Tianjin Taxi Driver Charges 100 RMB And Up

Tianjin Taxi Driver Charges 100 RMB And Up
One taxi driver in Tianjin has been accused of charging a base rate of 100 RMB to go to the hospital after the recent explosion. After inspection by a law enforcement officer from the transportation bureau the claims were found to be true, so the driver’s transportation license has been revoked. One netizen replied that the driver is “truly fucking dark” people have even used their private cars to send patients to the hospital for free, and he used this moment for his own profit. The netizen then asked: “Are you human?”

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  • Teacher in China

    Big fucking surprise. There always has to be somebody around looking to make a profit off of something. I remember in Beijing three years ago when there was a massive downpour and almost flood in some areas, taxi drivers were pulling the same shit on my wife and I. Suddenly meters go out the window. Glad this fucker got his license revoked; he deserved it.

    • Jahar

      The international terminal at the Wuhan airport is the same way.

    • Fdom

      And the Airport in Datong. No taxis will turn their meters on. So many asshole taxi drivers in China