‘The Last Blossom’ by Jam Hsiao

Xiao Jingteng

Xiao Jingteng

Xiao Jingteng/Jam Hsiao covered Wang Fei/Faye Wong‘s ‘The Very Last Blossom’ in his album Love Moments: Self Selection.

Song and Music Videos:

Composer: C. Y. Kong
Lyrics: Lin Xi
Singer: Xiao Jingteng/Jam Hsiao

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

每只蚂蚁 都有眼睛鼻子
měi zhī mǎ yǐ dōu yǒu yǎn jīng bí zi
Every ant has a pair of eyes and a nose

它美不美丽 偏差有没有一毫厘
tā měi bù měi lì piān chā yǒu méi yǒu yì háo lí
Is it beautiful? The difference is less than 1 mm

yǒu hé guān xì
What does it matter?

每一个人 伤心了就哭泣
měi yí gè rén shāng xīn le jiù kū qì
Every person cries when hurt

饿了就要吃 相差大不过天地
è le jiù yào chī xiāng chà dà bú guò tiān dì
[and] eats when hungry. Their differences no greater than that between heaven and the earth

yǒu hé cì jī
What’s so exciting about that?

有太多太多魔力 太少道理
yǒu tài duō tài duō 2 mó lì tài shǎo dào lǐ
There’s way too much magic, too little logic

太多太多游戏 只是为了好奇
tài duō tài duō yóu xì zhǐ shì wèi le hào qí
way too many games, just for the sake of curiosity

还有什么值得 歇斯底里
hái yǒu shén me zhí dé xiē sī dǐ lǐ
Just what else deserves such hysterics?

对什么东西 死心塌地
duì shén me dōng xi sǐ xīn tà dì
To what must we be so committed?

一个一个偶像 都不外如此
yí gè yí gè ǒu xiàng dōu bú wài rú cǐ
Each and every idol, is nothing more than this

沉迷过的偶像 一个个消失
chén mí guò de ǒu xiàng yí gè yí gè xiāo shī
All the idols we once obsessed over, have one by one disappeared

谁曾伤天害理 谁又是上帝
shuí céng shāng tiān hài lǐ shuí yòu shì shàng dì
Who once offended Heaven, but just who is God anyway?

我们在等待 什么奇迹
wǒ men zài děng dài shén me qí jì
What miracle are we waiting for?

最后剩下自己 舍不得挑剔
zuì hòu shèng xià zì jǐ shě bù dé tiāo tì
In the end the only one you’re not willing to pick on is yourself

最后对着自己 也不大看得起
zuì hòu duì zhe zì jǐ yě bú dà kàn dé qǐ
And in the very end facing yourself, you won’t feel too much self-respect either

谁给我全世界 我都会怀疑
shuí gěi wǒ quán shì jiè wǒ dōu huì huái yí
Whoever would offer me the whole world is whoever I would doubt

心花怒放 却开到荼蘼
xīn huā nù fàng què kāi dào tú mí
My heart bloomed with wild joy, but it would eventually become the last blossom in Spring


一个一个一个人 谁比谁美丽
yí gè yí gè yí gè rén shuí bǐ shuí měi lì
One and one yet another one, who is more beautiful?

一个一个一个人 谁比谁甜蜜
yí gè yí gè yí gè rén shuí bǐ shuí tián mì
One and one yet another one, who is sweeter?

一个一个一个人 谁比谁容易
yí gè yí gè rén shuí bǐ shuí róng yì
One and one yet another one, whose life is easier?

yòu yǒu shén me liǎo bù qǐ
And what’s the big deal?


每只蚂蚁 和谁擦身而过
měi zhī mǎ yǐ hé shuí cā shēn ér guò
Every ant, no matter who it brushes by

都那么整齐 有何关系
dōu nà me zhěng qí yǒu hé guān xì
is still neat and tidy, but what does it matter?

每一个人 碰见所爱的人
měi yí gè rén pèng jiàn suǒ ài de rén
Everyone, when they run into the one they fancy,

què xīn yǒu yú jì
still feels fear and anxiety

Wang Fei

The original version of ‘The Last Blossom’ by Wang Fei/Faye Wong:

Faye Wong sang ‘The Last Blossom’ at a 2002 concert:

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • elizabeth

    The Last Blossom. That explains his funny-looking costume.

  • moop

    what is that dude in the first picture supposed to be? a homosexual lion?

    • Tengu

      The Lion Queen?

  • The Village People called . . . they want their blossom back.

  • FHJT

    Another Chinese fairy song! w00t!

  • lonetrey

    I didn’t come to comment on the song. I came to ask, “What the shit is he wearing?!”

  • mr. wiener

    Hmmf..role models, that actually explains a lot

    • Tengu

      Looks like his role model was Liberace…

  • Canadian_Skies

    CHINASMACK! Failing to deliver “Hot internet stories, pictures, & videos in China” one Chinese pop song cover using CHINASMACK to springboard into popularity (hot story/pic/vid) at a time.

    • Canadian_Skies

      The video this article refers to on yukou has a tiny bit more than 12000 views. Not really a hot internet story. Seriously, someone has to stop this guy from posting this crap.

      • These posts by Rensi are not about popular videos. They are about popular Chinese songs. We are not a music blog but what songs are popular also reveal many things about modern Chinese people. You do not have to agree with their taste or preference but please be respectful.

        • Canadian_Skies

          Respectful? Nice twist. The issue is, Chinasmack promotes hot internet stories, pics, & videos. Instead, someone (RENSI) is using Chinasmack to springboard his personal interests. I don’t see anything either by content or popularity to necessitate labelling this article as “newsworthy” and therefore, a useless article. I fully support Rensi having his own opinion, in fact, I would fight to the death to defend his right to have an opinion that differs from my own, however, Fauna, please be more respectful. Twisting my point from the content not qualifying as Chinasmack worthy, into criticism of the content itself. Shame on you Fauna!

          • Rensi is posting with my permission just like all of our bloggers. It is my opinion that popular Chinese songs is part of what I want chinaSMACK to share.

            Will you fight to the death to defend my right to have an opinion that differs from your own? Please be respectful.

          • Jin

            Canadian_Skies if you do not like the content on this website why don’t you invest and develop your own website? then you can post whatever you like just like Fauna? its her website so she can select what content she wants on it. You really need to move on and let this go haha.

          • Canadian_Skies

            Yes, Fauna. I would.

            My opinion still stands: The content is weak, boring to me, and I had hoped for more, respectfully.


          • FHJT

            I agree 100% completely with Canadian_Skies. I suppose it’s you guys’ website, and you can do whatever you want. But when you post garbage like this, it’s not going to help you or your viewers. If it’s a slow news week, then it’s a slow news week. It’s just a matter of time before China does something profoundly interesting/hilarious. Do you have a twitter account? A facebook page? A wordpress site? This Chinese singer guy (it’s a guy right? I can’t really tell…) would go great on those sites! Cheers!

          • If you don’t think these singers or songs reflect the latest trends in China’s pop culture, then we probably are not on the same page.

            Most of the comments on my song poss are about who the singer is, where the singer is from, what the singer looks like, what the singer is wearing, etc. I rarely see comments on the implications of the music or the lyrics, but I assume it’s because most of the readers here do not read Chinese–at least not proficiently–and are not familiar with the Chinese culture, which makes me wonder what makes you guys have the confidence to lash out at something you don’t fully understand. Culture shock? Ethnocentrism? Correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, I certainly can’t imagine myself critiquing pop songs sung in English without being able to read English.

            P.S. Please stop using “he”. I am not a guy.

          • whiskersthecat

            Post some metal.

          • Canadian_Skies

            … so … 3rd time I’ve returned to this page just to play the original song. Might be something to these stupid pop culture threads after all …

    • Foreign Devil

      These song posts are handy for those of us trying to learn Chinese. It’s easier to remember words and phrase through song then just through reading them.

      • Strangerland

        True, I also consider some of the songs to be “not my taste” but sometimes I do find gems that match my mood and basically made me eager to learn Chinese more. Not to mention, the lyric translation is handy- my biggest irk in learning Chinese hanzi is that I can’t fathom what the hell is those “pictograph” supposed to be- they look almost similar to my untrained eyes! But at the same time, I want to read damn it, why can’t they actually develop alphabets so we can read the damn thing and simply not knowing the meaning? Hahahaha, that’s my complain party just now. Cheers everyone.

        • Yes, you can read the lyrics without knowing the meaning. Pinyin helps you do that.

          每只蚂蚁 都有眼睛鼻子
          měi zhī mǎ yǐ dōu yǒu yǎn jīng bí zi <–This is Pinyin.
          Every ant has a pair of eyes and a nose

          You can google this website to learn Pinyin: Chinese Learner Learn Mandarin Chinese Online Free.

          • Canadian_Skies

            Rensi: “If you don’t think these singers or songs reflect the latest trends in China’s pop culture, then we probably are not on the same page.”

            Even though I find these pop culture articles boring (as I stated above… in fact, I think I started this … oh, where was I? Yeah, I find them boring too, but he (Rensi) has a point.

            Rensi: “P.S. Please stop using “he”. I am not a guy.”

            He’s got a point. (/flee)

          • Rensi: How about posting some Cold Fairyland. They’re way more interesting than this Canto-pop shit and are uniquely Chinese. Certainly more worthy of recognition than these Jam Hsiao and Wong Faye posers.

  • Glen

    I do agree that for the most part these posts are depressing to see. i get excited that something has come up, only to be let down that its “some pop song” or “jokes and humor”. I’m sure the editors are aware no one cares about these articles, they can see the hits each one gets, so we don’t need to tell them.
    My best guess is that it chases down all of the more harsh content and takes away attention from the more sensitive stories (the reason we’re all actually here).
    Also, I like the attempt at helping to learn Chinese through song, the only problem is, I’d rather listen to a boring professor than Chinese Pop songs.

    • You become depressed from these posts? That is really strange.

      Why do you think no one cares about these articles?

      You can easily see what this post is from the title. If you are not interested, you do not have to click to read it. However, many other people enjoy these posts.

      Every post has people who dislike it and people who like it. Should we stop posting anything just because some people dislike it? Should we stop posting positive popular stories because some people complain they are boring? Should we stop posting negative popular stories because some people complain they are misleading? If that is the case, then we will never post anything. Be reasonable.

      • Glen

        woah, don’t take me so literally. there was an intended note of sarcasm there. they don’t actually depress me, I was just saying I get my hopes up when I see something new on ChinaSMACK but then I’m let down when it’s the song/jokes. This wasn’t an attack, just a statement, I see you are very much on the defensive right now so I’ll back off and let things simmer down.

        That aside, I’m just making a very simple statement that these posts are less popular. I’m not attacking, just stating. Please don’t go all political on me.

        • anon

          Yeah, you have Canadian_Skies and FHJT to thank for that.

          Still, I don’t think it was wise to assume we’re all here for “sensitive stories”. When was the last time chinaSMACK had a sensitive story anyway? A real sensitive story? I don’t know. I think chinaSMACK attracts a diverse audience but the commenters will naturally self-select to be those who are interested in controversy and opinion. Think about it. How many visits does this site get each day? How many names do you see in the comments? Maybe 100 different names regularly (I’m being generous here)? The commenters here aren’t very representative. Most readers probably don’t comment, and there are probably a lot of readers who use this site for what it promises: to have an idea of what’s popular in Chinese society. I’m sure a lot of others also use it for what it is a natural for: Learning Chinese. They’ve always worn translation on their sleeves, always pointed to where the original Chinese can be found, and then made it so the original Chinese text even pops up over the translations. Would they do that if a lot of their readers didn’t ask for it or literally use this site to learn and practice their Chinese (or English)? I don’t think this site is specifically about “sensitive stories”.

          I can see how you saying “no one cares about these articles”, assuming you know what this site is for, and then comparing them to a boring professor would be offensive to Fauna. She’s defensive and while you weren’t as much of an asshat as the two above, you can’t really claim you said nothing that could be interpreted as a bit impolite.

          • Glen

            I reread what I wrote and I catch what you mean. I was probably pissed about something so I used harsher words than normal. Apologies to Fauna if I caused any offense, I enjoy the site as a whole. (but will personally pass on these stories)

            As far as sensitive goes, I guess you’re right on that too. I feel like things used to be sensitive and now they aren’t so much. I guess the word I was going for was “juicy”.

      • Cusnasfamadus

        Fauna, I wish you to ban some human wastes.

        “Human Rights” or “Freedom of Speech” whatever are excuses for their personal greed in most cases here. You know that.

        2, 3個點擊 can dispose those worthlessness’.

        Did you consider “been bought off” by them pro-accounts? Or did you pay them to comment here. Why didn’t you fix them fast?

        很多敗類都窩在這裡污辱我們華夏人. Please don’t disgrace us all, Fauna. :)

        • moop

          i’ll leave this site if you kill yourself, we got a deal?

        • anon

          What the hell are you talking about?

          Should we ask Chinese-language websites to ban the Chinese human wastes that regularly insult foreigners? Should we ask foreign websites to ban the Chinese people who regularly insult foreigners? Should we say their webmasters and moderators are disgracing us foreigners if they refuse to ban those who say bad things about foreigners?

      • Joe

        Personally, I’m not so into the pop music posts, but I see no reason not to post them. Although, I think it would be great to post some of China’s lesser known underground bands.

        The joke posts are great, though. I think they are a good tool for keeping up with slang and getting a better grasp on Chinese humor and culture.

  • whiskersthecat

    Geez this pop music blows, doesn’t it?

    • Joe

      whiskersthecat: here is a good Chinese Metal Band, I couldn’t find my favorite songs in a 30-second Youku search, but here is a concert


      • Little Wolf

        Sorry Joe, that band just didn’t do it for me. Cold Fairyland is really the only Chinese band that shows any kind of power in my view and they’re not even a metal band. Lindi actually has a true rock and roll heart compared to so many posers.(Cui Jian…seriously?) But if you can suggest some other metal bands I’m open to have a listen.

      • whiskersthecat

        Maybe I’m a bit sensitive about metal music, but I don’t know (maybe it’s the poor recording quality) if that would be considered metal. I think I might have linked this song before, or maybe a different one, but here’s some real Asian metal, from Taiwan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heF_NPJbv8Y

        • Whiskers, I’d like to hear it but do you have a Youku link?

          • whiskersthecat

            Oh, right, forgot. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjgyOTIzNDQ4.html
            They record in Chinese, as well, but the recordings have a little bit less quality. Their videos are pretty awesome, this one especially.

          • NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M FUCKING TALKIN ABOUT, WHISKERS! That’s some good stuff right there.

            Have you heard Prisa? A tiny Indonesian girl that kicks ass on guitar. Check it out

          • whiskersthecat

            Checking it out now. While I’m doing that, you should check out Chthonic’s song “Kaoru”. It’s pretty mean. I saw these guys once in Dallas. They’re pretty good.

          • Yeah Whiskers, I watched all the Chthonic videos last nite including the hour and a half concert video. So far, the best band I ever heard from Asia ….PERIOD. Except for Loudness. I was a couple hours late to feed my dogs so they are not happy with you at all.

          • whiskersthecat

            Are they medium-sized dogs? I have a fear of angry medium-sized dogs.

          • Little Wolf

            As a matter of fact…yes. 2 of them are. The other one is a long-haired chihuahua that my ex-singer asked me to watch for a coupla weeks because her new boyfriend was afraid of it. That was 4 years ago so it seems I’m pretty much stuck with it.

  • Jin

    The outfit in the first photo makes me want to kill myself.

  • linette

    Is it me or the China TV dramas are so boring? I can never watch any China TV drama. I don’t like their TV production. I don’t like their fashion neither. I think Taiwan and HK have better TV programs and better fashion. But then China has some really good film directors and movies. I love Curse of the Golden Flower. I thought that was a good movie.

    • eattot

      are you kidding?
      taiwan and hk have better tv programs????hahahaha!
      and fashion???hahaha!
      not at all!not at all!
      taiwan like nosy things, women and men talk a lot there like a group of ducks.
      and fashion, sigh! nobody is interested at their style. everytime, on red catpet,taiwan looks like cheap sluts, hongkong better, but too kuso….a bit strange and street.
      if you say the level of whole group, sure, they are better.
      but tv? not at all. we do not watch their shitty sitcoms much.neither their style.

      • Brett Hunan

        eattot, lets be reasonable. Everything you wrote about Taiwanese people “like a group of ducks” is equally applicable to Mainlanders as well.

        Fashion!? Don’t get me started, but IMO Hong Kong wins that one hands down. TV?

        When I lived in China, I couldn’t get through more than 30 minutes of any TV show before having to turn the TV off or pop in a foreign DVD. I love China, but TV there bites the big one. I can’t speak about TW or HK TV, but I can’t imagining much being worse than Chinese dramas/talk shows.

        • eattot

          because you do not understand.
          chinese sitcoms maybe very strange or old ,but we make all different topics, from history to family to war to kids…..not like tw only romance ,hk romance and business fight and gun, korea only romance,japan cartoon and romance…our sitcoms much more closed to our life.
          i do not watch talk shows , sorry.

          • mr. wiener

            I liked what Dim Mak had to write about Taiwan. He called it : “An economic backwater filled with Japan worshiping metro-sexuals”. haahaha! classic!
            I do love China-lite though. And Eattot, not you , but many Chinese are addicted to those god awful Taiwanese soap operas:)

          • eattot

            young people like to watch korea romance ,but taiwan, forget it!
            those actors and actress are too ugly. and with disgusting sharp touge.
            we call it, village wanwan soap.

          • linette

            An economic backwater filled with Japan worshiping metro-sexuals…………

            hahah…that’s a good one

          • mr. wiener

            Hush Linette…People will talk about us if you agree with me too much :)

          • Little Wolf

            Shit wiener, consider yourself lucky. My stalker troll makes this guy http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/141447-butthurt-dweller-gordo-granudo#content_title seem like George Clooney. And it’s obvious where he got his personality.

      • Fabio

        fashion is a really realtive concept. i’ve noticed here a lot of girls dress in a way that they say is “可爱”, some told me it comes from japanase and korean fashion style, but sincerelly it seems to me a childish style.. and sometime also a bit lolita’s. Nobody in europe would dress like that. But this doesn’t mean we have to look down on it, it’s a just a different habit, in the end the fashion is nothing but hype.. Then Taiwan may have its own kind of fashion, with different concept than the chinese mainland.

        • eattot

          not really, they love everything of japan.and we never hear anything called taiwan style.and everytime, on redcarpt, our mainland stars KO them directly.

          • linette

            eattot, You mean you don’t watch any HK TVB dramas? I thought the biggest star in China is Andy Lau. He was rated the highest paid Chinese star by forbes magazine. He must have a lot China fans. You never watch Andy, Tony, leon, Cecilia. Now the newer stars are Raymond, Mose, fala, Jessica..etc. I thought Hk TVB are big in China.

            What about HK films? Hk films often won International Asian film awards. They get nominated and won all the time. They also won Oscar best foreign film. What about Jacky Chan, Jīnchéng Wǔ, donnie yen…etc. Go watch their movies. Not too bad. :)

          • eattot

            and to tell you the truth, i dislike old actresses and actors, i like young and pretty, hehehe!
            old hk films and sitcoms did have some great things, but now, it’s over.young actresses from beauty selection are too ugly, people not interested them.and nowadays, american sitcoms come in, young people like them more.
            hk films almost dying, more and more come to mainland to find chance.gun and kungfu elements already hard to get our eyes.most chinese films lost big money, american films beat our market hard.

          • linette

            American sitcom like which one? CSI and Friends?

            No doubt Hollywood big budget films are awesome. Who can beat Batman?

          • eattot

            big bang, grossip girls, what you mentioned already to old.
            also english sitcoms as skin….

          • linette

            huh…I really don’t watch too much TV anymore. I only watch stuff on youtube and news. I read news. I also enjoy movies on netflix. No more TV for me. No time.

        • linette

          To be fair, I think USA women have the best fashion. Better than Europeans and Asians. They like to wear hip hugging tight jeans or shorts and formfitting tops with platform shoes. Big JLo sunglasses and always perfume. I think Latina have very sexy style too. They are very sexy and beautiful. I think all women should look like that. The outfits are comfortable and sexy. USA women and Latinas don’t like “cute” They like sexy and feminine. Cute is not sexy. And I don’t like hello kitty. We are not in elementary.
          The only thing with USA and latinas is that they wear too much make up. The face powder is too heavy and tons of eye make up. I would just cut down the face powder and just wear mascara with lipstick. Some women don’t understand men don’t want to kiss your make up.

          • eattot

            i agree your makeup part…i do not know why, in french films you always feel that actress is so beautiful and nature, but in american films,difficult to have that feeling…
            i do not know about their fashion, but tell you a small joke, hope you wont get mad…once we see very fat ugly women in street, my foreign friends always say they are from USA….and yes. they are european.

          • linette

            ummm..well very sad. America needs to pay more attention to their weight. They love fast food and it’s really killing their health. The Asian and Europeans in average are thinner. In uSA there are plenty fat Asians too.

          • Fabio

            well linette, sincerelly i find difficoult to distiguish what it should be “american” style or “european” style, sometime seems to me that this difference is present just in china, but in both side of atlantic ocean we all wear the same cloths and we all basically follow the same style..or better the same styles, because there are many.
            the “latino” style you said, well it’s different form the classic one, is true. You can like it, but most of people find it volgar, usually good from 20 to 30, at 40 and more you’ll seems an old “milf”. It’s a typical sub-urban style, like the hip hop style, or like the “guido” style.. nobody call it “fashion”… However is a kind of style we have in europe too..
            But as long as fashion is something that change in time, and is completly subjective, there’s no point in saying what is good or bad, it’s just a convention.

          • linette

            Eattot, you know what I also notice. I am sure a lot of people will kill me for making such statement. The Asian girls age slower than non asian girls. hahaha…okay kill me…
            We can be close to 30 and still look 21. Or 40 and look 25. I think it has something to do with our thinness and our skin. We don’t get so much wrinkles around the eyes or lips or forehead.
            I often go eat lunch with my coworker and he is like 32 and I am like 28. But people would think he is a lot older than me. The waitress told us. They think I am like 22 or 23 and he’s like 38. He is half bald and a bit chubby. We are just eating lunch and people look at us. I want to give them a middle finger. hahaha……

          • eattot

            it’s true, you can hardly see watery girls in foreign films. i only noticed one in Bridge to Terabithia ,i wish that little girl wont grow ugly, she is so pretty. this is the only girl i feel watery…

          • Fabio

            yes the one about the age is really true. i’m sure most noticed. it may be that avoid sun and take care so much about skin helps, compared to westeners girls that do everything to be tanned. It could be about the asian girls usally slim shape, maybe helped by the lower quantity of calories. it can be genetic. But it’s ture… I remeber the first time i came in china with some friends the girls of our group all felt depressed, fat and old..

          • linette

            Now you folks have nothing to complain about Asian women using umbrella to stay away from UV lights. hehehe.

            I don’t do that. I just use sunscreen. But boy do I spend money on sunscreen. Why sunscreen is so expensive? They are like us$10 a small tube. I think holding an umbrella is cheaper.

          • Foreign Devil

            What’s the meaning of “watery girl” Eattot?

            I believe Chinese girls age slower (in appearance) because of both their cultural bias towards avoiding and sun exposure on their skin AND the fact that even if they want sun exposure. . most of China is covered by a thick smog haze most of the year. Every time Chinese girls come to Canada they remark on how “strong” or “bright” the sun is here. They are not used to direct sun like that. Myself I get lot’s of sun. I’ll probably get more wrinkles but I don’t mind paying that price for my love of the outdoors and water sports.

  • Brett Hunan


    Can we mix in a throwback? I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of a lot of the newer Chinese pop releases, but if you could throw in some pop songs from the late 90’s and early 2000’s or some popular movie soundtracks, people might respond better.

    Maybe pick a crappy song with an interesting video. I saw a video for 绿光 by 孙燕姿 from the movie 女人不坏, that seemed fun. Or maybe that really corny song 洗刷刷 by 花儿乐队… I laugh every time I hear that song. Even classics like 邓丽君, everyone loves her!

    I have tons of songs that I know at least a few of my foreign friends enjoy If you’re interested, Fauna has my email address.

    • eattot

      everytime i hear this song, also laugh….
      such a silly song….

  • eattot

    i like this song very much…just the lyc…

  • 王亚伦

    I love these songs!

    It helps me understand what kind of pop culture Chinese people are into. And it also gives me something to sing when I want to 唱K!

    Keep posting more songs! They’re great!

  • Appalled@everything

    That a man would wear something like that just blows my mind.

    • mr. wiener

      .hmmmm……. maybe it’s because he wants to blow your……

      • Canadian_Skies

        Ahhhhh, now I get it!

  • anon

    I love Wang Fei, so I’m glad that you posted this- it’s one of my favorites by her. Couldn’t bring myself to listen to the cover, though… that picture! Maybe later…

    Here’s a short 30-second clip of her performing the song in Taipei in 2000. It’s entitled “Faye Wong kicking ass” because she’s performing it in a ring of fire. That’s right, a RING. OF. FIRE.