Thief Pities Recent Graduate, Returns Stolen Bag to Her

Sympathetic thief returns diploma and mobile phone to recent university graduate.

A young recent university graduate alone in a strange city looking for work nearly had her future stolen away from her when a thief nabbed her purse with her diploma inside. Unexpectedly, the thief soon sent a text message saying he’ll give back her diploma, commenting “You college students looking for jobs have it rough too”. Apparently even thieves know the bitter troubles faced by China’s college graduates.

From Nanfang Daily:

“Kind-hearted Robber” voluntarily returns stolen goods, says doesn’t want to affect female university student’s future

On the morning of March 11th, a university student named Xiao Liu looking for works in Zhanjiang City [in Guangdong province] had her bag snatched by thieves on a passing motorbike. Inside was not only her mobile phone and wallet, but also her own university diploma as well as those of her schoolmate.

Xiao Liu and her friend immediately called her own cell phone that was in the bag but when no one picked up, they could only call the police for help. At that moment, she received an SMS message from her own mobile phone: “Where should I put the diploma for you to pick up? I don’t want want to affect your future. Don’t call the police, I’ll send you a message after I’ve placed it. Please forgive a person without a home.”

Communicating through text messages, the robber placed the bag at the intersection in front of No. 18 Middle School, and Xiao Liu then smoothly recovered the diplomas in her bag. Soon after, the robber sent another text message, “You college students looking for work also have it hard, take your mobile phone too!”

Consequently, Xiao Liu smoothly recovered her mobile phone. She’s very happy to have encountered a “kind-hearted robber”, and expressed her hopes that the “person without a home” can “turn away from crime and find an honest and stable job.”

Robber pities university student, voluntarily returns property” is currently trending on Sina Weibo.

A more detailed report of the story…

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From NetEase:

Robber voluntarily gives back university student’s property: You guys looking for work also have it hard

Yesterday, when female university student Xiao Liu who is job hunting in Zhanjiang City recalled her experience being robbed in the city, she rejoiced that the robber returned her diploma.

On the morning of [March 11th], accompanied by a friend, Xiao Liu prepared to attend a job interview. When they got off the bus in front of the Nanpu Tiandi Legal Consultation Company entrance on Renmin Avenue in Zhanjiang city, a person riding a motorcycle snatched away her handbag. After realizing what happened, she set off in pursuit, but could only helplessly watch the robber’s license plate-less motorcycle disappear in the rain.

Tears brimmed in the frightened Xiao Liu’s eyes. After graduating from university, she had gone to Zhanjiang alone to look for work. In her bag was not only her mobile phone and wallet, but more importantly also her and several other schoolmates’ diplomas.

Xiao Liu borrowed her friend’s mobile phone and called her own mobile phone over and over again, but no one answered. In despair, she unexpectedly received a text message sent from her own mobile phone, “Where should I put the diploma for you to pick up? I don’t want want to affect your future.” She immediately replied: “Thank you! I’m a student out looking for work, the diploma really is very important to me.” Very quickly she received the other side’s response: “Don’t call the police, I’ll send you a message after I’ve placed it. Please forgive a person without a home.”

Communicating through text messages, the robber agreed to place the bag in a garbage bin in front of Zhanjiang No. 18 Middle School, so Xiao Liu can go recover her and her schoolmates’ diplomas. Half believing and half in doubt, Xiao Liu went to the address provided in the text message and found her bag behind an electric transformer box near the No. 18 Middle School. The robber had taken her mobile phone and the cash in her wallet and returned everything else to Xiao Liu.

After Xiao Liu retrieved her bag, the robber unexpectedly called again, asking her, “Do you still want your mobile phone?” Seeing that the diplomas in her bag were intact and feeling that she had gotten extremely lucky in an unlucky situation, the astonished generously told the robber, “Forget about the mobile phone, you can have it.”

After Xiao Liu hung up the phone, the persistent robber once again called her asking for her location, and said, “You university students looking for work also have it hard, you can have your mobile phone back too!” Not long after Xiao Liu and her friend told the robber their exact location, a “Hey!” rang out from behind them, a person riding a motorcycle dropped her mobile phone on the ground, and without waiting for them to react, that person quickly opened the throttle and rode away.

Near where Xiao Liu was robbed, a Manager Wang of a company there revealed that the local police had previously arrested a group of “motorcycle bandits” in that area, and was surprised that the motorcycle bandits have made a comeback.

Xiao Liu hopes that “person without a home” can give up crime, find a steady job, and live a normal life.

Comments from NetEase:

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1个好朋友 [网易江苏省淮安市网友]:

Even robbers have a code of conduct, but its still better to not be in this profession [of robbery], because we don’t have a real Robin Hood.

电动大幅度 [网易重庆市网友]:

I bet that robber is also someone who has no choice. Sigh, the people’s lives are so difficult.

silverazor [网易江苏省南京市网友]:

Too kind, no wonder only he can only be homeless, and can’t enter the civil service.

小货郎0 [网易广东省深圳市罗湖区网友]:

A person’s good and evil can change in a moment, a Buddha in one moment, a devil in another. Is the problem with man? With the environment? That’s unable to be determined.

lpcjty [网易山东省泰安市网友]:

Why did my nose stuff up and and eyes tear up reading this? Actually thanking a thief?

A型血 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

“Justice and loyalty from the lowest parts of society, whereas those of learning and stature are the most deceptive and treacherous…”

龙DRGON [网易河北省石家庄市网友]:

Not totally heartless.

1个好朋友 [网易江苏省淮安市网友]:

Even robbers have a code of conduct, but its still better to not be in this profession [of robbery], because we don’t have a real Robin Hood.

完蛋完锅 [网易福建省福州市网友]:

Man’s innate nature is good, or is man’s innate nature evil?

斑驳2012 [网易北京市网友]:

So touching.

What do you think? Have you ever had a similar experience? Encountered a kind-hearted thief?

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  • donscarletti

    Japanese senior executives enjoy embezzling money in the same way their Chinese counterparts do, it is just the common street scum that are honest.

    • Alan

      it is just the common street scum that are honest

      I would agree. I tried having this debate recently, who is worse, a pickpocket or a politician.

      One snatches a bag on the street, or cuts open your jacket pocket, the other helps her/himself to nice dinners, holidays, and red packets out of public view, and in most cases, from public money.

      I know out of the two which is more despicable to me, but sadly, it’s always the common street man who gets beaten down.

    • moop

      herp derp the japs are bad!

      • donscarletti


        My comment was a reply to another comment that has since been deleted.

        In the Matrix, as they say, déjà vu shows that something has been tampered with. In Chinasmack, you can tell when the threading goes screwy.

  • jiayi

    What a fucking noob.

    • Yeah, seriously.,

      The really professional thieves in china don’t give anything back


      They drive an Audi or BMW or Benz…


      They’re the ones who make others homeless…

      Nice article though, seriously.

      • Alan

        Your cynicism/hate/negativity seeps out of your pores, through your fingers, and onto your laptop keys and then onto these boards with every single post you make.

        I know it’s impossible for you to let go of your hate, just a shame you aren’t a happier individual living in the free SAR and unable to let go of the past. Marriage is meant to complete a man, in your case, the man is still a bitter boy….

        • Snarl

          I don’t always agree with Elijah, but I’d say he’s spot on in this case. Whenever you see a BMW or an Audi in China, in the well-nigh every instance, they were either purchased with company funds for personal use (in the case of businessmen), with bribes (in the case of government officials), or with insider trading arrangements or kickbacks (in the case of executives, developers, contractors, or well connected investors). I have never met or seen a wealthy person in China who was not corrupt beyond all reckoning–and I’ve met many wealthy Chinese. I don’t think it’s possible to become wealthy in China without being totally corrupt. Hence, any Chinese wealthy enough to afford an affluent lifestyle is inevitably a thief, generally speaking. By the way, I’ve also never met a wealthy Chinese who successfully recognized that their guanxi networks facilitated corrupt business dealings, insider trading, or any other form of theft–they always invariably think they’re straight as an arrow.

          • Alan

            Hence, any Chinese wealthy enough to afford an affluent lifestyle is inevitably a thief, generally speaking.

            I would agree, but how many beardy homeless pan handlers do you see riding around in BMW’s. Most of them admire my mtb as potential food money for a couple of months, if you see my point?

          • You nailed it Snarl.

            A lot of truth is said in jest.

            PS. Beware the Retarded Stalker Troll.

  • jiayi

    The song of the article should be:

    ‘Crossroads’ by Blazin’ Squad.

    • No Comrade!

      Song of the Article:

      “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”
      Bryan Adam

      I didn’t know Kevin Kosner rode motorcycle in china…

      10 CENTS!!!

      • Alan

        Kevin Costner, the American, one day maybe the USA will take over your country, dear boy.

  • xiaoxiao

    I like this.

  • Big Ears Tututoo.

    Wow Give him a medal!

  • notorious

    how is the person who stole it in the first place considered kind hearted? Better yet, he wasn’t kind. He simply showed remorse which is just as decent.

    We are lost without it.

    • Brett Hunan

      Only one who got it right…

      The person’s intention was to steal. Remorse just shows that this person hasn’t been hardened by poverty yet. That, or said thief makes enough from robbing that he/she can afford to pick and choose who will remain victims.

  • lonetrey

    oh wow. That thief really is a kind soul.

  • Stu

    Alright, now I know it pays not to assume this shit but…

    Surely the loss of a diploma does not equal the loss of a ‘future’? Surely there is some way to get it reprinted if you lose it? It is, after all, a piece of paper.

  • Rod

    Everyone has their good days. I see lots of ‘politicians steal more money comments’ here, but there are plenty of good, honest politicians out there – there are probably some in China too.

  • Brian

    It is absolutely touching that in the end he only ended up stealing her money, what a saint!
    The retardation of chinese netizens never ceases to amaze me.

    • moop

      i’m afraid this is about as happy as endings get here

      • Patrick

        Actually China’s pretty famous for its “Happy endings”.

  • cc

    A thief is a thief, he should be tracked down and punished, trace his mobile and off with his head.

    • markx

      Some people have no soul: eg CC

    • Shylock

      think he was clever enough to not use his mobile phone, if you read the article properly you will see that he used her phone to text her friends mobile.

  • Cool Matt

    Fuck that guy. All thieves. You shouldn’t make a problem and then be congratulated for solving it.

    That’s like me punching some random guy in the face and then having some in society society fawn over me for giving him a bag of ice for the bruises I made. “How about that! Nobody beats someone and then gives them proper medical treatment anymore. Its so nice to see that!”

    Of course society created these assholes because for many in this society, stealing is apparently acceptable, even encouraged, so long as it’s discretionary.

    What kind of example is that setting?

    P.S. Give me back my phone! :P

  • Castro

    ‘keep me searchin’ for a heart of gold…’

    Neil Young

    (all bow down)

  • typingfromwork

    Let this one go this time. He has a good heart.

  • bscalled

    the real thieves are the corrupt officials – they make all thieves look like amateurs

  • 盗亦有道,There is honour among thieves.

  • kodi

    Even a thief has higher morals than some upper class in China.

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