Thai “Silence of Love” Commercial Makes Chinese Netizens Cry

Thai Life Insurance "Silence of Love" television commercial.

Thai Life Insurance "Silence of Love" television commercial.

Many Chinese netizens know Thai television commercials to be extremely moving and touching, able to bring viewers to tears with just a few minutes. In the past, chinaSMACK has translated Chinese netizen reactions to a Thai commercial about a deaf girl with great hair and a Thai commercial about occasionally putting down your mobile phone.

Recently, Chinese netizens have been circulating a new Thai television commercial, especially on Sina Weibo (with Chinese subtitles):

A copy on YouTube with English subtitles:

Can’t see the above video?

What is interesting is that Thai Life Insurance company also recently registered their own YouTube account and channel to feature this commercial, perhaps realizing how popular and viral their television commercials are around the world.

Thai Life Insurance "Silence of Love" television commercial.

Thai Life Insurance "Silence of Love" television commercial.

Comments from Weibo:


I can’t stand these kind of advertisements the most…My nose is so sore…my tears have are running…


So touching. I can’t stand this the most, where I can’t stop my tears from flowing until the film ends. The greatness of fathers! Dedicated to this coming Father’s Day.


Brief plots very rarely move me, but this did it.


A short film just three minutes long moved me [to tears]. Even as I tried my best to restrain myself, I still ended up crying. The greatness of fatherly love!


So touching…


很感动好嘛~父爱无声。泰国的广告为什么总比中国的温馨不少呢?”>So touching~ A father’s love is silent/does not need to be said. Why are Thai commercials always so much more heart-warming than Chinese commercials?


So impressive, why are Thai commercials always so well made? Just look at our domestically made commercials = = Always just raping your ears only.


Too touching! How deeply someone loves you does not lie in how much they can give you, but in giving you however much they have…


Once again I’m moved to tears while watching a video, last time “Heaven’s Lunch” did it too…


Perhaps true love never needs to be spoken~!


Either way I believe! I cried! So touching! The key thing is that I was on the subway when I watched this and cried!

What do you think? What are some touching television commercials that have made you cry? Please share in the comments!


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