2008 Beijing Olympics Tattoo Men

From KDS: After the Olympics, what should this person do?

2008 Beijing Olympics crazy tattoo man face

More pictures at bottom of post.
08/07/25 Update:
Added four more pictures.

Peel off skin.

Move onto the Special Olympics.

Become an exhibit, to be placed in the future Olympic museum, for everyone to admire.

He is crazy~

Why do the stupid people never die off?

Hang on display!

Erase his forehead and change it to the next Olympic Games.

This person is really pitiful.

After the Olympics, tattoo the entire body black, and just become a black person ~

Idiotic “wai di ren

Go to Africa, become a chief.

Why does his nose not have the five Olympic rings?

His brain has a problem…wants everyone to know how patriotic he is~idiot.

This person is defected, perform quality control.

wai di ren” are just stupid.

People these days will do anything to become famous, even embarrass themselves.

We should support his patriotism, everyone should learn from him! hahahaha

For a harmonious society, is it really worth it?

Skin him and use his skin as a medal for an Olympic winner.

Quick, put him in formaldehyde.

He should be severely punished for using Olympic trademarks and copyrights without permission!!!!
A least three years in jail!

Obviously someone gave him money to do this.

Is he planning to break out of prison?

Another 2008 Beijing Olympics crazy tattoo man upper body

This is another man who tattooed his body to support the upcoming 2008 Olympics in August.  The pictures on his arms and his back are all the symbols for the different Olympic events.

Both of these men were seen before last year so some of these pictures are old. Maybe because the Olympics will start soon, people are talking about them again.

What do you think?


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Are there examples of crazy Olympic fans from other countries? Please leave a comment.


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