‘The Daily Show’ on North Korea & Kim Jong-un, Chinese Reactions

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, 2013 April 2, North Korea and Kim Jong-un.

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, 2013 April 2, North Korea and Kim Jong-un.

On Sina Weibo:

@杜楠爆料: [哈哈] Strongly recommend, LOL! Excuse me, @作家崔成浩, please pass this on to Fatty Kim III to watch.

[Note: @作家崔成浩 (Author Cui Chenghao), previously @平壤崔成浩 (Pyongyang Cui Chenghao), is a Chinese parody account of North Korea that started posting on Sina Weibo in mid-2012.]

The above April 6th Sina Weibo microblog post has over 35k reshares and 6.5k comments. The video featured above currently has 3.2m views but was originally subtitled and uploaded to Sina by another Sina Weibo account @谷大白话 two days earlier on April 4th. @谷大白话’s own April 4th microblog post featuring his subtitled video clip only has 6k reshares and 1k comments.

chinaSMACK reader @BubbaMagill brought this to our attention with a link to this Washington Post article. Thank you!

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, 2013 April 2, North Korea and Kim Jong-un, photoshopped hovercraft.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Too brilliant! [哈哈][哈哈]


LOL, after the B2 goes to North Korea and drops some bombs, it goes home to eat lunch! Hahaha!


Haha! Must let Fatty Kim III see this!


A fun video I saw this morning, strongly recommend.


…Shit myself laughing.


Masturbate for a healthy body, fantasize for a powerful country!

作家崔成浩: [The North Korean parody account replying]

Can no longer endure Imperialism’s reactionary propaganda, prepare for war at any moment!


Haha, amusing, the Win95 part was too hilarious, laughing so hard early in the morning that I can’t sleep anymore.


Much more enjoyable than CCAV‘s Xinwen Lianbo!


Hahaha, LOL, Americans have totally seen through Fatty Kim III!


This is extremely hilarious, even just reading the subtitles is hilarious.


Only free countries would have this sense of humor.


Fatty Kim III is simply a joke.


PS skill is too lousy, send a few over to us to receive training. [得意地笑]


American talk shows editors/writers sure have skill! I bet Fatty Kim III would also admire this.


Fatty Kim III watching it would also laugh out loud.


All extremely vulgar comedy.


[泪] The Walking Dead is over.


These Americans are the ones who have the advantage, and see things clearly. Americans see the phony things the most clearly, so certain countries can stop pretending now, such embarrassing disgusting people!


“Little Miss Un-shine” [哈哈]


Americans are too funny! [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]


If what bordered Liaoning province was South Korea, our economy would’ve rapidly developed long ago. Fuck the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta! Support America!!!


At a certain level, everyone has heard the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. In reality, it isn’t about whether or not people believe the wolf will come but whether or not this wolf has anyone who thinks it has teeth. It’s become a laughing stock! Do you think the next act will be Don Quixote?


So North Korea is relying on outdated equipment and PS to go to war? [哈哈]


Juche Idea must not prevail! [哈哈][哈哈]


Imperialist America is always so self-confident, arrogant, narcissistic, but sometimes this kind of foolishness makes people feel like they are just a large big-headed and stocky child, whose mind still hasn’t matured!


Haha, I’m also wondering, just who can that fatty can actually beat [in a war]? It’s not that I’m underestimating him, but I bet he couldn’t even defeat Taiwan.


Just watched it again, so funny that it suddenly reminded me of something Putin had said: Anger without strength is pointless.


Too funny, now that’s what I call PS. Americans sure are funny.


This kind of show is very amusing/interesting! Too bad this kind of content cannot exist domestically. They make a profession out of ridiculing politics.


To have, in this day and age, in this post-Industrial Revolution age of rapid scientific and technological development, this kind of honest laughing stock, and for us to be this laughing stock’s big brother [ally], I don’t know know whether it is a comedy or a tragedy.


Hahahaha~damn Americans, making my belly hurt so early in the morning~


In this hilarity we can see three points: Americans completely do not know how this North Korean issue came about; American audiences’ nationalism is also very crazy! The United States is a snake charmer, provoking North Korea, scaring the two dogs South Korea and Japan into feeling unsafe, while the peasant farmer next to the snake hole yells not to tease a snake there (but perhaps Americans just see us as the third dog), then a bunch of onlookers, upon seeing the snake rear its head, rush and hide behind the United States!


Just learned a new vocabulary word: rebound.


That day when CCAV say a certain America show ridiculing Fatty Kim III might cause American and North Korean relations to worsen, could it have been referring to this one? [嘻嘻]


Not the least bit funny, the host looks like he was “injected with chicken blood” [on a drug that makes him overreact, crazy]. Europeans and even Canadians all often ridicule Americans as being uneducated/low-class, and indeed they are…


In America, Un-un [Kim Jong-un] is just the butt of jokes, and about the same in other countries.


Although making fun of North Korea is a little mean, this video truly is really funny.

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, 2013 April 2, North Korea and Kim Jong-un, B2 bombers flying 6,500 miles to North Korea and returning, for lunch.

The original Chinese subtitler and uploader posted a follow-up yesterday on April 11…

On Sina Weibo:

@谷大白话: Imperialist Puppet Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show# 2013.04.10 “Heavenly Kingdom Special Program”. Seeing his own video clip making fun of Fatty Kim III reach three million clicks after being localized into Chinese by a certain someone, an overwhelmed Jon Stewart was unable to contain himself and made a five-minute long segment specifically for his Heavenly Kingdom audiences [嘻嘻] then turned into Imperialist Puppet / Decadent Capitalist Jon Stewart to smear/defame [make fun of] our great North Korea and great Heavenly Kingdom on the show…

[Note: Jon Stewart is transliterated as 囧司徒 jiong si tu and 囧叔 jiong shu, which is literally “Uncle Jiong“.]

This microblog post currently only has 4.2k reshares and 700 comments although his subtitled video hosted on Sina has over 260k views.

“The Daily Show” itself posted the above segment with their own Chinese translations on their official website. However, several Chinese netizen followers of @谷大白话 felt his translations were better.

Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show' posts 2013 April 10 clip with Chinese translation and joke about Westerners smelling like cheese.


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