There’s Nothing You Can’t Buy on China’s Internet

There's Nothing You Can't Buy on China's Internet

Taiwan’s media is astonished by what can be purchased on the mainland internet. Reportedly, Taiwanese netizens are flocking to the mainland’s top ecommerce site Taobao for fortune telling services. With just a photo and a birthday, online fortune tellers can give fengshui advice, help you change to a more auspicious name, and divine your future. Even more astounding is the recent trend of girls renting a “best friend forever (BFF)” who will not only listen to you complain, give advice, wish you goodnight, or give you a morning call but also help you test your boyfriend’s loyalty.

Source: Sina

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  • plorf

    And the prize for the worst Chinasmack article goes to…. Penny Zhai.

    • mr.wiener

      That looks like an advert for Fred Fong…

    • Xia

      Who is Penny Zhai?

    • Alex Dương

      chinaSMACK’s undergoing changes at the moment. Fauna, Kai, and company are busy handling them. There will be more information posted shortly.

      • Markus P

        RIP Russiaslam and Indoboom

        • plorf

          they were terrible anyway, no loss

  • JayJay

    Where’s Fauna and Kai???

  • Can I have my mobile data allowance refunded please?

    • Richard @ Work

      Me (above) I’ve been donating $10 a month…. answers!

  • Jim Rockhold

    Chinasmack’s been bought out….

  • Akravator

    Hey… What’s with this generic “digest” news format and stock images?

    What the hell is going on?? This is not the chinasmack I knew.

  • yurah

    God damn, just shut down chinasmack already.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype


  • Chris D.

    I personally am donating and yeah, I’m super disappointed that right after I start donating money to Chinasmack every month, the quality and quantity of the articles takes a severe drop. Not a nice way to reward those who are donating.

  • monster

    i wanna buy a nice male robot…

    • Vance

      What custom features are you going to add on to your order for the male robot?

      • monster

        guess most women would choose superman style!

  • jon

    Chinasmack is dead. These crappy sentences that poses as an article seems like it’s done by a bot that condenses the news into a paragraph. I’ve seen similar styles of writing from bots on Reddit.

    Anyways, onto Shanghai list.

  • helsic

    this is sooooooo lame. Really, rent a bbfriend? what kind of loser can’t even get a real friend and have to rent one? incredible!