‘The First Class’ by Dou Dou, Yoga Lin & Li Wei

the first class of school

the first class of school

The First Class of School is a yearly CCTV gala for students on September 1st. ‘The First Class’, performed by Mainland teenage singer Dou Dou, Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin (Lin Youjia), and Mainland singer Li Wei on the September 1st, 2011 gala has been well-received as an inspirational song. Mainland singer Han Geng covered this song in his latest album Hope in the Darkness, released on July 29th, 2012.   


Version #1: The original song by Dou Dou, Yoga Lin/Lin Youjia, and Li Wei (Listen to the MP3 version)

Version #2: The live performance of the shortened version of this song by Dou Dou, Yoga Lin/Lin Youjia, and Li Wei at The First Class of School 2011, CCTV‘s yearly special gala for students on September 1st, 2011——

Version #3: The shortened version of this song covered by Han Geng at CCTV’s The First Class of School on September 1st, 2012:

Composer: Chang Shilei
Lyrics: Wang Pingjiu
Singer: Dou Dou, Yoga Lin/Lin Youjia & Li Wei

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

Version #1 The Original Song by Dou Dou, Yoga Lin (Lin Youjia) and Li Wei:

VERSE #1 :

nǐ xǐng lái shí hou, wèn hòu nǐ hǎo
When you wake up, I greet you with a “hello”

shēng qǐ de yáng guāng , hēng zhe gē yáo
The rising sunshine, is humming a ballad

xīn qíng xiàng cǎi hóng , bīn fēn wǔ dǎo
(My) mood is like the rainbow, dancing in all colors

nǐ wǒ de liǎn shàng , xiě mǎn wēi xiào
Your face and mine, are covered with smiles


xiāng tóng de hū xī , xiāng tóng xīn tiào
The same breathing, the same heartbeats

chǎng kāi xīn qù kàn , xìng fú huán rào
Open your heart and look, happiness is all around (you)

fàng fēi nǐ de mèng , bú pà shān gāo
Let your dream fly, fear not the high mountains

yǒng gǎn zuò zì jǐ , jiù shì zuì hǎo
Bravely being yourself, is the best [thing to do]

VERSE #3 :

chéng zhǎng de lù shàng, zǒng yǒu fán nǎo
On the path of growing up, there will always be worries

yǔ huǒ bàn yì qǐ , ài de yōng bào
(but) being together with your friends, (there will be) hugs of love

xiào yuán de huā cǎo , yì tóng zhǎng gào
The flowers and grass at school, grow taller with you

kāi xué dì yí kè , yòng xīn qǐ pǎo
So with the first class of school, start running with all your heart

VERSE #4 :

xiāng tóng de yáng guāng , xiāng tóng de zhào yào
The same sunshine, shining everywhere

měi yí cì gǔ lì , wēn nuǎn huái bào
Every encouragement, warm hug

xiāng xìn nǐ huì chéng , wǒ de jiāo ào
is a belief that you will be successful, my pride and joy

kāi xué dì yí kè , ài de zhù zào
The first class of school, the creation of love




VERSE #4 X2 


kāi xué dì yí kè , yòng xīn qǐ pǎo
The first class of school, start running with all your heart


Han Geng
Yoga Lin aka Lin Youjia
Yoga Lin aka Lin Youjia
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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

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  • mr. wiener

    Does anyone know any good funny and rude Chinese songs?

    • Kukuku

      Good and funny songs won’t be rude.
      Good and rude songs won’t be funny.
      Funny and rude songs won’t be good.

      • mr. wiener

        I know some good, funny and rude songs but they are in in Taiwanese.

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          You asked for Chinese songs though.

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            i see what you did right tharr, and i liked it.

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    That was just horrible…

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    you always put on some stupid song…
    you should put on the dark girl on the voice of china,omg,she is the next super star…
    or some classic old songs with very good lyc, as 海阔天空,好汉歌,one night in beijing……

    • Brett Hunan

      Rensi never responded when I made song suggestions. She probably wont respond when you do either. Its too bad… China has some interesting music out there, but no one on chinaSMACK will ever know because all we get here is “contemporary pop” (AKA shit thats currently on the radio).

      • Hi Brett! Name one contemporary pop song on the radio that’s not “shit” ;)

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          Hi Rensi! In truth, all I wanted was for you to acknowledge me. /Mission accomplished! ;-)

          Even though I agree that all contemporary pop is shit, I feel there is a lot of music in China which doesn’t fit that bill. There’s some great classic stuff out there. I know you know that I have a legit point.

          • El Puma R.

            I second that

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      eattot, I don’t know those song. But I like this guy 迪克牛仔 . He is good rock n roll. :)



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        your from hk you do not know 海阔天空?
        this song always makes me wanna cry…it’s from beyond…
        ha, you like old daddy,he is cool.i like 汪峰most…what a wonderful man!

        • linette

          oh..beyond. I don’t like them. The lead singer died.

        • El Puma R.

          I fucking love Beyond since the first day I heard them… and I can sing and play 真的爱你 on the guitar. But we live in a country where real art is not admitted. No wonder why the singer died.

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    o.O alright here’s another one with a strange first name: Yoga.

  • El Puma R.

    Common topics for Chinese mainstream music:
    1- I love you
    2- you don’t love me
    3- I want to love you
    4- I’m in love with you, but you’re in love with him
    5- Be strong, you will find love

    Topics that SHOULD be included in Chinese modern pop/rock music

    1- That Materialistic bitch
    2- He married you but he doesn’t know where the holes are, neither he knows how to work the holes.
    3- She married you because you have money
    4- That government cunt steals our money
    5- Being cool is the opposite of being the same as everyone else
    6- Shut your iPhone off, there’s a world around you and you’re missing it.

    “Art is always political. Any art form that is not political, it’s just decoration”
    -Andy Warhol

    • anon

      Those are common topics for mainstream music everywhere. Hazard a guess as to why?

      Some of those topics or themes are already pervasive and exceptionally obvious in mainstream Chinese discourse (and they even appear in pop music), as countless chinaSMACK posts testify to.

      Rensi, ignore these people. They’re on a site that is all about the topics and interests of the mainstream. Either they’re interested in it themselves or they use it to bolster their own artificial sense of self-identity and ego. The latter are just poison if you try appeasing them.

      BTW, being “cool” is not the opposite of being the same as everyone else, it’s closer to simply not caring about whether you’re like or unlike anyone else. Trying to be different (especially by being the same as those who are “different”) to be cool is just as shallow as trying to be the same to be cool.

      • jeffli

        In Sweden (thweden with a lisp?),,,…
        we sing songs about being almighty Thor!

        OoOh god I kill myself….ha ha

        sore with a lisp = Thor

        As “the Avengers” is out this may be appropriate:-
        SO THOR!

        One day the norse god Thor was looking down upon the earth and was watching couples making out in a park. He decided that this looked like fun, so with a clap of thunder, Thor was walking around the park as a human man. He came upon a young beautiful girl sitting alone and asked if he could join her. The girl replied “For THURE” and Thor gathered that the girl had a lisp but figured as good as she looked, what the heck, so he sits down and soon they were making out like the other couples. As her passions grew, she finally said, “wait a minute, wait a minute, lets go back to my plath!” so the left and went into her apartment and let nature take its course. After about 18 hours of nonstop sex, she says “hold up, i gotha go pith!” and she gets up to go use the bathroom. While she’s gone Thor lies thinking to himself, “surely by now she realizes that I’m no mere mortal man, I should tell her who I am”. So when she re-enters the room, Thor is standing on the end of the bed, pounding his chest and declares “I’m THOR!” the exhausted girl looks at him and yells “You’re Thor, I’m tho thore that i cant even pith!!!