Tianjin Explosion Destroys Almost 3000 Newly Imported Vehicles

Tianjin Explosion Destroys Almost 3000 Newly Imported Vehicles
The August 12 Tianjin explosion has so far claimed over 50 lives of civilians and firefighters, and has hospitalized over 700, including 70 with serious injuries. The scale of the disaster has also been reflected by the extent at which the explosion’s surroundings have been affected. 2748 newly imported Volkswagens in nearby parking lots were destroyed in the disaster, creating a “vehicle graveyard” consisting of 391 Beetles, 770 Maite Weis, 114 Golfs, 28 Magotans, 39 Golf Sportvans, 257 Tiguans, and 1065 Touaregs. One netizen said the images were akin to the nuclear explosion scene in Terminator 2.

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  • Foreign Devil

    As usual . social feeds in China discussing the explosion are being shut down. Relatives of the deceased are being arrested and shut out of press conferences simply for the act of wanting more information. It has not been revealed exactly what chemicals caused the explosion. . people around the area are being evacuated but the chemicals not named.

    • lacompacida

      Chemical causing the explosion is not of concern, since secondary explosion had set majority of chemicals of all kinds on site. The cause of the first major explosion, after the small one that brought the firefighters, was water, used to spray on the trailer containing chemical first exploded. One of the deceased firefighter was 18 year old. How much training and experience this 18 year old had in fighting fire and chemical fire ? Combining the use of water and the 18 year old firefighter, what do you think of Tianjin’s readiness of handling a major hazardous goods storage facility? Tianjin is a major metropolis in China, of same status as Shanghai and Beijing. What do you think of the readiness of thousands of smaller Chinese cities? Travel to China, anyone ?

  • lacompacida

    3000 less vehicles to pollute the world. Another part of Chinese environmental plan came together.

  • DD Bear!

    what a pity!
    there is the biggest import cars trade centre in tianjin, no wonder why!

  • Vance

    I’m sure there was a huge loss of stored goods since this is a shipping port with all the import/export goods being readied there.

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