‘The Daily Show’ on North Korea & Kim Jong-un, Chinese Reactions

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, 2013 April 2, North Korea and Kim Jong-un.

On Sina Weibo:

@杜楠爆料: [哈哈] Strongly recommend, LOL! Excuse me, @作家崔成浩, please pass this on to Fatty Kim III to watch.

[Note: @作家崔成浩 (Author Cui Chenghao), previously @平壤崔成浩 (Pyongyang Cui Chenghao), is a Chinese parody account of North Korea that started posting on Sina Weibo in mid-2012.]

The above April 6th Sina Weibo microblog post has over 35k reshares and 6.5k comments. The video featured above currently has 3.2m views but was originally subtitled and uploaded to Sina by another Sina Weibo account @谷大白话 two days earlier on April 4th. @谷大白话’s own April 4th microblog post featuring his subtitled video clip only has 6k reshares and 1k comments.

chinaSMACK reader @BubbaMagill brought this to our attention with a link to this Washington Post article. Thank you!

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, 2013 April 2, North Korea and Kim Jong-un, photoshopped hovercraft.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Too brilliant! [哈哈][哈哈]


LOL, after the B2 goes to North Korea and drops some bombs, it goes home to eat lunch! Hahaha!


Haha! Must let Fatty Kim III see this!


A fun video I saw this morning, strongly recommend.


…Shit myself laughing.


Masturbate for a healthy body, fantasize for a powerful country!

作家崔成浩: [The North Korean parody account replying]

Can no longer endure Imperialism’s reactionary propaganda, prepare for war at any moment!


Haha, amusing, the Win95 part was too hilarious, laughing so hard early in the morning that I can’t sleep anymore.


Much more enjoyable than CCAV‘s Xinwen Lianbo!


Hahaha, LOL, Americans have totally seen through Fatty Kim III!


This is extremely hilarious, even just reading the subtitles is hilarious.


Only free countries would have this sense of humor.


Fatty Kim III is simply a joke.


PS skill is too lousy, send a few over to us to receive training. [得意地笑]


American talk shows editors/writers sure have skill! I bet Fatty Kim III would also admire this.


Fatty Kim III watching it would also laugh out loud.


All extremely vulgar comedy.


[泪] The Walking Dead is over.


These Americans are the ones who have the advantage, and see things clearly. Americans see the phony things the most clearly, so certain countries can stop pretending now, such embarrassing disgusting people!


“Little Miss Un-shine” [哈哈]


Americans are too funny! [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]


If what bordered Liaoning province was South Korea, our economy would’ve rapidly developed long ago. Fuck the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta! Support America!!!


At a certain level, everyone has heard the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. In reality, it isn’t about whether or not people believe the wolf will come but whether or not this wolf has anyone who thinks it has teeth. It’s become a laughing stock! Do you think the next act will be Don Quixote?


So North Korea is relying on outdated equipment and PS to go to war? [哈哈]


Juche Idea must not prevail! [哈哈][哈哈]


Imperialist America is always so self-confident, arrogant, narcissistic, but sometimes this kind of foolishness makes people feel like they are just a large big-headed and stocky child, whose mind still hasn’t matured!


Haha, I’m also wondering, just who can that fatty can actually beat [in a war]? It’s not that I’m underestimating him, but I bet he couldn’t even defeat Taiwan.


Just watched it again, so funny that it suddenly reminded me of something Putin had said: Anger without strength is pointless.


Too funny, now that’s what I call PS. Americans sure are funny.


This kind of show is very amusing/interesting! Too bad this kind of content cannot exist domestically. They make a profession out of ridiculing politics.


To have, in this day and age, in this post-Industrial Revolution age of rapid scientific and technological development, this kind of honest laughing stock, and for us to be this laughing stock’s big brother [ally], I don’t know know whether it is a comedy or a tragedy.


Hahahaha~damn Americans, making my belly hurt so early in the morning~


In this hilarity we can see three points: Americans completely do not know how this North Korean issue came about; American audiences’ nationalism is also very crazy! The United States is a snake charmer, provoking North Korea, scaring the two dogs South Korea and Japan into feeling unsafe, while the peasant farmer next to the snake hole yells not to tease a snake there (but perhaps Americans just see us as the third dog), then a bunch of onlookers, upon seeing the snake rear its head, rush and hide behind the United States!


Just learned a new vocabulary word: rebound.


That day when CCAV say a certain America show ridiculing Fatty Kim III might cause American and North Korean relations to worsen, could it have been referring to this one? [嘻嘻]


Not the least bit funny, the host looks like he was “injected with chicken blood” [on a drug that makes him overreact, crazy]. Europeans and even Canadians all often ridicule Americans as being uneducated/low-class, and indeed they are…


In America, Un-un [Kim Jong-un] is just the butt of jokes, and about the same in other countries.


Although making fun of North Korea is a little mean, this video truly is really funny.

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, 2013 April 2, North Korea and Kim Jong-un, B2 bombers flying 6,500 miles to North Korea and returning, for lunch.

The original Chinese subtitler and uploader posted a follow-up yesterday on April 11…

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On Sina Weibo:

@谷大白话: Imperialist Puppet Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show# 2013.04.10 “Heavenly Kingdom Special Program”. Seeing his own video clip making fun of Fatty Kim III reach three million clicks after being localized into Chinese by a certain someone, an overwhelmed Jon Stewart was unable to contain himself and made a five-minute long segment specifically for his Heavenly Kingdom audiences [嘻嘻] then turned into Imperialist Puppet / Decadent Capitalist Jon Stewart to smear/defame [make fun of] our great North Korea and great Heavenly Kingdom on the show…

[Note: Jon Stewart is transliterated as 囧司徒 jiong si tu and 囧叔 jiong shu, which is literally “Uncle Jiong“.]

This microblog post currently only has 4.2k reshares and 700 comments although his subtitled video hosted on Sina has over 260k views.

“The Daily Show” itself posted the above segment with their own Chinese translations on their official website. However, several Chinese netizen followers of @谷大白话 felt his translations were better.

Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show' posts 2013 April 10 clip with Chinese translation and joke about Westerners smelling like cheese.

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  • BiggJ

    This man cracks me up.:)

    • Guest

      Korea and back for motherfucking lunch son. ROFL.

    • DavidisDawei

      Yes – He is entertaining

  • North Korean government has gone bananas..

  • Germandude

    Thanks cS for posting this.

    For anybody who hasn’t seen it yet. Search for “The Rumble: O’Reilly vs Stewart”. A-class entertainment.

    • mr.wiener

      I saw your avatar on a large banner at a street protest the other day, where is the original pic from?

      • Germandude

        I think the boy is wearing a shirt of an Aussie Rugby club?

        I found the pic ages ago when typing “middlefinger” into google, while searching for pics.

        • Panda Banana

          Looked at the avatar it looks like a croation shirt with a D which could indicate it should represent Dynamo Zagreb, the football club? I don’t watch sports so i could be wrong, but looking at this young boy and knowing that most Croats are dumb fuck nationalist, it wouldn’t surprise me at all…

          • mr.wiener
          • Panda Banana

            Don’t where he is from, but the boy in german dudes avatar wears a shirt of the croatian soccer club dinamo zagreb. Wouldn’t surprise me at all when they would have photoshopped the original pic to use it for their nationalistic propaganda BS.

          • Germandude

            Looks like Wiener is right. The original seems to be the Feyenoord Rotterdam one.

            I am not a Feyenoord supporter and just randomly found the pic and chose it because the boy looks pretty similar to me when I was 4-5 years old.


            I hope you were better behaved than that brat when you were his age.

  • markus peg

    its funny that Chinese people like this. I’m glad Chinese people are starting to see North Korea how the rest of the world sees them.

    • Seconded that.. the regime is just crazy.. even though it might be empty threats again, but we must be cautious..

      • MrT

        we? I’m still going about my careless daily life.

    • y.m.

      “starting to”……yea i can tell that you’ve been brainwashed from your western propaganda. china did support the north during the war, but since then, they haven’t been giving a single f#ck about north korea.

      • markus peg

        Chinese people despite the past have more of an attachment to Russia and North Korea. I am not talking about the government. A lot of Chinese citizens/netizens a decade ago would not be saying the things they are today about North Korea, times are changing and a lot of Chinese citizens now share similar opinions with the rest of the world.

        Why do you attempt at insulting me by saying “yea i can tell that you’ve been brainwashed from your western propaganda.”?

        Most of the world is not in favor of North Korea, brainwashed or not, my
        statement is not incorrect. The word I used “funny” was in the good scene not the “weird” meaning.

        • Charles

          Yeah, living on the border with the DPRK, I can tell you that there are many Chinese people who still support the DPRK, especially in the official propaganda. However, the majority of the people I speak to a very critical of the DPRK and feel that they are rude and ungrateful.

          There are also lots of rumors about NK soldiers killing Chinese fisherman, for no good reason. That kind of thing pisses people off.

          • Panda Banana

            why do you feel pissed off when someone kills a bunch of fisherman who happen to be from the same country as you are?

      • Blah Blah Blah

        North Korea is an America Colony

        In fact North Korea is an American colony, yes you heard it right it is NORTH Korea not South Korea…


        Read more…

      • Lao Sha

        You Chinese, bro?

  • mr.wiener

    Funny clever stuff. Amazing that this show is on cnn. It’s the best and most intelligent satire of this generation.
    Hope the Chinese can come up with a copy the way the Egyptians have.

    • BiggJ

      It would take another 2 or 3 thousand years for chinese to be this funny…at least. lol

      • mr.wiener

        I’m sure they think they are, and if a billion plus people get the joke you don’t have to look much further than that target audience.

        • BiggJ

          Fair enough…it’s like that Bollywood stuff…..my god lol

    • Eurotrash

      Egyptians? You mean the “arab spring” orchestrated by the US for the US? Nah.

      • mr.wiener

        Talking about the daily show clone host Bassem Youssef http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bassem_Youssef_(television_host)
        Who the govt is trying to arrest for slander and blasphemy. Never was a satire show needed more.

        • donscarletti

          “The audience usually has to be with you, I’m afraid. I always
          regarded myself as not even preaching to the converted, I was
          titillating the converted …. The audiences like to think that satire is
          doing something. But, in fact, it is mostly to leave themselves
          satisfied. Satisfied rather than angry, which is what they should be.”

          –Tom Lehrer

          Tom Lehrer’s favourite quote on satire is from British comedian Peter Cook, who, in founding the Establishment Club in 1961, said it was to be a satirical venue modelled on “those wonderful Berlin cabarets which did so much to stop the rise of Hitler and prevent the outbreak of the Second World War”.

      • moody

        “by the US for the US ” ???

        The US already knows that the Arab Spring is not going to benefit them on the long term.

        They simply went along

        • Panda Banana

          oh it will benefit them, and it will benefit Israel, which was probably the main reason the western world did its best to remove regimes knowing very well that most likely dumb ass islamists will take over, which is the case as we can see. For one, they are easier to manipulate in case it becomes necessary, secondly, the existence of the state Israel very much relies on its enemies. As long as Israel is surrounded by countries and regimes which want to wipe them out, well…..you make the math !

          • Rick in China

            I know it’s not related to the subject, but you don’t MAKE math, it’s an objective truth invented by humans for the purpose of representing concepts in a logical and comprehensible way :D

          • Charles

            This may be one of the silliest things I have heard on Chinasmack.

          • Panda Banana

            you know that everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world my friend, therefor it comes as no surprise that you consider my post to be silly:-), you also should know that, according to Schoppenhauer, truth passes through 3 stages before it is recognized. In the 1st it is ridiculed, in the 2nd it is opposed and in the 3rd it is regarded as self evident.

            BTW, its definitely NOT the silliest thing you have heard so far on this forum. I am sure some post even dumber shit then i do from time to time…

          • jixiang

            Israel, Israel, Israel. It’s ridicolous to claim that something which affects dozens of countries and hundreds of millions of people was all orchestrated for the benefit of Israel. I think this has a lot to do with the antisemitic impulse of seeing everything like a Jewish plot.
            Of course, you will now say that I “use the word antisemitism to silence discussion of Israel’s crimes” or something similar. It is the same circular reasoning employed by all antisemites.

          • Then why can’t there be a investigation into the exact number (not just jews) who died in the holocaust. History is the study of the past, but in this case, it seems it cannot be re-examined?

          • Rick in China

            “It’s ridicolous to claim that something which affects dozens of countries and hundreds of millions of people was all orchestrated for the benefit of Israel”

            You apparently do not watch US political discussion especially around primaries and midterms. Israel is mentioned more in republican primaries than say, USA. Senator recently got in shit because he said “I’m a US senator, not an Israel senator”, called an antisemite and unfit for appointed position. The US has historically orchestrated so many massive political and social events in foreign nations (that are documented and public knowledge, not just theory) I find it amusing you’d be so quick to jump to “ridiculousness!” in this situation.

          • jixiang

            I know all about what the US have orchestrated in foreign countries, and it was always for their own ultimate benefit and no one else’s. In any case, my point stands: it’s ridicolous to claim that the entire Arab world has been shook by revolutions as a plot to help Israel. It’s also silly to assume that Israel wants more hostlie regimes to come to power around it, when it clearly doesn’t. Surely there are more important factors, for instance all the oil in the Gulf countries etc…

          • Rick in China

            Well, I agree to some extent, but your point does not stand in it’s entirety. Everything we’re discussing is linked:

            1) ridiculous to claim that..revolutions..help israel
            * It’s not. Political instability around Israel does help Israel, especially when the overthrown leaders are their enemies. I’m not claiming that there were plots, that this was the purpose of these supposed plots, or anything else..but it’s absolutely not “ridiculous” that the above is a completely realistic possibility.
            2) more hostile regimes..around it
            * I disagree with this. Israeli PEOPLE do not want hostile regimes. The Israeli government, however – the more hostility against Israel, the more support from the US. The more hostility around Israel, the more US will likely ‘think up’ reasons to invade..at least in the oil rich nations.. and that will ultimately benefit Israel economically and militarily. It’s not silly – it’s realistic, we just don’t know whether that’s the actual case or not yet and wont until more documents around these issues are unclassified.

            If you think at a more macro prospective, and from a government and corporate interests perspective rather than about what people in any of these nations may prefer, I think you’ll see that the scenarios we’re disputing here are absolutely possible and to some extent probable, not something to completely disregard as ridiculous and silly.

          • Panda Banana

            “If you think at a more macro prospective, and from a government and corporate interests perspective rather than about what people in any of these nations may prefer, I think you’ll see that the scenarios we’re disputing here are absolutely possible and to some extent probable, not something to completely disregard as ridiculous and silly.”

            that was a very good point. I think most people make the mistake to see things just from their own perspective or point of view. They act and react and feel and think that all others do it the same way. That is also the reason why such people are more likely to be disappointed then people which have a more, lets say, open minded approach to things happening around them. As we know, disappointment comes from wrong expectations. Its always better to keep your eggs in different baskets to keep your options open…

            I would count as a jew I guess, cause my mother is jewish, even neither one of us is religious or practice any sort of religious rituals. Not sure if, cause of that i could be count out as an anti-semite, but hey, there is still the possibility that i am one of these self hating jews:-)

            Regarding Israel, I have no stake in the outcome and no investments there, I couldn’t care less if there is Israel or not. BUT Israel is an important ally, and yes, I do think that the existence right of a state called Israel VERY much depends on their enemies and the quality of their enemies. And looking at its neighbors its pretty self evident that the existence right of a state will never be questioned by western countries. I also think that in recent years this right is more and more questioned, even in western countries by certain political parties in europe which openly take the palestinian side. That never happened in the past, so there IS a movement going on which will not be beneficial for Israel in the future. I think Israel knows that very well, so they want to use the time while the world is distracted by the shit which is going on around them, to create so called “facts on the ground”, and I must admit they did a pretty good job during the last decades. People should ask themselves if that would have been possible without enemies around…but thats just the way i see it….just in case i could chose, I would of course prefer to have a jewish state then a muslim dominated one.

          • jixiang

            The world is never distracted when it comes to Israel, everything Israel does always attracts huge attention in comparison to what other countries do.
            In any case, how does Israel’s right to exist depends on its enemies and the quality of its enemies? That doesn’t make sense.

          • sudon’t

            What’s ridiculous is the notion that the US government could orchestrate a successful conspiracy. Their covert operations are only rarely successful. Not that they wouldn’t try.

    • Rick in China

      This show is on CNN? The Daily Show? It’s on Comedy Central. I’ve watched it for ages, and it was never on CNN :D

  • Panda Banana

    he is good no question, “for lunch MFer, for lunch…” was the best.

    I think, and i look at it from a business perspective and my own experience by making business, the NK situation is in fact an USA/China situation. So far NK was win/win for both countries. China by keeping an important buffer between themselves and SK/USA, and the USA, cause they can keep their influence in the asian region by having a justification to keep their forces in Japan and SK and other places. If their would be no NK, then i am sure all this countries would kindly ask the americans to go.

    I think that what its important are the things we dont see, which is that china and the USA negotiating this whole thing for a long time now. Its about to make plans and how to part the cake (NK). NK is a huge promising market, probably THE biggest market left in the world, imagine how much money can be made there. Question is, who, and to which extend, will and can benefit from it. That is the difficulty i see. Its not easy to remove the regime with or without force, without involving china. Thats what pisses china off at the moment, cause when NK does anything stupid and the USA/SK attacks them, china could end up with nothing at the end, or a much lesser piece of the cake. They also could not get directly involved to help NK, cause this could mean their end too. You just dont go into a direct military conflict with the one you make the most money with and who in fact owes you money. The USA on the other end together with SK, has a lot of things to win, and right now is the right time to do so in my opinion. Provoke them a bit, let them shoot back, and thats it…i very much doubt that NK soldiers are motivated at all, and would bet that this war would be over faster then any other war. I would give it 2-3 weeks at most….anyway China is under huge pressure now which is good, they must act fast IF they want to benefit in any way from NK which in the near future will be just the unifite part of SK. The important thing they must understand is that their is a limit in negotiations, and when you over negotiate it could be that at the end you will end up with nothing….in the long run it wasn’t beneficial to have a “friend” like NK…play your cards well china, and play them fast, time is running out!

    • mr.wiener

      The comment I read elsewhere I liked the most was America is not sure if it should blow up NK because it would be like beating the shit out of the “special needs” [retarded] kid at school for talking trash.
      That said it would be like Iraq. 4 stunning weeks of glory than a decade of messy reconstruction and insurgency. You really want to do that again?

      • Panda Banana

        I doubt that scenario very much. There is a huge difference between radical religious freaks believing in the supernatural and asians who are ready to sacrifice and work hard for a better and prosperous future. I wonder how you can compare a radical Muslim from Iraq or Afghanistan with a Korean ??

        • mr.wiener

          how you can compare a radical Muslim from Iraq or Afghanistan with a Korean ??….If it is a North Korean.

          Their army [4th largest in the world] has the largest percentage of special forces of any army in the world. You’d be looking at years of rooting them out. I’m not saying they’d win, but it would be messy. The USA went into the Iraqi war with a budget surplus, you think anyone is in the mood to do that again now?

          • Dave

            By “special” forces, I assume you mean “special needs?”

          • mr.wiener
          • hess

            Just as the japanese and germans kept fighting for years after they lost? Oh wait….

          • mr.wiener

            Only if you are suggesting the American carpet and fire bomb their cities and/or nuke them.
            What a lot of people fail to realize about north Korea is even though they have a lot more to lose out of a conflict they are prepared to risk it anyway. In their own weird way they many of the NK population are as fanatical and scary as the most ardent jihadists.

          • hess

            The ones who actually believe in the propaganda is a tiny, tiny part of the population. Check out interviews with defectors and interviews with people currently in the country and youll see that they want a war just because they know theyd lose it

          • mr.wiener

            You remember the lead up to the last gulf war and Afghanistan? The gen public was told the afghan people and the Iraqis would welcome them with open arms…..all it takes is a tiny percentage of the population. At the height of the troubles in N-Ireland the IRA never had more than 300 hardcore fighters.
            We’re talking a country with huge problems, crap infastructure and a population that has just come out of the 19th century being plunged into the 1st world.
            Taking on East Germany F*cked the German economy for a decade plus, this would screw the South Koreans for 20-30 years, plus the damage it will do to their country . Seoul will be wiped off the map by the biggest planned artillery barrage in history.
            It’s going to be a messy pig-f*ck of an occupation whichever way you slice it.

          • Panda Banana

            i see the point you are trying to make, but i think you are wrong comparing the MOTIVATION of a crazy-religious-motivated-can’t wait to die-freak-so i will blow myself up, compared to a very likely unmotivated north korean soldier, who probably can’t wait that shit hits the fan so he can get his ass out of this shithole country.

            I for one am not impressed by their military parades. I myself come from a former commie country and took part in this BS. We had kinda close ties with NK at that time, and some NKns studied together with me at the military academy. That of course was during the better years we had, and even then it was clear that this shit idea called communism wouldn’t last long(well it did for another 10 years)….so yeah, I question a NK soldiers motivation and his readiness to risk his life or die for his leader.

            You can really compare the aftermath of a possible post war NK, with northern ireland or any other conflict. Maybe there will be some sort of resistance from a small fraction of the army, maybe, but unlike all the other groups, organizations, resistance you talk about, a possible NK resistance would be financed how exactly? by who? who would supply them with money, food, logistics and so on?

            Its also highly questionable that they in fact CAN and have the technology to actually put a nuclear bomb into a warhead. I wouldn’t put my hand into the fire for that, but i do think that the chances are very slim.

            Like i said before, NK is a huge potential market, and i have no doubts that the western world will invest the necessary resources to get this thing going after the commies are gone….it will costs them a fortune, but it will pay out at the end, like it has paid out germany, which is now, was and will be the richest country in europe.

            But apart from all that, i would like to ask you, what is the alternative anyway? 50 more years of threats and waiting until they really develop some intercontinental rockets which would threaten not just the asian region, but the whole world? Negotiating for a couple more decades, trying to please them, keep on sending them aid and indirectly keeping them in power so they can keep in brainwashing and oppressing their own people? Now is the right time, there is no more soviet union, and china the commies know very well about the consequences in case they get involved…they have nothing to win, but all to loose…

          • mr.wiener

            On the “Getting rid of them now before they get nukes” I’m inclined to agree. But I think lil Kim is just trying it on for the folks back home. If we can wheel Jimmy Charter out again it may yet die down.
            The Chinese don’t want to upset the status quo as they’d hate the idea of a united Korea. Russia would just want to make trouble for shits and giggles. As to what it would turn out like? I honestly don’t know. I just don’t think the west should go rushing into this one

      • Insurgency? from WHO!

        Those people all want food, clean water, and civilization. Nobody REALLY likes kim. They all just mostly pretend like they do. Kill him and no one will care.

        • mr.wiener

          I seem to recall people saying the same thing about Saddam Hussein before we went into Iraq.

    • Blah Blah Blah

      North Korea is an America Colony

      In fact North Korea is an American colony, yes you heard it right it is NORTH Korea not South Korea…


      Read more…

  • Nice to know that Chinese can appreciate this type of humor. From all the crappy humor on chinaSMACK (not the website’s fault), I was wondering if perhaps America’s and China’s sense of humors were completely incompatible. Fortunately, I guess not.

    Anyway, it’s nice to finally have a feel-good article on chinaSMACK with thoroughly heart-warming comments.

    That said, while I’m glad to see the Daily Show getting recognition, I’m surprised this particular clip got so much attention because, frankly, this is just another regular segment of a show that airs four times a week, week after week, year after year. Practically every episode has quality segments like this.

    • Panda Banana

      Before you guys start to suck each others cocks over it, Let me try to get a bit of the juice out of the suddenly appearing bandwaggon called “chinese have a sense of humor”…

      Most if chinese sense of humor is based on laughing at others, to be more specific, at others misfortune…so lets not overestimate their comments. This particular appearing humor with NK has its roots most likely somewhere along the shame level of their conciseness in addition to show their own superiority and to send a message out to hide their shame that they are no longer comparable to NK. So the best way to do that is to laugh about the poor southern neighbor who once was their friend.

      China has still a long way to go on the humor and satire way. Laughing at others doesn’t convince me. On the other side, when they would start to develop some self humor, the ability to laugh about themselves, about their mistakes and failures, then i would say that they are on a good way to understand what humor means and they would appreciate in a better and healthier way


        I hate to agree with anyone with “banana” in their name but you’re basically right, especially the part of Chinese not being able to laugh at themselves due to low self-esteem and finding humor in the misfortune of others.

        • Kai

          I don’t agree, the Chinese laugh at themselves all the time. This website and its archives of translations have tons of evidence of that. Hell, even the annual CCTV Spring Gala is a testament to Chinese recognizing problems in themselves and the trends of their society, then finding humor in it or poking fun at it. I think you guys are taking the “too insecure and face-loving” stereotype too far.

          • BiggJ

            They may laugh at themselves, but they don’t like foreigners to do it…especially a white American.

          • Rick in China

            Spot on.


            Sadly I need to agree, everyone knows many Chinese have severe inferiority complex towards whites. Thus they can’t even take a joke from them for fear of losing face.

          • Kai

            I don’t know of a single nationality that actually “likes” foreigners laughing at them, especially when it comes from white Americans.

          • Rick in China

            Canadians take jests against Canada with a smile, completely. We’ll join in on the lumberjack and beaver pelting jokes,, go nuts.


            Well, I guess I should have said they don’t like foreigners to laugh at them for fear that it may portray them in a bad light, even though it’s supposed to be a joke.

    • y.m.

      too bad westerners don’t even try to appreciate chinese humor.

      • Apparently you’ve never been to chinaSMACK before. Every week they post translations of numerous Internet jokes and memes that are popular on the Chinese web. Who the hell do you think is the intended audience for these translated Chinese jokes?

      • BiggJ

        I’ve gave chinese humor a try….it’s just not funny to me….

  • al in china

    This is great, but as we speak China is mobilizing an army to the North Korean border. Tanks, troops, rocket launchers, ammo,…..why? Because they are getting ready to defend North Korea. I hope cooler heads prevail.

    • mr.wiener

      Defend north Korea? More like getting ready for the tsunami of N-Korean refugees about to break over their border.
      The Chinese already defended NK once and what did they get for it? The NK’s siding with the soviets during Sino-Soviet split. They hate them and they have outlived their usefulness. All China cares about is it’s own territory , and preferably not having US forces stationed on its border.

      • Panda Banana


    • Gontraf

      China has always deported back anyone who crosses the border. It’s the border police being surprisingly foresighted.

  • Jeff

    Oh God this is the funniest ChinaSmack story ever

    • bprichard

      Funnier than jokes gathered from the internet? How dare you!

  • Colbert said it best:
    “North Korea: we loathe you, we’re just not “in loathe” with you”

    Also: good subtitles on the vid. Even explained who Nancy Grace and what a “rebound” is

  • dude35

    The reactions to the NK video are great, how ever I am more interested in the reactions from the second video: “The China Special with Imperialist Pupet”

    It would be interesting to see how Chinese netizens react to Jon Stewart making fun of China…

    • Dave


      • dude35

        Why not? We got to see how a sample of netzens react when making fun of others, but I think it is interesting to see how do they react when they are made fun of.

        To make my point, I would like to quote Panda Banana:

        ” On the other side, when they would start to develop some self humor,
        the ability to laugh about themselves, about their mistakes and
        failures, then i would say that they are on a good way to understand
        what humor means and they would appreciate in a better and healthier way”

        Could ChinaSmack please translate some of the comments on the last video?

    • carmouflagger

      That would be glorious… oh i’d pay to see that. :D

    • 不要脸

      I don’t want to be a double-standard China-basher but it’s interesting and kind of tragic that an American TV show can do something way funnier in Chinese than the best Chinese comedy can and I think the Chinese comments are evidence of that.

  • Sean Cauffiel

    John Stewart is not funny.

    • Dave

      Either all the people that think he is funny are wrong, or you are.

      • Sean Cauffiel

        Please…. the only funny jokes on his show come from his team of writers. He read jokes other people write, and sometimes those jokes are funny. When he doesn’t have a joke to read, he just makes faces. Not funny.

        • Some people dont write their own songs, some dont write their own jokes BUT they can deliver.

          • Sean Cauffiel

            but HE can’t, cause when he’s not reading jokes on a teleprompter, he just makes faces like he’s trying to entertain a baby…. which is what most of his fans are.


      At least I’m not the only one who thinks his jokes are lame.

  • linette lee

    The stealth bomber flew to korea to drop dummy weapon,then flew back to USA for lunch….lol.


      Really it’s that funny? What the hell is so funny about that line? His “jokes” are just cardboard dry.


      WTF? Linette you wrote that post? Earlier when I responded it looked like “panda banana” wrote that post. Are you a ghost or something? Am I losing my mind.

      • linette lee

        no..china smack is acting up all the time. like my name would pop up on your post as if I was the person who posted. There is a delay or something. Also I couldn’t post any link or youtube here. I don’t know why.


          Whew!!! Okay I thought I was going crazy for a minute there.

  • linette lee

    They keep calling fat Kim 三肥. lol..

    nuke kid on the block….lol

  • Ali

    I hope the people can really see we don’t want war.


    I hardly found any humor at all in either segments. Anyone else feel that way or am I just retarded when it comes to humor? If you want to see someone really funny check out Dave Chappelle or Russell Peters.

    • linette lee

      you have good taste. Chappelle and russell peters are my favorite, Gabriel Iglesias is good too. Very funny.

    • MonkeyMouth

      ‘red, white and brown’ is freaking hilarious…..


        I don’t even remember them saying that so I guess it wasn’t funny to me. But to each his own I guess.

        • MonkeyMouth

          thats the name of a damn funny russell peters special… its on baidu… give it a whirl!


            Oh okay I thought you meant the video in the story above. I’ve probably seen that act by Peters but I just don’t remember. I think I’ve seen most of his act online a while back. That guy’s really hilarious. It takes a lot to make me laugh but he did it.

    • “For lunch” and “nuke kid” were alright. You didn’t mention Colbert!

    • hun

      It’s a different type of comedy.. Dave and Russel does mostly stand-up while the daily show does segments on more political terms with satire mixed in. If you don’t like satire comedy i suggest not watching the daily show or stephen colbert.

      I’m pretty sure everyone knows who dave and russell are(if they’re in america) you dont have to justify your sense of humor by naming comedians you like,it’s all just different perspective on humor, if you think it’s funny it’s funny if you don’t then you dont.


        I know it’s a differenty style of comedy but to me some people are funny, some are not no matter the style. I’ve never watched the Daily Show in my life until this story and I don’t watch many TV shows in general.
        I’d think you’re wrong about everyone knowing who Chappelle and Peters are. I’m pretty sure many people have no idea who they are. I myself just happened to stumble upon Chappelle when flipping throught the channels and found Peters on Youtube. “Justify your sense of humor”? You mean prove to people I have a sense of humor? I was simply expressing my opinion on comedians I actually thought were funny.

  • MonkeyMouth

    havent seen jon stewart in ages… seems to be a lot angrier. pretty funny, though, but as usual the implied sense of superiority demonstrated by americans pisses me off. however, saying that, i dig the self deprecating ‘we just got out of 2 bad relationships (wars) and are not looking for one right now’ joke. great stuff!!

  • cicciabuca

    as funny as north korea’s propaganda.it’s a bit sad to see how the chinese and the americans, among the other things,seem to have the same sense of humour.

  • wafflestomp

    Lost my shit when the blue screen came up. Oh wow…

  • dareful link

    apart from the mass propaganda – this may be of interest too…
    be prepared for the weird – if you dare ; )

  • Steve

    Man… John Stewart is just another Jewish Zionist who was given a TV show. This is 100% American style Propaganda. Anyone who has any friends stationed near the DMZ knows exactly whats going on that will never be reported in the news. The U.S. is fucking around once again and everyone’s blaming North Korea for getting angry and having the fucking balls to show it. Has everyone forgotten history here? Did we forget the thousands of innocent civilians who died in all of the unnecessary wars and invasions the U.S. and its European bitches have caused?

    The U.S. media is just as controlled as it is in any other country. They just do a much better job being sneaky since they have Zionist running the entire show and printing the entire paper. Open your eyes people. I too was once blinded by shows like these…

    • > Man… John Stewart is just another Jewish Zionist who was given a TV show. This is 100% American style Propaganda.

      Wow you sound like a dick…..

    • mr.wiener

      Are all Jews Zionist then? That’s like saying all Americans are republican or KKK members or all Muslims are Jihardists.
      Can I order one of those tin foil hats in the mail?

      • Jixiang

        The problem isn’t to do with whether all Jews are Zionists or not. The problem is the demonization of the Zionist movement to make it look like the KKK or the Jihadists. Whatever you think of how Israel was created, most Jews in the world have strong links with Israel and have family living there, and this is quite legitimate.
        And Steve is just another antisemite who goes on about Jewish control of the media. If he’d just said that Zionists control the media, instead of the Jews, that wouldn’t make it any better.

        • mr.wiener

          Point taken. Would you feel better with equating them with Republlcans and members of the muslim brotherhood?

      • Panda Banana

        just a very small percentage of jews are zionists, fuck, just a small percentage are actually religious. Most zionist( in the USA anyway) are fucked up christians…..even most members of AIPAC are not jews but christians….

  • > In this hilarity we can see three points: Americans completely do not know how this North Korean issue came about; American audiences’ nationalism is also very crazy! The United States is a snake charmer,

    Chinese netizen. WAIT….you think AMERICA is nationalist? Stones from a glass house.

  • iLL

    Man these comments are so messed up. How racist and crazy people are on here. Its amazing how internet tough guys are. Insulting Jews, Guangdong people, etc. Chinese insulting chinese because there from a different part of China, even though there probably all Han Chinese.

    • Divide and conquer?!

      • iLL

        seems like it. I mean i know most of these people are trolling because they probably have nothing better to do lol

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