This Is So ‘Jiong’!

T-shirt for window shopping quietly


The Chinese character (jiǒng) resembles a gloomy face. This is a popular Chinese character/pictogram often used on the Chinese-language internet to express being embarrassed, shocked, amused, or stupefied.

The Canadian media asked Han Han why he didn’t immigrate to other countries as many Chinese elites had done. Han Han answered, “In China, I’m surrounded by corrupt government officials, and I’m used to that. If I go abroad and discover that I’m still surrounded by corrupt Chinese government officials, I’ll definitely freak out.”

Han Han

Today at the subway station, I heard a male foreign diaosi roaring in anger on the phone, “You are a liar! You don’t love me at all! All you want to do is practice oral English!!!”


A middle school Biology teacher explaining girls’ periods: Your eggs were waiting for sperm and when they got stood up, they were so devastated that they walked away vomiting blood…

girl lying on the floor and vomiting blood

Every time there is a English dialogue on TV, do your parents enthusiastically turn to you asking, “Do you understand? Everything? Without subtitles?”

dancing rabbit

It’s said that since the cutoff Gaokao scores for the first-choice universities came out, there have been seven lifeboats by West Lake with a banner that reads, “The Gaokao is not the only way out [only way to succeed in life]!”

gloomy puffin

The Italian version of the “Seven Swordsmen“…Super Mario is once again the highlight!”

the Italian version of Seven Swordsmen

The biggest tragedy about being near-sighted is not being able to see clearly when getting a haircut. After it’s done, you put on your glasses again and silently say “Cao” in your heart. Then you calmly tell the guy who cut your hair, “not bad.”

dog wearing glasses

Only after I get up in the morning every day do I realize I should have slept earlier at night…


I must have been homeless in my last life for me to be such a homebody in this life…

a sedentary lifestyle

Do you want a T-shirt like this when you go window shopping?”

T-shirt for window shopping quietly

Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.


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