Thousands Involved in Foxconn Brawl, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Mnay Foxconn employees are gathered outside.

Mnay Foxconn employees are gathered outside.

From QQ:

Foxconn Taiyuan Factory Workers Brawl

September 23rd, at about 22 o’clock in the night, a major riot happened at the Foxconn Apple contract factory located in Taiyuan city of Shanxi province, where over a thousand employees beat up security guards and vandalized infrastructure throughout the factory area, lasting until 3 o’clock in the morning on the 24th.

Mnay Foxconn employees are gathered outside.

Mnay Foxconn employees are gathered outside.

Mnay Foxconn employees are gathered outside.

These pictures are of the assembled employees.

The police force have arrived.

The brawling has stopped.

From the night of September 23rd to the morning of September 24th, a riot happened at Foxconn’s Taiyuan factory, where over a thousand employees beat up security guards and vandalized infrastructure throughout the factory area.

The gathering guards.

The gathering guards.

These pictures are of the assembled security guards.

The scene of the riot.

This picture is of a riot scene.

The destroyed infrastructures at the factory area because of the riot.

The destroyed infrastructures at the factory area because of the riot.

The destroyed infrastructures at the factory area because of the riot.

The destroyed infrastructures at the factory area because of the riot.

The destroyed infrastructures at the factory area because of the riot.

The destroyed infrastructures at the factory area because of the riot.

These pictures are scenes of the infrastructure throughout the factory area having been vandalized because of the riot.

Foxconn employees.

This picture is of the assembled employees.

The guards.

This picture is of the assembled security guards.

The Foxconn Apple contract factory located in Shanxi Taiyuan.

This picture is of the Foxconn Apple contract factory located in Shanxi province Taiyuan city.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 §午べ阳□:

Foxconn needs to implement a strict management system. Foxconn’s security guards are not only in charge of the factory’s security, they also have powers such as monitoring and fining [the employees]. Because the factory wants to establish the authority of the security guards, it repeatedly shows favoritism to the security guards. On the other hand, most of the security guards have low characters, and poor self-discipline, resulting in the security guards’ arrogant attitudes. Some of Foxconn’s administrative clauses are insulting, and too much overtime has caused many employees with heavy mental stress to feel resentful. I’m a small supplier for Foxconn. Some of the comments talking about protecting the Diaoyu Islands, I don’t even know what you guys are talking about!

腾讯网友 ~幽谷箫声~:

As an 8-year veteran of Foxconn, I have mixed feelings! Sometimes you are discriminated and even abused by the guards and employers in every aspect, yet you can do nothing to fight back. If you fight back, it’s still you yourself who gets hurt, the company’s iron rules suffocating you! During work, it’s difficult to avoid making some minor mistakes, but your supervisors would have you to write reports for these small mistakes and give you a good tongue-lashing. If you make those mistakes again they’ll even insult your dignity. There’s a lack of human kindness during work as the supervisors will never miss a single chance to punish you when you make a mistake! They make you constantly terrified of making mistakes. We’re all 20-something adults and all have our own self-respect, who would sincerely and intentionally seek to be scolded?? Working year after year, sometimes you become weary and want to go home to visit your parents, but you’ll have to wait for one or two months before you’re allowed to go. Life is always so boring except the day you get paid each month, you can’t even find any pleasure in living! The purpose of the morning & evening meetings are supposed to be summarizing mistakes, but they turn into scolding meetings, everyday bringing out trivial matters to yell at people, twice a day, rain or shine. The characters of the basic supervisors are also low, always using course language when scolding people, such as “SB, wo cao”…and the link. In many aspects, Foxconn is so many times better than our own [mainland] Chinese enterprises, but there are still many shortcomings, so I hope they can better respect employees’ self-esteem and Foxconn’s future will definitely be even better!

腾讯网友 翔云:

If it were just the security guards occasionally beating the employees, normally it wouldn’t possibly get this big! After all, our countrymen believe that there are always reasons for anything happening. Thus, we can see to what degree the conflict between the employees and the employers has reached for over a thousand employees to use this opportunity to release their hate, assembling together and smashing production facilities.

腾讯网友 情||殤→聊振:

I once read a post, which talked about life in Foxconn. The education levels of the employees are all not high, some of them with only elementary school levels of education. Many of them don’t have the right views on life and values, just blindly working and living. Between them, they’re unable to interact with each other [develop friendships], because interacting with each other will create a very realistic problem, which is the borrowing of money. The turnover rate at Foxcoon is especially large, so there have been many instances were money has been lent and the person [borrower] has simply left [without repaying]. This has sometimes caused some of the older employees to not interact with the newer employees, even to the point where they’ve lived half a year in the same dormitory and still haven’t exchanged a single word. The work everyday is repeat, repeat, and repeat again, repeating the same movements every single day. There are also many other factors, but I already can’t quite remember them clearly, but more or less these are the main conditions. It is in this kind of environment that the previous very famous multiple suicide jumpings occurred. So for this kind of thing to happen, we can also understand why.

腾讯网友 唯一の牵挂:

‘ve worked in Foxconn before. Foxconn’s security guards are the garbage of the garbage. Without you guys [the security guards], we would work even better.

腾讯荆门市网友 一毛:

Look at how this news is written! Could you please simply write the reason [for the riot]? Could you use a little bit of heart and be just a little bit professional? Making people confused and muddled, is that your purpose?

腾讯西安市网友 ㄨ℉佰倳砢樂:

Foxconn’s security guards deserve the beating…

腾讯常州市网友 口可口可:

These security guards deserve to be beaten. Think about it, no matter how many guards you have, could you be more than the employees? Besides, guards and employees don’t belong to the same system, all just making a living at Foxconn, and their leaders wouldn’t offend Foxconn’s leaders, so what you gonna do about being beaten up? Do you think because you put on some stupid uniforms that you’re suddenly Interpol? You’re nothing. Some of the guards in Foxconn simply fucking deserve a beating, and I’m not making it up.

腾讯网友 心宇亭幽:

What determines a person’s behavior is not their genes,
but the environment he/she lives in~~

腾讯网友 沙漏:

This time, again I feel very regretful. Our people’s characters really need to be improved. What I understand is that those who work on an assembly line are not very well educated, lacking proper values, and incapable of telling good from evil, right from wrong. This causes a “more people, more guts” situation which makes them capable of anything. They come from rural areas yet live in the cities, don’t have a high degree of education, most living in the bottom levels of society, doing the same work or even harder work than others, but getting in return treatment that is different. Therefore, more or less, they grow hatred toward their surroundings, even toward society. It only takes a fuse to explode into a mass incident like this. To smash the factory is never right, because if you think the working environment isn’t good, you can choose to leave. No one is forcing you to stay, this is common knowledge. If your family hired someone to work for you and he felt you weren’t treating him well so he smashes or even burns your home down, beating your family…how would you feel about it? Would you let it go just because you didn’t treat him well? Go think about it yourself. If the treatment isn’t good, you can leave. Don’t just start beating up people and smashing things whenever you want to!

The destroyed infrastructures at the factory area because of the riot.

From QQ:

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Taiyuan Foxconn Brawl Lasted 4 hours, Claimed Caused by Security Guards Beating People


After a string of suicide jumping incidents, the Foxconn company has experienced yet another violent incident. From 11pm the night before yesterday [September 24] to yesterday morning, a large brawl occurred between employees at the Foxconn Taiyuan industrial park. According to the Shanxi Province Taiyuan City Police Department as quoted on the official weibo of Xinhua News Agency’s China News website, 40 people were injured and 3 severely injured people are now in stable condition, while the rest were slightly injured and nobody was killed.

Yesterday Foxconn Company news spokesman confirmed to Beijing News reporters that this incident indeed happened, and he also claimed that about 2,000 employees participated and the incident did not subside until police got involved at 3am.


Additionally, according to local Taiyuan media, it can be seen on the scene that the supermarket inside the Foxconn factory plant had been damaged, that all the gates had been smashed, that all the workshops have been sealed, that factory buildings have been damaged in many places, that all the security guards have fled, and that even multiple police cars have been damaged. After the incident started, police rushed to the scene and stopped the situation from escalating.


This Beijing News reporter yesterday got in contact with a Taiyuan Foxconn employee surnamed Cao who had witnessed the conflict. He said that he arrived at the scene after hearing noise from arguments and fighting. The brawling had been stopped by then, but still there were several thousand people gathered, the ground a mess, with broken glass and railings that were pushed down.

As for the reason why the conflict happened, this employee said it might have been because 3 Shandong employees had been drinking and on their way back to the factory dormitory, they had an argument with Henan night-shift security guards on patrol. After both sides exchanged coarse language, a physical altercation broke out, which led to a larger conflict that expanded to over 2,000 people.

Yesterday this reporter contacted the Taiyuan City Propaganda Department, but up till when this report was submitted, nobody answered the phone.

As it is understood by this reporter, the Foxconn Taiyuan Factory produces car electronics and other various electronic components. The Foxconn Taiyuan Industrial Park has a total of 79,000 employees, and is still in the midst of recruiting workers.


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Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 西红柿:

The currently popular Apple products use our raw materials and our workers manufactured in our country, but our profit is only a few percent! We’ve given the youth of millions of our workers, caused terrible environmental pollution, and have created unimaginable amounts of wealth for the bosses afar in the US! This is the market economy with Chinese characteristics! In the future, don’t brag about being the world’s so-called second-largest economy anymore! About being the so-called largest developing country! In fact, our country is a black workshop that uses people as robots!

腾讯黑龙江省网友 上九天揽明月:

The government’s policies have problems, always introducing foreign investment, and using domestic assets to go buy foreign debt! The policies provide foreign enterprises advantages and give pressure to domestic businesses. It’s a classic treasonous behavior! It’s time to boycott foreign investment, especially from Japanese enterprises! Everybody ding this comment, resolutely reject foreign investment enterprises, and buy domestic products!

腾讯南通市网友 风雅:

The truth, we need to know the truth behind this incident.

腾讯网友 ゛温哥华有你:

Ah, is this kind of thing still new to Foxconn? Raise wages? Ah, but they deduct it all through room and board fees, so in the end it’s like the salary had never been raised. Sigh, it’s all a ruse.

腾讯中山市网友 兽血沸腾:

It’s not just once or twice that news of security guards beating up people has come out of this factory.

腾讯深圳市网友 兼赢天下:

A thousand people brawl, once again demonstrating the shortcomings of Foxconn’s management. When an enterprise blindly seeks maximum development of profit and neglects the concerns of little things, something big will eventually happen. For company management, this is something that must be understood clearly.

腾讯南京市网友 白起;

The security guards all fled… The security guards are all bastards.

腾讯牡丹江市网友 莲子心儿:

Investigate further, why not investigate the root of why people would jump off building? Why? Chinese people are all low, low to the extreme!

腾讯网友 新新的:

When social problems aren’t effectively resolved, they’ll eventually explode. I suggest the people establish organizations like labor unions to protect migrant workers’ interests.

腾讯台州市网友 大桃子:

Why does work like indentured labor still exist in our country???

What do you think? What is the reason for this brawl? Who do we blame? For the starting incident? The ultimate brawl and vandalism? The friction between individuals? The working environment? Management? Uneducated workers and thuggish security guards?

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The destroyed infrastructures at the factory area because of the riot.

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