasted life for some time in china, must be blind and naive not to come to the conclusion that as soon as a free party system, voting and more freedoms are implemented, that the country would not turn into a fucking chaos and civil war with probably millions of deaths.

            While the measures the CCP is implementing are questionable from a westerner point of view who see things out of his comfort zone at home scratching his ass and picking his nose while watching news, its the ONLY right thing to do in china to prevent chaos. A country so big, with so many people can just be hold together with a one party system.

            And who ever lived or grew up (like me) in a real communist country/system, can just laugh about the complains and ridiculous claims from progressive assholes who’s wishful thinking would turn into a bloodbath. The things happening in china right now and over the last years/decades are huge steps and they have helped millions of people to make a decent living. We could not even dream about the shit which is happening in china right now. China is pretty much a capitalist country, you can do business there, you can even criticize the leadership in public, you have lots of chances to prosper and develop yourself and make a small/big fortune, and as long china is growing and developing, there are not many reasonable arguments someone can come up with to say otherwise.

            Example: 1 child policy(great measure in my opinion)

            Alternative?:…..ya, i guessed so! MFers!!!Stupid bunch of hypocrites!

            Does shit happen in china? Yes!

            Is there room for improvements? More then that!

            Are certain measures questionable? Fuck yeah!

            I would say to people:

            But please, pre required you know china, the culture and its PEOPLE!! Show me your alternative option, but PLEASE come up with one which will not turn the country into chaos and millions of deaths as a result of your great ideas!

            And i say it again and again, the chinese PEOPLE are the reason why things MUST be implemented SLOWLY!

            Chinese leadership is NOT dumb! They very well learned and saw what happened in other countries, so you can bet your ass that they would not allow the country to turn into chaos simply cause grandpa WONG want 20 million for his shithole flat which is not worth more then 100k, or a bunch of Uighur fucks or Tibetan monks more autonomy.

            Every westerner who thinks that their leaders really care about chinese people, tibetan monks or whatever, is a fucking fool. It called diplomacy, where you just bring up a subject to the negotiating table when its suits your agenda to put the other side under pressure, which means that the CCP must pay with compromises to be able to oppress minorities they way they want and to hold the country together.

            Thanks to fucking western progressive assholes, its more likely that our countries will turn into chaos then china!

          • mr.wiener

            I accept what you say and can even subscribe to the idea that “China is too large to rule….kindly” except I’d like to add “Yet”.

            What riles the hell out of me is some elitist asian arsehole saying Western countries go into other countries purely out of self interest [the oil!] Whereas an asian country that invades it’s neighbours is doing so out of..how did she say it?…

            “What Dalai lama want for Tibet is opposite to modernization of China. Namely a theocracy & caste system. Today, Dalai lama is not longer seek independence for Tibet. But greater autonomy. The greater autonomy that Dalai want is include 3 of China’s provinces. Again, this is totally impossible. PLA will kill any separatist who try to make a chaos”
            Apparently people who want independence from China are doing so for racist reasons also.

          • Panda Banana

            well, i didn’t read all the conversations between you guys, and missed that part. I am not sure about the context about the comment you C&P, but from the comment alone, i see actually nothing wrong and can agree with, except the last sentence.

            But i do think that the DL case is an interesting one. We know that he ran away before the PLA took over/invaded Tibet, and that was a long time ago.

            We should also not close our eyes at the hypocrisy of our western leaders and media. Lets not be naive to believe that when our leaders invite DL and show him off in front of the cameras that this is done out of pure humanitarian reasons cause they and we all care about the situation in tibet.

            Its done to piss china off and to send them a sign in diplomatic fashion, that they better bring something more to the table when we come to you next time discussing our next business deal! Thats common sense to me! As we see, decades of such policies work well for both sides. The losers of course and the lamb which has to be sacrificed “for this greater good”, are the tibetans. Simple as that. That doesn’t mean that i dont sympathize with Tibetans, i really do, but i am not naive enough to believe that the situation will and can be changed. There is no chance and no hope for that. China does a very smart thing, kinda like the way Islam is spreading in western europe. They send more Han chinese in a certain province, like Tibet to reproduce and prosper, they develop the province, and after 2-3 decades they Tibetans will be such a small minority that it will not be worth mentioning at all. The next younger generations of tibetans will care less about politics anyway, and after DL dies, then there will be no one who can represent Tibetans in the world like DL did(with questionable results).

            What i NEVER understood was, when DL would really looking for a change, a significant change, then WHY the fuck he just don’t sit in an airplane to Beijing? What he can loose? the CCP would not dare to arrest him or put him in jail. Why DL doesn’t play this card, if he really wants to raise attention and an outcry in the world? I doubt that he would have to fear to be arrested or to be killed, thats nonsense.

            No, I call him out on his BS! he did nothing, and i mean nothing in all the decades to improve the conditions of his own people, and that is not much for a “god like” person!!!

            I say, he, same like the CCP and out western leaders, play their cards well. One step forth, one step back, whenever it suits their need.

          • Reila90

            It’s a fact. Many westerner don’t understand the real problem. But they always act they’re expert in that category anyway.

          • mr.wiener

            Looked in a mirror lately?

          • vincent

            And you are an expert how? I’m genuinely curious.

          • cb4242

            And China with its blocked media thinks they know everything about the outside world, which they do not.

          • Reila90

            True. Luckily i’m not Chinese. lol?

          • cb4242

            No, that is your opinion, most Westerners do understand, we don’t block or limit or education or force feed our kids. We are not experts, but many people have a general idea, unlike Chinese that hear or are force fed propagated history and bogus stories about the west and America in particular. Again, I know this for a fact. Because I have seen this.

          • Reila90

            Compare to those liberals. They are not better.

          • mr.wiener

            riiiight…. you’re only 2000 kms away, it makes all the difference, silly me.
            I think the subtext of what you are trying to say is western people [white] should not dare to pretend they understand asian as well as an asian person. Correct?

          • cb4242

            There is no misunderstanding about the issue. So you think because I am NOT Chinese, it is just totally impossible to comprehend the situation?? So I would have to be either Asian or Chinese in order to understand the political situation.
            So why is Independence impossible, please tell me. I know what you are going to say is Communist, leftist propagated BS!

            The Dalai Lama wants a Theocracy?? A Caste system?! Who feeds you this stuff?

            So now it is them, the Xinjiang and the Tibetans that are the racist? Many, many Tibetans and Xinjiang were killed, murdered and brutalized and you think China is justified in retaliating for the sole purpose NOT allowing them Freedom and Autonomy? The government of China hates the Tibetans and the Xinjiang even more.

          • Reila90

            Well i’m not fan of communist or China’s current government. The government failed to understand what Tibetan & Xinjiang community want. China have lack representation of those both cultures. Which make identity confusion among them. Also, the past event such as Cultural Revolution still cling to them. So this cause a distrust between ethnic group.

            You don’t know Dalai Lama. He is a “god” for Tibetans people. If CPC really hate him, they can shoot him dead back at 1950 when he was jailed.




            There’s many source of it. You can search for yourself in Google.

            The people who were killed are only separatist and opportunist. If the government really hates them, tell me why the government modernized those regions? Many tall buildings built on there. Those minorities became really really rich now.

            Sometimes western media can be as crap as the Chinese media . Learn fact & history.

          • mr.wiener

            . “If the government really hates them, tell me why the government modernized those regions? Many tall buildings built on there. Those minorities became really really rich now.”

            Oh dear god you are serious aren’t you?

          • cb4242

            I already know my history, I have been there and I have seen with my own eyes as to what the Chinese government has and still is doing to those people. And sorry, comparing the American media to the Chinese media is like comparing a duck to basketball, two different things. It amazes me on Chinese state run TV that every time there is a mention of FREEDOM in the foreign media or anything related to human rights and if it is a live feed, they cut it out or the screen fades to Black. That is something we don’t do in America. We show the news and the people decide whether they want to believe it or not. That is called FREEDOM. That kind of history Chinese people never can learn in China.

            “Well i’m not fan of communist or China’s current government.”

            Could have fooled me.

            “The government failed to understand what Tibetan & Xinjiang community want.”

            When does the Communist government ever listen to the people, seriously?

            “China have lack representation of those both cultures. Which make identity confusion among them. Also, the past event such as Cultural Revolution still cling to them. So this cause a distrust between ethnic group.”

            And why is that, because China only cares about one thing, making sure the party stays intake AT ANY COST! that is the main goal for China, everything else is secondary and trickle down.

            The Tibetans are very good and kind people the ones that I have met. Of course, the Chinese government tried to get the Dalai Lama, they probably would have killed him if they did. But the backlash would have been disastrous for China.

          • Reila90

            Like i said, China’s current government isn’t the best. But everything can gradually resolved. Regardless all your hyper pessimistic, my opinion won’t change. So this will go nowhere. The fact about Tibet is real and there.

          • cb4242

            Babe, I am NOT trying to change your opinion, they are your opinions and you are entitled to that, I was just proving how wrong you were factually, but opinion-wise, think what you want.

          • mr.wiener

            It all evens out, as when China gets bird flu……we’ll all find out about it a month after we’ve all caught it too!

          • cb4242

            Damn and I just ate Chicken last night!

          • wes707

            Chinese people in Taiwan did the exact same thing that Europeans did in America, namely taking land from indigenous people. You’re just as guilty as we are.

          • cb4242

            Problem with that is, most people wanted to immigrate to start a new life, free to live as they please, so you are making my argument for me. Many of Chinese are leaving to have a better life in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and on and on. Funny, China is this so called emerging superpower and yet, with all the money and prosperity, Chinese people should want to stay and NOT leave, but they are and by the thousands and they want to have freedom and the right to create their own destiny without the government telling them what to do and how to do it and access to the things that most Chinese are NOT allowed to have.
            Sorry, but nice try though.

          • Reila90

            Because you ignorant to China history. China’s government isn’t the greatest. But if you put rampant democracy today, i bet my head, China will broke into pieces. Maybe that’s what you want. You know how many times China face revolution during 20th century? 3 times. No single westerner ever want China to modernize. Or even care. Now you guys sailed around the world, free roaming continents as you like, replacing indigenous community. We don’t complain.

          • cb4242

            We never cared if China modernized, we cared that China allows it’s people to have the freedom to choose their lives the way they want without the government telling them and forcing them to live a certain way, that’s what we don’t want.

            And we are already seeing that China is not good at nation building. See Africa and you can see.

          • mr.wiener

            Silly me, of course it’s because I’m racist right QED. I bows to your logic.

          • Yes for Asian being equal to the West, or even better. Japan and Korea can do it and China is on the rise. Why must we look to the west for everything? Ive heard it even among professional and lecturer, it gets annoying especially when it is phrase in such a way that it put down the local for no reason than just worshiping everything west. Its so subservient. Why not for another try at Asian co-prosperity sphere.

          • Reila90

            This isn’t about imitating. The context here is different. Many western nations doesn’t like to see any rival power that threaten their hegemony. Sad to say but political, military and economy always mutually connected. That’s reality. To bring Asian co-prosperity sphere can cost war. And that war is from the world police USA.

          • you are knowledgeable in this matter, Reila90

          • Reila90

            Thanks. Maybe because i have deep interest in global politics & history.

          • I noticed. Despite being disliked for your view by others, I hope it will not deter you from commenting on what you believe.

          • mr.wiener

            …..said no one ever.

          • BiggJ

            Some people take hating america pretty seriously. lol

          • cb4242

            And why are we the world police? Because the other nations are too cowardly to lift a finger or do anything to help or contribute with the exception of the UK, sometimes Australia and Canada, but that’s pretty much it. It would be great if other nations would respond to international conflict and human rights issues….oops, what does China know about human rights?

          • Reila90

            From western dominated the world, to unipolar period of US and USSR, and today bipolar period of world dominated by 1 country, US.
            That’s how US became world police and can do everything he wants. I don’t like hero syndrome of yours tbh. No one expert at human rights. In fact, US still have its problem with human rights issue too. There’s no candidate whose supposed to rule the world. That’s include USA and China.

          • cb4242

            Thank to Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan, they helped put the US on the map and solidifiedits position as a superpower, prior to that, the US was suffering in the “Great Depression” But even after the war, who helped rebuild Germany and Japan? China? France? And yes, when we have to take care of everything and if NO on else wants to help and they SHOULD, then yes, we should be able to do everything until some of these other lazy countries picks up the slack.
            We don’t rule the world, but who is the most responsible for destroying the Environment, wildlife in the name of BS natural medical remedies? China.
            But that probably won’t happen. Sure, NO country is perfect, however, China takes the cake when it comes to human rights issues, hands down. We don’t block people from access of information, we have adequate FDA in place, we don’t have sweat shops with children working as long as 17 hours a day. We don’t throw away girls because we can’t have boys or kidnap boys because we have pressure in conceiving.

          • Reila90

            How’s that logic relevant to my point? I mean, US isn’t an angel, god or anything. You are too naive to think like that. No country is entitled to police anyone. Include USA. So basically that only point of view of yours.

            Oh so only China did those things eh? Are you sure you aren’t discriminative? Or just hate to see China become as rich as US?
            China brought 400 million Chinese out from poverty is so bad for United States?

          • cb4242

            I never said that, YOU DID. I was just pointing out your flaws, once again….
            Naive? I don’t spout of on an emotional rant claiming that the US is a evil nation without any merit to the argument. As I said, when you have to pick up the pieces for everyone, feed so many nations, help with humanitarian efforts and when people ask you for military assistance, then yes, you are the worlds police by default. Do I like it, NO, but someone has to help when everyone else won’t. Again, NOT opinion, it’s a fact.
            Yes, they did and are still doing, I said it. Yes, fact.
            No, I do not discriminate, but most Chinese have a complex THINKING that everyone discriminates around them, looking down on them. I already outlined for you how China should be.
            400 million? So the other 600 million are living in stark poverty, yes, that is very bad!

          • James

            you’ve got that backward bi means 2 uni means one, back to bushiban for you.

          • Reila90

            Corrected. Thanks!

          • James

            If you get stuck try thinking of words that have the same prefix universe, unit one, bi bicycle binary 2, tri triangle, tricycle 3 etc.

          • James

            btw that’ll be 1000 NT for the lesson, you can mail it to me :)

          • cb4242

            They are not killing people, but they are killing, raping and pillaging the continent of Africa. China is the biggest importer of Ivory, paying poachers to kill and confiscate the Ivory tusks of elephants. In fact, there are many animals who’s numbers are being decimated by the greed. Thinking that bear gall bladders or sea horses can be a cure for some illness.
            China does not care one iota if these animals, whether they become extinct or not is irellavent to them. So don’t make it seem like Chinese have clean hands and is guilt free of anything, before you make an incendiary comment like that, point the finger at yourself.

          • Reila90

            China isn’t the only country who did that. U.S done so much worse to whole world. I’ve see enough western media always demonize & finger pointing everything bad about China.. Policing the world, dictate them how they’re weird, wrong and how westerner are always right and can fix everything like they’re the savior of universe.

          • cb4242

            Sorry, but the US has done more good as a nation. We have given more money and aide to people and countries that needed our help. Whether its Russia, N. Korea, China we help. Who helped rebuilt Germany and Japan? They were our enemies, the government, NOT the people.
            Even after Fukushima, we are so broke now, but still we reached into our pockets. Still for immigrants the US is still the number one destination to go. We don’t block TV access to the world or regulate the news or political language. We don’t monitor our Internet, we don’t manipulate our currency and as I said, we don’t decimate the animal population and are not destroying the environment like the Chinese. But because of the US, China got richer since Walmart is flooded with Chinese goods that we buy because you made cheap inferior products.
            You are most certainly welcome.

          • Reila90

            I’m not saying which one is better. But U.S isn’t completely great. As China isn’t completely flawed. China still growing. While U.S already have everything. So comparing one aspect by one aspect is totally stupid. China have a right to become a great nation just like every civilization. The fact some people only valuing things that met their chauvinist-centric point of view is foolish.

          • cb4242

            That is China’s paranoia talking. No one would say anything about Chinese rise if everything that China did was completely sincere, but it’s NOT, that’s the problem. China is so worried about being a superpower in EVERY way, they don’t do it the casual and natural way, they will cheat, lie and pillage and rape other countries to get to that goal.
            Hacking our computers, manipulating the Yuan, keeping the currency low. Taking and raping the African continent. Not allowing people access to world information, facbook, google. Yes, China has every right to be a great nation, but if that is the case, then they should lead by a positive example and not by daily out of control scandals.

          • Reila90

            Sigh~. I’m tired handling your superiority complex. US ever did all those same bad things too.
            “If that is the case, then they should lead by a positive example and not by daily out of control scandals.”

            Well that’s only your opinion. *shrug

          • mr.wiener

            If this is your opinion [That all empires do bad things] why all the cheap shots at the west?
            Seems there is more than one superiority complex at work here, and the way you manage to balance this with your victim complex is dazzling to behold.

          • Reila90

            Because it is true and fact.. Many westerner always dislike if there’s non-westerner threatened their hegemony. Why westerners don’t like Japan empire to colonize China? While westerner can colonize many countries all they want? Why Gaddafi and all muslim countries got invaded? Because they don’t like to sell oil to westerners? Why most 1st world countries don’t like China become equal as them? People use every single excuses to demonize China without reflect themselves?

          • mr.wiener

            *sigh* Every time I read one of your posts I feel my IQ points dropping.

            You seriously think the west wanted Gaddaffi out? They finally had him where they wanted him and the Arab spring comes and blows their plans to hell and lays the path to more arab fundamentalists they have to snuff out.

            The Idea of Japan colonizing China we have discussed before. Kindly take your wet dreams to another forum.

            For the last fucking time I’m not against China, or Asia being world powers because I’m racist, It’s because I don’t like the way they’d handle things [at the moment]. I’m not too fond of the way Americans conduct business either,but I’m damned certain I’d rather it was them fumbling the globe for the last 20 years than the Russians.

            ….No sod that, I’m talking to a brick wall. You are nothing more than a trolling little drop kick who gets off on being dropping provocative statements so you get noticed [BY WHITE GUYS].”true and fact” …you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the arse.

          • Reila90

            lmao. don’t read then.

          • they dislike you but they are addicted to you. You boil their blood and it binds them to you deeper than love ever could. Its another form of love. They love you by disliking you. Right Mr. Wiener and the rest? they wont admit it they are shy.

          • mr.wiener

            I’m not scared of ignorance, I’m scared of ignorance that thinks it is wisdom.

          • yes, and with all these debate he will only improve his knowledge. Personally the debate is a little boring for me to follow despite that charismatic mustache.

          • mr.wiener

            Don’t post unless you want to be taken seriously.
            Good luck at Carnegies tomorrow night.

          • linette lee

            Are you sure you are taiwanese? I have so many taiwanese friends and not one have point of views like yours. Your theories about western countries overwhelmed me.

          • Reila90

            I studied in US for 4 years. That’s why i knew their politic. Btw are you from Hong Kong?

          • wes707

            So you studied in the US for 4 years know its politics but your English is still quite poor. Makes sense.

          • Reila90

            LOL. Nice attempt. Off course my English ain’t perfect. It’s normal since English is my 2nd language. Are you an English teacher? sorry if my English hurting you so badly.

          • wes707

            But how can you claim to understand US politics so well if your English is inadequate? I’m assuming that you did your undergraduate education here since you studied in the US for 4 years. Sorry to burst your bubble, but not everyone that deals with China is an English teacher. I’m Ivy League educated and work in finance.

          • Reila90

            I admit my English is passive. I’m great at listening or reading, better at typing, but average at speaking. I also have close relative in live in US. Btw i’m sorry if i was rude before.

          • linette lee

            Yes I am, born and raised hkese.

            You are taiwanese but are you han chinese? Taiwan like hong kong have different race. Are you mixed? I am han chinese…both my grandparents and parents.

            Are you in taiwan or USa now? I live in Usa now. I do travel back to Hk a bit.

          • Pickle

            What part of USA?

          • linette lee

            East coast. And you?

          • Pickle

            West coast.

          • Pickle

            I’m on the west coast. California.
            I responded to you before but my post isn’t showing up so maybe it was deleted.

          • James

            she’s on the east coast, near stanford ;)

          • James

            mixed race? very little apart from sojourning westerners,koreans or japs, or thais flips & indonesians brought in to do the jobs taiwan ren are too lazy or scared to do.

            Oh you mean the aboriginies the han ruthlessly crushed and made chinese? shhh don’t let dak know

          • wes707

            You don’t need to be sorry. I didn’t think you were being rude. We’re just debating your beliefs.

          • James

            I lived in TW, didn’t study there, my chinese still sucks but it didn’t prevent me from finding out how evil the guomindang are.

          • Panda Banana

            wondered why reila90 and linette can get along so easy? Idiots are always overwhelmed by each other!

          • linette lee

            Yes I am, born and raise hkese.

            You are taiwanese but are you han chinese? Taiwan like hong kong have different race. Are you mixed? I am han chinese…both my grandparents and parents.

          • Panda Banana

            Reila90…i guess 90 is the birth year, that would make you 22-23 years old. So between age 18-22 you studied in the US, and THAT makes you an expert on foreign policy?

            You should not use words like “i know”, since you obviously just have limited experience and knowledge. All(well most) University students go through a period of lets say “revolution”, “rebellion”, “rage against the machine”, and so on….usually after they spend the first few years in the real world, the start to see things with different, more rational looking eyes. Most laugh about how dumb they have been and in what kind of crap they believed in during their study years. Its nothing to feel shame about, its a sign of developing the ability to see things from different angles rather then to raise your voice and sounding like all the other sheep….

          • Reila90

            Maybe you right. Thanks for the advice.

          • Panda Banana

            damn, it reminds me of myself wearing a che guevara t-shirt, trying to liberate people which were free already and planed to overthrow the government. Gave the leading party and rich people and banks the responsibility for everything what was wrong in society.

            Fact is that the ones you care about will be the first ones who will stab you in the back. You will learn that its the closest to you who are the most dangerous and you should be aware that they will turn their backs when shit hits the fan.

            Finally you will see that you wasted valuable years of your life for same fake ass ideals and no one is really appreciating your efforts. That will be about the time where you will see true value and things worth fighting for, worth risking, and worth spending time on. As long as you keep in mind that time and freedom are the most valuable things in life, you will find enough motivation to use both in the most effective way for yourself.

          • James
          • Panda Banana

            its amazing with what people come up. I think this image is over the top. Che is not the right target to make fun off, but thats just my opinion. He was definitely a cool dude, AND he died for his ideals which is even more important. That reminds me off:

            “With my tears go into your loneliness, my brother. I love him who wants to create over and beyond himself and thus perishes.”

            which means for me that one doesn’t have to agree with someone else’s ideals, and there is nothing wrong to die while trying the impossible…

          • James

            not even a stawberry

          • jeffli

            Reila90 please grow up!

          • mr.wiener

            Snappy comeback sweety, I’m floored by your wit…

          • cb4242

            So it was Ok for you if Japan colonized China and most of Asia? Do you hear how stupid you sound, just by saying something like that. No one is colonizing anyone anymore, that boat sailed a long time ago. We are in a different era, so NO, no one in the world has a right to colonize anyone and if China wants to get on that bandwagon, they are not going to like the consequences, if you think the international community would stand for that.

            Gaddafi and many Muslim nations wanted to sell oil for $$$ US, Canada, France, Russia etc. But we had no idea that it would be so problematic with them and now it has gotten so out of hand with the threats, the attacks, many countries taking in muslims and they are NOT assimilating are not loyal to their host nation and forcing their religion on everyone and thumbing their noses as if the people in these host countries are the guests. And now because many of them threaten us with Jihad and wanting to hurt or kill us and attack us, we have to sit back and say Que sera, sera?

            No one cares if China wants to be a first world nation provided it does it in a responsible way and sincerely. But if China wants to bully its neighbors over Islands, Japan and the Philippines Islands that China was historically NEVER interested (until they found out there are a lot of natural resources there) and now all of a sudden they have a change of heart???
            Human rights, Child labor, FDA, Environment, Freedom of speech.
            If China can allow and work on all of these things, no one has a problem with Chinas rise. Oh, and by the way, because most first world made many mistakes in the past, that is the reason why, we have to make sure, China doesn’t go that route as we all did. So China needs to try and take the lead on these issues and sadly, they are not.

          • Panda Banana

            “Why most 1st world countries don’t like China become equal as them? ”

            you think, JUST 1st world countries don’t like that?

            you really think that the CPC, factories and businesses in china want that china becomes a 1st world country?

            Do you have any idea about the impact and consequences it would bring on chinas labour market and economy ?

            China and chinese can survive cause of their main value, which is reasonable priced labour. Even we have seen in recent years a dramatic increase in labour costs compared to years before. China already becomes less attractive for foreign investments cause of that.

            What must be done is what we see now, which is a long term plan to reduce its population from 1,4 billion to 400 million in about 100 years, THEN you can start to think about becoming a 1st world country!

          • cb4242

            I never said, I was superior to you, you are implying that that the US is just the worst country on the planet and all I am doing is pointing out so many flaws in you arguments. I have never said, the US is without its faults, but the US has done more good historically than bad and if you really studied American history in depth you would know that instead of spouting out misinformation. That is NOT an opinion, that is the fact, now whether you accept the facts or not that is YOUR opinion.
            But you are most certainly welcome.

          • I think your wrongness is beautiful

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Oh for the love of- will everyone stop throwing that word around like it’s another
        adjective for the word ‘bad’. America acts as a hegemonic Empire as
        does the European Union, but does that imply something bad? No.

        If you want to harp on an Empire for being bad, harp on a nation that had the word ‘Empire’ as its title, like say that one that owned 80% of the world at its height oh what was it ca-THE BRITISH EMPIRE!

    • Jeffrey Wu

      It’s ironic because your comment likes and dislikes appear to the 9-11. I suppose that’s a sign of what happens to you when you try to force a global hegemony onto the world.

    • dumble

      Troll.. no one spells their name Jessika with a ‘K’. Also, even the dumbest American would know that USA doesn’t technically have an empire in any sense of the word.

    • Panda Banana

      What can you do? hmmmm…..!?

      here is something to start with:

      1. accomplish something on your own, so you can be proud of yourself rather then finding pride based on the reason that by pure chance you happen to be born in a particular place!

      2. forget about “WE”, there is no “WE”. Even america IS the greatest empire, (how you call it,) what does that has to do with you? Did you contribute to it? Do you have any stake in the outcome?

      3. never start with, “I know”…blabla(mention all the negative things)…and then switch to “but i am still proud….”..”i will stand my ground”…that sounds pretty much brainwashed and that you are sacrificing yourself. All sacrifices i have seen to far in all countries i have visited were nothing else then stupid sacrifices.

      all in all i can say that BEFORE you decide to be proud of a particular nation, learn to proud of yourself. Before you claim that you love someone//something, learn to love yourself first.

      But hey, “stand your ground” if you think that makes you a happy camper!

  • Neuchy

    Reading these comments, you’d think there were only two countries in the world. My favourite though: ‘American weather so nice’.

    • bprichard

      My favorite:

      “Do iPhone users only know how to film holding the phone vertically? Would holding it horizontally kill them?”

      Finally, an issue that we can all agree on.

      • slob

        And they always seem shaky as hell. Seriously, how hard is it to hold a camera still. I’m sure Michael J. Fox could do a better job.

  • alicia

    “Americans don’t even acknowledge you.”
    I-I do.(´・ω・`)

  • PixelPulse

    The US is going through a really bad streak right now.

  • MrT

    How dumb can you be to sit that close to a chemical plant on fire with your daughter in the car?

    Think these says more about American IQ then anything else.

  • TJDubs

    Where did 60-70 fatalities come from? Official count looks to be 14.

  • Heard the blast on this one, and I wasn’t even that close to West. Not close enough that I would think I would hear an explosion, but it was quite a large explosion, hey.

    I never enjoy it much when I see people blame innocents for whatever it is they think people are guilty of just because someone else or a government decides to do something terrible.

  • the ace of books

    A pretty normal and expected scatter of opinions – blaming, sympathizing, getting soy sauce, etc. No comment there. I do, however, wish to address one comment in specific:

    “Why couldn’t it have happened in a government building? Why were the victims ordinary people and not the Imperialist American hegemons?”

    Ugh, man, come on. The people who work in government buildings are ordinary people, too. They’re doing their everyday jobs just like everyone; they’re spending 8+ hours in a place that just needs work done. Government buildings are not filled with people who are vastly and magically different from people who work in non-government buidings. They’re filled with ordinary people, and hating them is pretty goddamn senseless.

    • Pickle

      He’s probably referring to the politicians.

      • Dumble

        Or just, you know, the average Chinese official. Lazy, unhelpful, entitled people most of them. Also surprisingly incapable of doing the job they are supposed to do.

  • Steven


    • MrT

      cant see anything, try again

  • BiggJ

    Quick!! Now is our chance!!China attack!!

    • PoS

      Mehehe, even got a Segway sniper!

    • PoS

      Tell you what, I served my four in the US military, watching CCTV军事 makes me laugh. I really hope those poor kids don’t get sent against the US by their geriatric leaders…

      • BiggJ

        I would think the segway would be more of a hindrance then a useful tool. It might work though…while the other side is rolling on the ground laughing they might get to kill a few people.lol

        • Jeffrey Wu

          It’s to provide a stable shooting platform while moving. It’s kinda hard to shoot in the same spot while taking steps, but it’s possible with the Segway on flat ground. Granted, only cities will good streets and roads would be applicable. On the other hand, I think this might just be the eccentricities of one police department, no one else in China is going for this idea.

          • BiggJ

            I would be more concerned about being fired on…..it would be hard to take cover on one of these things. And it would be only good if the target it right in front of you….In the real world this would not work. I just think one police department got really bored or too much money to spend. This is just an all around stupid idea.

          • LuoyangLaowai

            Have you ever shot a gun? There is a thing called recoil. Even riding a segway, Im sure it would still be difficult to shoot in the same spot. This is just a lame attempt to look … Organized? Important? Professional? Silly? Futuristic? I dont know what they are going for here.

          • Jeffrey Wu

            Regardless, there are more serious problems like finding cover than recoil.

          • James

            or falling off

      • James

        they don’t seem to be soldiers, just PAP but are really channeling mall ninjitsu here. But yeah if you want a good laugh PLADaily pictures can provide some fine mirth

    • Bugs Bunny

      this looks so funny, i want to try too…

    • BiggJ

      Why would anyone down vote this? lol… This is funny as shit lol

    • jeffli

      Dumb ass!

      What are they thinking? Segway copies with sirens?

      yeah and an “I luv Shanghai” patch on their bums! lol
      couldn’t organise a “KTV session” in a brothel. lol

  • PoS

    “The amount of support [upvotes on this video] is not normal, there’s a possibility it is manipulated, and cannot represent the majority of Chinese netizens’ thoughts. No matter what, the people are innocent, and this kind of misrepresentation of the people’s thoughts and the flooding of various universal clowns and crooked national culture behavior over the past few years are linked, with the intent being to use the bombardment and turning upside-down of information to brainwash and poison the masses’ minds, thus weakening, subverting, infiltrating, and collapsing the people’s core values and the root interests of the country.

    [Note: There were over 18k upvotes and 2.6k downvotes at time of translation.]”

    As I noted in the Boston bombing article, nearly 80% of the comments (on Sina news) were gloating which I didn’t see reflected in cS’s selection of Netease comments (two different platforms but still Sina isn’t Global Times by any stretch). There is a sizable population of people with hatred towards America in China which is not reciprocated by American’s to nearly the same degree. CCP media is prepping the people for conflict; (1)desensitize–check (2)instill hate—check (conflict)—loading.

    • PoS

      1930’s Imperial Japan; funny(?)/ironic that their biggest victims would become their biggest emulators.

  • Bugs Bunny

    o,chemical factory is very dangerous, it’s normal.
    after uni i went to a big chemical group, people all knew i can have a good future,but i was so angry at those damn dangerous tubes and merchines.and young workers died,old worker cut fingers off…
    never chemical !

  • rollin wit 9’s

    does anyone look at the main photo and think ‘sonic boom’ ??

    street fighter days, oh the memories…

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You are a day late bro, l win.

  • Damo

    Isn’t Karma a bitch ! Just hearing about an Earthquake in Sichuan. However, I very much doubt ANYBODY outside China is happy about this news. What is wrong with some of the Chinese netizens above? So bitter and so evil with their happiness about attacks on the USA. A definite inferiority complex and envy of the Western way of life.

    • BiggJ

      Yeah jealousy is a bitch. :)

  • Brett

    What’s going on in China right now? Everyone in Sichuan safe?

  • BiggJ

    “Yelling at people, calling them names, unfairly labeling them are
    the features/trademarks of you American running dog Chinese traitors.
    Willingly being the lackeys and henchmen of America, no matter what, we
    are for the country and the people, for the the working people. Whereas
    you bastard Chinese traitors, always singing the praises of the America
    that oppresses the Chinese people, just look at your faces, you stupid
    youth, it’s no wonder China is backwards because of you. Stop saying you
    guys are the “eight or nine o’clock sun” [a quote by Mao Zedong about
    the youth], you’re nothing more a light bulb hung swaying in the night
    by the United States. You’re just insects in the ground, and the
    America’s dirty filthy things just happen to match your hearts, so you
    thirst to satisfy your individual despicable reaping without sowing,
    drinking every day, indulging in debauchery, avaricious, morally
    degenerate desires. Stupid pigs.”

    This guy has his hate hat on. hahaha

    • Sean Cauffiel

      So much anger in China. Probably America’s fault.

  • linette lee

    @whiskersthecat , You still have your nine lives? Everything cool in texas?

  • ”With this, America can no longer talk about our industrial safety.“

    Think again.

  • Dumbledore

    “With this, America can no longer talk about our industrial safety.”

    Yes, dumbass. Because 2 wrongs do indeed make a right.

  • Dumbledore

    It’s rather disgraceful how many Chinese comments applaud and encourage such events abroad. I wonder when the next earthquake hits the Harmonious Kingdom, or a nuclear meltdown or floods, how many foreigners will continue feeling bad for the sheeple here?

    • Anna

      Well, I don’t know if you seen the news, but one did strike this morning, with at least 100 dead reported so far. I don’t know if your trolling or its a bad case of timing. But at the moment too many Americans are cheering because they have caught their public enemy no.1

      • MeCampbell30

        Many are cheering because he was caught alive rather than dead. Many are concerned that he is not being afforded proper rights (Miranda).

        • James

          I’m one, I think he should just be hung as a murderer or for treason

  • LuoyangLaowai

    Terrible things Usually happen in 3’s. Whats going to happen next?

  • Warren Goff

    I’ve been visiting this site thinking that the Chinese people were just like all other people in the world including Americans; humanity. After reading the comments here on the Texas tragedy and the Boston marathon, I have my doubts and I am disgusted.
    I hesitate to denounce all of the Chinese people for the majority of the comments I’ve read here just as I won’t denounce all of the people of Chechnya for the action of two or more Chechnyan terrorists for the carnage in Boston. Your words are despicable and you are complicit with the deterioration in humanity in our troubled world. Shame on you.

    My condolences to the many dead Chinese in the recent (and past) earthquakes in Sichuan province. The misery of the injured and the families is immense and it is palpable in good people’s hearts around the world.
    I won’t be back so spare yourself a response.

    • MeCampbell30

      The bombers were more American than they were Chechen.

      • James

        Yes because jihadism is a very American trait

  • Dr Sun

    opps… many fire fighters and other first responders dead from a plant explosion that had a squeaky clean inspection record, but numerous complaints against it.
    I see a sudden rush of new ESL teachers to China from West Texas govt depts.

  • VX



    I find it hard to believe a missile really hit Waco today, but if this footage which is being shared around is faked, then it’s a great fake.

  • MeCampbell30

    Wow, why does this story have so many translated comments?

  • Oh goodness-gracious, why?


  • Sean Cauffiel

    It doesn’t piss me off that the U.S. is derided and criticized by Chinese or anyone else.

    It pisses me off that its done so stupidly.

    These child-minded netizens have no idea about legit reasons to dislike the U.S.

  • Octavian

    I had a bottles wine and celebrated Ya’an earthquake.

    Good riddance to dead Chinese.

  • Justin

    I went to school in Austin and I recognize that place in the picture. It’s the iconic Czech Stop. Great kolaches. For a second, when I saw that photo I thought Kim had made good on his promise to nuke Austin.

  • Speedy_Cheese

    “Just how frightening the hearts of those people who are making fun of this are.”

    That quote gave me chills. I think this every day when I am reading comments posted in world news articles. It is nice to know there are still good people out there.

  • Slenth

    Listen, news makes money, that is why only the bad stuff gets reported. Accidents like this in America are so rare that when one does happen it makes headlines. Accidents like this in China are so common no one pays attention anymore. Anymore dumb comments or questions?
    Many people died, this is not good at any level in any country. I feel pity for the uneducated and heartless who take joy from this accident for your souls will surely be in torment when you depart this earth.