The Chinese Custom Of Disturbing The Bridal Room

The Chinese Custom Of Disturbing The Bridal Room
Recently in Shandong the best man at a wedding was “disturbing the bridal room” (as is customary at Chinese weddings) and threw the bride into the air but didn’t catch her, causing the back of her head to hit the ground and knock her unconscious. Fortunately she has already been released from the hospital. China has many “disturbing the bridal room” customs in many different regions, some of which involve the husband’s father kissing the bride-to-be directly and then presenting her with a monetary gift. These customs also have ended in tragedy many times, in April of this year one man on his wedding night fell from the 6th floor to his death while trying to conceal the disturbing of the bridal room. Chinese netizens think that these evil customs have no limits.

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