The Mummy 3: Insult To China and Chinese People?

The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor recently debuted in Chinese cinemas.

'The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor' Chinese movie poster with Brendan Frasier and Jet Li.

Many people were very disappointed (especially the people who liked the first two movies) and many Chinese were also very angry. Here is an example of some of the topics that recently appeared on many Chinese BBS forums:

Made by American dogs Mummy 3 insults our country’s founding emperor, can you still put up with it?

Crappy, motherfucking, trash American director, actually made this insult to China’s founding emperor movie, that trash director is simply smearing our country, smearing our ancestors, and you guys can still put up with it?

Motherfucking saying our founding emperor, Qin Shi Huang, is a 3 headed weird dragon, changing our Chinese ancestor’s good image into a dragon, smearing into worthlessness. All Chinese people know that the dragon is god in our hearts, but he vilifies the dragon into a monster! Also, that trash actor old witch [Michelle Yeoh] lived 2000 years and gave birth to a 2000-year-old daughter and gave her daughter to an American! Fucking Motherfucker! Moreover, that crappy trash American director even made it so those ten people can completely kill our China’s founding emperor and all of the emperor’s millions of soldiers! Once again, I despise the America.

There were people who agreed and were outraged also. However, there were also people who thought these people were overreacting. Below are some of the more interesting or funny comments:

From Baidu Tieba (“Post Bar”):

If you are a motherfucking Chinese, bump these kind of posts!!!
If you are the Sick Man of Asia then do not bump!
Motherfuckers, Chinese emperor’s life and death is beyond the control of foreigners to decide…
I hope Jet Li (my idol) will no longer make these kind of movies! I am depressed!

Trash movie. I do not understand why Jet Li is always doing these types of movies. Is he willing to do anything just to make money? I look down upon him.

Even though Qin Shi Huang contributed to uniting the six kingdoms, do not forget, your own history acknowledges that he was a tyrant. I think if this movie deified Qin Shi Huang, you would turn around and still be angry~! There are still a lot of people who just follow the crowd. Can you not just watch this purely as a movie?

Sigh, you people really have issues, insisting that a movie must be historically accurate…pretending like you are all so patriotic, really really, from where I stand you are all a bunch of clowns. Even with a normal science fiction movie, you guys can drag out so many things. It is a good thing movie stars do not think like you guys, otherwise they would only make domestic movies in the future. It is a good thing SARFT does not think like you guys, otherwise we would only be able to watch domestic movies in the future. Even if we had foreign films, we would not be able to see any Chinese presence/influence. Good thing you guys are the minority, otherwise China will never make progress.

I remember during 9/11, there was someone who outrageously said “Bombed so well, why not bomb more of them?”; I still remember the foreign teacher’s sorrowful expression…so from that point on, I had an awareness that China will never earn others’ respect so long as we have that kind of countrymen.

Everyone watch your manners! Foreigners simply do not know Chinese history! It is not necessary to scold them!

Really cannot figure out what you mental retards are thinking!!! This is only a movie, why insist on adding so many unnecessary elements! Movies are simply to be enjoyed, and this is not even an epic film or a historical drama, it is just an entertainment film only!! Do we not have movies in China that belittle foreigners, but have others ever said anything!! I just discovered there are some people who simply like to blindly motherfucking cause commotion, but know absolutely nothing, understand nothing, and just like to motherfucking stand on the side stirring up trouble! Your type of people like to anonymously express those small-minded opinions, right? Very well, I will also anonymously scold your type of rubbish!! Go eat shit!!!

There is no need to criticize here!
If you want to criticize, criticize the movie!
Do not make it into an issue between two countries!

This kind of movie simply should not be shown in China’s movie theatres! Simply cannot stand capitalist countries messing with our Chinese traditional culture! This is simply cultural imperialism!

I motherfucking endured it. Once our country gets strong, I will motherfucking go play [George] Washington!

'The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor' movie poster.

Comments from KDS, “Yesterday saw Mummy 3, a review” and “Have you guys seen Mummy 3? I have been struck by lightning!!“:

Three words: A complete mess!!!
Tarnishes the reputation of the first and second movie! Dammit.

No wonder that original actress did not continue her role, the script was really terrible.

The Terracotta Warriors spoke English…

Well, the “wu mao dang” can find a way to argue that English originated from ancient China…

You bunch of babies.
When the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) wanted to disallow this movie [from being shown in China], everyone criticized SARFT. Now that the movie was allowed to enter China, everyone criticizes the movie.
Should the Egyptians be angry with 1 and 2 also?

I thought it was pretty good.
The unimaginable thing was that several thousand year old tomb guards could speak fluent English.

So stupid~~random Chinese and English~~one moment speaking Chinese another moment speaking English~~surprisingly they used English when summoning the dead from under the Great Wall…wow, even dead people are learning English now…that is not easy!

The key thing is that the director is different. It was not the same director as the first and second movie. He did not have the same skill.

Actually, 1 and 2 were also ridiculous, only thing is you are not Egyptian~~~

No big deal, after watching 1 and 2, Egyptians felt the same way as we do right now.

In short: American movies about Chinese history absolutely cannot be be viewed as historical movies.

Luckily I only spent 5 RMB and did not go to the cinema to watch! It really is bad!

And the dragon is even a Western-style dragon, with wings!

Very and extremely disappointed~~~suffered waiting for so long, only for it to turn out like this~~sigh…

A very disgusting movie~~~

'The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor' movie poster with Brendan Frasier, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh.

Comments from Tianya, “Qin Shi Huang, you have been wronged–Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor discussion“:

Why watch movies with so many burdens?
Americans also make fun of and smear themselves too.

A nationality that easily feels wronged is an insecure one, and one that will be difficult to progress.

Saw it, it is simply the trash of the trash, bump for the LZ…

Lou zhu emphasizes Americans too much. Because it was made by Americans, he feels uncomfortable and thinks we have been made fun of by Americans.

You really have thought too much.

Relax, it is just a commercial film, do not think it was made by Americans. They probably did not even think of making fun of you when they were making this film.

Too much self-pride is equivalent to an inferiority complex.

Remember Mel Gibson’s Braveheart and The Patriot also made British people feel hurt, particularly English people.

Mummy 1: High priest defeated by this American.
Mummy 2: Scorpion King defeated by this American.
Mummy 3: Qin Shi Huang defeated by this American.

If it continues along these lines..
Mummy 4: Great Caesar resurrected, then defeated.
Mummy 5: Genghis Khan resurrected, again defeated.
Mummy 6: Napoleon also resurrected, again defeated.
Mummy 7: Even Hitler resurrected, and goes on to being defeated.

All the way up to Mummy 1000, every dead famous character has been resurrected once and all were destroyed by this mighty American once.
Once the Americans can no longer think of anyone to resurrect and destroy, they will let God be resurrected, the Sun God be resurrected, Athena be resurrected, Tathagata

I cannot wait~~~

Just stop whining here. Real patriotic people should stop going to the cinemas to watch these American blockbusters. Each year, American blockbusters make so much money in China.

Let us use a practical method to show America that no Chinese will go watch the movie, so the Chinese box office = 0. We will only watch the pirated version!Show our dissatisfaction in the same way as the recent Microsoft lawsuit against the Tomato Garden fake Windows XP.

I do not believe this movie smears Chinese people. On the contrary, Chinese people fought against Qin Shi Huang, defeated Qin Shi Huang’s army, revolutionized ancient China, no longer obeying dictatorship, they were people with courage and backbone, they were China’s glory and honor.

As for the Chinese people scolding this film, they are China’s disgrace.
Most of the Chinese who had a strong reaction have servility in their bones.

If your pride was hurt by something like this then should the Egyptians have all died a few hundred times already? With so many movies made around the world, should the Germans have died a thousand times?

According to reliable sources: “Mummy 4: Resurrection of Emperor Mao.” According to the source, it is currently in the planning stages…

The story will take place in the future in 2076, the 100th anniversary of Mao’s death, where Mao is resurrected, surrounded by tens of thousands of Red Guards, another Cultural Revolution breaks out, human civilization faces an unprecedented threat, can Brendan Frasier save the world this time???



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