Tianjin Bank Robber’s Simple Plan Amuses Chinese Netizens

In Baodi, Tianjin, China, a bank robber uses a hammer/hatchet to smash through the reinforced glass at a postal savings bank.

In Baodi, Tianjin, China, a bank robber uses a hammer/hatchet to smash through the reinforced glass at a postal savings bank.

The following video was uploaded onto popular Chinese video sharing website Youku less than 24 hours ago and has already accumulated over 1.6 million views, 9000 comments, and 37,000 upvotes.

From Youku:

History’s most niu window smashing robber brother, completely dumbfounding

Tianjin ENorth Net News []: 2011 February 7th was “Po Wu” [the 5th day of the Lunar New Year], where every family lights firecrackers and eats dumplings, yet in Baodi was a “hot-headed youth” who charged into a bank carrying a hammer to commit robbery. With tens of thousands of cash in his hands but before he could flee the bank, he was pressed to the ground by a large amount of police who had quickly arrived. From the moment he charged in to when he was caught, the entire incident was less than 50 minutes.

[2011 March 1 Update: The above video on Youku has now been removed as it has been removed from other Chinese video sharing websites like Tudou, after only one day. Our YouTube copy is still available below. 2011 March 2 Update: We have embedded another copy that is still available on Youku. The original is again available, now with over 2.25m views, 10,800 comments, and 46,000 upvotes.]

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

A Chinese bank robber enters a postal savings bank in Tianjin, China.The bank robber hammers on the reinforced case hardened toughened glass protecting the bank tellers.

One Chinese netizen said he hammered at the reinforced glass a total of 198 times over 4 minutes.After 4 minutes of hammering, the bank robber successfully created a hole for him to crawl through.

After pocketing the cash he found left behind by the frightened bank tellers, he tries to climb back out through the hole.

Comments from Youku:


It is still better for banks to hire some male employees, though it can be said that these two gals were relatively clam, calling the police, taking the money, and retreating all in accordance with training.


Wow, bank glass is really hard to break. When I go, I must find a large hammer!!


Must be from the Philippines.

[This is alluding to the 2010 Philippines hostage situation where the Filipino police unsuccessfully tried to break into the tour bus.]


It’s going to be at least 15 years and up.


How could the bank not even have security guards?


From the moment he charged in to when he was caught, the entire incident was less than 50 minutes.
Wow, so fast.


Couldn’t you have brought a larger axe?


Indeed… robbing banks is something that requires technique…


This incident is real, the younger cousin of someone in our company happens to be one of the two female employees [in the video], the one that later drags the large box of money into the back room behind the anti-theft door! When we first heard of this [from that person], we even remarked about how stupid that robber was! But only after watching the video did we know just how stupid he really was, faint! 无语


[He] is both Window Smashing Brother and Brother Calm!!!


Look at you guys talking as if you knew. If it were you, would you have the guts to do it? Even if you had the guts, would you have such a calm demeanor? Even if you did as well, would you have been so resolute in carrying it out? You would too? Then would you have such protracted perseverance? Would you have that energy/strength? He didn’t threaten anyone, he only did what he wanted to do. The banging of 157 hammer swings, thrilling hammer swings. The moment where this brother stuck his head into the teller window can be compared to back when he first stuck his head out into this world! It is clear that his life is wonderful, and everything else is no longer important.


If this man doesn’t join the northern hemisphere’s most NB forced demolitions team/group, then that would mean the headhunters are blind and HR is mentally retarded. Quick, find out when he gets out, [because] as long as this brother is present, there will no longer be any nail houses.


I think this brother must’ve been very perplexed during the robbery.


After watching the entire video, I first have to admire the robber’s physical strength, pounding away constantly for several minutes without his arm getting sore. Second, I have to admire the bank’s employees, encountering this and being scared so witless, not knowing how to respond. Third, I have to admire the police, who don’t even have the most basic common sense, I really don’t know how they train to respond to various thugs. I really hope this video was just making a movie. I’m speechless.


I’m can say I’m impressed, hammering the glass for several minutes, what a retard.


Crazy about money. Doesn’t even know it is case hardened blast proof glass. Truly a SB!


I’ve seen bank robbers but I’ve never seen someone carry a hatchet and crawl through a dog hole to rob a bank. Too dumbfounding!


This video may be an advertisement for glass.


This guy probably doesn’t want to rob the bank but wants to go to jail…in the video the robber first enters the bank and then puts on the face mask…afterward he is just hammering on the glass as if nothing was the matter…汗汗


[One of the women employees] had an electric prod in her hand, yet doesn’t know to shock him as he crawls through the hole. Sigh~~~

The local police have finally arrived, their guns raised, commanding the thief to stop and surrender.

Screaming women. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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