Tianya Posters Angry With Shanghainese On KDS

Anti-"wai di ren" image uploaded by KDS Forum user "boban1100."

From Tianya, “Shanghainese xenophobic posters, you definitely did not think it would reach this level“:

Everyone on this BBS discussion forum, look at the URL address of this picture [the picture is on KDS Forum], inside the majority are Shanghainese people. Their discussions are simply that there are too many “wai di ren” and have bad characters, affecting Shanghai’s image, affecting their living environment; “wai di ren” take their work opportunities, pulling down wages. They hope “wai di ren” can all get out of Shanghai.

The above point of view is consistently the unanimous point of view of this BBS discussion forum, so frightening!

This poster also quoted an article titled, “University professor: urban Shanghainese character very low, xenophobic phenomenon serious.”

Comments from Tianya:

Shanghainese people being xenophobic/anti-outsiders is what business of your’s?
What is your intention for always instigating/provoking posts about locality?

Please, Shanghai has been abused/ruined enough already.

The stratum of Shanghainese who represented Shanghai’s ostentatious times all already left Shanghai in 1949, along with their wealth, experience, and lifestyle. Those remaining are all low-class proletarians, those pedaling rickshaws, dock workers, female textile workers, foot-cleaners, street cooks…they openly entered into the halls they previously could never have entered, proclaiming themselves to be the owners…

If a Shanghainese person dislikes “wai di ren,” I think this is that Shanghainese person’s problem. If there is a group, even a vast majority, of Shanghainese people who dislike “wai di ren,” then it would not be a problem with just Shanghainese people.

I do not want to talk about how bad “wai di ren” are, or their shortcomings, but all of it can be summed up with the following points:

1. The difference in culture/education, way of thinking, everyone can see that there is a very big gap and difference. Just like comparing whether bread or rice is better to eat, it is impossible to determine who is right and who is wrong. Like a Shanghainese person who cannot speak Shanghainese, an English person who cannot speak English, etc. this is simply a type of peculiar phenomenon.

2. “Wai di” thugs are advancing towards the cities. I think peasants farming, workers going to work, everyone should be peaceful. Maybe there is a difference in living but it should not go as far as mutually attacking/slandering. However the brutal truth is that over 90% of vulgar crimes, such as robbing, stealing, killing people were contributed to by “wai di ren.” After 20 years, from not having to lock the door at night to having to carry 7 sets of keys when going out, I think already makes it clear what the problem is.

3. Shanghainese people are only ordinary people, they do not want to be supermen. Maybe Shanghai is an international big city, maybe it is Chinese people’s Shanghai, but Shanghai is firstly Shanghainese people’s Shanghai. Just because she has many titles/names, does not mean the whole country or even the whole world can share Shanghai’s wealth and resources. Shanghai must first satisfy Shanghainese people’s requirements before it can satisfy other places or other place’s people. This is what a place, a place’s government, and a place’s people should safeguard. However, so many “wai di ren” simply have not understood that they are guests, and not Shanghai’s masters.

Regarding the first part, you are very correct. A person who has been to Shanghai and says Shanghai is bad, that is that person’s problem, but if those who has been to Shanghai all say Shanghai is bad, I think it is not just a problem with the “wai di ren.”

Regarding #1, if you are not a Shanghainese person, but the people around you say to you everyday, look at that person, how can they do that and do that…I bet not long after, you also will forget you were originally that kind of person. This is called environment. Because you live in Shanghainese people’s environment, this is called habit. Of course, what you said also makes sense. Bread and rice, no one can say clearly which is better to eat.

Regarding #2, do you know Shanghai has how many “wai di ren” presently, and what proportion they are to pure Shanghainese people? Just like everyone saying Henan people are not good, there are 100 million Henan people, do you know what is the relation between soup and mouse shit?

Regarding #3, “wai di ren” have stolen Shanghai people’s rice bowl [livelihood/work], so to survive, Shanghainese people discriminate against “wai di ren,” is this how to understand it? Shanghainese people with incomparable superiority complexes still had their rice bowls stolen by these peasants, what else is there to say?

LZ was provoked while on KDS and came to Tianya to vent a bit~~?

Dear wife, hurry and come see the earth’s people arguing with each other.
[he is pretending to be a Martian. It is a trend for Chinese netizens to make jokes about being from Mars when they see something they think is funny or something they do not understand.]

Shanghainese men are handsome, have manners, respect their wives, love their families, are cultured, take care of things outside and inside the house. “Wai di ren” are simply envious. “Wai di ren” come to Shanghai and discover that their own hometown’s outstanding girls also dream daily of finding a Shanghainese boy, so their hearts become even more unbalanced.
In Tokyo University, Japanese high society’s young masters are look beautiful, have fine physiques, both legs slender, their language refined, I think, according to Shanghai’s development, this too should be our Shanghainese men’ image from now on. However, some people think the image of dumb, big, and crude, fighting, and hitting wives is something to be proud of, even despising Shanghainese men’s delight, this is the difference.

I hear foreigners most often praise Chinese people with: “You are not like a Chinese person, you are like a Shanghainese person.”
But non-Shanghainese Chinese like attacking/slandering Shanghai, right? How many of you have come to Shanghai before? What qualifications do you have gossiping about Shanghainese people!
If you guys do not like us Shanghainese people, then why should we want you to like us?
Shanghai bosses are all from “wai di.” Shanghai houses are all inhabited by “wai di ren.” Everything about Shanhai is your’s, right?
Shanghai girls like to find foreigners. Shanghai men are all little men [not “manly”].
You guys really have a lot of views.
Your hometowns are good, your hometowns are beautiful, so you must have come to our backwards Shanghai to build the Four Modernizations, right?!
Why bother promoting/using us as “China’s big city?”
Go back to your hometowns and build [develop]. I hope the Oriental Pearl Tower can also be erected in your hometown.
Someone is going to say again, “if Shanghai leaves China, where are they going to get the rice to eat? Shanghainese people will starve to death.”
I can say: Shanghai does not have much money, but we can still afford Thailand rice! Even without the things you guys plant, we can still import foreign food. We will not starve to death!
Saying Shanghainese [dialect] does not sound good, what is wrong with Shanghainese people having an exchange in Shanghainese? What more, the new generation of Shanghainese all use putonghua [Mandarin] now.
Why do you not talk about Guangdong people using Yue dialect [Cantonese] to communicate?
Take care of your own JM [sisters], so they do not come to Shanghai to work in hairdresser shops [a common disguise for prostitution houses]
Take care of your own XD [brothers], so they do not come to Shanghai and increase the crime rate.

Very good, in foreigner’s eyes, it is Chinese people discriminating against Chinese people. All of this originated from the registered residence system [hukou].

The trash telling people off are probably all from KDS.
KDS Shanghai things are all unfit to be people.

“Wai di ren” all discriminate against Shanghainese people like this, is there a reason for Shanghainese people not to be xenophobic/discriminate against outsiders?

If a place does not have any “wai di ren” or if there are only a little, then you can be sure this place is xenophobic.
Then those cities with outsider populations that are proportionally less than Shanghai are basically more xenophobic than Shanghai.

We need to understand their predicament. No matter how badly someone who comes from the outside does, they can always just roll up their bedding [and leave], [because] their hometowns still have several tile-roofed houses and several “mu” of fertile land [for them]. But if Shanghainese people do not do well, where do you want them to go? They also have a lot of pressure~~~

“Wai di ren” who have high character, are cultured, like Shanghai, are willing to make friends with Shanghainese people, are kind-hearted and simple, these kinds we Shanghainese people all welcome.
Those with low character, are uncultured, dislike Shanghai, like to fight with Shanghainese people, who commit all sorts of crimes, these kinds we do not welcome.
Not only do we not welcome, I believe the vast majority of the countries and cities in the world all do not welcome.
One sentence: if you dislike Shanghai so much, then please do not come here. Shanghai is bad, and if it is bad, why are you coming here?

Who likes to come [to Shanghai]? Even if you invited me I would not come…
I know what kind of people you guys [Shanghainese] like to come: those with money, and the men from developed countries to come “CAO” your guys’ sisters and aunts!!!

I have never seen us Shanghainese people play this kind of game.
Are you deliberately trying to cause trouble?
There are many Shanghainese people on Tianya.
Just holler,
and Shanghainese people will come cut down the LZ.

I will only speak of one Shanghainese person. When we were starting courses, the teacher let us do self-introductions. Those of us from mainland China would usually say “I AM FROM CHINA.” Others from Hong Kong would say “Hong Kong.” Those from Taiwan would say “Taiwan.” Those from Thailand would say “Thailand.” But there was one girl from Shanghai, who said: “I AM FROM SHANGHAI.” She even pronounced it as “xiang hai.”

However, this is just one case I encountered, the most disgusting case. I also have very good Shanghainese friends, who have very good characters, and do not have any superiority complexes, much less discrimination towards other localities. However, she said herself that she is not a typical Shanghainese person, she said she does not want to find a Shanghainese man to be her boyfriend, she wants to find someone from “wai di.” This “sister” is definitely a pure/humble Shanghainese person. She was not an immigrant.

That is how Shanghainese people are like, there is nothing strange about it! Is there a lack of people cursing Shanghai? Ai~~
Respect is mutual. If you cannot respect others, you are also a pile of SHIT in other people’s eyes!

A place like Shanghai definitely needs a few more people like Yang Jia.
Even having a “Schoolmate Lin” [a nickname for Lin Songling, the Harbin student] vacationing in Shanghai would be good.

From my experience in Shanghai, the majority of Shanghainese people are SB, who make less money in one year than I pay for insurance, yet are “niu bi” like a “niu bi.” Yang Jia did good.

Why bother with “wai di” dogs? Despising + ignoring them is the way to go!

According to my view, aside from Shanghai, the rest of China are all SB~
How come I speak so objectively~

A group of “wai di” dogs on KDS were hurt and have come to Tianya to find sympathy.
This image is something our KDS bandits made, but so what? “na neng? na xiang zu sa?” [Shanghainese: So what? What are you going to do?”]
“Wai di” elites treat Shanghai’s public spaces like public toilets! All of you trash should get the hell out!

Not from Shanghai, but floated by to see what the big deal is…

The original topic starter is a big piece of trash. You say Shanghainese people discriminate, then what do you think you are doing? You are letting everyone in China discriminate against Shanghai. What good is it for Shanghai to be isolated from China? Seeing the original topic starter like this makes me want to vomit. Do you think Shanghai should also be ceded to others like Hong Kong before you are happy?

KDS bandits have besieged Tianya~~~
KDS bandits have besieged Tianya~~~

I come from KDS.

I have been in Shanghai for over 10 years and have not had a high opinion of Shanghainese people.
In my eyes, they are a bunch of stupid cunts. They are not worthy of you interacting with the in any other way. Just use money to pound them to death, or greet them with a fist.
That said, Shanghai’s only benefit is that their service industry is good, this cannot be denied. Maybe they are skilled in being servants.
Treating Shanghainese people, all you need to do is treat them to eat a few times, and they will be your god.
Shanghainese men, ha, definitely are not your ordinary kind of disgusting.
Very vain, very much like to study what they eat, most Shanghainese little men, other than Shanghai, have not gone to many places; a small percentage have left Shanghai before, and are considered “experienced,” will start to pretend to be refined/gentle, introverted, and gentlemanly, why? Because they know they themselves do not have lung power, and must restrain themselves so they do not appear to be so laughable. After being bullied by others, punched, they can only comfort themselves, thinking they are gentleman.
Hehe, a city without courage and uprightness, a bunch of inferior/low-quality, vulgar city-people.

However many Shanghainese have gone out of the country is however many peasant have come to Shanghai!
Go to Shanghai’s Entry-Exit Bureau and check, Shanghai has the most most people exiting the country!
You peasants are only fit for coming to Shanghai to shine our shoes!

Many people forced to leave their hometowns to go out to work, not staying home to build, think they have experience/knowledge. How is this different from those traitors who emigrate from this country?
I am a Shanghainese person, and I love Shanghai, and definitely want to stay in Shanghai to make some contributions. “Wai di ren,” other than bringing down [Shanghai], only know how to bring down [Shanghai], they will steal even manhole covers. Using “irredeemably evil” is not even enough to describe it, and they still want others to respect them. Not fulfilling the basic duty of decency and they still want to complain, is really preposterous!

Shanghai is too far from me. I have only gone there twice for work.
That the city is modern is true, but I have not interacted with the locals, so I cannot say anything.
However, on the internet, I have definitely interacted with not a few Shanghainese people, but people on the internet cannot represent the people of a place, so I will not say anything.
As an ordinary person who lives a good life already [in smaller cities], I do not yearn for big cities.
My plan after retiring is to find a place to live out my remaining years. After all, there is nothing bad about rural people, and I can breathe fresh air.

It is rare to see the love Shanghainese men have for dining.

Do not argue!!!
I am fed up!!
Let us just beat some of the Shanghainese people coming here!!
The targets have already been chosen!!

Shanghai only discriminates against the poor, not outsiders.

This [the above comment] is too well-spoken.
The reason Shanghainese people discriminate against non-Shanghainese is because, in their hearts, they think all WDR are very poor. “Have never seen the facet of life.” Haha, this phenomenon is actually very interesting. It must be how people with limited vision think, right? Just like I said, if you need a Shanghainese person for something, you only need to spend a little money to treat them to a few meals. It is more effective than anything. Actually, there is no need for any nonsense. You do not need The Bund 18, eating at a local small restaurant that is a bit delicate is enough for them to surrender themselves to you and become closer to you. Because of this meal, they might even go home and make a post [on a BBS] and add some pictures.

Every place has good and bad!
Of course, Shanghainese people are more arrogant, this much is true!

Comments from KDS, “Tianya is slandering/attacking KDS“:

When a dog bites you, do you go bite the dog?

Look and see who bit first. It was KDS who first bit others!

How come I have never seen this picture on KDS before? Could it be that someone with ulterior motives made it?
Also, since already bitten,it is not without reason.

If Tianya would allow pictures to be posted, I would post all the pictures of “wai di ren” and their bad habits in Shanghai on there.

Do not go stirring up trouble with Tianya. There are so many “mental retards” there it cannot be imagined. Us going there to fight with them will basically result in us being instantly defeated [like a very quick and not glorious death].

Original topic starter, use your brain. Is this Tianya provoking/slandering KDS? It is just a “wai di ren” who got upset on KDS posting out of revenge on Tianya. This is extremely different from Tianya BBS attacking/slandering KDS! What is the meaning of you posting this topic? Are you trying to get us to go to Tianya to attack/slander them and then create hostilities between the two BBS forums?

My long-awaited war has finally begun!! KDS Shanghainese people, however cowardly, at least dare to have internet arguments, right?

Actually, Shanghainese people, other than loving to discriminate against the people from other parts of China while simultaneously loving, for example, Japanese, Koreans, Americans, and the people of other developed countries, they do not have many other shortcomings~~ [the meaning is that these shortcomings are more than enough to dislike the Shanghainese people.]

Shanghainese people are only disgusted by people with no money and no culture/education, no matter where they are from.

I am already prepared to do battle with the “Western Digital People” [see below].

That image/picture is not even good looking.

Here is another anti-“wai di ren” image uploaded by a KDS member:

Anti-"wai di ren" image uploaded by KDS Forum user "cary79."

KDS has created many nicknames for “wai di ren, including WDR, YDR, and VVDR. One of the newer nicknames is 西数人 (xī shù rén) which is a shorter version of 西部数据人 (xī bù shù jù rén), which means “Western Digital” person. The only reason why “Western Digital” [a company that makes hard drives] is used is just because the first letter in the two word is “W’ and “D.” KDS people can be very creative sometime.

See more anti-Shanghainese, anti-WDR posts:


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