Thousands Fainted in “Grief” at Mao Zedong’s Memorial Service

Mao Zedong's funeral held in Tiananmen Square.

Mao Zedong's funeral held in Tiananmen Square.

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From NetEase:

Secret Revealed About Mao Zedong’s Tiananmen Memorial Service: 3000 People Fainted in “Grief” On the Spot

Summary: On 1976 September 9, Mao Zedong died from illness and at 3pm on September 18, a memorial/mourning service was held at Tiananmen Square, filled with millions of people. During the 20-30 minutes after the entire square stood in a moment of silence and the funeral music began broadcasting, over 3200 participants from different squads suddenly fainted from “extreme grief”, one after another collapsing to the ground, bringing disorder to their formations, causing chaos and nervousness on the scene.

Comments from NetEase:

krassnitzer [网易广东省佛山市手机网友]:


网易广东省江门市手机网友 ip:218.14.*.*:

[They] faint easily? This is a disease, and must be treated!

网易河南省平顶山市手机网友 ip:61.158.*.*:

If Kim Jong-un of today’s North Korea were to die, I bet it would also be like this.


I lived through that era, and I can still see the scenes of that time in my mind.

网易吉林省长春市手机网友 ip:221.9.*.*: (responding to above)

Is it like today’s North Korea?

网易内蒙古呼和浩特市手机网友 ip:218.202.*.*:

More shaken than by their own loved ones dying, brother [referring to self] is astonished.

一个正常球迷 [网易辽宁省抚顺市网友]:

What’s the meaning of adding “” around grief?

网易陕西省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

They were that excited and happy?

丁x [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

What was wrong with him? All he did was not go along with the world mainstream and choose ZB-ism [资本 zi ben, capitalism] and instead hope to use his own strength to establish so-called GC-ism [共产, gong chan, communism], doing class struggle, so yes, he was very idealistic. Everyone has grandfathers and grandmothers. You can go have them talk about their feelings and talk about the days of their youth. What qualifications do we post-90s generation and post-80s generation have to comment on him?

网易山东省滨州市网友 ip:60.215.*.*:

Definitely must of been the true feelings of the people of that era!

网易美国手机网友 ip:69.182.*.*:

Chairman Mao is a great teacher! A lifelong idol!

网易俄罗斯手机网友 ip:82.162.*.*:

The times are already different, is there any point to bringing these things up still?

网易福建省泉州市晋江市手机网友 ip:58.23.*.*:

Reveals the true feelings of the people! Chairman Mao, the great man of a generation~

网易内蒙古手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

What’s the point of this news [article]?

网易甘肃省兰州市网友 ip:61.178.*.*:

I ask that netizens think for a moment. If everyone was completely ignorant of the outside world, believed that they came upon a good life because of a certain person, that 2/3 of the people in the world were living in an abyss of suffering…and now that certain person has departed [died], wouldn’t everyone be very heart-broken, possibly fainting from grief/sorrow?
Take a look at North Korea, the documentaries of the deaths of the last two generations of leaders, which is actually just a mirror of us.


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